Ep156: How You Get Cancelled During A Lockdown

In this episode, Leslie and Very White Guy discuss:
Since Coronavirus , Leslie has been busier as a Digital Strategist. Some people are doing things for the betterment of society. Disney+ has a lot of their such as Toy Story 4 and all of the Frozen movies. A much more truthful apology, you didn’t know the words you said, Vanessa Hudgens?!? Worried about financial and global depression. (Recording Date: 2/15/20)

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@VeryWhiteGuy 00:14

Oh, I blew it. I did something wrong. They were ready. Let’s do it.

@LeslieMac 00:19

Welcome to this

@LeslieMac 00:23

Welcome to the john . I’m your host Leslie Mac and I’m joined as always one Very White Guy and you are very white indeed. Uh, how you doing dude?

@VeryWhiteGuy 00:32

punchy with the jingle.

Speakers 00:36

Very punchy, very punchy? Indeed. Yes. If this is your first time hearing us welcome um, you can find us on any pod catcher that you like. Just search interest of john that’s JW me are also proud members of the vanilla network, which is an independent digital media company specializing in podcast video series, and live streams, a community of content creators that support each other Producing diverse high quality content through funny educational and thought provoking conversations. I just thought because I was like I was thinking the same thing. I have doubts is that those I appreciate y’all for including us in high quality but yes, yeah, you can find this anywhere please leave us a review. Five stars is better than anything else. And

@LeslieMac 01:25

yeah, so that’s our intro.

@LeslieMac 01:29

Things are getting a little crazy as we are in I don’t know for us probably like our 12th day or something like that of

@VeryWhiteGuy 01:36

the official lockdown was Friday the 13th for us.

@LeslieMac 01:39

Yeah, so it’s been it’s Yeah, how’s it going?

@VeryWhiteGuy 01:47

Um, you know,

@VeryWhiteGuy 01:50

mixed bag I would say the I think I’m handling the stress of the the world and everything and whether there’s no food at grocery store all that kind of I’m handling that pretty well yeah my job not so well. But now from a like just a fundamental like before March 13 We locked down and after not a lot change like I would say like what changes you’re not traveling normally you’re traveling a whole bunch yeah i mean

@LeslieMac 02:17

i literally like what on the

@VeryWhiteGuy 02:18

road like two weeks ago yeah so you’re here which is awesome I’m glad like So the nice thing is like all I’ve got Leslie for an extended period

@LeslieMac 02:25

thing is our vacation got canceled.

@VeryWhiteGuy 02:26

bad thing is multiple trips for me got canceled, including a vacation. Yeah. But from a like I said, like we work from home. My office is home. I’m used to being at home and like, we lived in and it would get down to like six below zero. We wouldn’t leave the house for a week anyway, like that was a normal week in Michigan was like, Oh, we haven’t left the house. So for us to be on lockdown and not interacting with people and not leaving the house. It didn’t change like my job didn’t change at all, which is you know, business usual. Very nice day. My office didn’t change, nothing changed. So it’s been on some ways. I think I sent a handling the stress of the situation well, but not so much with my job. You know, like I just say I’m envious because that’s the wrong word. But like, I’ve got friends and other people where their jobs like no, no, just take care of family Don’t worry about work, you know, shut it down for whatever. And that’s not a option for us, I guess. But

@LeslieMac 03:18

yeah, I think for me, it’s definitely more than just I wouldn’t say Well, I’ve definitely been busy.

@LeslieMac 03:26

You know, working doing a lot of new to digital strategy.

@VeryWhiteGuy 03:31

You need to take an event online.

@LeslieMac 03:34

Go to love mag calm. Yeah, so it’s been interesting watching so many people, you know, be in need of digital organizing and digital strategists, services and moving, you know, content onto digital platforms and utilizing digital platforms in different ways. So that’s been interesting, just watching that happen and also being really like I don’t know Little perturbed, that so many people at in so many levels of all kinds of different organizations companies just have they don’t have any idea about the digital space at all. And I find it interesting just because it’s like, I feel like it’s 2020 Yeah, you know, I would assume that having digital skill sets would be if not a requirement for most of these positions, certainly that one would expect an employer organization to have and, you know, given those skills to the people that hold these positions, okay, I’ll say that like, I’m not saying that somebody would have walked in unnecessarily had them but it’s glaringly obvious that a lot of organizations and companies and all sorts of different formations just have to treated digital as if it’s this little thing on the side. Yes, whatever. And so, that’s been interesting to see and I’ve been having a lot of conversations with my fellow fellow digital strategist and organizer shout out to Afro chubs about that. And how we it’s something that we’ve been talking about for quite some time now. As as just people that do this work around digital strategy and digital work, what? What value there isn’t isn’t in our work, why when it’s taken seriously when it’s not taken seriously what that means. And so it’s been kind of a weird, I don’t know, for me, it’s been it’s a weird headspace to have be so analytical about a moment because of those specific things. So

