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Casey Palmer, Kaya Marriott and Sherley Joseph
If you’re searching for a Podcaster, Blogger, Influencers, Video Creative, YouTuber, Author and more in Canada or Black Expat Canadian, The Black Canadian Creator Directory, (a collaborative effort between Casey Palmer, Kaya Marriott and me, Sherley JosephFounder and Creator of The  Facebook Group and Podcasthas you covered.
As a Canadian Creator who identifies as Black, why it is so difficult to find fellow Black Canadian creators?

Back in 2015, we grew our audience to a primarily American-based listenership and hope to increase awareness and our presence as a Canadian creator. I was having the hardest time finding us, in order to invite other Canadian creators on our podcast as a way to highlight their work and who they are as digital personalities / influencers.  As a result, the Black Canadian Content Creators Facebook Group and Podcast were born

In 2010, I began a podcast to not only journal my life in an informative yet comedic manner, but also to discuss culture. We use this new medium as a time capsule on so many topics, from relationships, parenting, race and racism, religion, and more. Our podcast was previously known as ChoNilla and is now known as The Sherley and Clove podcast. 

At the time, there were only a few Black-hosted or co-hosted shows. I was fortunate to meet a group of Black podcast hosts in the United States. Podcasters such as: The Black Guy Who Tips, Where’s My 40 Acres, Interracial Jawn, Single Simulcast, The Black Astronauts, Hey You Know It, and so many more. The naturalness and sense of community, as well as the support for our own, were uncanny and strong. # PodcastFamily4Life 

We were all growing and learning from one another. The experience of connectivity with my fellow creative African-American cousins, and the importance of supporting our own (hence the hashtag # SupportYourOwn). I was and continue to be determined to translate this communal energy with a group of Black creators in Canada and expats who create elsewhere.

Through brainstorming sessions, conversation on the podcast, hosting a clubhouse and a virtual networking event. But also through amazing collaborations, and one of them with the help that came from amazing bloggers I met online with and . I am thrilled and honoured to be working with them and presenting this list. In our respective fields of expertise in our own pages.

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You’re probably wondering why there’s such a list. Since the death of George Floyd, whose his life brought the world to a halt. His death, placed a focus not only on the suffering of Black people as a result of police brutality, but it also sparked a slew of conversations about systemic racism, inequality, and greater equity in systems, workplaces, media, marketing and representation in these spaces. 

Many of the creators I know have found themselves answering so many questions from non-black friends or colleagues. Educating people about the meaning of BLM, microaggressions, and, yes – white supremacy.

Furthermore, over the last three years, I’ve had numerous opportunities to speak with creators about their struggles, as well as discussions with brands, networks, and companies. I’ve attended podcasting and technology conferences, and the main reason for their difficulty in including us usually falls into one of two categories:

1) “We want to diversify our brands or businesses, but where can we find Black creators?”
2) “We need to diversify our product or content, so let’s post a job posting or write an article and hope that creators apply!”

Both situations either fail to gain traction or their messaging is so off-base, full of blind spots, or completely misses the mark that they fail to attract a sufficient number of Black Creators to participate. Yes, I understand… biases also play a role, but that’s a topic for another day!

As a result, this list is indispensable. For everyone to start consuming, learning, becoming educated, and being entertained by the vast amount of talent of Black and Canadian creators, as well as THE MOST IMPORTANT, TRANSPARENCY! There are no excuses in this directory. And you, my fellow Black Canadian Creator, don’t have to wait to be a public figure like Drake or the Weeknd to get a spotlight. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SHINE!

Okay, enough reading! Here’s the show-stopping moment. Or, as I like to refer to it, “La piece de BLACKsistance.”


