October 9, 2020

BCANCC Spotlight: Clif Knight

Black Canadian Content Creators is a community of digital and traditional creatives who identify as Black, African, Afro-Canadian, Caribbean, or Mixed who reside in Canada, or ex-pats Canadians who create abroad.

And today, it’s all about with the on — Clif Knight!

actor Clif Knight

Comedian, musician, cat-daddy and watch-pin enthusiast. 

Hello, and bonjour Clif. Thank you for taking the time to give us a chance to discover who you are! Okay, first question:

Like Rafiki, when he asked Simba, the question is, who are you?
I’m Clif Knight. I’m a stand-up, sketch, musical and TikTok comedian. I enjoy making content that people will laugh at and performing on stage. I try to sometimes throw in some from my from Guyana. So not only will people learn more about it, but mostly to have people from the Caribbean diaspora to have something to relate to more in popular culture since we are typically underrepresented in media.

I perform everywhere, mostly in Toronto and am available for private comedy shows, fundraisers, weddings and any other type of event that you’d like a little funny at.

Clif Knight musician

Who or What inspired you to get into comedy?
I’ve always been a fan of standup greats from Pryor to Mac to Chappelle but really started to think of comedy as achievable when I began enjoying Paul Keens Douglas. This Caribbean storyteller would weave tales full of hilarious and relatable characters that would have my and me laughing at him and ourselves for hours.

When I got to Toronto, I found out that one could just…DO standup at open mics and just kept working at it until I had a few jokes under my belt, and now I do clubs around the country and internationally. Gotta love it.

What kind of equipment are you using to record your TikTok?

I record and edit on my phone; I have two tripods with a ring light, extra batteries and some necessary props.


Are there any comedians or TikTokers you’re currently following?
Locals that I love include Abbas Wahab (@abbasswahab_) Edworld (@edworldbkim4sure), and Neema (@neemanaz), Including Guyanese creators, include Wello (@wellonyc), Tenn Buick (@tennbuick) and Kiemarley (@kiemarley)

Clif Knight

What is the best feedback or review have you heard or read about your content?
I’ve managed to garner a few genuine fans who always have great insight or relate very near to my content, and that, to me, is the best.

Any upcoming project, news or event you would like to share?
All upcoming projects are posted on my Instagram @cliffy_so_funny
You can also find Clif by visiting: https://linktr.ee/clifknightcomic

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