@VeryWhiteGuy 05:27

I agree. I think most I use, I do some SEO work. And I find the same thing that people like, they have almost like accidental success, and they don’t know how or why and it’s like you dig into it’s like, wow, like, so much of your business is dependent on inbound traffic from Google. Wouldn’t you kind of like, investigate that a bit? Wouldn’t you make that like, important to like what you do, but so many people don’t they call you because oh, I I used to get stuff from Google. I don’t know what happened. And now I no longer get you know, leads. Can you tell me what happened? I was like, wow, how do you not know? Mm hmm. But anyway,

@LeslieMac 06:00

So so that’s what’s been going on with me. I’m busier than I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I’ve definitely been busy. I’m getting busier every day. So that’s been interesting. I’m also tired very tired being in the houses just makes me very tired. I realized that to not being as active not like going and doing things not going places, it’s definitely made me like just lazier. And I’ve been hearing that from a lot of other people. So you know, I’ve been trying to do some things. This yesterday I did an hour of skincare with a bunch of women which was really fun. We each did our skincare routine together. This was in the afternoon like four o’clock eastern time and then one by one we went and like showed our products that we use and why they work for us and stuff. So it was really nice. We had a couple people who don’t do skincare a lot but have been wanting to and so they came to like learn and so it was That was really fun and just a very like light, like easy. But you know, human interaction. Nice was really good. I think we’re going to do it with makeup next week, which will be really fun as well. You’ve been talking with your brothers a bunch, I think, yeah, that’s been nice FaceTime or FaceTime situation, we’re trying to do a movie afternoon with my family, all of us watching the same movie and getting on zoom together on Sunday. So I’m knocking on wood that that works out to be I mean, it’s like 5050 or half of those people make it so

@VeryWhiteGuy 07:35

I’ll just as a data point, like

@VeryWhiteGuy 07:39

60 some odd percent of our family in this group chat, there’s a good like dozen plus of us use AOL. Just just put that out there. I’m not saying they can or can’t handle the zoom. But, you know,

@LeslieMac 07:52

while it’s the only one I’m really worried about is mom because I feel like the other households have younger people in them. That can just be like, we’ll just use my tablet and we’ll put the zoom on there. So I even said, I was like, you know, everybody needs to be honestly, we just need one per TV basically. And

@VeryWhiteGuy 08:07

I don’t even tell you when you’re on the phone the other day, I got a call from my mom and I was talking to her what she needed was help zoom. So I did a zoom call with her in the bedroom, and she was cracking me up. She wanted her picture to be bigger. You know?


Why that? Why

@VeryWhiteGuy 08:22

is my picture small in the corner? Like why do you want to look at yourself in the mirror? Like, you said to look at me, like that’s a reference. You don’t like pick your nose on camera. She’s like, Oh, okay. And then the gallery view and the speaker view is a little and then how to find the chat. And it’s not like hard, but like, you know, she’s not used to the three little hamburger buttons is a menu and clicking around to find stuff, but she got to figure it out. Yeah, I think I think your mom wants to absolutely make it happen. We haven’t picked a movie yet. Oh,

@LeslieMac 08:50

no, a Sierra’s picking that so hopefully she’ll get it together. She comes from and today I think from state finally so that’s good. Let’s see. We also saw some some movie companies have taken the step of moving their in theater offerings to like you can purchase them. It’s a high price rental. So it’s like 1999. It’s basically as if two or three people went to a movie. And so this weekend, we watched the Invisible Man. Yeah, I’m starring Elisabeth moss. I was just in the theaters. And you know, somebody on Twitter asked me like, so y’all really pay 99 I’m like, you know, I wouldn’t pay 1999 for any movie, but I would for a movie that I was gonna go see in the theater anyways, because that’s how I looked at it. Like this was a movie. Like if we weren’t in quarantine or whatever, we would have gone to the theater after the no def I was planning on going. I was like, Oh, I heard great things about it. I’m gonna go see it. So to me, it would have been, it would have been more fun. Anyway, to get to 1299 and you get a snack

