The Ultimate Guide to the Black Canadian Creators Directory

Casey Palmer, Kaya Marriott and Sherley Joseph

In today’s fast-paced digital world, there’s no shortage of talented people leaving their mark on many platforms. Whether you’re on the hunt for a dynamic Canadian podcaster, a spirited blogger, an engaging influencer, a captivating YouTuber, a compelling author, or an insightful Black expat Canadian creator, you’ve just stumbled upon a treasure trove, the Black Canadian Creators Directory.

Crafted meticulously by the power trio Casey PalmerKaya Marriott, and me, Sherley Joseph, this directory is more than just a list. It’s a testament to our shared vision. Being at the forefront as creatives, I’ve walked the path many are still navigating. In 2015, with most of our followers rooted in the US, a dream took shape: shining the spotlight on fellow Canadian talents on our podcast platform. But where to find them? Thus, The Black Canadian Content Creators Facebook Group and Podcast emerged, lighting the path for countless creators.

The Journey of Passionate Creatives

Crafted meticulously by the power trio – Casey Palmer, Kaya Marriott, and yours truly, Sherley Joseph, this directory is more than just a list. It’s a testament to our shared vision. Being at the forefront as a Black Canadian creator, I’ve walked the path many are still navigating. In 2015, with most of our followers rooted in the US, a dream took shape: shining the spotlight on fellow Canadian talents on our podcast platform. But where to find them? Thus, The Black Canadian Content Creators Facebook Group and Podcast emerged, lighting the path for countless creators.

Flashback to 2010. The thrill of starting a podcast was fresh, recounting life’s quirky episodes, diving into culture, relationships, parenting, race, religion, and beyond. The earlier avatar was ‘ChoNilla’, which evolved into the now-renowned ‘The Sherley and Clove podcast’.

In those days, the podcast landscape had a glaring absence of Black voices. Yet, fate had its plan. The universe introduced me to a tribe of inspiring Black US podcasters. Think of ‘The Black Guy Who Tips’, ‘Where’s My 40 Acres’, ‘Interracial Jawn’, and the list goes on. Together, we thrived, fostering a #PodcastFamily4Life.

Incorporating this spirited camaraderie into Canada’s creative scene was my mission. From ideating on the podcast to networking virtually and joining hands with visionaries like Casey Palmer and Kaya Marriott, the dream solidified. And today, we present the quintessential Black Canadian creators’ directory.

In a post-George Floyd world, the dialogue surrounding police brutality and systemic racism can’t be ignored. Many Black creators find themselves at the intersection of these conversations, addressing complex issues like BLM, microaggressions, and white supremacy. Over time, dialogues with creators highlighted a glaring gap: the lack of diversity and representation. Despite attending numerous conferences, a recurring sentiment echoed – Black creators remained elusive. Not anymore. Our directory erases these boundaries. It’s a beacon of talent, showcasing the incredible range of Black Canadian creators. Gone are the days when only global icons like Drake or The Weeknd could capture the limelight. Now, the world wide stage is calling you.

Cause, the entire world needs to see you, learn from you, read what you share and hear from you. Most importantly, follow your work! 
Okay, enough explaining, Here’s “La piece de BLACKsistance!”

Creator NameBrand NameBrandBrand NicheCity/TownProvince/TerritoryLocationInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTubePinterestTikTokTwitchPodcastPodcast Name
Casey PalmerCasey Palmer, Canadian DadCasey Palmer, Canadian DadParenting, Dad, FatherhoodTorontoONToronto, ONChatting with Casey
Kaya MarriottKaya Marriott: ComfyGirlCurlsKaya Marriott: ComfyGirlCurlsLifestyle, Beauty, Natural HairVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Sherley JosephSherley Joseph: The Chonilla NetworkSherley Joseph: The Chonilla NetworkPodcast Host, Podcast ProducerTorontoONToronto, ONe Sherley & Clove Podcast
Sherley JosephSherley Joseph: Black Canadian CreatorsSherley Joseph: Black Canadian CreatorsLifestyle, Natural Hair, BeautyTorontoONToronto, ONBlack Canadian Creators
Tristan BarrocksTristan Barrocks: The Digital StorytellerTristan Barrocks: The Digital StorytellerPhotographer, VideographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Karlena Carnegie-WaughThe Biz MixerThe Biz MixerEventsMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Nicole Donawa WaldronVictory SpeaksVictory SpeaksPodcast, Speaker, Inspiration, Mental Health & WellnessTorontoONToronto, ONVictory Speaks Podcast
Natalie BellPegCityLovelyPegCityLovelyLifestyleWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MBPegCityChat with Nat
Justin BaisdenNagataLockIINagataLockIIGamingHamiltonONHamilton, ON
Natalie Preddie ZamojcThe Adventures of Natty PThe Adventures of Natty PTravel, ParentingTorontoONToronto, ON
Heather Greenwood DavisHeather Greenwood Davis: The Globetrotting MamaHeather Greenwood Davis: The Globetrotting MamaTravelTorontoONToronto, ON
Shaun WorrellMilk & CocoMilk & CocoParentingOshawaONOshawa, ON
Drekken PownzESChampESChampGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Mike ArmstrongDaddy RealnessDaddy RealnessParentingHamiltonONHamilton, ON
Nneka ElliottNneka ElliottNneka ElliottTorontoONToronto, ON
Enoch OmololuSavvy New CanadiansSavvy New CanadiansFinanceWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Shawntol FeliciaWith a SeriesWith a SeriesPhotographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Sok KaySok KaySok KayMontrealQCMontreal, QCKay & Them Podcast
Andrew BlackwoodCoach DrewCoach DrewTorontoONToronto, ON
Jemane KentGolden Mic ThursdaysGolden Mic ThursdaysBramptonONBrampton, ONLaughter&Chaos
Althéa & Ronnelle LewisLewis Girls TVLewis Girls TVTorontoONToronto, ON
Jasmine LukukuBlack Food Bloggers Club by The BlenderistBlack Food Bloggers Club by The BlenderistFoodVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Kimberlee WestKimberlee WestKimberlee WestAjaxONAjax, ON
LaMoi SimmondsLamoiLamoiPoetryBramptonONBrampton, ON
Nora GwejiNora G's NookNora G's NookWaterlooONWaterloo, ON
Mane YousufMane YousufMane YousufLos AngelesCaliforniaLos Angeles, California
Andriana CrawfordAndrianaAndrianaYogaTorontoONToronto, ONSOULpreneur: The Black Yoga Society Podcast
Tosin AyeronwiBGTBGTOttawaONOttawa, ON
Alicia WynterAlicia Wynter PhotographyAlicia Wynter PhotographyPhotographerKitchenerONKitchener, ON
Kurtis VermontHUB: Here to Uplift Black MenHUB: Here to Uplift Black MenTorontoONToronto, ON
