Jesus doesn’t seem to like sharing.

Most of us can remember the friends we loved during our childhoods, and if we’re lucky, we’ll have the opportunity to cross paths with these members of our nostalgia every so often throughout our lifetime. I recently had the opportunity to engage… Continue Reading →

201-But wait… I thought…

LaFear Bitch! Ronin is reading Steven Kings Carrie. Clove read The Martian and it was super nerdy and gross. Poorly trained police can be deadly. Sherley warns Clove about messing with bad juju. Clove calls bullshit on cold reading. This… Continue Reading →

200-Thank you Jowana Mann!

Word of the week – Dragoman Tweaked audio (use code: CHONILLA) ear buds got caught in a woman’s purse. Lady bug prisoner Nunavut Day (July 9th) Was I racist with the bell telephone sales men. Princess’s birthday of cupcake, jungle gym and more. Is… Continue Reading →

199-I love you but, I’m in control.

The audience not taking what you’re giving. Ever date someone younger than you or were you the youngin’ in the relationship? Poor side or the rich side. Oh Snap! George Takei calls Clarence Thomas a ‘clown in blackface’. When was the… Continue Reading →

198-Stop This Bullsh*t!

Word of the week – Preprandial Be clear about your role and strength. Set your boundaries. The last couple therapy session. Anxiety is a mofo! Poppin’ off at the Shoe Nazi of Galaxie Bleue. #SayNo2AnAsshole CHONILLA COUPLE – #LOVEWINS Jill  aka @mt_jillamanjaro on… Continue Reading →

197-How far back does this go?

6 Facts Everyone Needs to Know to Understand the Charleston Shooting. The Dallas shooting that LaShawnda shared with us last week totally sounded like the escape scene from heat! White Rachel sued Howard University for racial discrimination in 2002! (Let’s… Continue Reading →

196-She’s ‘Soul Man’ IRL!

Going Broke and The Food Bank Bankruptcy Couples therapy Starting a Social Media Business Shout out to our good friend Mr. Spann for having us on The Spann Report Podcast. ‘Magic Members’ vs Patreon. Fighting a cold… again… Wiijo and Kelsey… Continue Reading →

Open Mic CJAD 800 IV

CJAD 004 – Guest: Ria Reece, Morgan O’shea Women work and the need to lead. Change the likability penalty. Ria Reece decides to step out of the shadows. Ria performs house of the rising sun for her dad. What was the worst punishment… Continue Reading →

195-Somebody thinks I’m warm!

Notorious bigot Paster Scott Lively is going to be tried for crimes against humanity, for his participation in creating Uganada’s anti homosexual Act Canada border agents will ask you to unlock your cell phone when coming back into Canada The… Continue Reading →

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