November 28, 2014

Dear Ronin, An Open Letter To My Black Son

As your father, it is my duty to protect you and your sisters, to be sure you are free from physical and emotional harm during your childhood. It’s my job to make sure you are equipped with all the tools I’ve used to navigate the grown-up world.

Fatherhood has presented me with some exciting and scary challenges over the years, and you have helped me be a much better father more than I could have ever predicted. And even though, I wrestle with my own insecurities every day, I want to eliminate that cycle of putting my baggage on to you, as my father did with me. I promise to always make myself available to you for anything, and more importantly, I promise to never lie to you. When needed, I will always share with you my personal experiences (age-appropriate of course) to help you gain a better perspective to any confusion you may be faced with while growing up, and continuing on into adulthood.

Having said this, (deep breath) I will always be there for you my son… and this next part is the kick-start of an ongoing and sometimes unpleasant conversation we need to have… You need to know that racism is real, and my personal experience with racism will be different from yours. You will experience racism from a black male perspective, which is something I have never experienced. I promise that if you have questions about racism, I will make sure you get the answers you deserve.

Again, it is my duty to prepare you as best I can… So I encourage you to reach out to our friends and family who have firsthand experience with being a black man. You can always count on your uncle Wilson, uncle Gerry, along with Grandpa Joseph, and any of my friends to make time for you.

I am so proud that you are my son. You have brought me more joy than you can imagine. You are everything to me, and I will always love you, no matter what!

Your pale and loving Father. 😉

#DearBlackMen #BlackLivesMatter

October 4, 2014

Hawt Mic – XXXVI

Hawt Mic – XXXVI – Guest: Aaron BAP

  • The last thing I would do is sleep with a black guy.
  • Ashy from the Black Astronauts Podcast stops by to say what’s UP?!
  • Kicking it with a bottle of rum.
  • The beginning K.ryn
  • Clove would not kiss Michelle Obama.
  • The value of breast milk.
  • Digging Discography and The Black Astronauts podcast are up for AWARDS!
September 11, 2014

Chonilla family at the Shrine Circus.

Guess how we celebrated the very first day of school? Going to the circus of course. Yatadadadadadada Circus, Yatadadadadadada Chonilla, Shrine Circus, Chonilla Family…

We had the absolute pleasure to visit the Annual Shrine Circus this year, up close and personal. With 251 years of Zerbini family circus history, we we’re sure to have a great time before the summer ends.

We had the chance to get inside Canada’s largest and most beautiful big  top. Our gracious host Richard Curtis and his wife the lovely Kimberly Zerbini are both Ringmasters (by the way Mrs. Curtis is the only Ringmistress in Canada, go Kim!). Kim was mostly hosting the show in French and did a great job (plus I loved her outfit especially her hat, I want it).

We we’re greeted inside the Marquis Tent with all the food and toy goodies. We had the chance to see the elephants Marie & Shell (I wanted to take Shell home, she was not shy, total Diva. look at her in the pictures above). You can tell they we’re happy because the last time I went to a zoo, Edmonton Zoo that is it, the elephant there was just sad and lonely… (check past episodes to hear the conversation in regards to that). Did you know elephants get six sets of teeth in their lifetime and eat 400 lbs a day, WOW!

I have to admit at first I was a bit worried to visit a circus because I was hesitant on how they treat their animals. But I was informed the Zerbini Family have a massive amount of property where they give each set of animals a turn to stroll their land.

Now do you remember how I mentioned in a previous article I was a deprived child and never been to the circus before in my young life, WELL, this filled another area of my inner child (little me was happy) and it was a total joy to see the kids in awe and amazement visiting the animals up close and Richard who was amazing at explaining the background of the acts, the people behind the scene and the work they put in while touring Canada and providing what I think one of the best family entertainment.

We saw a Human Cannonball with Saturn Garcis which he also is The Dare Devil in the Wheel of Destiny. By the way he nearly made my heart run out of my chest while I was holding my breath during his performance. Incredible!