Brian Doc HolidaeBrian HolidaeBrian HolidaeTV Reviews, Podcast BlerdMontrealQCMontreal, QCBrian Holidae - Podcast Blerd
Marlon PalmerThat Dude McFlyThat Dude McFlyTorontoONToronto, ON
Dwania PeeleCanadian Small Business WomenCanadian Small Business WomenMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Monique CrearyNow You're CookingNow You're CookingCookingTorontoONToronto, ON
Benjamin W. RussellBenjamin W. RussellBenjamin W. RussellDanceTorontoONToronto, ON
Tiyahna Ridley-PadmoreTrailblazers: The Black Pioneers Who Have Shaped CanadaTrailblazers: The Black Pioneers Who Have Shaped CanadaAuthorTorontoONToronto, ON
Velvet WellsVelvet DukeVelvet DukeSingerTorontoONToronto, ON
Destiny SavaryDestiny SavaryDestiny SavaryTorontoONToronto, ON
Michelle DennisA Shot of MelaninA Shot of MelaninMen and women. Ages 20-40AjaxONAjax, ONA Shot of Melanin
Andrew O'MalleyPsychomasteryPsychomasteryMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Dalton HigginsDalton HigginsDalton HigginsAuthorTorontoONToronto, ONBlack Tea
Gerda BoatengGerda CreatesGerda CreatesArtistTorontoONToronto, ON
Jessica AlexJessica Alex MarketingJessica Alex MarketingMarketerTorontoONToronto, ON
Kwame Newman-BremangSymbolik360Symbolik360TorontoONToronto, ON
Simone HolderSimone ComedySimone ComedyComedianOttawaONOttawa, ON
Sharon FletcherBlacks InspireBlacks InspireTorontoONToronto, ON
Dale CarnegieFliCarGuyFliCarGuyMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Nicole Brewster-MercurySimple El'egance by NicoleSimple El'egance by NicoleTorontoONToronto, ON
Andrew FranklinFranklin on FoodFranklin on FoodOrleansONOrleans, ON
Nadia WNadia DonellaNadia DonellaVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Shanika GoslingCapturedByShaniCapturedByShaniPhotographerMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Roxanne BrathwaiteSuiteCityWomanSuiteCityWomanDIYTorontoONToronto, ON
Nisha ChelseaNisha Chelsea Finance & LifestyleNisha Chelsea Finance & LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Melanie AnthonyFood is My BFFFood is My BFFTorontoONToronto, ON
Adebimpe A.All Things SadeAll Things SadeTorontoONToronto, ON
Alma Rex-EzonfadeThe Alma ChronicleThe Alma ChronicleTorontoONToronto, ON
Amanda ParrisAmanda ParrisAmanda ParrisTorontoONToronto, ON
Ashley McKenzie-BarnesAshley McKenzie-BarnesAshley McKenzie-BarnesTorontoONToronto, ON
Avery FrancisBuild With BloomBuild With BloomTorontoONToronto, ON
Ayesha CurryAyesha CurryAyesha CurrySan FranciscoCaliforniaSan Francisco, California
Body LiberatorBody LiberatorBody LiberatorQuebec CityQCQuebec City, QC
Boman Martinez-ReidBoman Martinez-ReidBoman Martinez-ReidTorontoONToronto, ON
BorzahBorzahBorzahWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Catriona SmartCoco & CoweCoco & CoweTorontoONToronto, ONCoco & Cowe + Friends
Cherelle-Rose MukokoCherelleCherelleTorontoONToronto, ON
Chris YamezTheChrisYamezTheChrisYamezCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Comfort UdofiaComfort UdofiaComfort UdofiaTorontoONToronto, ON
DayDaySensaiDayDaySensaiDayDaySensaiCalgaryABCalgary, AB
DJ Big JacksDJ Big JacksDJ Big JacksTorontoONToronto, ON
Donte ColleyDonte ColleyDonte ColleyTorontoONToronto, ON
Ediris NGCAEdiris CornerEdiris CornerTorontoONToronto, ON
ExmirandaSincerelyExmirandaSincerelyExmirandaTorontoONToronto, ON
Grace MaharyGrace MaharyGrace MaharyEdmontonABEdmonton, AB
IJayIJay LatelyIJay LatelyTorontoONToronto, ON
Jessica UfuomaThe UfuomaThe UfuomaTorontoONToronto, ON
Kathleen Newman - BremangKathleen Newman-BremangKathleen Newman-BremangTorontoONToronto, ON
Kayla A. GreavesKayla A GreavesKayla A GreavesNew York CityNew YorkNew York City, New York
Kayla GreyKayla GreyKayla GreyToronoONTorono, ON
Kelc NobleKelc NobleKelc NobleTorontoONToronto, ON
Kissy DuerreKissy DuerreKissy DuerreSaskatoonSKSaskatoon, SK
Lex NikoLex NikoLex NikoTorontoONToronto, ONOne Last Thing
Lola BlackLola BlackLola BlackTorontoONToronto, ON
Malikah MaryamMalikah MaryamMalikah MaryamGreater TorontoONGreater Toronto, ON
Myah ElliottYomRantsYomRantsTorontoONToronto, ON
Nikky TeeAdventures With NikkyAdventures With NikkyTorontoONToronto, ON
OgeLife With OgeLife With OgeWaterlooONWaterloo, ON
Pitch BetterPitch BetterPitch BetterTorontoONToronto, ON
Ro JoaquimFit KingFit KingTorontoONToronto, ON
Shan BoodramShan BoodyShan BoodyLos AngelesCaliforniaLos Angeles, California
Shaun BootheShaun BootherShaun BootherTorontoONToronto, ON
TejjTejj The BloggerTejj The BloggerTorontoONToronto, ON
The Canadian Black StandardThe Canadian Black StandardThe Canadian Black StandardTorontoONToronto, ON
Tope BabalolaTope BabalolaTope BabalolaWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
ToyosiToyosiToyosiCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Treasure HansonTreasure HansonTreasure HansonCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Tyra BlizzardTBlizzyTBlizzyOttawaONOttawa, ON
Tyrone EdwardsTyrone EdwardsTyrone EdwardsTorontoONToronto, ON
Vanessa BowenMint Worthy Co. Mint Worthy Co. Greater TorontoONGreater Toronto, ON
Vanessa CraftVanessa CraftVanessa CraftTorontoONToronto, ON
VioletVioletluxeVioletluxeTorontoONToronto, ON
WandeYeyewandeeoYeyewandeeoVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Whiz QueenWhiz QueenWhiz QueenTorontoONToronto, ON
WolfieWolfieWolfieOttawaONOttawa, ON
Sheldon PittSolitairSolitairMusicianTorontoONToronto, ON
Mesha GayeMs. Mesha GayeMs. Mesha GayeTorontoONToronto, ONSuch a Pretty Podcast
Omega MightyDollface DredieDollface DredieTorontoONToronto, ON
Avry Lewis-McDougallAvry's Sports ShowAvry's Sports ShowSports host/reporterEdmontonABEdmonton, ABAvry's Sports Show
Nicole WalkerBabesclub BoudoirBabesclub BoudoirPhotographerAjaxONAjax, ON
Lexson MillingtonDa LexsonatorDa LexsonatorTorontoONToronto, ON
Shandean ReidShandean ReidShandean ReidTorontoONToronto, ON
Dave EdwardsTheKid36TheKid36ArtistTorontoONToronto, ON
Natoya EllisJust NatoyaJust NatoyaVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Dawn Xavier-FranklinDawn Xanklin ComedyDawn Xanklin ComedyComedianOttawaONOttawa, ON
Lindsay Owen PierreLindsay Owen PierreLindsay Owen PierreDirectorTorontoONToronto, ON
Brittany Jordan & Justin Seaton Awkward & BlackAwkward & BlackTorontoONToronto, ONAwkward & Black
Surer Qaly DeriaSurer Qaly DeriaSurer Qaly DeriaComedianTorontoONToronto, ON
Erica Elita EdwardsThe Erica Edwards ShowThe Erica Edwards ShowTV Show HostTorontoONToronto, ON
Lawrence E. KerrLawrence Kerr PhotographyLawrence Kerr PhotographyPhotographerBramptonONBrampton, ON
Sabine MondestinSabine MondestinSabine MondestinActingTorontoONToronto, ON
Sandra GabrielSandra GabrielSandra GabrielPublic RelationsTorontoONToronto, ONThe Christianpreneurs Podcast