@VeryWhiteGuy 09:52

and a drink and whatever it is, so to me, it makes sense if it I’m not gonna do that for just any random movie. Well, let me ask you that, that is changes it but maybe a little bit. Do you think they offered this? Because they’re hemorrhaging cash at the theater? Or is this like a Yes, yeah. What else would it be? Yeah, I mean, because some people are doing things for the betterment of society and people need, you know,

@LeslieMac 10:16

there’s I don’t think the movie companies give a shit about the betterment of society or people in need. If that’s what you’re asking, you know, I don’t I don’t think they give a fuck

@VeryWhiteGuy 10:24

about any of those things. I’m curious how many people put like you said, pay the 20 bucks.

@LeslieMac 10:28

Well, that’s interesting, because I’m seeing other movies like here’s a few things that I’ve seen happen. So there’s this movie with Isa Ray, and I can’t remember the actor’s name. He’s Pakistani.

@VeryWhiteGuy 10:44

Yeah, the guy that got buffed for the Marvel role. Oh, yeah,

@LeslieMac 10:46

well, I’ll look it up but they have a movie coming out. It’s a and it was supposed to be released I think this week or next weekend, okay. And they made a deal with Netflix. So it’s going to be coming on Netflix instead. The movie the production company did that. And then there’s other movies like Lin Manuel Miranda’s in the heist, which is was supposed to is supposed to come out in a couple weeks and it’s postponed indefinitely there. Oh, wow, they moved Wonder Woman to later in the summer for example. So I think it’s interesting watching like, I just think it’s like y’all are really acting like things are going to go back to normal anytime soon. And it’s surprising to me that they haven’t looked into especially because most of these movie companies have their own digital platform or certainly one that they own a part of at this point. It’s weird that they’re not, I guess they really want the box office revenue or maybe it’s this is a play to support the theaters themselves, although it’s like five theatre companies and that’s it.

@VeryWhiteGuy 11:41

Yeah, no, I don’t know. I mean, I guess it feels like if you haven’t released the movie, you could pull everything back and your investment to this point, you know, potentially 100 million dollars right is still theoretically able to be recouped. But that is like you said, hinges on the like shits gonna go back to normal Like if a cycle of pandemic Coronavirus is every like six to 12 months, you know, who knows what’s gonna happen? But yeah, that does it’s definitely a calculated play at things will go back and listen to the friggin idiot and chief and the lieutenant governor in Texas or like imploring people to lay down their lives in the name of capitalism and keep the economy going. So maybe that’s not a

@LeslieMac 12:28

outlandish belief. Maybe not maybe it’s not Anyways, back to the Invisible Man, which was what we’re supposed to be talking about. Sorry, Elizabeth moss, would you think of this? Well, first of all, the Invisible Man is actually it’s a remake of a very, very old story, a sci fi story about a man who is able to become invisible. And so this is a modern adaptation of that classic novel and very, I think they’ve made this movie maybe three or four times I feel like

@VeryWhiteGuy 12:56

it’s the I forget what they call it but like Robin Hood falls under The same category where it’s public domain public domain. Yeah, and I think the book that was invisible man, I don’t know if it was. Shelley personally did Frank

@VeryWhiteGuy 13:08

Howard is he Well, okay,

@VeryWhiteGuy 13:10

so it’s probably close to 100 years old and it might be public domain might be might be

@LeslieMac 13:14

Hmm. Um, so yeah, so that that’s very interesting to set up the movie is this is not sharing anything. It’s the plot is a woman has an abusive husband, he apparently commit suicide and she believes that she’s still being stalked by him. And he’s the titular Invisible Man in her mind. So I won’t say anything else more about the movies. I don’t want to spoiler alert or anything, but I will say I thought it was really good. I thought Elizabeth moss like she does like frightened and determined like nobody’s business, and I thought that it was appropriately suspenseful, and definitely, I was excited to see that they stuck to it sci fi roots in my opinion. Because that’s that’s what it should be. I was worried that they were gonna go on this like very I don’t know, like, I don’t know, I thought there’s a lot of ways you can go with it but I was really happy that they stuck with the sci fi like horror film feeling of it. It’s also directed by a womanly one now, which is great. And yeah, I definitely definitely recommend it.

