It’s never not gonna hurt! 3-3

Episode 453 Priests apologies for not knowing he was doing anything illegal. The lady who gives handjobs to dolphins. It’s all about thumbs and fingers. Teeth will soon have the ability to heal themselves. The UK is watching everybody. Have fun with your crooked mayor. Clove found a working TV in the garbage. Whoopie is warning all women to not fight men.

It’s never not gonna hurt! 2-3

Episode 452 I’m not giving my seat to nobody. Chonilla baby is having a hard time at school. Clove does not have a good memory. Fake facebook persona’s are saving lives. Clove likes to remind children that he pays the rent. Bible Scriptures 90210: Numbers:12 When you’re in love, you wanna share it with the world. Chill trolls the Facebook Group… The Hoewoe!… and more!

It’s never not gonna hurt! 1-3

Episode 451 Let Darwinism take it’s course. Bird owners are crazy people. A giant brown callus. The girls wanna keep the bird. Is this the part where you’re gonna eat me. The little bird looked like an alien. We send the kids to check on the bird. Pop quiz for all the movie heads. Sherley really wants to save this bird. Chonilla Couple: Cassidy and Foo… and more!

I’m so over the baby thing! 3-3

Episode 450 | Part 3 of 3 | First time and the peer pressure, Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY, Get more sleep it’s good for yah, Netflix watch: Superheroes (2011) & Are All Men Pedophiles? (2013), This week forum question. Join us, Bible Scriptures 90210 Numbers:10 and so much more… Visit out facebook page

I’m so over the baby thing! 2-3

Episode 449 | Part 2 of 3 | Defense of the Ancients (Dota), would you rather Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, 5 things people regret on their death beds, I’m a closeted Introvert, Bible Scriptures 90210: Numbers:9, Vincent Parker, 16, Admits To Killing Parents, Quit pointing your laser pointer at me you tits and so much more… | Visit: – Tweet Us: @Chonilladotcom – Episode Sponsor: use code: Chonilla for 33%off ear buds.

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