Uncolonized Podcast A funny and blunt podcast about race, politics, and culture from a Canadian perspective. Hosted by comedians Gavin Stephens and B Black, episodes drop every Monday.

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Gavin Stephens
Gavin Stephens


Gavin Stephens is a stand-up comedian who skillfully balances playful irony and morbid silliness; he is known for his (really) quick wit and stream of consciousness comedic style.

Gavin has been featured in Montreal’s Just For Laughs and Austin’s SXSW, alongside comedy legends Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Kindler, Reggie Watts, Hannibal Buress, and Marc Maron. He has been named one of the “10 Funniest Canadians” by StarTV and chosen as “Best Local Stand-up Comic” in NOW Magazine’s Readers Choice poll.

When he’s not performing or hosting the Master Race Debaiters podcast, he can be found practicing his knitting or cheering on the Raptors. His perfect day includes watching cartoons, reading comic books and watching indie wrestling.

“I’m not a terrible person, I’m actually entertaining when you get to know me”
–Gavin Stephens, 2018

Stephens was voted by Star TV as one of the “10 Funniest Canadians” and for five seasons was a star and writer on the Gemini-nominated sketch show Comedy Inc. on CTV. A multi-media sensation, Stephens has filmed multiple one-man specials for The Comedy Network, and has appeared at international festivals like Montreal’s Just For Laughs, South Africa’s Smirnoff Comedy Festival and Austin’s SXSW with indie comedy legends Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, and Hannibal Buress.

He has toured throughout Canada, England, the U.S. and South Africa as a highly sought headliner with his one-man show “Meeting Of The Audio Visual Squad”, his Lenny Bruce tribute nights “The Ghosts of Lenny Bruce”, and as an acclaimed opening act for Russell

NOW Magazine’s readers choice Best Local Stand-up Comic, 2010

B. Black
B. Black


B. Black was born in French Canada (Montreal) and raised in the English part (Ottawa). His first time on stage doing stand-up was on October 29 2014 and he’s been in love ever since.

He’s competed in 2017 Yuk Yuk’s Summer Comedy Competition and made it to the finals.

He’s opened up for comedians like Majah Hype, Eddy King, Patrick Haye and other Black/Black Canadian Comedians you’ve may or may not have heard of before.

He has performed in the Underground Comedy Railroad Show, The Aba and Preach show and YOW International Comedy Kitchen hosted by Alastair McAlastair and produced by DJ MACE from Ebony & Ivory Lifestyle.

He has a podcast called Shut-up Podcast where he brings together his Black, Canadian and Comedian side all on one medium. He also helps co-hosts comedian Gavin Stephens’ podcast, Master Race Debaiters (MRD) Podcast.

His comedic style is the product of his life as a Black French Canadian and as a repressed socially awkward, son of a preacher man from Haiti.

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