@VeryWhiteGuy 14:19

And I liked it as you did was a good movie good acting good script. And there’s, I think someone smarter than me knows this and has talked about it but for comes in different like genres and styles. And the way in which the filmmaker induces, you know, either fear or some emotional response. They used. I would say, like, a really common trope in most recent movies, which is this sort of like, you know, the music is really gonna, like, get higher and scarier, and then there’s like this tense and so it had a lot of like, tension. And I don’t know why but that particular form of horror, he really just makes me like a anxious. Like rather than feeling like scared or nervous or having like a horror, I’m trying to have another good example. Remember the movie that Zoe’s playlist was that actresses name from suburgatory. She did the one where the broken up dude’s house and there was like in the dark and you couldn’t see anything. Remember that movie? Yep, I remember. So it’s that kind of like, just constant tension. And I don’t hate it. But that wouldn’t be my point. I wouldn’t seek that out in a horror genre. So if somebody told me like, Oh, it’s really good, but it’s like, it’s all that like tension, like the horror is. Who else does that those hidden camera footage, movies, paranormal activity? It’s a lot of that. Like, is something going to happen? Is it not? It’s just like super tension. Then they just open the door and there’s nobody behind the door, but like, right, they get you at that like 13 times. And I thought

@LeslieMac 15:46

this wasn’t like that though. I thought this was a much more

@VeryWhiteGuy 15:49

it was better, but it was still like I just me personally, it made me anxious more than I don’t know. I just felt anxious. So yeah, it was good. Very good. Elizabeth was terrific. And I wasn’t mad about there’s the real issue. I was at home the person that would you pay 20 bucks like I wasn’t mad about that. No, I wasn’t mad about it either. You know, we turned the lights down. We got like movie. mega soda turn the phone’s off like

@LeslieMac 16:13

it was. Yeah, it was cute. I liked it. I like it if there was another movie that we would have gone to see in the theater anyways, I would do it again. Yeah, I guess I say that for the um,

@VeryWhiteGuy 16:25

for the you know, we’re not even reading from the list but Disney Disney plus has a lot of their movies. Oh, yeah.

@LeslieMac 16:31

And they put a lot on like immediately I started

@VeryWhiteGuy 16:34

watching Toy Story four and it was like predictable in Toy Story for but I was enjoying it up to the point. And the animation was good and the music was like Randy Newman songs but still is okay. And then we watched all of frozen too and I had to be like, a bit of an egg to me. I did not I didn’t love it. Hopefully I’m not like ruining any kids dreams but it was a definite sequel.

@VeryWhiteGuy 16:58

And in particular jazz CAD I’m not gonna be like mean to them but no thank you Josh good

@LeslieMac 17:03

me and Josh guys not your favorite office not

@VeryWhiteGuy 17:06

not where it’s at. Alright so we got some apologies that we’re doing

Speakers 17:12

whoa boy oh boy

@LeslieMac 17:16

oh boy

Speakers 17:19

double to do for Super

Music 17:24

elite. I can’t wait Tulum cup so I can bully white, white.

Music 17:30



white people.

@VeryWhiteGuy 17:37

So who is it today?

@LeslieMac 17:38

Today we’re going to talk about actress ingenue I guess singer, whatever Vanessa Hudgens and my only knowledge of her is high school music. She does claim to fame. She’s done much.


I mean, I’m not like being

@VeryWhiteGuy 17:58

shade coming from lizards.

@VeryWhiteGuy 18:03

But listen, the two people was was her and Zach right? Yeah, and he’s done. Zac Efron he’s done a bunch of stuff. I’ve seen him in the sorority and fraternity next door movies and i mean

@LeslieMac 18:15

i’m going to her IMDB page by her scrolling in listening mode theme when found something called tick tick boom that probably won’t come out in pre production straight did something in post production the princess where’s that sounds like some princess which princess which songs sounds like some bullshit.

@VeryWhiteGuy 18:36

Sounds like they couldn’t get Lindsay Lohan.