Brandon Ash-MohammedBrandon Ash-MohammedBrandon Ash-MohammedComedianTorontoONToronto, ON
Margarette LeandreCharisMaggie TVCharisMaggie TVCulture Education, Language, and Podcast HostTorontoONToronto, ONBusiness and Culture Podcast with CharisMaggie
Domunique LashaySomedaysSomedaysVancouverBCVancouver, BC
IC BaileyConversations with White PeopleConversations with White PeopleTorontoONToronto, ON
Zahra UmiIt's 24K GoldIt's 24K GoldBeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Marvin MorganSeniorGumboySeniorGumboyTorontoONToronto, ONBroskii
Cassandra CampbellCassandra Campbell BeautyCassandra Campbell BeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Bart AnestinBart AnestinBart AnestinTorontoONToronto, ON
Islande La MannaPetitefroPetitefroQuebec CityQCQuebec City, QC
Aquila FarrellMsChurchDressMsChurchDressSan FranciscoCASan Francisco, CA
Jodianne BeckfordJodianne Beckford PhotographyJodianne Beckford PhotographyPhotographerOshawaONOshawa, ON
Chelsea BradyChessologyChessologyVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Danny SeymourDanny SeymourDanny SeymourDeveloperMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Meghan WillsMeghan Willis, Mindfulness CoachMeghan Willis, Mindfulness CoachOttawaONOttawa, ON
Daniel ManteDM CoolDM CoolOakvilleONOakville, ONCOOL Radio
O'shane HowardO'shane HowardO'shane HowardPhotographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Ayobami IgeMr. Ige, The Fashion ArchitectMr. Ige, The Fashion ArchitectStyleWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Yves-Marie ExuméPieds poudrésPieds poudrésTravelOttawaONOttawa, ON
Ndija Anderson-YanthaThe Natural Hair AdvocateThe Natural Hair AdvocateTorontoONToronto, ON
Frances Findley-MurrayFran Murray Co.Fran Murray Co.CookingTorontoONToronto, ON
Andrae EnnisSoul Sessions EntertainmentSoul Sessions EntertainmentEntertainmentTorontoONToronto, ON
Michelle Francis-SmithMichelle Francis SmithMichelle Francis SmithTorontoONToronto, ON
Tia MorrisonTech with TiaTech with TiaTechnologyTorontoONToronto, ON
Raquel Alexia RussellRaquel A. RussellRaquel A. RussellWriterTorontoONToronto, ONTalking Stories with Raquel Russell
Ed Gough Jr.The Dr. Vibe Show The Dr. Vibe Show ShowTorontoONToronto, ON
Kearie DanielWoke Mommy ChatterWoke Mommy ChatterTorontoONToronto, ONWoke Mommy Chatter - The Podcast
Sarah-Jane GwiraYour Friend SJYour Friend SJTorontoONToronto, ON
Liz ClarkeHTBSLEHTBSLEPoetryTorontoONToronto, ON
Makini SmithA Walk In My StilettosA Walk In My StilettosOshawaONOshawa, ONThe A Walk In My Stilettos Podcast
Annika ReidThe Stylish ReidThe Stylish ReidTorontoONToronto, ON
Ryan O'neil KnightRyan O'neil KnightRyan O'neil KnightFinanceBramptonONBrampton, ON
Tamika Ayesha AuwaiOrisha CreativeOrisha CreativeMiltonONMilton, ON
Ryan PerezHustle Zone TVHustle Zone TVCalgaryABCalgary, AB
A Kris BennettKris Bennett KB PhotographyKris Bennett KB PhotographyMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Christina GwiraChristina GwiraChristina GwiraBramptonONBrampton, ON
Dwayne Morgan IIDwayne MorganDwayne MorganTorontoONToronto, ON
Keesha BrownieGot Brownie?Got Brownie?ComedianBramptonONBrampton, ON
Chloe CharlesChloe CharlesChloe CharlesMusicianTorontoONToronto, ON
Alexandra ChelseAlexandra ChelseAlexandra ChelseWriter, StorytellerBramptonONBrampton, ON
Reddy FoxDJ Reddy FoxDJ Reddy FoxDJTorontoONToronto, ONThe Reddy Fox Show
Roen HigginsRoen HigginsRoen HigginsMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Clif KnightClif Knight: ComedianClif Knight: ComedianComedianTorontoONToronto, ON
Lissa MonetLissa MonetLissa MonetTorontoONToronto, ON
Byron ArmstrongByron ArmstrongByron ArmstrongWriterTorontoONToronto, ON
Helena MorganeHelena MorganeHelena MorganeTorontoONToronto, ON
Josiane BlancJosiane BlancJosiane BlancWriter, Director, ProducerTorontoONToronto, ON
Michelle JosephWords with MichelleWords with MichelleTorontoONToronto, ON
Adora NwoforStatusesseStatusesseComedian, ActivistCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Camille & Roger DundasByBlacksByBlacksTorontoONToronto, ON
Kaila SmithKaila SmithKaila SmithNiagara-on-the-LakeONNiagara-on-the-Lake, ON
Sunday OmonyThe Sunday Omony ShowThe Sunday Omony ShowCalgaryABCalgary, AB
David MarkweiDavid Markwei ProductionsDavid Markwei ProductionsPhotographerVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Janessa St. PierreJanessa St. PierreJanessa St. PierreFilmmakerVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Alisia YoungEat N Live FreeEat N Live FreePickeringONPickering, ONTeach Me Freedom
Gail & Leslie ThompsonThe Long and Short of StyleThe Long and Short of StyleFashionTorontoONToronto, ON
ShakkoiNeed Some KoiNeed Some KoiTorontoONToronto, ON
Jael JosephJael JosephJael JosephOakvilleONOakville, ON
Katia Café-FébrissyKatia Café-FébrissyKatia Café-FébrissyWriter, DirectorTorontoONToronto, ON
Emily MillsHow She HustlesHow She HustlesTorontoONToronto, ON
Oliver D. LevyMindful Parenting Tool KitMindful Parenting Tool KitTorontoONToronto, ON
Desiree ThomasDesiree ThomasDesiree ThomasTorontoONToronto, ON
Georgia FullertonFull Fine ArtFull Fine ArtArtistWhitbyONWhitby, ON
Tracey-Acadia ThomasSoulful Image MagazineSoulful Image MagazinePublisherTorontoONToronto, ON
Talia Leacock-CampbellTalia Leacock-CampbellTalia Leacock-CampbellWriterTorontoONToronto, ON
Tricia WaltersTricia Brow WhispererTricia Brow WhispererMakeup ArtistTorontoONToronto, ON
Patricia Bebia MawaAfroglobal TelevisionAfroglobal TelevisionTorontoONToronto, ON
Ama SheenaStylist SheenaStylist SheenaHair, StylistTorontoONToronto, ON
Javon MartinJavon MartinJavon MartinVideographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Roya DelSolRoya DelSolRoya DelSolPhotographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Kenny RobinsonThe Fabulous Kenny RobinsonThe Fabulous Kenny RobinsonEntertainmentTorontoONToronto, ON
Dayo KefentseDayo Media & Communications (DMC)Dayo Media & Communications (DMC)Media AgencyTorontoONToronto, ON
Alain P. ArthurCaribbean Vibrations TVCaribbean Vibrations TVEntertainmentTorontoONToronto, ON
Alison DukeOYA Media GroupOYA Media GroupDirectorTorontoONToronto, ON
Glenford LaughtonLaughton CreatvesLaughton CreatvesGraphic DesignTorontoONToronto, ON
Shellene Drakes-TullSweet Lime CommunicationsSweet Lime CommunicationsContent CreatorAjaxONAjax, ON
Darci KinDarci Kin OrganicsDarci Kin OrganicsEntertainmentEdmontonABEdmonton, AB
Sarah St-fleurSarah "doublexl" St-FleurSarah "doublexl" St-FleurDigital Content SpecialistMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Charles Matthews Jr.Charles Matthews Jr.Charles Matthews Jr.MCTorontoONToronto, ONJUMP… Success is Waiting!
