53-I love you too Jackass! Part 3/3

  • Is there an area in the world where it is mostly consisted of lesbians.
  • I need some help Quebec government worker… PLEASE!
  • Clove hates Pitbull & Sherley rants about Jennifer Lopez.
  • The Montreal Graffiti and
  • What the f**k why can’t I pay one bank to other with my debit card?
  • My boyfriend is obsessed with strip clubs, what to do?
  • What’s wrong with you, why the f**k would you watch that Clove?
  • Why must you hunt a predator… circle of life MAN!
  • Don’t go to a buffet restaurant when it’s about to close.
  • Check out Old Montreal, Quebec if you ever visit the city.
  • The new fetish and troff male bathroom…
  • Mudslinger forum feedback.
  • No male influence in the home.
  • Failed doomsday forecast “Judgement day”.hat if?
  • We had an argument about The meaning of Archaeology and Paleontology mean.
  • Failed doomsday forecast “Judgement day” Doomsday May 21, 2011 prediction by Harold Camping epic fail – what should followers do now?
  • Pot Milk? Weed stop it!
  • Recorded: 2011/06/14

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