April 6, 2021

9 Mistakes Podcasters Make

Mistakes Podcasters Make

1. Unrealistic Expectations
What do you want from your , what do you want to achieve, and what is the plan of your show to get to your podcast goal. You need to be happy and passionate about podcasting whether or not you make the top or get into the New & Noteworthy section.

Podcaster Mistake Tips

2. Not Knowing Your Niche
Finding your podcast niche is the best way to stand out from the rest and tell it from your perspective.

3. Spending Too Much Money
One of the most important parts of starting a podcast is the equipment. Of course, as the quality of podcasting equipment goes up, so does the dollar amount attached to it. If you’ve set aside an amount to invest in your podcast for the long run, then you are well-prepared to spend that money on the best equipment and be off to a good start. This way you do not have to worry about making that initial investment, and still be able to get the benefit of having the best equipment at your disposal.

4. Copyright Laws 
Using music from movie clips or songs without permission from the copyright holders is a violation of the copyright laws. Instead, find your music either by subscribing to a music platform or simply using royalty-free music from other platforms. There are a ton of great royalty-free music sources out there.

5. Choosing the right Hosting Platform
One of the first decisions to make when you launch your podcast is to find the right hosting site. There are tons of podcast hosting services already out there for you to choose from. Their goal is to be user-friendly and easy to use, with your podcast long-term goal in mind of course to help you get your podcast out there.

6. Sound Quality
Put out great quality content. Always listen through your episodes. Make sure that the sound is up to standard and that listeners won’t have a hard time hearing what you or your guests have to say. The goal is make sure folks won’t struggle to hear you or your . (Example: sounding super roomy, laughing too loud where the level is peaking, speaking through a fan type of sound, …). If the sound does not improve, try recording in a different room, using a higher quality microphone. But, if the episode has already been edited and the quality still isn’t there then it’s time re-record.

7. No Passion
Podcasting is very popular at the moment and a few people are starting a podcast just to and be apart of the latest trend. Trust me when I edit or produce you can hear it. When you start a podcast, it’s important to have a ton of passion and excitement for it. If there is no passion and hard work to back up your podcast, it simply won’t become a success and all the effort to publish will have been all for nothing. Whenever you feel yourself losing that original motivation, try and remember the reason why you started the podcast in the first place.

8. Be Consistent
One of the most important and biggest pieces of advice to new podcasters is to remember that consistency is key (I have to admin, I’m still working on that). It is not just the length of your episodes that you keep consistent it is also your posting schedule, topics, tone, and responses.

9. Submit to Directories
THIS mistake is shockingly common. Look if your show is not in a podcast directory, you’re not a podcaster, your a streamer! My point is using a podcast hosting site is not enough to get your podcast out for the world to hear or capture. Listeners use podcast apps and directories to search for new podcasts and discover new shows to listen to. Listeners often use different devices, whether that’s iOS or Android, so submitting your podcast to just one podcast directory means missing out on all the potential listeners who are not using that directory to find their podcasts. Each directory is different and has unique features that you might prefer. Here are the top 5 you MUST submit your podcast which are Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn. There is also iHeartradio, Amazon and soon Samsung Podcast. 


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