Duane FrancoisHarvest Bible PastorHarvest Bible PastorPastorBarrieONBarrie, ON
Danielle DowdyTPS AdvisorTPS AdvisorAdvisorTorontoONToronto, ON
Dwayne MatthewsDwayne Matthews OCTDwayne Matthews OCTStrategistTorontoONToronto, ON
Lily YawsonLily YawsonLily YawsonActor ArtistTorontoONToronto, ON
Lauri HillLauri HillLauri HillModelTorontoONToronto, ON
Robert MuloloRobert MuloloRobert MuloloAuthorMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Patrice Rhone54 du Rhone54 du RhoneTorontoONToronto, ON
Ann Marie CollymoreSoulfrodisiac ConsultingSoulfrodisiac ConsultingCopywriter EditorTorontoONToronto, ON
Keita DemmingKeita Demming CoachingKeita Demming CoachingCoachingTorontoONToronto, ON
Jean PaulJean Paul ComedyJean Paul ComedyTorontoONToronto, ON
Desiree MarshallAfrodelikAfrodelikTorontoONToronto, ON
Michelle Queeny GarveyQueeny WritesQueeny WritesWriterBramptonONBrampton, ON
Bee QuammieBee QuammieBee QuammieTorontoONToronto, ON
Q. Anthony OmeneQ. Anthony OmeneQ. Anthony OmeneTorontoONToronto, ON
Alicia Bunyan-SampsonAlicia Bunyan-SampsonAlicia Bunyan-SampsonTorontoONToronto, ON
Nabil ShashNabil ShashNabil ShashPhotography, Video, Graphic DesignTorontoONToronto, ON
Robert SmallThe Legacy CollexionThe Legacy CollexionTorontoONToronto, ON
Julian McKenzieJulian McKenzieJulian McKenzieMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Samantha Kemp-JacksonMultiple Mayhem MammaMultiple Mayhem MammaParenting, MotherhoodTorontoONToronto, ONThe Parenting Then and Now Podcast
Fidel FrancoBlack in the MaritimesBlack in the MaritimesMonctonNBMoncton, NBBlack in the Maritimes: A Colored Podcast
Joseph Osei BonsuJoseph Osei BonsuJoseph Osei BonsuArtistTorontoONToronto, ON
Meres J. WecheMeres of ArabiaMeres of ArabiaThuwalSaudi ArabiaThuwal, Saudi Arabia
Sheldon ShawPotential Films IncPotential Films IncFilm ProducerTorontoONToronto, ON
Lu AsfahaDefar MediaDefar MediaCreative DirectorTorontoONToronto, ON
Tasie HermanTasie HermanTasie HermanFamily, Motherhood, FitnessTorontoONToronto, ON
Eden HagosBlack FoodieBlack FoodieTorontoONToronto, ON
Nadine LiverpoolNadine LiverpoolNadine LiverpoolTorontoONToronto, ON
Alicia WestAlciia "Ace" WestAlciia "Ace" WestHost, Creator, Radio PersonalityTorontoONToronto, ON
Nikki BalchNikki BalchNikki BalchMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Karlyn Derdrey PercilKarlyn PercilKarlyn PercilSpeaker, Author, MotivatorTorontoONToronto, ON
Devon MD JonesDevonMDJones FitnessDevonMDJones FitnessTherapistTorontoONToronto, ON
Peter Anthony HolderThe Stuph File ProgramThe Stuph File ProgramRadio HostMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Ricardo McRaeBlack In CanadaBlack In CanadaFounderTorontoONToronto, ON
Johanne BrittonThe Mobs PressThe Mobs PressCultural producer, marketing and promotions, blogTorontoONToronto, ON
Cher JonesSocially Active TrainingSocially Active TrainingPersonal Branding TrainerTorontoONToronto, ON
Shannae Ingleton SmithToronto ShayToronto ShayTorontoONToronto, ON
Lauren Eva SheriffBasic Babe LaurenBasic Babe LaurenTorontoONToronto, ON
Sasha ExeterSo SashaSo SashaTorontoONToronto, ON
Antonia Alejandra FifiToni FifiToni FifiTorontoONToronto, ON
Mirian NjohMirian NjohMirian NjohTorontoONToronto, ON
Lily YangeBlooming LilyBlooming LilyTorontoONToronto, ON
Dominique BakerStyle DominationStyle DominationOttawaONOttawa, ON
Osob MohamudOsob BeautyOsob BeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Alma-Rex EzonfadeThe Alma ChronicleThe Alma ChronicleTorontoONToronto, ON
Musemo HandahuLion HunterLion HunterHalifaxNSHalifax, NS
Assa CisseMy Curves and CurlsMy Curves and CurlsTorontoONToronto, ON
Tania CascillaDarling TeeDarling TeeNew YorkNYNew York, NY
Magnifique ChibalonzaStay MagnifiqueStay MagnifiqueTorontoONToronto, ON
Tsehay CanningCollexion PlateCollexion PlateTorontoONToronto, ON
Kerin JohnBlack Owned TorontoBlack Owned TorontoTorontoONToronto, ON
Annastasia LiuSimply StasiaSimply StasiaTorontoONToronto, ON
Anita AloysAuneetuhAuneetuhVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Camille Anwuli MacleanCamille AnwuliCamille AnwuliEdmontonABEdmonton, ABThe Glow Up Table
Dee BrissettDEE and FAMDEE and FAMBramptonONBrampton, ON
Lynn-Cha HecdivertExotik RootsExotik RootsOttawaONOttawa, ON
Candicia JohnHeyitsCandiciaHeyitsCandiciaBeautyCavanONCavan, ON
Ifeoluwa IranloyeIfe IranloyeIfe IranloyeCoquitlamBCCoquitlam, BC
Jenn JacksonJenn JacksonJenn JacksonSurreyBCSurrey, BC
Kerri Olivia ByamKERRIISMSKERRIISMSTorontoONToronto, ON
Khyra JoëlleKhyra JoëlleKhyra JoëlleTorontoONToronto, ON
Kyra Milan BrownKurly KyraKurly Kyra
Très BougieTrès BougieTrès Bougie
Kristina DapaahKouture KittenKouture KittenOttawaONOttawa, ON
Catherine AntoineMsCatrinMsCatrinTorontoONToronto, ON
Jennifer Francis-SmikleMy Spiced LifeMy Spiced LifePickeringONPickering, ON
Kenesha HaughtonNatural Canadian GirlNatural Canadian GirlTorontoONToronto, ON
Shanna Kay CunninghamNatural ShannaNatural ShannaTorontoONToronto, ON
Nasstassia NKNaturalzNKNaturalzBeautySaskatoonSKSaskatoon, SK
Rachel SavaunnahRae SavaunnahRae SavaunnahTorontoONToronto, ON
Sarah EkeBrandingwithSarah BrandingwithSarah Blogging for businessesVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Zermarla WalcottThe Curl ExpertThe Curl ExpertTorontoONToronto, ON
Toni OlaoyeToni OlaoyeToni OlaoyeMakeupTorontoONToronto, ON
Whitney DikoumeLife as WhitsLife as WhitsCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Ellie KnightNite ViewsNite ViewsTorontoONToronto, ON
Carcia & Telly CampbellHerCasteGirlsHerCasteGirlsMississaugaONMississauga, ONTheHerCastleGirls
Rochelle Ford-WilsonQueen Success by RochelleQueen Success by RochelleTorontoONToronto, ON
Yvonne Ben UdowaThe KscopeThe KscopeFashionTorontoONToronto, ON
Medge Beauvoir-YellowleesMy Voguish DiariesMy Voguish DiariesTorontoONToronto, ON
Afiya FranciscoThe Style HouseThe Style HouseTorontoONToronto, ON
Elaisha JadeElaisha JadeElaisha JadeTorontoONToronto, ON
Ryan HinksonEatFamous EatFamous Food, travel & Lifestyle TorontoONToronto, ON
