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Jesus doesn’t seem to like sharing.

Most of us can remember the friends we loved during our childhoods, and if we’re lucky, we’ll have the opportunity to cross paths with these members of our nostalgia every so often throughout our lifetime. I recently had the opportunity to engage… Continue Reading →

Dear Ronin,

As your father, it is my duty to protect you and your sisters, to be sure you are free from physical and emotional harm during your childhood. It’s my job to make sure you are equipped with all the tools… Continue Reading →

Chick Tracts! What?!

The original ‘viral’ message. Back when I was about 13 years young, and living with my father in Toronto. I used to do a lot of travelling on the city transit system (TTC), and I remember seeing for a short period… Continue Reading →

North Carolina

I had such a great time visiting the beautiful city of Raleigh (Pronounced Raw-Lee) North Carolina! I was in town for business and was fortunate to meet up with Terilyn from Digging Discography, Nicole from What’s the Tea podcast and Leonard from… Continue Reading →

The Biz-nass of Creation.

Bill Nye loves the kids. I am a non-believer raised catholic and take issue with teaching our children things that aren’t true. I even take issues with supporting beliefs like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy… But I… Continue Reading →

Steven Fry confronts LBGT haters.

Man… Steven Fry really puts it all out there, and confronts anti gay representatives of cultures and regimes that have made homosexuality against the law with punishments of death. It was very brave for Mr. Fry to face a danger that seems… Continue Reading →

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