Black people are overreacting.

Episode 493 | How far back does a senior listen to hip hop is it starting now or will it be during our generation when we hit 50 or something that it will start. Will there be dedicated old school urban station, is it already happening with hip hop and R&B. Clove punk-out on giving the bus driver a piece of his mind. Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People… and more!

Open Mic CJAD 800 II

Episode 492 | This was our second appearance on CJAD’s Open Mic night! Not nearly as nervous this time, and had some great guests to hang out with! Have a listen and we hope you enjoy it as much as the podcast. :) Fight the Power! It’s been an emotional week. Why can’t I control this impulsiveness… and more!

But we bleed RED Sherley?!

Episode 491 | Did I tell you about the bus driver shooing me away at Angringon? Abraham & Teresa – USA/AFRICA. ‘It’s Past the Point of No Return’: An NYPD Officer Opens Up About What Went Wrong in the Eric Garner Case. Y Quit? Smoking Destroys Male Chromosome. Bill De Blasio Expresses Concern For The Safety Of His Biracial Son. Exodus 31-32 – …and your little dog to!.. and more!

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