@LeslieMac 18:39

They haven’t listed here the black eye peas. Where’s the love video short. So there’s that Oh, she was in Greece live. Literally everything is like one. Tuesday.

@VeryWhiteGuy 18:49

Miami was was Greece, the one that like had the failure technically and didn’t actually go live. wasn’t one of them. Yeah, I

@LeslieMac 18:55

think it was about that you say that bond. To Neutrogena commercials according to this and High School Musical so yeah, as a hair I guess you got good hair Face Face. I think she probably has a hair.

@VeryWhiteGuy 19:09

But so uh, let’s let’s listen to her in her own words. This will be the thing she ultimately needs to apologize

@LeslieMac 19:15

for not really apology.


July sounds like


a bunch of bull. I’m sorry, but like,


it’s a virus. I get it like, I respect


it, but at the same time, like,


even if everybody gets it


like, yeah, people are gonna die. Just terrible, but like



@LeslieMac 19:38

I don’t know. Maybe I should be doing this right now. Yeah, maybe you send them down ridiculous. She got dragged dead Yeah, so obviously she got dragged really terribly and

@LeslieMac 19:51

first of lights arrow Baldy is cracking. So how did you manage to get cancelled during a lockdown anyway

@VeryWhiteGuy 20:01

Twitter is king of the joke

@LeslieMac 20:06

fucking love Twitter the same time How did

@LeslieMac 20:08

you know she she did the the dreaded screenshot of your iTunes.

@LeslieMac 20:15

I know notes apology and so I was never good like ours and so we have a Hi guys I’m so sorry for the way that I’ve offended anyone and everyone who has seen the clip from my Instagram Live yesterday I realized my words were insensitive and not at all appropriate for a situation our country and the world are in right now. This has been a huge wake up call about the significance my words have. Now more than ever, I’m sending safe wishes to everyone to stay safe and healthy during this time. Crazy time


was an apology. It

@LeslieMac 21:04

wasn’t a fucking apology. She apologized for the way she would have she had offended anyone so it’s not even an actual apology. Also, like, you didn’t realize that your words have significance. That’s a fucking lie. You know how I know because at the end of your bullshit videos, I probably shouldn’t be saying this right now which indicates to me that you most fucking definitely do. Absolutely know that your words carry weight. Are you kidding me? Why would you even go on Instagram Live if you didn’t think that your words meant anything? It’s the only purpose of the platform literally.

@VeryWhiteGuy 21:40

I hate it. I hate it is one sad trombone.

@LeslieMac 21:43

That’s like the one literally negative 30 Vanessa Hudgens you suck.

@VeryWhiteGuy 21:48

I’m just gonna say this. I think she was high.

@LeslieMac 21:51

schoo. I’m sure she fakes but you know what friends don’t let friends i g live Hi. So I guess he’s practicing good stuff. distance. Cuz nobody was there to stop or something. I don’t know, but it’s terrible.

@VeryWhiteGuy 22:04

Yeah, I just that was the there’s there’s like, really bad takes and then there’s that. Yeah, you really were just like

@LeslieMac 22:12

she would have been better off saying I was hi sorry. I really wasn’t in my right mind like I feel like that would have been a much more truthful apology. Yeah I’m really tired California it’s fucking legal she’s an adult, I feel like to me like I would have I would have actually bought that apology I would have been like, Oh yeah, he says that’s a lot better than I could because I understand that yeah, this shit is just you didn’t know the power of your words and you’re famous.

@VeryWhiteGuy 22:40

She’s literally doing the like, you know, these words that came out of my mouth don’t really represent who I am. But those are the words that come out your mouth. You know like you said that shit, own it and just be like, okay, fucked up. I shouldn’t have said it. I was being you know what if she did say she was I actually made a lot of sense people like I say dumb shit. You don’t mean like, like, Oh, she got totally lit. She said some stupid shit got it like that that’s plausible. And like you said in California, and she’s 20 something was the big whoop. It’s not like she’s been in anything since that like IPS video, we’re gonna like damage her career lesson. But let’s do it live talking about, you know, 10s of thousands of people dying and just like


it’s cool.

@VeryWhiteGuy 23:20

David Bowie. Hey, good points on the vocal fry. Get that down.

@LeslieMac 23:24

Thanks. Thanks, go.