The Black Canadian Content Creator Directory – #WeRightHere

BrandBrand NicheLocationInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTubePinterestTikTokTwitchPodcast
Casey Palmer, Canadian DadParenting, Dad, FatherhoodToronto, ON
Kaya Marriott: ComfyGirlCurlsLifestyle, Beauty, Natural HairVancouver, BC
The Chonilla NetworkPodcast Host, Podcast ProducerToronto, ON
Black Canadian CreatorsLifestyle, Natural Hair, BeautyToronto, ON
Tristan Barrocks: The Digital StorytellerPhotographer, VideographerToronto, ON
The Biz MixerEventsMississauga, ON
Victory SpeaksPodcast, Speaker, Inspiration, Mental Health & WellnessToronto, ON
PegCityLovelyLifestyle, ParentingWinnipeg, MB
NagataLockIIGamingHamilton, ON
The Adventures of Natty PTravel, ParentingToronto, ON
Heather Greenwood Davis: The Globetrotting MamaTravelToronto, ON
Milk & CocoParentingOshawa, ON
ESChampGamingToronto, ON
Daddy RealnessParentingHamilton, ON
Nneka ElliottToronto, ON
Savvy New CanadiansFinanceWinnipeg, MB
With a SeriesPhotographerToronto, ON
Sok KayMontreal, QC
Coach DrewToronto, ON
Golden Mic ThursdaysBrampton, ON
Lewis Girls TVToronto, ON
Black Food Bloggers Club by The BlenderistFoodVancouver, BC
Kimberlee WestAjax, ON
LamoiPoetryBrampton, ON
Nora G's NookWaterloo, ON
Mane YousufLos Angeles, California
AndrianaYogaToronto, ON
BGTOttawa, ON
Alicia Wynter PhotographyPhotographerKitchener, ON
HUB: Here to Uplift Black MenToronto, ON
Brian HolidaeMontreal, QC
That Dude McFlyToronto, ON
Canadian Small Business WomenMississauga, ON
Now You're CookingCookingToronto, ON
Benjamin W. RussellDanceToronto, ON
Trailblazers: The Black Pioneers Who Have Shaped CanadaAuthorToronto, ON
Velvet DukeSingerToronto, ON
Destiny SavaryToronto, ON
A Shot of MelaninMen and women. Ages 20-40Ajax, ON
PsychomasteryMontreal, QC
Dalton HigginsAuthorToronto, ON
Gerda CreatesArtistToronto, ON
Jessica Alex MarketingMarketerToronto, ON
Symbolik360Toronto, ON
Simone ComedianOttawa, ON
Blacks InspireToronto, ON
FliCarGuyMississauga, ON
Simple El'egance by NicoleToronto, ON
Franklin on FoodOrleans, ON
Nadia DonellaVancouver, BC
CapturedByShaniPhotographerMississauga, ON
SuiteCityWomanDIYToronto, ON
Nisha Chelsea Finance & LifestyleToronto, ON
Food is My BFFToronto, ON
All Things SadeToronto, ON
The Alma ChronicleToronto, ON
Amanda ParrisToronto, ON
Ashley McKenzie-BarnesToronto, ON
Build With BloomToronto, ON
Ayesha CurrySan Francisco, California
Body LiberatorQuebec City, QC
Boman Martinez-ReidToronto, ON
BorzahWinnipeg, MB
Coco & CoweToronto, ON
CherelleToronto, ON
TheChrisYamezCalgary, AB
Comfort UdofiaToronto, ON
DayDaySensaiCalgary, AB
DJ Big JacksToronto, ON
Donte ColleyToronto, ON
Ediris CornerToronto, ON
SincerelyExmirandaToronto, ON
Grace MaharyEdmonton, AB
IJay LatelyToronto, ON
The UfuomaToronto, ON
Kathleen Newman-BremangToronto, ON
Kayla A GreavesNew York City, New York
Kayla GreyTorono, ON
Kelc NobleToronto, ON
Kissy DuerreSaskatoon, SK
Lex NikoToronto, ON
Lola BlackToronto, ON
