Hated every minute of it

Episode 475 | Canadian Soldier Attack Near Ottawa Parliament. Dominatrix to be feted. Lone wolf terrorists in Quebec. Bible Scriptures 90210 - Genesis 41 NIV. The Most Heavily Armed School Districts. What is hot in The Forum: Bill Cosby Rapes - Marijuana Lowers Domestic Violence - U.S. State Locks Up More People Than China - Drinking problem PSA - Women Gets Trapped in Man’s Chimney. #SayNo2AnA$$hole: Pregnant Woman Sues Busch Gardens and so much more… We’ll talk to you Monday!

It’s like a penis, only smaller.

Episode 474 | ’CHO’ nerves was broke into hives. Shooter Michael Dunn Gets Life In Prison. Artist’s Album Has Not Gone Platinum In 2014. #BS90210 – Genesis 39-40 NIV. “What Were They Thinking?” Place Names. Women Tell What It’s Like Having Sex With A Micro-penis. Made by J. Doran & E. Slevin designed and built thenostalgiamachine.com and more… 

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