Karen CarringtonThe Karen Carrington ShowThe Karen Carrington ShowTorontoONToronto, ON
Kamshuka Conscious WarriorsConscious WarriorsTorontoONToronto, ON
Marcel Deemdee14mdee14MississaugaONMississauga, ON
Mary AThe CocopolitanThe CocopolitanVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Christian ThompsonChristian ConfidentialChristian ConfidentialStyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Josiane KonatéPetite and BoldPetite and BoldStyleMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Jahmeelah GambleJam GambleJam GambleMississaugaONMississauga, ONPodcast with Pauleanna Reid
Pauleanna ReidPauleanna ReidPauleanna ReidTorontoONToronto, ON
Andrea LewisMiss Andrea LewisMiss Andrea LewisActingLos AngelesCALos Angeles, CA
Oneika RaymondOneika the TravellerOneika the TravellerNew YorkNYNew York, NY
Brittnee BlairBrittnee BlairBrittnee BlairTorontoONToronto, ON
Tika SimoneTiKATiKAMusicianTorontoONToronto, ONTiKA
Bismark A. AdomakoStyled by Mr. AdomakoStyled by Mr. AdomakoTorontoONToronto, ON
Aysha HarunAysha HarunAysha HarunLos AngelesCALos Angeles, CA
David AbóTrad CuisineTrad CuisineKitchenerONKitchener, ON
Karen Capo-ChichiCaponfoodCaponfoodChefMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Ronke Edoho9jafoodie9jafoodieFoodReginaSKRegina, SK
Winnie Wynn's KitchenetteWynn's KitchenetteFoodTorontoONToronto, ON
Princess Oroma Weli-WosuThe Food DiscipleThe Food DiscipleFoodTorontoONToronto, ON
Elsa BrobbeyThe WhineryThe WhineryFoodVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Terry AdidoGrated NutmegGrated NutmegFoodEdmontonABEdmonton, AB
Kevin KellyDollarYenDollarYenGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Tiffany WitcherTiffany WitcherTiffany WitcherContent Creator, Streamer, Advocate, Voice Actor, Vtuber TorontoONToronto, ON
Omar WilliamsThe_MeezThe_MeezGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Jordan SparksGrindSparkGrindSparkGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Alanna SmithAlanna SmithAlanna SmithGaming, Video ProductionTorontoONToronto, ON
SilkyC SilkyCSilkyCGamingLondonONLondon, ON
Lord_Oni Lord_OniLord_OniGamingLondonONLondon, ON
KinkedNitemare KinkedNitemareKinkedNitemareGaming100 Mile HouseBC100 Mile House, BC
Felix Wind felixwindfelixwindGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Link Jr StewarttheblackhyliantheblackhylianGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Errol StewartflystewieflystewieGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Simbiotic simbiotic__simbiotic__GamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Rocquel rockygotgamesssrockygotgamesssGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Camille Salazar-HadawaythisiscamcothisiscamcoGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Jen RichardsJen RichardsJen RichardsTorontoONToronto, ON
Amanda NunesHeartless GirlHeartless GirlTorontoONToronto, ON
Jesse JonesJesse JonesJesse JonesTorontoONToronto, ON
Nana AbrahamNana AbrahamNana AbrahamAuthorTorontoONToronto, ON
Pepper BrooksPepperBrooksPepperBrooksTorontoONToronto, ON
Pamela FaceyElevate Beauty LoftsElevate Beauty LoftsTorontoONToronto, ON
Claire ZlobinLife with a BabyLife with a BabyTorontoONToronto, ON
Christopher RudderRudderless TravelRudderless TravelTravelTorontoONToronto, ONTravel Horror Stories
Devon HallLoud Mouth Brown GirlLoud Mouth Brown GirlWriterSurreyBCSurrey, BC
Kalmplex KalmplexKalmplexArtistTorontoONToronto, ON
Victoria NsafoaVictoria NsafoaVictoria NsafoaFoodTorontoONToronto, ON
Pierre-Richard DucasseDaddy AllstarsDaddy AllstarsParentingPickeringONPickering, ON
Shamarra GrayShamarra GrayShamarra GrayMotherhood, ParentingHalton HillsONHalton Hills, ON
Alaina HenryAlaina HenryAlaina HenryTorontoONToronto, ON
Chattrisse DolabailleChattrisse DolabailleChattrisse DolabailleTorontoONToronto, ON
Nicole BedeauBLPR Digital StrategiesBLPR Digital StrategiesTorontoONToronto, ON
Kevin DavidThe IT NerdThe IT NerdTorontoONToronto, ON
Shelley JarrettSMJ MagazineSMJ MagazineTorontoONToronto, ON
Rhonda Thompson(-Wilson)Rhonda Thompson(-Wilson)Rhonda Thompson(-Wilson)WinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Jael RichardsonJael RichardsonJael RichardsonBramptonONBrampton, ON
Jackline KantankaSincerely JacklineSincerely JacklineBramptonONBrampton, ON
Tanya HaylesTanya HaylesTanya HaylesTorontoONToronto, ON
Sherika PowellSherika SpeaksSherika SpeaksTorontoONToronto, ON
Sagine SémajusteSagine SémajusteSagine SémajusteActress, DancerOttawaONOttawa, ON
Jemila JacksonJem JacksonJem JacksonTorontoONToronto, ONI'm Still Standing: The Podcast
Brione WishartThe Hustle Never DiesThe Hustle Never DiesTorontoONToronto, ONThe Hustle Never Dies Podcast
Jon CrowleyA Benign ConspiracyA Benign ConspiracyTorontoONToronto, ON
Mark WilliamsThe Heroes of the WorldThe Heroes of the WorldComic book franchiseTorontoONToronto, ON
Natasha JefferiesTash JeffriesTash JeffriesHalifaxNSHalifax, NS
Xandrae RamdeenXandrae's WorldXandrae's WorldTorontoONToronto, ON
Domanique GrantDomanique GrantDomanique GrantTorontoONToronto, ON
Marielle AltenorLady MarielleLady MarielleMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Ashlene CrichlowMiss CrichlowMiss CrichlowCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Rekeisha & Rae-Anne GeorgeMy Sister's Keeper: All things Life & PhotographyMy Sister's Keeper: All things Life & PhotographyMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Sly ToussaintCentre ToussaintCentre ToussaintMontrealQCMontreal, QC
AfriCanadian MoneyAfriCanadian MoneyCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Sharrief SimsDadoffdutyDadoffdutyTorontoONToronto, ON
Karene Jean-BaptisteKareneIsabelle PhotoKareneIsabelle PhotoPhotographerMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Hugo FernandesInfinitehugoInfinitehugoPhotographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Jay MartinComic Jay MartinComic Jay MartinComedianTorontoONToronto, ON
Kurston TimothyKVonDoomKVonDoomGamingTorontoONToronto, ON
Jessica PrudencioJessica PrudencioJessica PrudencioMontrealQCMontreal, QCwhere we at?