Malikah MaryamGreater Toronto, ON
YomRantsToronto, ON
Adventures With NikkyToronto, ON
Life With OgeWaterloo, ON
Pitch BetterToronto, ON
Fit KingToronto, ON
Shan BoodyLos Angeles, California
Shaun BootherToronto, ON
Tejj The BloggerToronto, ON
The Canadian Black StandardToronto, ON
Tope BabalolaWinnipeg, MB
ToyosiCalgary, AB
Treasure HansonCalgary, AB
TBlizzyOttawa, ON
Tyrone EdwardsToronto, ON
Mint Worthy Co. Greater Toronto, ON
Vanessa CraftToronto, ON
VioletluxeToronto, ON
YeyewandeeoVancouver, BC
Whiz QueenToronto, ON
WolfieOttawa, ON
SolitairMusicianToronto, ON
Ms. Mesha GayeToronto, ON
Dollface DredieToronto, ON
Avry's Sports ShowSports host/reporterEdmonton, AB
Babesclub BoudoirPhotographerAjax, ON
Da LexsonatorToronto, ON
Shandean ReidToronto, ON
TheKid36ArtistToronto, ON
Just NatoyaVancouver, BC
Dawn Xanklin ComedyComedianOttawa, ON
Lindsay Owen PierreDirectorToronto, ON
HonoreArtistToronto, ON
Awkward & BlackToronto, ON
Surer Qaly DeriaComedianToronto, ON
The Erica Edwards ShowTV Show HostToronto, ON
Lawrence Kerr PhotographyPhotographerBrampton, ON
Sabine MondestinActingToronto, ON
Sandra GabrielPublic RelationsToronto, ON
Brandon Ash-MohammedComedianToronto, ON
CharisMaggie TVCulture Education, Language, and Podcast HostToronto, ON
SomedaysVancouver, BC
Conversations with White PeopleToronto, ON
It's 24K GoldBeautyToronto, ON
SeniorGumboyToronto, ON
Cassandra Campbell BeautyToronto, ON
Bart AnestinToronto, ON
PetitefroQuebec City, QC
MsChurchDressSan Francisco, CA
Jodianne Beckford PhotographyPhotographerOshawa, ON
ChessologyVancouver, BC
Danny SeymourDeveloperMississauga, ON
Meghan Willis, Mindfulness CoachOttawa, ON
DM CoolOakville, ON
O'shane HowardPhotographerToronto, ON
Mr. Ige, The Fashion ArchitectStyleWinnipeg, MB
Pieds poudrésTravelOttawa, ON
The Natural Hair AdvocateToronto, ON
Fran Murray Co.CookingToronto, ON
Soul Sessions EntertainmentEntertainmentToronto, ON
Michelle Francis SmithToronto, ON
Tech with TiaTechnologyToronto, ON
Raquel A. RussellWriterToronto, ON
The Dr. Vibe Show ShowToronto, ON
Woke Mommy ChatterToronto, ON
Your Friend SJToronto, ON
HTBSLEPoetryToronto, ON
A Walk In My StilettosOshawa, ON
The Stylish ReidToronto, ON
Ryan O'neil KnightFinanceBrampton, ON
Orisha CreativeMilton, ON
Hustle Zone TVCalgary, AB
Kris Bennett KB PhotographyMontreal, QC
Christina GwiraBrampton, ON
Dwayne MorganToronto, ON
Got Brownie?ComedianBrampton, ON
Chloe CharlesMusicianToronto, ON
Alexandra ChelseWriter, StorytellerBrampton, ON
DJ Reddy FoxDJToronto, ON
Roen HigginsMontreal, QC
Clif Knight: ComedianComedianToronto, ON
Lissa MonetToronto, ON
Byron ArmstrongWriterToronto, ON
Helena MorganeToronto, ON
Josiane BlancWriter, Director, ProducerToronto, ON
Words with MichelleToronto, ON
StatusesseComedian, ActivistCalgary, AB
ByBlacksToronto, ON
Kaila SmithNiagara-on-the-Lake, ON
The Sunday Omony ShowCalgary, AB
David Markwei ProductionsPhotographerVancouver, BC
Janessa St. PierreFilmmakerVancouver, BC
Eat N Live FreePickering, ON
