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Hosted by Owen aka @CaptainODog

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1: The Most American Story (with @Rodimusprime)
[Length – 1hr:27min] [Size – 119.68 MB]

2: Impossible White Dad (with My Dad)
[Length – 1hr:39min] [Size – 113.25 MB]

Impossible White DadThis episode features my father Tony in a  2 part interview that took place over a couple of months. Its no secret this guy is my hero, my first hero and still my number one hero of all time. This interview shows part of the reason why, the guy has done some of the craziest shit in the world in the name of birdresearch. His amazing skills as a father show somewhat but mostly I wanted to show a snap shot of his working life. I hope you like it Premium People.

3: Pin Up, Stand Up (with Mary Jane)

[Length – 1hr:27min] [Size – 80. MB]