Canadian Supreme Court Asks What is true Bestiality? I Mean Really!

Do you agree or disagree with the Canadian Supreme Court decision in defining the term when there is no penetration with an animal it is not considered bestiality?

Dino Red

He is the host and network curator to RedRock PodCast NetWork! Consisting of: The Shiznit Show – HoopLA – The Pod of Thrones: The Shiznit Show which is a talk show that covers everything from celebrity gossip to serious social issues with a whole lot of funny thrown in.


This man is the host and producer of Single Simulcast. He is the creator, producer, and voice actors on Sin and Solace, and he is one third of the greatest group of podcasters you know, The Dr3am Team. He is a father of four … and more!

Mia Ford

Luv from the Rock. Mia is one of our favorite listeners, and has shown us a lot of love at the early stages of the Chonilla podcast. As a matter of fact, I think she was our very first caller… Continue Reading →

Chaslyn & Michael

Baltimore, MD – We’ve been together for a little over 7 years and Married a little of 2 years. How did it start? & What was your first impression of your partner? Chaslyn: We honestly didn’t pay much attention to each other… Continue Reading →

Goofy Welldone

Goofy Welldone Master of Ceremony (17 years) Vlogueur – Radio Columnist – Our guest tonight consume a lot of news through the web and social media which allows me to always incorporate current elements as an MC. Goofy is rather the “Paris Hilton” of Old Montreal, being invited in all partys of the metropolis.

An Open Letter To My Son

Dear Ronin, As your father, it is my duty to protect you and your sisters, to be sure you are free from physical and emotional harm during your childhood. It’s my job to make sure you are equipped with all… Continue Reading →

It’s Official Our Ultimate Holiday Movie Winner #Streaminto2015

So back in November Staples Canada challenged The “Chonilla” Family to find the Ultimate Holiday Movie. So we got our ourselves ready, Popcorn check, hot chocolate check, blankets check, floor foam mattress check. Oh yeah it was a lot of snack happening… Continue Reading →


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