Orley BelloIn a Foodie's KitchenIn a Foodie's KitchenFoodVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Judith KasiamaColour the TrailsColour the TrailsVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Danielle KyeiDanielle KyeiDanielle KyeiFashion, Lifestyle, Canadian businesses and organizations VancouverBCVancouver, BC
Velvet CleaVee NaturalVee NaturalWaterlooONWaterloo, ON
Tisungane BandaLe TisuLe TisuMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Sandy EspritSandy EspritSandy EspritOttawaONOttawa, ON
Shanique BuntynShanique BuntynShanique BuntynHairTorontoONToronto, ON
Queeny KuffourQueeny KuffourQueeny KuffourTorontoONToronto, ON
Danielle AlyannaSoieSoieTorontoONToronto, ON
Ishauna HairsonalityHairsonalityNatural Hair TorontoONToronto, ON
Mel ListerMel ListerMel ListerFaith, Fashion, LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Dahana Nappily DayaNappily DayaNatural Hair, LifestyleMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Symone EvansSymone EvansSymone EvansLifestyle, Beauty, StyleOttawaONOttawa, ON
Tanisha CherryTanisha CherryTanisha Cherryfashion, beauty and lifestyleCalgaryABCalgary, ABCherry Lounge Podcast
Eman OsmanEman OsmanEman OsmanVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Jo-Ann BiyaniTold by JoTold by JoLifestyle, Beauty, StyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Laché ChaniceLaché ChaniceLaché ChaniceFashion, Lifesyle, BeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Tammy PinkerPoisePinkerPoiseVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Natasha KayceeNatasha A KayceeNatasha A KayceeOttawaONOttawa, ON
Ariel Ariel and ApparelAriel and ApparelTorontoONToronto, ON
Sierra MorinSierra MorinSierra MorinOttawaONOttawa, ON
Nicole Beauty by NikkiBeauty by NikkiMakeup Artist, BeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Lolaa Lolaa's LooksLolaa's LooksTorontoONToronto, ON
Lakisha AdamsLakisha AdamsLakisha AdamsSkincare, Makeup, BeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Lilly GreenidgeLilly At HomeLilly At HomeLifestyle, Motherhood, TorontoONToronto, ON
Kemunto OgotiMoraas' WorldMoraas' WorldLifestyleHalifaxNSHalifax, NS
Essence Naturally Essence YYZNaturally Essence YYZTorontoONToronto, ON
Jeneba KamaraJeneba KamaraJeneba KamaraVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Coralie CharlesCoralie's ClosetCoralie's ClosetOttawaONOttawa, ON
Colleen ReidLoveCoReidLoveCoTorontoONToronto, ON
Magalie KMagalie KMagalie KKamloopsBCKamloops, BC
Lerit NifesiLerit NifesiLerit NifesiNorth VancouverBCNorth Vancouver, BC
Faël Loreen FrançoisFaël Loreen FrançoisFaël Loreen FrançoisMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Stacey Ann ClaytonThe Ultimate PlannerThe Ultimate PlannerEvent Planner, StylerMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Ornella KihumbiOrnella Creatives by Ornella KihumbiOrnella Creatives by Ornella KihumbiOttawaONOttawa, ON
Mica PengMica PengMica PengMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Jomanda AllicockEmbellished BaesEmbellished BaesBeauty, HairTorontoONToronto, ON
Jasmine MandatJasmine MandatJasmine MandatMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Eboni MorganEboni CurlsEboni CurlsTorontoONToronto, ON
Summer AlexanderSummer AlexanderSummer AlexanderSkincareVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Tosin OlaniyiThe Tosin OlaniyiThe Tosin OlaniyiLifestyle, Skincare & Beauty Influencer TorontoONToronto, ON
Prisca EdwardsSincerely PriscaSincerely PriscaLifestyle, MotherhoodTorontoONToronto, ON
Pamela IfewuluPamvilles DiaryPamvilles DiaryLifestyle, MotherhoodTorontoONToronto, ON
Edmond IfewuluDJ VegasDJ VegasTorontoONToronto, ON
Jennifer Ogumbor-LarbiThe JeneralistThe JeneralistLifestyle, MotherhoodEdmontonABEdmonton, AB
Leché HopeLeché HopeLeché HopeBeautyTorontoONToronto, ON
Ral OnyesRal OnyesRal OnyesMakeup, Beauty, LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Amanda RobertsAmandaGlowGetterAmandaGlowGetterLifestyleOttawaONOttawa, ON
Neil ArmstrongAnglescoveredAnglescoveredTorontoONToronto, ON
Danielle Julius-WilliamsFit by FlawlessFit by FlawlessActing, MotherhoodNiagara FallsONNiagara Falls, ON
MiguelMighttyGMighttyGArtistVancouverBCVancouver, BC
FamousTubeFamilyFamousTubeFamilyTorontoONToronto, ON
Kameiro RushKameiro RushKameiro RushTorontoONToronto, ON
Cali Sadé RushCali Sadé RushCali Sadé RushTorontoONToronto, ON
Kirah Dior RushKirah Dior RushKirah Dior RushTorontoONToronto, ON
Keshia RushKeshia RushKeshia RushTorontoONToronto, ON
Demiesha DennisBrownGirlOutdoorWorldBrownGirlOutdoorWorldTorontoONToronto, ON
Soyeene LynchSoylynSoylynTorontoONToronto, ON
Fred KerakaFred AnyonaFred AnyonaTorontoONToronto, ON
Rita-Helen IraborRita-Helen IraborRita-Helen IraborWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Ibrahim Kofi AppiahIbrahim AppiahIbrahim AppiahPhotographerTorontoONToronto, ON
Shimmy King-OhiosimuanLife of ShimmyLife of ShimmyWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Charmaine JenningsHustle and Charm CommunityHustle and Charm CommunityWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Amina DembeleAmina DembeleAmina DembeleWinnipegMBWinnipeg, MB
Makeba LindsayYNOTKEEBYNOTKEEBTorontoONToronto, ON
Khadija MboweKhadija MboweKhadija MboweTorontoONToronto, ON
Sueanne PachecoSueanne PachecoSueanne PachecoAuthorTorontoONToronto, ON
Chris De La RosaCaribbean PotCaribbean PotFood, CookingHamiltonONHamilton, ON
Aba Atlas & Erich PreachAba & PreachAba & PreachMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Christopher RudderRoad Trip OntarioRoad Trip OntarioTravelTorontoONToronto, ON
Daniel GrantTDF EverythingTDF EverythingPodcastingTorontoONToronto, ONSpoiled Rotten Podcast & Uncolonized
Mark Anthony RudderMark Anthony MediaMark Anthony MediaDigital MarketingTorontoONToronto, ON
Sheryl KeenKeen KreationsKeen KreationsArtTorontoONToronto, ON
ReniReni, The ResourceReni, The ResourceFinance, Career & LifestyleMississaugaONMississauga, ON N/A - Launching in Feb 2022
TKTextured Hair EDUTextured Hair EDUCurly & Afro Hair EducationTorontoONToronto, ON
Cindy DivertIntroverted QueenIntroverted QueenPodcast TorontoONToronto, ONIntroverted Queen
Christal WebberCentered by PlantsCentered by PlantsPlants and WellnessAjaxONAjax, ON
Mandela Johnson Black People Check InBlack People Check InBlack Mental health advocacyTorontoONToronto, ONBlack people Check in