I must confess, I have never seen a clown up close before (you know the traditional looking clowns) and I’m glad the Videla Clown musical was there for some who may have a fear of them. The Videla Family we’re funny, their monocycle skills was on point. OH! One of the performers his name is Christian Videla who is 13 years old, what a talent, he was phenomena, supposedly he’s been clowning since 2 years old and my son who’s 14 years old was expressing to me how impressed he was by him. It was a reminder to stick to what you love and go for it.

There is so much more but I guess you’ll have to hear the show about our experience with the entire family on mics. Oh! I almost forgot, Clove was also part of the show… more on that as well in the podcast.

What I appreciate the most about this circus is seeing all these families grown together, work together, the partnership and how each contribute to one another,  it’s the best cooperation I have witness, even Richard “Ringmaster” pitched in, so great to see.

The Shrine Circus will definitely become our new yearly Chonilla Family tradition for us to enjoy every single year. It’s fun, it’s really affordable, animal friendly and again a great way to connect with your friends and family.


September 8, 2014

Chonilla family at Mongolfières Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu.

The other day while Clove was playing his “Video Game”, I was sharing with him how much I had not explored this great city and surrounding area in my childhood. So, we decided let’s make this summer all about the chirrens (children, inside joke) and in some way, now that I think about it while writing this, I think I was also fulfilling my inner child with this great family outing. I was really deprived of doing cool things as a kid and my parents were not the typo to plan activities with us, they we’re too busy running a business, chasing the dream and you know that immigrant parents goes HAM & HARD plus even include their kids in their plan, but that is another story for another day. Since the age of zero to 14 years old I remember going to La Ronde once, seeing fireworks once, never going to a zoo or aquarium… you get the picture.

We’ve been living here back in MTL from Edmonton for about 4 years now and every summer, anywhere I go on or offline by mid-July, I would start to see promo’s or signs of a hot air balloon festival Mongolfières Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, which got me thinking, I have never seen a hot air balloon up close ever in my life.

Since the focus this summer was about having fun this year, we finally made the plan to check out this festival. For the super details you’ll have to listen to the podcast when we are back online live Sept.10,2014 via @Spreecast (plug, wink!) but for now i’ll keep it short and sweet.

So how was it, well, first and foremost it was a nice surprise to drive in and see Cessna planes right by the action, up close. Parking was very organized everyone knew when an area was filled and professional volunteers would direct you to an available spot which was convenient and save a lot of time. As soon as we entered we are greeted by inflatable balloons which is the largest park structures and inflatable games in the world, I mean they are everywhere. We did arrive with an empty stomach but as soon as the girls saw all the giant, shapely balloons how can they resist. Forget our bellies, let get jumping to Planet Balloon!

The great thing I find about this festival is the amount of things to do, see, or be entertained by, I mean it was sensory overload which for me as an extrovert is awesome. For the gaming strategist in you there was giant checkers or chessboard. While we finally got some food in the middle of our meal there was the Parachute Team of the Canadian Armed Forces the Skyhawks , who jumped above the site. For the audio feens there is music and comedy from Kid Cudi (super sad I miss that performance) and Marie-Mai (pass the torch Celine Dion people LOVE her here in Quebec) to the joking styles of Adib Alkhalidey and Pierre Hébert (he, Pierre that is, was lively, i’d hear ’em any where on festival ground). If you love speed and you’re all about that giving your own heart a wake up call the rides are very cool, Ronin and I tried the Extreme and I was floating off my seat which was AWESOME! Lida and I tried this dark room trailer haunted house thing and to be honest that was way to short of a thrill, it made me question giving away my tickets but hey, what’s important Princess liked it.

Just to go back on the food court by the entrance thinking to myself, is this it, where is the ice cream, is there halal meat around here (I’m not Muslim but halal meat taste super fresh to me). I’d like other choices other than hot dog or poutine… where is the rest of the food, well as you walk deeper in the festival passed the rides a massive food court was there which I think they should have kept all food related kiosk in one area. There is so much more to share but again you’ll have to hear on the podcast.

