See You in Four More Years!

On season 01 – episode 11, CHO & discuss:

  • Word of the day: loquacious
  • Attending The Cannabis Consumer & Business Expo. Not familiar with being praised.
  • In the News: NEW YORK – Sacha Baron Cohen rips Mark Zuckerberg, says Facebook would have sold ads to Hitler.
  • CANADA – Hamilton likes to cover up ecological catastrophes.
  • TORONTO – A form of ‘victim-blaming'? Pedestrian safety session for seniors aims to curb deaths, but also draws ire via News.
  • CANADA – The National Film Board is focusing its lens on queer .
  • USA – The Body Of A Navy Veteran Was Found In His Apartment And Authorities Say He's Been Dead For Three Years.
  • USA – Julia Roberts Was Suggested to Play Harriet Tubman, ‘Harriet' Screenwriter Says.
  • Bible Scriptures 90210 # – The – ‘Chapter 7' Separating the Men from the Boys. ‘Chapter 8' How easily they forget… again.
  • RELATIONSHIP Q&A: “What do you do with your S.O. that isn't normal?” via Buzzfeed.

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