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The Humble Beginnings of a Dynamic Duo
Ever wondered how some of the best things start? With a spark, a chuckle, and a microphone! Back in 2010, Sherley (@Sherasaurus) and Clove (@Clovasaurus) decided to hit the ‘record’ button and begin what we now fondly know as their comedy-filled, event-studded podcast. Originally christened ‘ChoNilla’, the idea was simple: narrate their lives, infuse laughter, comment on current events, and basically gift the world a peek into their journey.

Meet the Multifaceted Sherley and Clove
Now, if you’re thinking the podcast is all they do, think again!
Sherley is a whirlwind of energy. By the light of day, she’s skillfully managing content and social media. But come night, she puts on the hat of a dedicated Podcaster and a Community Builder, especially focused on Black Canadian Creators.

Clove is equally remarkable! With days spent as a Video Game and recently Television Animator, he’s crafting stories and characters. And by night, he’s spinning tales and insights, proving he’s not just a podcast partner but also an Audio Editing connoisseur. Weekends? Well, they’re reserved for more family time, watching tv and films and scourer the internet for topics, of course!

Got Podcast questions? They’ve Got Answers!
Beyond their regular roles, the duo has another billet point on their resume. They’re the go-to folks for audio production wisdom and podcasting tips. A side gig that’s all about sharing knowledge, and helping budding podcasters and entrepreneurs find their voice.

In a Nutshell – Sherley and Clove are not just podcasters; they’re storytellers, professionals, and community builders. From a simple idea in 2010 to a multi-dimensional journey, they’ve truly shown what passion mixed with a sprinkle of humor can achieve. Dive into their world, this network and you’re sure to come out with a smile, start a conversation and maybe even a chuckle!

  • A brief:
    • Over a decade of experience in podcasting.
    • Over Two decades mastering Art and 3D Animation.
    • Half a decade on CKVL 100.1 FM radio in MTL.
    • Engaging live sessions on platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom, Many Cam, among others.
    • We cherish moments of Love, Joy, and Enlightenment. Featuring spots on Interracial Relationships, Current happenings, Quirky stories, Pop trends, “Bible Verses 90210”, Innovators, and beyond.

    But, it’s not just about the entertainment. Our commitment to anti-racism echoes in every episode, every conversation. It’s the backbone of our content, and we’re unwavering in ensuring that every voice that joins our network is a testament to that cause.

    For all the creators, entrepreneurs, and organizations out there, we’re your allies in amplifying your brand’s voice. We harness the authenticity and rawness of podcasting to not just entertain, but to educate and heal. Our mission? To help you wield podcasting as a potent marketing strategy, bridging your story with the world.

So, whether you're looking for a laugh, some insight, or a dose of inspiration, we're here, ready to accompany you on your journey. Come, let's change the world one podcast at a time! 🌍❤️🎧

Meet THE Team

We dream of doing this full-time, but podcasting isn’t light on the wallet! Between our day jobs, we juggle recording, editing, marketing, and securing top-notch guests. Plus, raising our kids takes center stage. We give our all to ensure you enjoy quality content every time. Thanks for tuning in! 🎙️

Your generous donation will help us cover the hosting fees for the program and enable “The Chonilla Network” to grow. With your support, we can collaborate with talented creators, podcasters, videocasters, and bloggers. Thank you for being part of our journey! 🌟 

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