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  • We had a visitor last night… Mr. Bat shit crazy in the crib.
  • Son father conversation with Wiijo CHO’s brother.
  • I saw two black guys meet each other on the bus and bump head three-time? have you ever seen that. one guy was sitting down.
  • Tiyanna – First caller and new listener a**hole pick up lines.
  • THOOM – Fact check on Thriller album.
  • Mia Ford Re: 0184-0185-0186-0187-0188: I’m Hitting the ‘Z’ Note!
    I miss you guys and I’m now playing catch up listening to all the missed shows. My had an awesome vacation…
  • Follow up on our discussion about Micheal Jackson vs Prince and being “Gay” (Black Denial & White Guilt)
  • Got on the metro, sat down and this lady said i should give her my seat… classy.
  • Should you go to jail or pay a major price if your dog attacks.
  • bibliography at: http://www.accd.edu/sac/history/keller/I…
  • Museum of the African Diaspora: http://www.moadsf.org/
  • Largest 5 African diaspora populations
Country Population Rank
Brazil 85,783,143 1
United States ,499,304 2
Colombia 9,452,872 3
Haiti 8,788,439 4
Dominican Republic 7,985,991 5

NEWS: International

Country G S B Total
 United States 46 29 29 104
 China 38 27 22 87
 Russia 24 25 33 82
 Great Britain 29 17 19 65
 CANADA 1 5 12 18

2012 Ranked # 38

2008-19  Canada (CAN) 3 9 6 18
2004-21  Canada (CAN) 3 6 3 12
2000-24  Canada (CAN) 3 3 8 14

14 that tricks you into learning something?

# Movie Field
14 Contact Mathematics
13 Lorenzo’s oil Bio Chemistry
12 Lean on Me Education
11 Back to School Education
10 iRobot Artificial Intelligence
9 Philidelphia Aids
8 Mission to Mars Planet Colonization
7 Aliens Parasite Aliens
6 Amistad History
5 Shindlers List History
4 Trainspotting Substance Abuse
3 Jaws Zoo-Ology
2 Radio Mental Illness
1 Identity Mental Illness
  • From – Terilyn G. Hey Clove and Sherley. I just want to say ewwww to Clove.  You are one nasty mofo!!!  How you just plop your ass down on public seats and have the nerve to blame them for being white?  Blame yourself for being nasty!  Look, I understand sometimes you gotta sit, but those are the times you build a barrier.  Now, had you even attempted to build a barrier (tissue paper triad) the tissue would have gotten wet and it would’ve been a dead give away.  But let’s just say you like the feeling of cold porcelain, or even the pre-butt warmed seat.  In this case you STILL should have wiped the seat first either with tissue or preferably a Clorox wipe.  Now, to make matters worse you also blame the hand washer that doesn’t dry their hands.  Here again you should turn that nastiness mirror on yourself.  If you believe everything is covered in poo, proceed as such.  Leave the water running after you wash your hands, grab a paper towel to turn the water off AND to grab the door.  Otherwise your hand washing was a waste of time.  So, let just add to the list of stuff white folks do that blacks don’t, and that is sit there bare ass on a public seat. Carry on.Anyway, love the show, and again congrats on the radio gig!!
  • Special shout-out to L. Brothers Media ‏to help me realize that saying thanks for interacting with us on twitter!
  • Should high schools stay open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.?
  • B.C. woman shocked to find her baby listed for sale online
  • Montréal is confirmed as the top host city for international events in America
  • Quincy L. I know you’re in Canada, but if you’ve thought anything about it, what do you think about the Chick-fil-A anti-gay thing in the states? I posted about it last night. I would love your input.
    Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy statement sparked reactions that were swift and strong after he weighed in on same-sex marriage by saying his company backs the traditional family unit.
    What does Antoine Dodson think from all this

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