41-The 4:1 Billy Jean ratio. Part 4/4

  • Old people still clubbing and the introduction of our voicemail.
  • Old people and technology can you all just get along?!?
  • Happy Sept.23rd Wiijo and Rod and our thought process of North Carolina.
  • Old school dance hall basic dance move from the boggle, the butterfly and the shutte.
  • Turning 30 and got a becoming 40-year-old issue and on short air argument.
  • Wiijo shares about a brother and sister tiff plus the famous freak-out: “Move yourself star!”
  • The girls getting into the fish tank dropping hot wheels like rain and the Wiijo gold-fish trauma story.
  • Almost saw a suicide accident, WWF at the time and ’s Macho Man impression… the best!
  • WWF from Yokozuna and Clove’s first wrestling match
  • Jumper at Snowdon station in Montreal, Quebec my dad witness a guy jump.
  • Freaking out whenever he would bleed thinking he would die. Wiijo’s tramatic bus ride smelling like castor.
  • A 2 dollar cheque for school. Living off of cheques from grocery, to beer ect.
  • Rivalry, mean big sisters, bonding through lying to the parents, our childhood stories.
  • Wilson shares his dad story called meat and cheese, Clove shares his dad story called The leafs and beer.
  • Wilson fighting at school, throwing a fist. Montreal vs. Toronto
  • From time out to getting the belt is gonna make you listen.
  • Visiting a third world country is not that simple. You think you’re better than me? WHAT!
  • Clove and a buddy almost getting into a situation with some Somalian Ninjas.
  • Wilson going through a fighting err’body phase and the purple Moses story.
  • My last week notice, I’m out bitches and f*** faces. Before you quit your job here’s a strategy…
  • More of the Moses story, flat tire and calling the GF’s.
  • An ex-girlfriend stab him with a letter opener over glitter and smelling like perfume, Wilson angry, Wilson smash!
  • Running into the same ex-girlfriend with the new girlfriend.
  • The first time we met his ex-girlfriend Jackie, top-notch first impression.
  • Stab wound, Gavin and crazy b***h album and the Wilson’s ex-girlfriend page.
  • Wilson’s mental breakdown story and crazy Jackie. “What’s the matter, You b***h!”
  • What’s it mean when a girl want’s to go out and she doesn’t want to wear underwear?
  • From cheating with ex’s roommate, one night stand, getting tested for everything.
  • Clove’s almost first time having sex story…
  • Want to fool around?, which guy can or cannot have their anus licking and more in Mehico.
  • Inspirational couple, the couple you look up too, there’s always a couple among a group of friends people use to measure.
  • Our fast dad, black people run fast, what do you think running is?
  • Wiijo confession on this white-hot ride. Don’t drive perfectly in a stolen vehicle.

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