@LeslieMac 23:28

Ah, okay, so the other thing I wanted to talk about is, and this is be the last thing we talked about, before we go, what is the thing that you’re most worried about running out of during this pandemic? And this can be completely frivolous. This is a fun brain exercise, not a serious one because obviously that would be like, you know, medicine and all those kinds. Yeah, I’m trying to think what is the frivolous thing that you’re like, I’m really concerned. I won’t be able to get this thing.

@VeryWhiteGuy 23:58

Um, I guess like video games you know, like shit comes out of and other places like I was happy that animal crossings is getting delivered like, I need fucking video games and be locked up for who knows how long so I’d be yeah be a little distressed if like video game production took a hit and like there was no new Nintendo Switch games for a year I’d be for clumped fun about you.

@LeslieMac 24:26

Um, I realized when the yeas came we I got my instant.

@VeryWhiteGuy 24:31

God y’all listen spy stuff, I gotta do this. She goes to the first of all, she’s a baker. So I get it yeast is important. yeast is important to Baker and I’m just maybe I’m gonna put a pin in it. This might be a lesson in having your own starter yeast and maintaining it for forever. Now that

@LeslieMac 24:48

starter yeast doesn’t work for everything like I

@VeryWhiteGuy 24:50

have a starter sourdough yeast but that won’t work for all the things I want to use. So she she normally gets used from the grocery store and we get it in a jar and The jar yeast works she’s she’s as a baker there’s a lot of like chemistry to it and she’s comfortable and knows the jar, the dry yeast that comes in jar and how it’s going to react and it always, you know, proofs and does all the stuff are supposed to. But then they got Easter came in a little like packages, and it’s just not as good. I don’t know why same company same suppose that dry yeast does not work nearly as good. So, pandemic, we’re, I think the 12th we go to the grocery store like late at night so there’s no one around. And we probably timed it not we timed it well and avoiding people but not perfect and having access to the most supplies at the grocery store. It hadn’t been completely disheveled like it is now but lots of stuff was gone. And so we didn’t have the pick of our litter with flour and some other things. But oh my god, we get to this yeast. It’s the package GCL they don’t have the jar yeast. And you should have her for like, like 20 minutes. It was like a huge deal when we ordered on Amazon right away. When’s it gonna get here? Like, it was like a big

@LeslieMac 25:54

like, first of all, if the East doesn’t work is fucking useless. Why don’t we buy it and those packets I don’t trust They’re they don’t work right they don’t work right? They don’t like the chemistry is always off with them they don’t actually activate and I hate it. So now that I got my yeast that came in the other day I was like literally like almost started crying so I realized that the two things that I’m most concerned about not having are yeast and flour. Those are the things that I’m like fuck What if you were out again back then?

@VeryWhiteGuy 26:23

You made it You made a new low you’d never made before. And it tasted delicious. I’ll have some later tonight. There’s still some other leftovers. Yeah, but you failed to put in all of the yeast.

@LeslieMac 26:36

Yeah, I missed some years. Yeah. Which which in hindsight, like I was like when I poured it back and it’s an hour. I was like, oh, at least I save you.

@VeryWhiteGuy 26:45

Again. You were like you were so you were like mad you were like

@LeslieMac 26:52

baking fills are terrible. We don’t have that much flour, flour, wasting

@LeslieMac 26:58

wheat flour, like A

@VeryWhiteGuy 27:00

flower I’m gonna eat nothing about that bread tonight that’s just a wasted I’m gonna make a peanut butter jelly sandwich with that Patty yeah was it pound cabana? What’s it called?

@LeslieMac 27:10

a pond upon yeah Honda

@VeryWhiteGuy 27:12

combined to peanut butter jelly here we go pick upon that BBj well you might want to toast it but yeah that’s a good suggestion headline for you.

