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Hawt Mic – XXXVII

Hawt Mic – XXXVII – Guest: Mia Ford We call Mia to get caught up with some of the drama in her life. Mia is in love and needs to be OK with moving on. She is single and ready to mingle!… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXVI

Hawt Mic – XXXVI – Guest: Aaron BAP The last thing I would do is sleep with a black guy. Ashy from the Black Astronauts Podcast stops by to say what’s UP?! Kicking it with a bottle of rum. The beginning… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXV

Hawt Mic – XXXV – Guest: Charles The Spy Rashani Evo_08 We get caught up with Charles! Relax and enjoy the boobs… sigh… We are loving the ‘Saudi Champagne’! Felonious Drops some bars on us! The love of Podcasting. Rashanii get’s a sign… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXIV

Hawt Mic – XXXIV – Guest: Terror-Lyn Mystical is a BAMA! Sherley likes the blond dread-locks. Ashy is the Bougie-Hood. We watch magic happen! Clove and Aaron’s quality standards are no joke! Aaron turned into a Daddy wolf! 5 percenters rhetoric…. Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXIII

Hawt Mic – XXXIII Shay calls-n to say “Hi!” and that she is watching the CBC show Cracked! Big-Ups to Dayo! The acting in house of cards though! Shameless does a good job showing what it’s like to live with… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXII

Hawt Mic – XXXII Blaq Rob calls in to chop it up with us. Talking about being parents and raising chonilla babies. The world see’s our kids as black. Teach your kids as soon as they ask questions. Race and… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXXI

Hawt Mic – XXXI – Guest: Howard 15 minutes of Howard Howard struggles with understanding why people don’t believe his stories. We remind howard not to try and impress people with bullshit. Howard yada yada yada’s over an orgy but then… Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXX

Hawt Mic – XXX Creepy baby makes an appearance. Clove blows Terror-Lyn’s spot way UP! Totally didn’t mean to, she PM’ed Clove during the show and he put her business on the streets. We go in on BuffCorrel on you tube…. Continue Reading →

Hawt Mic – XXIX

Hawt Mic – XXIX Shay calls in for some advice. How do you break up with a friend? Dick pics are innapropriate at work. Best gift in the whole world. Whitey! Vicki was Sherley’s best friend. Sherley really wants Clove… Continue Reading →

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