Now the question is how was the hot air balloons? Well, I’m sad to say that I did not get to fill my inner child to seeing my first hot air balloon up close and personal, our family missed the action due to mother nature, it was very cloudy that day & the organizers decided to cancel all flights for safety reason plus on top of that it’s was the last day of the festival so we’ll just have to go back next year during the week of August 8th to August 16 2015, hope to see you there.

P.S. If you are planning to ride a balloon, make sure to book in advance, when in advance, I’ll have to find out in March or something.

August 23, 2014

Chick Tracts! What?!

The original ‘viral’ message.

Back when I was about 13 years young, and living with my father in Toronto. I used to do a lot of travelling on the city transit system (TTC), and I remember seeing for a short period of time, these hand sized comic books called Chick Tracts. I used to LOVE reading these…

I would get so excited seeing a new tract that I hadn’t read yet, just waiting for me in an empty seat! Sometimes, the previous reader of this newly found tract, would blatantly tuck the thin comic into one of the buses window seals, patiently waiting to spread the word of god… one idling passenger at a time. I was a believer at the time, and the stories were scary. They especially made me think about my relationship with God. I would try to remind myself that no matter what this Chick tract was telling me, there would never be a legitimate reason to send a child to the worst place imaginable ‘HELL!’ was there?…

It was a legitimate concern back then. Suddenly, and as quickly as the tracts had made their way through the Toronto Transit System, they disappeared. Never to be found again. I chalked it up to ‘new cleanliness policies’ on the transit system. Then slowly, over time, I completely forgot about these, until i came across The Bible Reloaded you tube channel and watched one of their Chick Tract readings.

Being inspired by this new memory, I did a little more research, and as it turns out, I can thank the Canadian government for banning this propaganda from crossing our borders. Thanks Canada!

Chick Publications is the brainchild of Jack T. Chick who also created full-sized comic books Crusader Comics, and my totes fav was titled Exorcist‘! 

 If these bring you back… Enjoy!

If you haven’t seen this… this is for real!

July 28, 2014

Hawt Mic – XXXV

Hawt Mic – XXXV – Guest: Charles The Spy Rashani Evo_08

  • We get caught up with Charles!
  • Relax and enjoy the boobs… sigh…
  • We are loving the ‘Saudi Champagne’!
  • Felonious Drops some bars on us!
  • The love of Podcasting.
  • Rashanii get’s a sign from God.
  • Evo_08 get’s us all caught up on the conspiracy.
  • Turndown for what?!
March 21, 2014

Hawt Mic – XXXIII

Hawt Mic – XXXIII

  • Shay calls-n to say “Hi!” and that she is watching the CBC show Cracked! Big-Ups to Dayo!
  • The acting in house of cards though!
  • Shameless does a good job showing what it’s like to live with a drunk.
  • We talk about being a child endangerment investigator.
  • There are a lot of shitty parents out there.
  • Dealing with being an Otter.
  • Our daughters are going to love the new Annie!
  • Sherley is aiming to do a 5 minute plank! Good Luck.
  • Burpies and Jacob Ladder are Sherley’s exercise enemies.
  • Shay calls-n to say “Hi! and that she is watching the CBC show Cracked! Big-Ups to Dayo!
  • The acting in house of cards though!
  • Shameless does a good job showing what it’s like to live with a drunk.
  • We talk about being a child endangerment investigator.
  • There are a lot of shitty parents out there.
  • Dealing with being an Otter.
  • Our daughters are going to love the new Annie!
  • Sherley is aiming to do a 5 minute plank! Good Luck.
  • Burpies and Jacob Ladder are Sherley’s exercise enemies.
  • Thanks Geoff for calling in!
  • Howard calls in to get us caught up and sends us a pic of his new boo.
  • Howards mom is cool with Howard dating outside his race.
  • Clove tells Howard to only call in when he’s trying to do things differently and thinking more positively.
  • Aaron stops by while waiting to meet his new baby girl!
  • Congratz on the baby shower!
  • Clove & Sherley talk about accidentally deleting the show recording with Terilyin.
  • Chonilla broke Spreecast!
  • Chonilla Interludes… we need to get this only.
  • Chonilla is Getting an APP!! Tony is the Man!
  • We reminisce on Aaron calling in when his wife was only a month into her pregnancy!
  • We talk about the upcoming Support Your Own meet up down in Atlanta.
  • Aaron confirms the news with PiscesLife as a friendly and mutual split, and wishes them all the best.
  • Kentucky goes hard with the liquor.
  • Hipster fruit in the city. <— sounds like a sitcom.
  • Sherley scrolls through Tubestack.
  • The Wild and Wonderful world of White’s.
  • Lot’s of babies being born.
  • Linda Lookit Listen to me!
March 16, 2014