@LeslieMac 27:20

I have been baking up a storm though it’s been my stress outlets been bad. I told you today I was like don’t let me bake today. I already in my mind was like I couldn’t make I had to stop myself because I want to make those speculoos cookies. And so but I’m gonna wait to make those. I’ll make those this week but I’ll wait a few days because I literally made banana bread yesterday I made lemon thins the day before that so much baking. So we

@VeryWhiteGuy 27:43

are it’s been almost gonna be two weeks on Friday. So that’s 12 days. Yeah. And we have not had any canned anything at all fresh vegetables, fresh meat. We’ve cooked everything at home including multiple loaves of bread multiple meals from scratch. pizza and we have not we’ve had takeout I think this once or twice slice because we had pizza yes we had pizza no that was a third time then Bojangles Piedmont oh yeah we didn’t give him up we closed just twice just just twice I’m

@LeslieMac 28:18

pleased I don’t count on us because we went out and we were out we went to the grocery store and so we stopped and got it i don’t i don’t think that counts. We weren’t we already were out and I was like

@VeryWhiteGuy 28:26

we’re out we might as well go get you right we already breaking the seal the seal Yeah, so we’ve we’ve we’ve had one takeout experience. And to their credit they came up and said on the stoop and like stayed six feet away didn’t have to sign anything. And I immediately disinfected all that to go boxes like a maniac.


maniac. Yeah,

@VeryWhiteGuy 28:45

you’ve done great you’ve been cooking and bacon and I think I’ve made two meals three meals. Yeah, I’ve done some grilling.

@LeslieMac 28:51

You done? Yeah, you we have hot dogs and hamburgers and think I made my chicken brown and he slowly getting to the dadadada da


Yeah. Um,

@LeslieMac 29:02

so yeah,

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:03

you sunflower. Well, let’s hope it never comes to what

@LeslieMac 29:05

was your thing video games? Oh, video games. Okay, but like you already have the video game so

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:12

the game

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:13

new video Yeah,

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:14

okay. Like there’s a there’s a disruption to the light later games.

@LeslieMac 29:18

Like Really? You’re worried about that you said frivolous. But I feel like that’s not an actual that’s not at the forefront I have agita about the bread and geese situation. I really do. So you have

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:30

your game The only I don’t have any anxiety over goods and service like

@LeslieMac 29:36

you’re not worried about running out peanut butter. What if there’s a what if there’s no peanut butter, you know, we’re now

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:40

I’ll eat something else. I’m worried about money. Oh, just financial, like just the world’s gonna be in a global depression. There’ll be a lot less companies are going to fail. Many of them will be ramping on employment. That’s true. And I mean, they’re

@LeslieMac 29:54

talking about 30% buy Yeah, and a few that’s definitely bad.

@VeryWhiteGuy 29:59

I just, you know, someone tweeted this the other day and I stuck with me but like we’re always told as people Head of Household as a family, you got to have six to eight weeks of money set aside, you gotta make do with at least six to eight weeks in case you have an emergency yet we just did a $2 trillion stimulus including bajillions of dollars for all these corporations that couldn’t manage six weeks without cash flow can

@LeslieMac 30:21

they can

@VeryWhiteGuy 30:22

do two weeks and I like on some on some industries. I get it like airlines like you’re not a huge margin you’re dealing with, you know, a lot of money when all that shuts down, like I get it airlines or you know, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s inappropriate. I shouldn’t say that. But bailing out billion dollar corporations that couldn’t handle a couple of weeks when we’re told as individuals prepare for six to eight weeks is something but I’m just I’m worried about that. I have economic anxiety for not me but for the world. There’s just going to be a lot of people really struggling and I hope we’re we navigate that

@VeryWhiteGuy 31:01

Wow hmm

@LeslieMac 31:04

I hope so. I don’t know. I feel like nobody I these fought these fucking people they really are gonna try and make Disneyland’s opening back up April 1, that’s in a week Yo, and people are gonna go, this is the thing that I’m getting like I just like the anxiety that I’ve been having is around the fact that I know this is going to, like directly touch us we’re going to know somebody directly we’re going to be somebody directly we all have those things and, and the knowledge of that is what’s been making my anxiety like so bad. Knowing it’s coming but not knowing where, when or who or what, like, those are the things that are giving me a lot of anxiety. So I’ve been trying to just stay away from the fuckin Yeah, I’ve been just trying to stay away from the news. I like check it like I read about stuff very infrequently. And I just depend on my group chats till I yeah

