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  • Stuff Wab Taught Me without even talking to him yet.
  • Waneek Horn-Miller Time magazine powerful, beautiful picture pose.
  • A must listen Improving Native Health: Waneek Horn-Miller
  • The difference with Anishinabe vs Ojibwe is it the same?
  • Hip Hop in the Native Community.
  • Do you remember the first Hip Hop song you heard?
  • What is the difference between a Pow Wow and a Sun Dance?
  • “The only thing we can really give is a piece of ourselves to the creator.”
  • People who Sun Danced from all over the world, religion or race has no factor.
  • The interpretation of sweat lodges.
  • In regards to 8th fire what is the prophecy.
  • Survivors of residential schools. Wab's father (Dr. Tobasonakwut Kinew) healing about the past.
  • Where's still seen as this very exotic person.
  • When did people become Canadian citizens?
  • The Canadian Federal government in ‘Breach of Contract' on how many of the treaties?
  • How many First Nation Lawsuits are currently before the Canadian courts?
  • What amount of cash on a yearly basis are the treaty first nations people entitled to?
  • What percentage of Canadians acknowledge they know next to nothing about the history, circumstances, issues and challenges facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada?
  • How many separate aboriginal governments are there in Canada?
  • Who is the present Grand Chief of the Assembly of first nations?

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