Kevin Bourne aka KB The BosdSHIFTERSHIFTERMediaOttawaONOttawa, ON
Yasser Kabulimbo Yasser K Yasser K Lifestyle, fashion, beauty VancouverBCVancouver, BC
Lavinia LathamFine Natural Hair ROCKSFine Natural Hair ROCKSNatural Hair, Beauty, LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Makini SmithLegacy Leavers MediaLegacy Leavers MediaPublishing TorontoONToronto, ON
Natoya Ellis Natoyaista Natoyaista Lifestyle, Beauty and OutdoorsMissionBCMission, BC
The Weigh In Boxing Radio & Podcast The Weigh In Boxing Radio & Podcast BoxingTorontoONToronto, ONThe Weigh In Boxing Radio & Podcast
Jonathan Weekes & Tristan RobinsonBlack on TrackBlack on TrackEducation & WellnessTorontoONToronto, ON
Eddy OsamanEddy OsamanEddy OsamanTravelsTorontoONToronto, ON
Vladimir Jean-GillesDon AyitiDon AyitiEditor, journalist, writer, film critic, radio host, and producerOttawaONOttawa, ON
Avry Lewis-McDougallAvry Lewis-McDougallAvry Lewis-McDougallPodcaster, Writer, StorytellerEdmontonABEdmonton, AB3rd Intermission
Paula AlphonseGetting Real with PaulaGetting Real with PaulaEmpowerment & change management GatineauQCGatineau, QC
Sharifa SamoraSharifa SamoraSharifa SamoraStyle, beauty, skincare with a sprinkle of lifestyleMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Joselyne EffaJoselyne EffaJoselyne EffaLifestyle SaskatoonSKSaskatoon, SK
Natalie Van-Whervin Emmmbellished Emmmbellished Handmade Statement EarringsEtobicokeONEtobicoke, ON
Omar Findlay / Honore PrenticeBlack on TrackBlack on TrackPodcastTorontoONToronto, ONBlack On Track
Audrey HudsonAudrey HudsonAudrey HudsonEducation TorontoONToronto, ON
Travis KnightsTap Love Tour Tap Love Tour Tap Dance Arts and Entertainment BramptonONBrampton, ONThe Tap Love Tour Podcast
NatalyaImperfectly NatalyaImperfectly NatalyaMotherhood, Lifestyle and Natural HairOttawaONOttawa, ON
Shaunneka HewittYoga with ShaunnekaYoga with ShaunnekaHealth & WellnessTorontoONToronto, ON
Sophie TaylorCastlefield DesignCastlefield DesignBranding & Graphic DesignTorontoONToronto, ON
Funmilola Folarin ExtrastepsceoExtrastepsceoLifestyle, Entrepreneurship KitchenerONKitchener, ONExtrastepsceo
Kym NilexMake Ur MarkMake Ur MarkBlack Youth TorontoONToronto, ONMake Ur Mark
Angelo GrantPITCH MagazinePITCH MagazineArts magazineHamilton / TorontoONHamilton / Toronto, ON
Arnold FlowersSlay it WIth FlowersSlay it WIth FlowersPodcastTorontoONToronto, ONSlay It With Flowers
Andrea BoweyaLegacy MomentsLegacy MomentsRelationship - Marriage - Inner Healing TorontoONToronto, ON
Lucius DechausayLucius DechausayLucius DechausayFilmmakerTorontoONToronto, ON
Mattieau St.CyrManikk Realm Manikk Realm Director, Cinematographer, Writer, ArtistOshawaONOshawa, ON
Nadia HighNadiahighmusicNadiahighmusicOriginal conscious urban folk soul musicTorontoONToronto, ON
Liberty WhiteCHOZEN MEDIACHOZEN MEDIAvideo marketingToronto and AtlantaONToronto and Atlanta, ON
AUSARES* - LOUISE UWACUU&I TALK SHOWU&I TALK SHOWInspirational, education and entertainment Television Talk show in English and French. Airs on ShawTV. VancouverBCVancouver, BCU&I TALK SHOW
Kevin DouglasWorldWide Entertainment TVWorldWide Entertainment TVUrban MediaTorontoONToronto, ONWorldWide Entertainment TV Podcast and Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast
Caroline Latona Franctal StudioFranctal StudioPhotographyLangleyBCLangley, BC
Vee ViccyVee ViccyVee ViccyBeauty and Lifestyle VancouverBCVancouver, BC
Rose L. Williams Rose L. Williams ArtsRose L. Williams ArtsVisual Arts Botanically Inspired slow fashion VancouverBCVancouver, BC
Alexander WhitfieldHustle Over Eveything Hustle Over Eveything Small- and mid-sized business entrepreneurship TorontoONToronto, ONHustle Over Everything
Yolanda T. MarshallAuthorAuthorChildren’s Picture BooksScarboroughONScarborough, ONCaribbean Storytime
Dolapo Adewusi Queeneni Queeneni Lifestyle HamiltonONHamilton, ON
Joel GordonV-Formation ProductionsV-Formation ProductionsDocumentary Production (Features & Biographies)TorontoONToronto, ON
Benji AgbekeBenji Films ProductionsBenji Films ProductionsSport Photography & VideographyTorontoONToronto, ON
Stephanie OkoliDaalu MediaDaalu MediaA virtual safe space for Black-CanadiansCalgaryABCalgary, AB
Mark Holmes & Matthew CappuccittiBeyond The MarchBeyond The MarchDocumentaryNewmarket & HamiltonONNewmarket & Hamilton, ON
HauiHauiHauiFilmmaker/Projection DesignerNiagara-on-the-LakeONNiagara-on-the-Lake, ON
King EzraKing1876King1876Travel New WestminsterBCNew Westminster, BC
Doug MuirDoug MuirDoug MuirCreative DirectorTorontoONToronto, ON
Sam SinghSam Singh IllustrationSam Singh IllustrationIllustration, Graphic Design, ArtistNorth YorkONNorth York, ON
Jodi-Ann SmithAbundance of JoAbundance of JoPersonal FinanceMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Lady DiaLady DiaLady Diaperformance artist, podcaster, mother KelownaBCKelowna, BCLady Dia
Trophy EwilaTrophy EwilaTrophy Ewilamulti-disciplinary artist and thinkerKelownaBCKelowna, BC
Nju AnubondemLife of AnubondemLife of AnubondemNursing & LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Elsa KakaelsakakaelsakakaLifestyle, beauty, commentaryVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Kevin Mofo Agence Qure / Qure AgencyAgence Qure / Qure AgencyCommercial photographyMontreal - Ottawa - TorontoQCMontreal - Ottawa - Toronto, QC
Kwame PipimKpmediaworksKpmediaworksPhotography/ filmmaker TorontoONToronto, ON
Sophie MokahSophie MokahSophie MokahLifestyle, motherhood and brand development.CalgaryABCalgary, AB
Luv Laney LuvLuv Laney LuvLuv Laney LuvDigital entrepreneurship & tech advice for WOCTorontoONToronto, ONLaney Luvs To Talk
Gary CrawfordBlack Business LiveBlack Business LiveBBLTVMississaugaONMississauga, ONBlack Business Live TV
Michele D. ArthurCALLITWHATYOULIKECALLITWHATYOULIKEPhotography/Fine ArtsVancouverBCVancouver, BC
Fiyin ObayanOkiki ConsultingOkiki ConsultingVideo Content StrategySaskatoonSKSaskatoon, SKThe Okiki Podcast: Making Inspirational People Known
Stephan Mercuryanimative space animative space 3d art/gaming TorontoONToronto, ON
KB The BossSHIFTERSHIFTERBlack Entertainment & LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Kasharna SantanaMzzsantanaMzzsantanaFitness and LifestyleMississaugaONMississauga, ON
Teronie DonaldsonTEDONATEDONAContent Creation, personal growth, digital productsPickeringONPickering, ON