North Carolina

I had such a great time visiting the beautiful city of Raleigh (Pronounced Raw-Lee) North Carolina! I was in town for business and was fortunate to meet up with Terilyn from Digging Discography, Nicole from What’s the Tea podcast and Leonard from L. Brothers Media, LLC. I showed up an hour late like a hollywood douchebag but ended up feeling like I was meeting and catching up with old friends. We shared some great stories but for some weird reason, none of us took any pictures… Wha! Next time I’m there I will take a ton of pics. Great city, great people, Raleigh North Carolina is my new favorite place!

March 13, 2014

Hawt Mic – XXXII

Hawt Mic – XXXII

  • Blaq Rob calls in to chop it up with us.
  • Talking about being parents and raising chonilla babies.
  • The world see’s our kids as black.
  • Teach your kids as soon as they ask questions.
  • Race and perception is confusing our little girls. Aren’t they lucky.
  • Sherley talks about boxes.
  • Clove is ok with Wiijo talking to our his son about the black male experience.
  • Treating white people like they’re black to expose them to that subtle racism.
  • Black people blamed for everything.
  • Quick! My white privilege is running out!
  • Scram SEE! <– old timey voice.
February 5, 2014

The Biz-nass of Creation.

Bill Nye loves the kids.

I am a non-believer raised catholic and take issue with teaching our children things that aren’t true. I even take issues with supporting beliefs like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy… But I get it… there is tradition and it can be a fun way to introduce the spirit of ‘giving’ in a metaphoric way, and we can even say that finding out these entities are ‘make believe’ as we grow up, will give us skeptical tools that will help our relationships in the future. However, willingly taking advantage of a young mind that is designed to absorb information and whole heartedly believe in what they are being told, is in my opinion despicable and downright immoral. Making a child worried that a mere thought that passes through his head could condemn them to an eternity of the worst thing they can think of, is straight up abuse. Our children should remain curious and look for answers without any fear of unprovable stories designed to promote fear and control.

Ken Ham wants your kids money and devotion.

How do you debate someone who doesn’t value evidence? Ken Ham said that it will never be possible to measure the age of the earth, so his position would never change. This means, even though having evidence that the earth is older than 6000 years, it will never be possible in Ken Ham’s perspective based on the ancient scripture he refers to. He is ok with being ignorant and propagating this ignorance to any one who is willing to listen. The fact is, this choice of ignorance is his lifeblood, and he is making business decisions when he looks in the opposite direction of evidence. I guarantee you that every time we make a new discovery, he is evaluating how to manipulate this new discovery to protect his business interests. It goes beyond his belief of the heavens, and the insult he feels when given the proposition that when you die it’s ‘lights out’. Ken Ham is a snake oil salesman that wants our children to ignore evidence to make himself rich, he claims he wants our children to be critical thinkers… as long as it doesn’t fuck with his money.

Young Earth Creation seems to be a viable business model.

There will always be gaps in science and we can rely on the scientific method to place effort into looking at those gaps, and help us understand why there was a gap, with the purpose of predicting the natural world and cosmos around us. As long as you are willing to dupe people out of their hard earned money, you will adopt a position that supports it even in the face of contrary evidence. Only the scientific method will allow us to survive and prosper as a species on this beautiful planet and eventually beyond… unless we are hit by God’s wrath in the form of a giant meteor. BAM!


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