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194-Where is the sister love?

Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 What was the reason to start the Shiznit Podcast What is HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Is this you? Are you easily overwhelmed by such things as bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics,… Continue Reading →

193-Burt’s Dickwax

Clove and I we’re their guest on the Single Simulcast: Episode 134: Do You Know Who the F*ck I AM? He did a freestyle on a Hawt Mic Show Where does the name ‘Phat man Wyld’ come from? I had… Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Special 2015

Valentine’s Day Special 2015 – Guest: Rod & Karen @TBGWT Podcast. 2014 perspective on how things went to 2015 on the plans now. Can’t believe the Maury Povich show is 20 years old helping the baby mamas of America. Cycling ideas as a… Continue Reading →

192-I think you’re feeling me now.

Empire is my LIFE! CJAD experience thank you Rich Jones. Tranna Wintour and Emma Wilkie CBC Radio valentines day special. My eye is healing well. According to the OQLF, it is more important to be speaking the French language, than… Continue Reading →

Open Mic CJAD 800 III

CJAD 003 – Guest: Tranna Wintor, Emma Wilkie Clove talks about Dean… again… People were laughing at Clove’s inability to stand up on ice. Local school sending notice home to warn about predators. Tranna is on the come up while she continues… Continue Reading →

191-Hey Dean, Shut UP!

3-year-old kid in Albuquerque New Mexico accidentally shot his dad and mom with 1 bullet I’m suspecting that Bobbi Kristina Houston’s hospitalization is due to a suicide attempt. Leslie speaks to anyone whose relationship has been out prioritized by the… Continue Reading →

190-You ruined the whole racism flow!

Ed and his boo. Numbers 25-27 – There’s a new sheriff in town. Parents are pissed at a California elementary school employee due to a racist Facebook posts Why porn is exploding in the Middle East It’s about freaking time CRTC superbowl baby! Some people… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXVII

Hawt Mic – XXXVII – Guest: Mia Ford We call Mia to get caught up with some of the drama in her life. Mia is in love and needs to be OK with moving on. She is single and ready to mingle!… Continue Reading →

189-Shut up! You’re Stupid!

How Did We Get Here: Ferguson to Philadelphia –  Leslie’s MLK D.A.R.E. speech Chaslyn and Michael – Baltimore, MD Funny cute thing Tia said in the car to her sister while on the way to school… (earth)… So we saw… Continue Reading →

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