The Long and Short of StyleFashionToronto, ON
Jael JosephOakville, ON
Katia Café-FébrissyWriter, DirectorToronto, ON
How She HustlesToronto, ON
Mindful Parenting Tool KitToronto, ON
Desiree ThomasToronto, ON
Full Fine ArtArtistWhitby, ON
Soulful Image MagazinePublisherToronto, ON
Talia Leacock-CampbellWriterToronto, ON
Tricia Brow WhispererMakeup ArtistToronto, ON
Afroglobal TelevisionToronto, ON
Stylist SheenaHair, StylistToronto, ON
Javon MartinVideographerToronto, ON
Roya DelSolPhotographerToronto, ON
The Fabulous Kenny RobinsonEntertainmentToronto, ON
Dayo Media & Communications (DMC)Media AgencyToronto, ON
Caribbean Vibrations TVEntertainmentToronto, ON
OYA Media GroupDirectorToronto, ON
Laughton CreatvesGraphic DesignToronto, ON
Sweet Lime CommunicationsContent CreatorAjax, ON
Darci Kin OrganicsEntertainmentEdmonton, AB
Sarah "doublexl" St-FleurDigital Content SpecialistMontreal, QC
Charles Matthews Jr.MCToronto, ON
Harvest Bible PastorPastorBarrie, ON
TPS AdvisorAdvisorToronto, ON
Dwayne Matthews OCTStrategistToronto, ON
Lily YawsonActor ArtistToronto, ON
Lauri HillModelToronto, ON
Robert MuloloAuthorMississauga, ON
54 du RhoneToronto, ON
Soulfrodisiac ConsultingCopywriter EditorToronto, ON
Keita Demming CoachingCoachingToronto, ON
Jean Paul ComedyToronto, ON
AfrodelikToronto, ON
Queeny WritesWriterBrampton, ON
Bee QuammieToronto, ON
Q. Anthony OmeneToronto, ON
Alicia Bunyan-SampsonToronto, ON
Nabil ShashPhotography, Video, Graphic DesignToronto, ON
The Legacy CollexionToronto, ON
Julian McKenzieMontreal, QC
Multiple Mayhem MammaParenting, MotherhoodToronto, ON
Black in the MaritimesMoncton, NB
Joseph Osei BonsuArtistToronto, ON
Meres of ArabiaThuwal, Saudi Arabia
Potential Films IncFilm ProducerToronto, ON
Defar MediaCreative DirectorToronto, ON
Tasie HermanFamily, Motherhood, FitnessToronto, ON
Black FoodieToronto, ON
Nadine LiverpoolToronto, ON
Alciia "Ace" WestHost, Creator, Radio PersonalityToronto, ON
Nikki BalchMontreal, QC
Karlyn PercilSpeaker, Author, MotivatorToronto, ON
DevonMDJones FitnessTherapistToronto, ON
The Stuph File ProgramRadio HostMontreal, QC
Black In CanadaFounderToronto, ON
The Mobs PressCultural producer, marketing and promotions, blogToronto, ON & Montreal, QC
Socially Active TrainingPersonal Branding TrainerToronto, ON
Toronto ShayToronto, ON
Basic Babe LaurenToronto, ON
So SashaToronto, ON
Toni FifiToronto, ON
Mirian NjohToronto, ON
Blooming LilyToronto, ON
Style DominationOttawa, ON
Osob BeautyToronto, ON
The Alma ChronicleToronto, ON
Lion HunterHalifax, NS
My Curves and CurlsToronto, ON
Darling TeeNew York, NY
Stay MagnifiqueToronto, ON
Collexion PlateToronto, ON
Black Owned TorontoToronto, ON
Simply StasiaToronto, ON
AuneetuhVancouver, BC
Camille AnwuliEdmonton, AB
DEE and FAMBrampton, ON
Exotik RootsOttawa, ON
HeyitsCandiciaBeautyCavan, ON
Ife IranloyeCoquitlam, BC
Jenn JacksonSurrey, BC
Khyra JoëlleToronto, ON
Kurly Kyra
Très Bougie
Kouture KittenOttawa, ON
MsCatrinToronto, ON
My Spiced LifePickering, ON
