Wow!… Everything is on Fire!

In this episode of Cho and Nilla discuss  Social  and working from home. A guy name Bryan broke Cho's heart.  was crawling with people. What's happening in Toronto with social distancing. Reopen America is on full AstroTurf.  ties the knot. 's Revenge: This time it's personal.  meets Delilah… and it's complicated. A quote by Barbara Jordan. OH! And, “Don't forget to make this world a better place by saying No! to An Asshole!”

“What the people want is very simple – they want an America as good as its promise.”  ― Barbara Jordan

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Bryan Adams's Instagram post draws rebukes from Chinese-Canadian organization, social media users
‘Dangerous and selfish:' city officials outraged over massive crowds at Trinity Bellwoods
It's not about “reopening the economy.” This is about white people demanding service.


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