October 9, 2020

BCANC Spotlight: Comedian – Clif Knight

Black Canadian Creators (BCanC) is an online community of digital and traditional creatives identifying as Black, African, Afro-Canadian, Caribbean, or of mixed heritage. These creators either live in Canada or are expatriate Canadians sharing their content abroad. 

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on the world of comedy, featuring the talented Clif Knight!

actor Clif Knight


Comedian, musician, cat-daddy and watch-pin enthusiast. 

BCANC: Hello and bonjour, Clif! We truly appreciate you taking the time to let us delve into your life. So, starting off with the iconic question Rafiki posed to Simba: Who are you?

CK: I’m Clif Knight, a multifaceted comedian specializing in stand-up, sketch comedy, musical performances, and TikTok. My passion lies in creating content that evokes laughter and joy. I often infuse elements from my Guyanese heritage into my work. This not only educates my audience about Guyanese culture but also provides representation for the Caribbean diaspora in mainstream media, where we often feel underrepresented.

I perform in various venues, predominantly in Toronto. Additionally, I’m open to enlivening private events, fundraisers, weddings, or any occasion that could use a touch of humor.

Clif Knight musician

What inspired you to pursue comedy?
I’ve always admired the comedy legends, from Pryor and Mac to Chappelle. However, my perspective on comedy shifted when I discovered Paul Keens Douglas. This talented Caribbean storyteller spun tales filled with humor and relatable characters, leading to countless hours of laughter for both my family and me.

Upon moving to Toronto, I realized that performing standup at open mics was accessible to anyone. I dove in, honed my craft, and now I perform in clubs both nationally and internationally. It’s truly a passion I cherish.

What equipment do you use for your TikTok recordings?

CK: I use my phone for recording and editing. Additionally, I have two tripods equipped with a ring light, spare batteries, and essential props.


Which comedians or TikTokers are you presently following?

CK: I’m fond of local talents such as Abbas Wahab (@abbasswahab_), Edworld (@edworldbkim4sure), and Neema (@neemanaz). I also follow Guyanese creators like Wello (@wellonyc), Tenn Buick (@tennbuick), and Kiemarley (@kiemarley).

Clif Knight

What is the best feedback or review have you heard or read about your content?
CK: I’ve managed to garner a few genuine fans who always have great insight or relate very near to my content, and that, to me, is the best.

Any upcoming project, news or event you would like to share?
All upcoming projects are posted on my Instagram @cliffy_so_funny
or you can find  our more by visiting: https://linktr.ee/cliffy_so_funny

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