Natural Canadian GirlToronto, ON
Natural ShannaToronto, ON
NKNaturalzBeautySaskatoon, SK
Rae SavaunnahToronto, ON
BrandingwithSarah Blogging for businessesVancouver, BC
The Curl ExpertToronto, ON
Toni OlaoyeMakeupToronto, ON
Life as WhitsCalgary, AB
Nite ViewsToronto, ON
HerCasteGirlsMississauga, ON
Queen Success by RochelleToronto, ON
The KscopeFashionToronto, ON
My Voguish DiariesToronto, ON
The Style HouseToronto, ON
Elaisha JadeToronto, ON
EatFamous Food, travel & Lifestyle Toronto, ON
The Karen Carrington ShowToronto, ON
Conscious WarriorsToronto, ON
mdee14Mississauga, ON
The CocopolitanVancouver, BC
Christian ConfidentialStyleToronto, ON
Petite and BoldStyleMontreal, QC
Jam GambleMississauga, ON
Pauleanna ReidToronto, ON
Miss Andrea LewisActingLos Angeles, CA
Oneika the TravellerNew York, NY
Brittnee BlairToronto, ON
TiKAMusicianToronto, ON
Styled by Mr. AdomakoToronto, ON
Aysha HarunLos Angeles, CA
Trad CuisineKitchener, ON
CaponfoodChefMontreal, QC
9jafoodieFoodRegina, SK
Wynn's KitchenetteFoodToronto, ON
The Food DiscipleFoodToronto, ON
The WhineryFoodVancouver, BC
Grated NutmegFoodEdmonton, AB
DollarYenGamingToronto, ON
Tiffany WitcherContent Creator, Streamer, Advocate, Voice Actor, Vtuber Toronto, ON
The_MeezGamingToronto, ON
GrindSparkGamingToronto, ON
Alanna SmithGaming, Video ProductionToronto, ON
SilkyCGamingLondon, ON
Lord_OniGamingLondon, ON
KinkedNitemareGaming100 Mile House, BC
felixwindGamingToronto, ON
theblackhylianGamingToronto, ON
flystewieGamingToronto, ON
simbiotic__GamingToronto, ON
rockygotgamesssGamingToronto, ON
thisiscamcoGamingToronto, ON
Jen RichardsToronto, ON
Heartless GirlToronto, ON
Jesse JonesToronto, ON
Nana AbrahamAuthorToronto, ON
PepperBrooksToronto, ON
Elevate Beauty LoftsToronto, ON
Life with a BabyToronto, ON
Rudderless TravelTravelToronto, ON
Loud Mouth Brown GirlWriterSurrey, BC
KalmplexArtistToronto, ON
Victoria NsafoaFoodToronto, ON
Daddy AllstarsParentingPickering, ON
Shamarra GrayMotherhood, ParentingHalton Hills, ON
Alaina HenryToronto, ON
Chattrisse DolabailleToronto, ON
BLPR Digital StrategiesToronto, ON
The IT NerdToronto, ON
SMJ MagazineToronto, ON
Rhonda Thompson(-Wilson)Winnipeg, MB
Jael RichardsonBrampton, ON
Sincerely JacklineBrampton, ON
Tanya HaylesToronto, ON
Sherika SpeaksToronto, ON
Sagine SémajusteActress, DancerOttawa, ON
Jem JacksonToronto, ON
The Hustle Never DiesToronto, ON
A Benign ConspiracyToronto, ON
The Heroes of the WorldComic book franchiseToronto, ON
Tash JeffriesHalifax, NS
Xandrae's WorldToronto, ON
Domanique GrantToronto, ON
Lady MarielleMontreal, QC
Miss CrichlowCalgary, AB
My Sister's Keeper: All things Life & PhotographyMontreal, QC
Centre ToussaintMontreal, QC
AfriCanadian MoneyCalgary, AB
DadoffdutyToronto, ON
KareneIsabelle PhotoPhotographerMontreal, QC
InfinitehugoPhotographerToronto, ON
Comic Jay MartinComedianToronto, ON
KVonDoomGamingToronto, ON
Jessica PrudencioMontreal, QC
In a Foodie's KitchenFoodVancouver, BC
Colour the TrailsVancouver, BC
