That’s right, my nipple’s out!

Episode 472 | Customer Service Call Sounds Like. Receive a 20% off on your costume The winner of a $100 gift card. Chonilla Couple: LeslieMac & VeryWhiteGuy. Dutch Biker Gang Is Going To Fight ISIS. Dropbox Hacker’ Claims To Have 7 Million Passwords. #BS90210 Genesis 32-35 NIV. Jacob vs G.O.D. WWE. How To Behave Yourself On The Internet. Did you take music lessons as a child… If all the women of the world approach men one day a year. | Call our new number 1-844-CHONILLA.

They Probably Don’t Have Ebola

Episode 471 | Happy Thanksgiving Everybody, eh. Movie review Get on Up (2014), James Brown mofos. It’s a long weekend in Canada, emergency. Canadian Ebola vaccine is being tested on humans, shrug. Woman shot by man she rejected in Detroit, wtf. Guys don’t ask for ladies phone number, be a man. #BS90210 – Genesis 31 NIV. Nurse Killed Patients For Being Annoying. Murica, Don’t worry too much about Ebola, hmmm k and more…

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