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uncolonized-podcast-album-coverUncolonized is a funny and blunt podcast about race, politics, and culture, from a Canadian perspective. Hosted by Comedian Gavin Stephens, and Writer/Musician Daniel Grant, Episodes drop every Monday.

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Gavin Stephens
Gavin Stephens Co-host Uncolonized Podcast
Gavin has been featured in Montreal, & Toronto’s Just For Laughs Festivals. As well as the Cape Town Comedy Fest, and Austin’s SXSW. He has been named Best Local Stand-up Comic” in NOW Magazine’s Readers Choice poll. He has appeared on CTV and the Comedy Network in The Buzz, Comedy Inc., and on CBCs Debaters and The Baroness Von Sketch Show.

Daniel Grant
Daneil Grant Co-host Uncolonized Podcast
Daniel is a Toronto-based podcaster and writer. Daniel hosts and produces two podcasts for ThatShelf.com: Movies vs. Matrimony and Spoiled Rotten. He also contributes reviews and opinion pieces to That Shelf. Daniel is also the author of the self-published novel Better Than Me. He has written horror shorts for Iraybs Film and is working on a feature film with them. When Daniel isn’t podcasting or writing films/writing about film he raps in the band Sick, Wicked&Nasty. Their album Subtle But Tasty can be found on most major DSPs

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