Clove and I had the joy to eat at BEVO Bar + Pizzeria with a friend.

If you are ever considered to travel to Montreal whether for business purposes or pleasure, visit and gain a sense of the Old Port as a tourist or if you are a Montrealer trying to figure out where to eat, have a craving for some fine Italian cuisine BEVO Bar + Pizzeria (@BevoPizza) is the perfect restaurant to relax and eat. Definitely a hotspot in Old Montreal (@expoldmontreal).
To describe the tasty explosion of flavors we had that evening, here are the following items we tasted from their amazing menu.
Italian Appetizers – Antipasti
Sherley: CALAMARI FRITTI fried calamari, spicy roasted tomato sauce. “We had a hard time deciding amongst all the great items on the menu but shared a calamari, it was crispy and lightly battered soooo good.
Clove: ARANCINO saffron parmesan risotto balls with meat  ragù mozzarella.
The Main Course – Primo
Sherley: ROSATA CON PROSCIUTTO E FUNGHI penne rose sauce, crispy prosciutto, mushrooms. “I would love the recipe for this and the penne was prepared just right not to soggy or hard… Cusdos to Chef Giovanni Vella and his cooks.”
Clove: CAVATELLI BOLOGNESE dumplings, meat ragù, fresh parsley.”

The Dessert – Dolce
Clove: A Nutella Pizza – YUM!
Sherley: “I had the BLOOD ORANGE COSMOPOLITAN 10 grand Marnier, vodka, fresh blood  orange” Perfect bland of sweetness and citrus flavor and refreshing, loved it!
Clove: “GODFATHER scotch, amaretto”

BEVO Bar + Pizzeria has a very trendy, rustic atmosphere with what looked like some elements of modern art. I’m referring to the some chairs that looked like clear plexiglass spheres that were suspended under the staircase by a single chain. Very cool. We sat on the second floor at a large table that seats 8 and was high enough that we needed to sit on stools to eat. The table was high enough for us to dine standing up. I must admit, it was hot on the second floor and I’m sure it had to do with the wooden stove they had in their kitchen, which was also on the second floor. We arrived at prime dinner service around 7pm and found it amazing we could carry such a casual conversation within the surrounding hustle and bustle.

The staff are friendly and made our time there very comfortable. Plus our server, I believe his name is Andrew, was amazing, prompt, just the right speed in receiving our food. The only suggestion I would provide is, as soon as I sit down bring some water and bread, then ask for the type of drink I would like to try. Our server, Andrew, took the time to help me decide a main course and his recommendation was perfect. The Manager, Al was friendly and followed up with us to ensure we had a pleasant dining experience. Thank you sir for the complimentary ‘Nutella Pizza’! That’s right y’all… a Nutella Pizza. Clove and our son killed it thank you very much. Bevo is a refreshing take on casual formal dining and is a great addition to Old Montreal!

  Rating Sherley: 4 ½ stars
Clove: 4 stars


TEL: 514.861.5039