47-Your Mama is your #1 Fan! Part 2/3

  • Cho’s Jerry curl style back in the day and the embarrassing gymnastic class flip on the mat. “Why is it so greasy?”
  • Cho skips school a lot starting in grade 8 to grade 11, couldn’t deal with the ignorance and racist f***s in private school.
  • has a skeleton key in high school and selling it to students. “What about my civil rights!”
  • Poaching laws described and Cho does not agree with unless you’re going to eat it.
  • Redneck Uses Lynched Black Man As Halloween Decorations. “Is that,… NAH… it’s my imagination…”
  • Our thoughts on the Walking Dead and some zombie 101 education with Nilla.
  • What we think about the Event… sorry you LOST us in 24 HOURS with this particular NBC.
  • My dad and his repetitive antics… driving Cho and Nilla crazy!
  • Rihanna awful performace at the American Music Awards’s
  • What up with all the dance music / Usher you need to learn to pace yourself.
  • Dirty little secrets women keep from men # 11 to 15.
  • Why are we talking about this… poofy pubes…
  • When dating someone and consider talking the relationship to another level, check his / her .
  • What would be the best Masterbation Kit? What would be included in your kit?
  • My dad and his repetitive antics… driving Cho and Nilla crazy!
  • Hunter missing the shot.
  • An old yahoo answer we talked about on the show provided us an update.
  • Damn you weird ass boyfriend… you are a problem. | Yahoo Answers.
  • Mr. Talented Joe Vriens writes back 🙂 also shout out to Dax Gordine
  • Shout Out: Carlie in Indiana, US
  • Is it a good service or not IDUMP4U would you use it?
  • Banff tourists fined for chasing grizzlies
  • Paris woman trapped for 20 days in bathroom
  • Michael Brea Confesses To Killing Mother’s Demons + Gruesome Details
  • Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down.
  • Two Drinks Minimum
  • Glory Hole Radio
  • The Nerd At The Cool Table
  • Keith and The Girl
  • Where’s My 40 Acres
  • RaunchFoxxx Foxxxcast
  • Wicked Artist – Dax Gordine

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