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S1 - Episode 44

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Sherley and Clove discuss:

• Ju·di·cious [/jo͞oˈdiSHəs]

’s Earthquakes Require a Haitian Solution.

 • Haitian Organizations To Donate To – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ztn-sGB_QxEVyb215l89tpTwBLI6ronGaeUlI8sVFrg/edit#gid=0 

• Haiti: Earthquake – Flash Update No. 1 (15 August 2021)

• Why Haiti is prone to devastating earthquakes

• Haitian-based NGO’s responding to earthquakes relief.

• EMERGENCY COORDINATION CENTRE In HAITI (.pdf) – http://www.anthropolitics.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/COUD-contacts.jpg

• OCHA Situation Report in Haiti – https://reliefweb.int/country/hti 

• Lizzo Tears Up Over “Fat-Phobic,” “Racist” Comments, Tries to Stay Positive.

• How dare you?! The Players: David, some of David’s men, and a stranger with a message in the – Chapter 1


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“Yes, apocalypse. We've had that over and over. But we always survived. We're still here. And we'll still be here, even if the power and the radios don't come back on and we never see any white people again.”

— Waubgeshig Rice is an Anishinaabe writer and journalist from the Wasauksing First Nation near Parry Sound, , in Canada, who has been recognized for his work throughout Canada, including an appearance at Wordfest's 2018 Indigenous Voices Showcase in Calgary. Tweet

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