Shaleena McGregorEverything 90s PodcastEverything 90s PodcastEverything 90s Podcast is a show dedicated to folks who grew up in the '90s. Each episode the host, Shaleena, takes listeners on a nostalgic trip down 90s memory lane.TorontoONToronto, ONEverything 90s
Adwoa Adwoa Adwoa LifestyleCalgaryABCalgary, AB
FindingKykyFindingKykyFindingKykyContent Creator, Gaming, Host, StreamerTorontoONToronto, ON
Kellina PowellDeaf queen boss Deaf queen boss Deaf community TorontoONToronto, ON
Honoré Honoré Honoré Fine Art TorontoONToronto, ONBlack on Track
Roxanne CainRoxysviewsRoxysviewsBlog - reviews and content creation WhitbyONWhitby, ON
Latoya PattersonLatoya Patterson BooksLatoya Patterson BooksAuthor Children's BooksEast YorkONEast York, ON
Hazel WilliamsBig Girl InterruptedBig Girl InterruptedVision Board Coach, Blogger, PodcasterTorontoONToronto, ONWhat's interrupting your life Podcast
Maria Michelle LeeMaria Michelle LeeMaria Michelle LeeDiversity In Beauty Expert - Blogger - Speaker EdmontonABEdmonton, AB
Abby AyoolaHow to survive society How to survive society People, Society, Culture, Story telling, mental healthTorontoONToronto, ONHow to Survive Society
Abby Ayoola Abby AyoolaAbby AyoolaAuthor/Publisher/Podcast Host/Executive Producer/LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ONHow to Survive Society
FaarrowFaarrowFaarrowIndependent Artists - Singers - Songwriters - CreatorsTorontoONToronto, ON
Hassan PhillsHassan PhillsHassan PhillsComedianTorontoONToronto, ON
6IX6IXSHOTS6IXSHOTSYouTuber - Podcaster - Entrepreneur - MotivatorTorontoONToronto, ONCalm Vs. Chaos
Sasha RuddockFlaws of CoutureFlaws of CoutureFashion | Beauty | Lifestyle | Travel TorontoONToronto, ON
Tysh tyshhhhtyshhhhTravelTorontoONToronto, ON
Alison DukeOya MediaOya MediaWriter / Producer / Director TorontoONToronto, ON
Ngardy Conteh GeorgeOya MediaOya MediaProducer / Director / EditorTorontoONToronto, ON
Saski "Sas" MillerStoried SoundscapesStoried SoundscapesSound, Animation, BooksMontrealQCMontreal, QC
Ryan HoltzRyan HoltzRyan HoltzDigital Marketing - Podcast - EntrepreneurEdmontonABEdmonton, ABThe Ryan Holtz Show Podcast
Jalen NelsonLick My FashionLick My FashionFashion - Style Expert - Digital Branding TorontoONToronto, ON
Bisola TijaniWhizQueenWhizQueenFinance & LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
ReniReni The ResourceReni The ResourceFinance, Career Development & LifestyleMississaugaONMississauga, ONDon't Go Broke Trying
Katrice BentKatrice JusticeKatrice JusticePersonal Finance & EntrepreneurshipOttawaONOttawa, ON
Hustle Over EverythingHustle Over EverythingHustle Over Everything An entrepreneurship podcast focused on sharing stories tips and tactics from entrepreneurs who have done it.TorontoONToronto, ONHustle Over Everything
Yolanda T. MarshallYolanda T. MarshallYolanda T. MarshallAuthorScarboroughONScarborough, ONCaribbean Storytime
Abby Ayoola Williams How to Survive Society How to Survive Society Mental health and storytellingMississaugaONMississauga, ONHow to survive society
The CharwaysThe CharwaysThe CharwaysLifestyle, TravelEdmontonABEdmonton, AB
Denise BlacadianBlacadianBeing Black in Canada, Lived experience, Racism TorontoONToronto, ONBlacadian- Being Black in Canada
Abby Ayoola Williams Marlys Publishing Media and Management Marlys Publishing Media and Management Media MississaugaONMississauga, ONHow to Survive Society
Diriki The DNA ProjectThe DNA ProjectMusic and EntertainmentTorontoONToronto, ONThe DNA Airwaves
KR MooreSeven31 MusicSeven31 MusicAudio Engineering/Music ProductionWoodstockONWoodstock, ON
Nadine FearonTrippin AlongTrippin AlongMotherhood and LifestyleTorontoONToronto, ON
Shon WilliamsThe Safe RoomThe Safe RoomPodcast, Podcast HostNorth York, TorontoONNorth York, Toronto, ONThe Safe Room
SMTheRealSMVisualsTheRealSMVisualsPhotography TorontoONToronto, ON
Nicolette R.thegrownupmillennialthegrownupmillennialHealth and (Mental) Wealth for grownups Surrey/VancouverBCSurrey/Vancouver, BCThe Grownup Millennial
Josh HyThe DezinrThe DezinrArt collectorsTorontoONToronto, ON
Cheryl NembhardOn The Path PodcastOn The Path PodcastEncouragement, Self Development, Inspiration, FaithTorontoONToronto, ONOn The Path
Nicole Shockness Colorful Celebrations Colorful Celebrations African Canadian Holiday Store: Greeting Cards, Decorations and Holidays Items TorontoONToronto, ON
Eboni MorganEboni Curls / The Black Girl Magic CollectiveEboni Curls / The Black Girl Magic Collectivelifestyle, wellness, beautyGreater Toronto AreaONGreater Toronto Area, ON
Matilda MadekufambaMoonshyyneMoonshyyneTravel & LifestyleCalgary ABCalgary , AB
Kerry Wilson S.E.R.F yourlife S.E.R.F yourlife Behavioral Management/Parenting ConsultantPeelONPeel, ON
Sandy Esprit Iamsandyesprit Iamsandyesprit Beauty and lifestyle OttawaONOttawa, ON
Jideofor AhanekuJideofor AhanekuJideofor AhanekuBusiness, Events & Travel: local and small businesses promotionsOttawaONOttawa, ON
Nicole Parenting while BlackParenting while BlackParentingTorontoONToronto, ON
Tim FrayBlack Pulse 24Black Pulse 24Black Pulse 24 is the premier multi-media platform dedicated exclusively to black-owned and led content, offering a diverse and modern blend of on-demand videos, live streaming, and live radio. It stands as a beacon for authentic black narratives across various content forms, from podcasts to movies, ensuring representation and a comprehensive entertainment experience.ScarboroughONScarborough, ON
Clinton DavisBlackLanticBlackLanticUplifting Black Atlantic Canadian VoicesMonctonNBMoncton, NBBlackLantic Weekly
Hillary LeBlancblacklanticblacklanticBlack JournalismTorontoONToronto, ONBlacklantic
Liberty WhiteLiberty White, Create With LibertyLiberty White, Create With LibertyAI, Content Creation, StrategyToronto, AtlantaONToronto, Atlanta, ON
Tinuola AbdulTinuola AbdulTinuola AbdulLifestyle, Beauty and Self careTorontoONToronto, ON
EstherCanadian Business WomenCanadian Business WomenPodcast Toronto ONToronto , ONCanadian Business Women
Adwoa AsanteAdwoa AsanteAdwoa AsanteFitness and lifestyle Calgary ABCalgary , AB
Chidinma AzubuikeBut What Do I Know™️PodcastBut What Do I Know™️PodcastPodcastTorontoONToronto, ONBut What Do I Know™️Podcast

The list is also located at Casey Palmer’s Canadian Dad: The Black Canadian Creator Directory | 500 Black Content Creators! and at Kaya Marriott’s Comfy Girls with Curls, titled “The Black Creator Directory Easy peasy!

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