Danielle KyeiFashion, Lifestyle, Canadian businesses and organizations Vancouver, BC
Vee NaturalWaterloo, ON
Le TisuMississauga, ON
Sandy EspritOttawa, ON
Shanique BuntynHairToronto, ON
Queeny KuffourToronto, ON
SoieToronto, ON
HairsonalityNatural HairToronto, ON
Mel ListerFaith, Fashion, LifestyleToronto, ON
Nappily DayaNatural Hair, LifestyleMontreal, QC
Symone EvansLifestyle, Beauty, StyleOttawa, ON
Tanisha CherryLifestyle, Beauty, StyleCalgary, AB
Eman OsmanVancouver, BC
Told by JoLifestyle, Beauty, StyleToronto, ON
Laché ChaniceFashion, Lifesyle, BeautyToronto, ON
PinkerPoiseVancouver, BC
Natasha A KayceeOttawa, ON
Ariel and ApparelToronto, ON
Sierra MorinOttawa, ON
Beauty by NikkiMakeup Artist, BeautyToronto, ON
Lolaa's LooksToronto, ON
Lakisha AdamsSkincare, Makeup, BeautyToronto, ON
Lilly At HomeLifestyle, Motherhood, Toronto, ON
Moraas' WorldLifestyleHalifax, NS
Naturally Essence YYZToronto, ON
Jeneba KamaraVancouver, BC
Coralie's ClosetOttawa, ON
ReidLoveCoToronto, ON
Magalie KKamloops, BC
Lerit NifesiNorth Vancouver, BC
Faël Loreen FrançoisMontreal, QC
The Ultimate PlannerEvent Planner, StylerMontreal, QC
Ornella Creatives by Ornella KihumbiOttawa, ON
Mica PengMontreal, QC
Embellished BaesBeauty, HairToronto, ON
Jasmine MandatMontreal, QC
Eboni CurlsToronto, ON
Summer AlexanderSkincareVancouver, BC
The Tosin OlaniyiLifestyle, Skincare & Beauty Influencer Toronto, ON
Sincerely PriscaLifestyle, MotherhoodToronto, ON
Pamvilles DiaryLifestyle, MotherhoodToronto, ON
DJ VegasToronto, ON
The JeneralistLifestyle, MotherhoodEdmonton, AB
Leché HopeBeautyToronto, ON
Ral OnyesMakeup, Beauty, LifestyleToronto, ON
AmandaGlowGetterLifestyleOttawa, ON
AnglescoveredToronto, ON
Fit by FlawlessActing, MotherhoodNiagara Falls, ON
MighttyGArtistVancouver, BC
FamousTubeFamilyToronto, ON
Kameiro RushToronto, ON
Cali Sadé RushToronto, ON
Kirah Dior RushToronto, ON
Keshia RushToronto, ON
BrownGirlOutdoorWorldToronto, ON
SoylynToronto, ON
Fred AnyonaToronto, ON
Rita-Helen IraborWinnipeg, MB
Ibrahim AppiahPhotographerToronto, ON
Life of ShimmyWinnipeg, MB
Hustle and Charm CommunityWinnipeg, MB
Amina DembeleWinnipeg, MB
Khadija MboweToronto, ON
Sueanne PachecoAuthorToronto, ON
Caribbean PotFood, CookingHamilton, ON
Aba & PreachMontreal, QC
Road Trip TravelToronto, ON
TDF EverythingPodcastingToronto, ON
Mark Anthony MediaDigital MarketingToronto, ON
Keen KreationsArtToronto, ON
Reni, The ResourceFinance, Career & LifestyleMississauga, ON
Textured Hair EDUCurly & Afro Hair EducationToronto, ON
Introverted QueenPodcastToronto, ON
Centered by PlantsPlants and WellnessAjax, ON
Black People Check InBlack Mental health advocacyToronto, ON
SHIFTERMediaOttawa, ON
Yasser KLifestyle, fashion, beauty Vancouver, BC
Fine Natural Hair ROCKSNatural Hair, Beauty, LifestyleToronto, ON
Legacy Leavers MediaPublishingToronto, ON
Natoyaista Lifestyle, Beauty and OutdoorsMission, BC
The Weigh In Boxing Radio & Podcast BoxingToronto, ON
Black on TrackEducation & WellnessToronto, ON