@VeryWhiteGuy 32:01

keep me in the loop because I can’t absorb all of this shit it’s terrible. There’s a I don’t know what I’m describing but there’s this cult of 45 that really are like this is fake news the the lamestream media is blowing up the you know if this were overwhelming hospitals How can we don’t see footage of hospitals overwhelmed like they seem to be saying they’re not gonna be satisfied that this is really a problem until like, they see like, I don’t know bodies out the street and ice rinks turned into morgues and if that doesn’t happen by the grace of God and warm weather and who knows what it’s like, at the cult of 45 is going to have some sort of like victory lap. It’s in this weird the whole thing’s I don’t know what I’m feeling about that. But again, I just have this real anxiety for the for the world and the people’s just stability. People are gonna lose houses, businesses, it’s gonna be really rough. You know, like, we’re going to see a ramp at homeless and like other things. I don’t think people are. I personally haven’t seen enough from everyone acknowledging that this is actually a mental health crisis like globally like we’re all in this, like traumatic fucked up, like weird thing. And I don’t know, I haven’t seen enough. At least I haven’t had received enough. Maybe I’m not looking right places, but Hmm, like, there’s a lot of like, hey, let’s try to get some normalcy let’s, you know, club Instagram and all the various things that people are doing. But I’m, I’d love like a therapy session is having to do like a big live therapy about you know, what we’re all going through would be nice.




I guess that’s it. I said,

@VeryWhiteGuy 33:46


@LeslieMac 33:46

Yeah. I don’t know what to say. The other thing that I have added about are these fucking elections. I don’t think he’s gonna let them happen.

@VeryWhiteGuy 33:53

He’s gonna suspend these elections. Well,

@LeslieMac 33:54

I don’t know. I think these primaries are moving forward. I’ll be at later I think by May, June, July. They’ll be able to get it together as a convention.


I don’t know what the fuck is gonna happen there. I think you think Bernie’s not gonna step down. I think he’s gonna control. No,

@LeslieMac 34:08

he’s very clear he is staying in this race, at least until the New York primary so we’ll see what happens. I don’t you know, I don’t know. I don’t know this dude, fucking Trump. He just gets on TV and lies every day. I just literally wish the news would start fact checking him like having him talking and then have the fact check right on the side. Oh, this is something I wanted to point out to you. I was watching a clip from msnbc the other day and all of a sudden, all of a sudden, MSNBC now starts on the screen all the time. Every minute that they’re reporting is the Dow Jones and the s&p numbers.

@VeryWhiteGuy 34:45

That’s lovely for anxiety.


Why the fuck would that be something that you would? It’s not

@LeslieMac 34:52

Oh, it’s so irritating to me.


I on Fox News, it’s half

@LeslieMac 34:57

the screen, but just the fact that they’re even putting it there. is really fucking irritating and

@VeryWhiteGuy 35:02

watching the markets react to fucking to pay fiascos like comments in some ways positively like today over the stimulus deal. The market serves their back over 20.

@LeslieMac 35:14

Yeah, but that’s not good. That is not only that the day we’re talking always had the biggest rebound. The three biggest days that have happened on the Dow Jones have been just in the midst of the depression in the 20s during the 2008 crisis, and then this week, yeah, took none

@VeryWhiteGuy 35:34

of these are Harbinger’s of goods literally called the dead cat bounce, meaning even a dead cat will bounce.

@LeslieMac 35:39

It’s all bad, everything is bad,

@VeryWhiteGuy 35:41

bad, bad, bad news. They have a name for it, and we did it anyway.

@LeslieMac 35:45

And it’s so disturbing to watch, like Canada’s giving $2,000 per person per month for the next six months to every household. Like they’re suspending rents and mortgage payments. Like all these countries are doing all this shit and we are doing absolutely nothing. And if anything, I will say this if anything is so mean we come out of this intact as a fucking country because who knows at this point, but if anything, this entire situation should dispel any notion of American superiority across the globe and I hope to god that it is that that just dies. That’s what I hope

@VeryWhiteGuy 36:23

that there’s another thing too I think that like the notion of the free market is the is the way to do it, you know, and then we don’t really have a free market like we have a the whole thing together. And there’s a thing was Garry Kasparov, the chess person was talking about, we have outsourced supply and critical things to basically dictatorships and and we don’t what we used to do as a country would sort of enforce a level of democracy you know, call it like Americanized democracy on to other people, and by outsourcing production and things to to China Kasparov makes a claim that we have made a deal with a quote unquote devil, you know?

@LeslieMac 37:04

Yeah. Yeah should have voted for Elizabeth Warren.


That’s the end of the show, folks.

@LeslieMac 37:10

Thanks for listening. We’ll be back next week.


High five

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