May 28, 2020

Pull UP White People

I have been trying to stay quiet, but my heart is heavy and the heart of my people is just, it's just too much, so much. I have been on the phone or DM's yesterday and many of us are just heartbroken. We are left to remind ourselves to keep moving forward in the name of our existence.

YES, this has to be talked about because people are dying in the name of hate, fear, ignorance. But there is another that adds to the fuel, tolerance.

We have to change the language and behaviour of tolerance in this world. Proving you are not racist or a good person by tolerating people who are different than you, the buck stops here! I have heard, been told and seen many parents tell their kids this message. Tolerating phrases like: “Don't be ignorant, we must tolerate the differences of other people, I don't see colour, some of my best friends are…” No one should EVER be tolerated. It means to allow me to be or put up with me or these people. It's a lesser then word furthermore action when it comes to the interaction of and/or race with human beings. I mean, think about this! What kind of message is THAT?

I don't need your allowance for my existence. I don't want you to put up with me and not be challenged when I notice this kind of ignorance in you. Acting a fool for some, to the point that it can kill somebody!

People and Indigenous People MUST be valued, recognized, included at all times and appreciated. If not, You can place your “TOLERANCE” up my (*&*&*)!

Because people in power and those who are benefiting from that power have the luxury of tolerance, to look the other way, to say I can't relate. I don't understand and refusing to put in the work to understand, solely because this is not happening in my world. My community, My people, Black People continue to wait to be tolerated and overall, we are TIRED! Tired to break through societal, hierarchical, patriarchal, supremacist systems that are purposefully and specifically in place, asking us to constantly prove to the world, to ‘SEE' our humanity.

We DO NOT have the time for that bulls**t. We are being killed simply based on this stupid a** message that: “Our Skin Tone is something to fear. Our Skin Tone is different from you so stand clear, and Our Skin Tone is a weapon or a threat. It's not that deep, it is just, ‘OUR SKIN TONE'. That's ALL!

Look, all I am saying is this. When you see an injustice, especially that is targeted to Black and Indigenous folks. Like Rihanna said, this message is for all of us, but ‘SPECIFICALLY' to all my white friends, colleagues, in general, “PULL UP” for Black Issues.

Remember this: “Prejudice is the emotional commitment to ignorance.” ― Nathan Rutstein

Stay Blessed, Remain Loving and Always Search For The Truth! #TeamHumanity

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