Eddy OsamanTravelsToronto, ON
Don AyitiEditor, journalist, writer, film critic, radio host, and producerOttawa, ON
Getting Real with PaulaEmpowerment & change managementGatineau, QC
Sharifa SamoraStyle, beauty, skincare with a sprinkle of lifestyleMontreal, QC
Joselyne EffaLifestyleSaskatoon, SK
Emmmbellished Handmade Statement EarringsEtobicoke, ON
Black on TrackPodcastToronto, ON
Audrey HudsonEducationToronto, ON
Tap Love Tour Tap Dance Arts and EntertainmentBrampton, ON
Imperfectly NatalyaMotherhood, Lifestyle and Natural HairOttawa, ON
Yoga with ShaunnekaHealth & WellnessToronto, ON
Castlefield DesignBranding & Graphic DesignToronto, ON
ExtrastepsceoLifestyle, Entrepreneurship Kitchener, ON
Make Ur MarkBlack YouthToronto, ON
PITCH MagazineArts magazineHamilton / Toronto, ON
Slay it WIth FlowersPodcastToronto, ON
Legacy MomentsRelationship - Marriage - Inner HealingToronto, ON
Lucius DechausayFilmmakerToronto, ON
Manikk Realm Director, Cinematographer, Writer, ArtistOshawa, ON
NadiahighmusicOriginal conscious urban folk soul musicToronto, ON
CHOZEN MEDIAvideo marketingToronto, ON & Atlanta, Georgia
U&I TALK SHOWInspirational, education and entertainment Television Talk show in English and French. Airs on ShawTV. Vancouver, BC
WorldWide Entertainment TVUrban MediaToronto, ON
Franctal StudioPhotographyLangley, BC
Vee ViccyBeauty and LifestyleVancouver, BC
Rose L. Williams ArtsVisual Arts Botanically Inspired slow fashionVancouver, BC
Hustle Over Eveything Small- and mid-sized business entrepreneurshipToronto, ON
AuthorChildren’s Picture BooksScarborough, ON
QueeneniLifestyleHamilton, ON
V-Formation ProductionsDocumentary Production (Features & Biographies)Toronto, ON
Benji Films ProductionsSport Photography & VideographyToronto, ON
Daalu MediaA virtual safe space for Black-CanadiansCalgary, AB
Beyond The MarchDocumentaryNewmarket, ON & Hamilton, ON
HauiFilmmaker/Projection DesignerNiagara-on-the-Lake, ON
King1876TravelNew Westminster, BC
Doug MuirCreative DirectorToronto, ON
Sam Singh IllustrationIllustration, Graphic Design, ArtistNorth York, ON
Abundance of JoPersonal FinanceMississauga, ON
Lady Diaperformance artist, podcaster, mother Kelowna, BC
Trophy Ewilamulti-disciplinary artist and thinkerKelowna, BC
Life of AnubondemNursing & LifestyleToronto, ON
elsakakaLifestyle, beauty, commentaryVancouver, BC
Agence Qure / Qure AgencyCommercial photographyMontreal, QC & Toronto, ON & Ottawa, ON
KpmediaworksPhotography/ filmmakerToronto, ON
Sophie MokahLifestyle, motherhood and brand development.Calgary, AB
Luv Laney LuvDigital entrepreneurship & tech advice for WOCToronto, ON
Black Business LiveBBLTVMississauga, ON
CALLITWHATYOULIKEPhotography/Fine ArtsVancouver, BC
Okiki ConsultingVideo Content StrategySaskatoon, SK

You can also find the list at Casey Palmer’s – Canadian Dad. The Black Creator Directory
See the list at Kaya Marriott’s – Comfy Girls with Curls. The Black Creator Directory

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