155-We’re Not Here To Troubleshoot!

  • My laptop is the weakest link.
  • The exploration of our childhood help understand our behaviors in our relationship.
  • Riding the bus thinking about Darrien Hunt Story. (Also read: “After Darrien Hunt shooting, Utah's black, biracial families worry“)
  • Interruption with Baby needs something to do… Talk with our son about dealing with the police.
  • This week #ChonillaIR Couple:  @alriley90 ; @seoulja30 ; @firefighter thank you for sharing your love [via Instagram]
  • How to be a Haitian Goddess and play on Haitian's superstitions.
  • History Changing couples: Gonzalo Guerrero and Zazil Ha [via PBS]
  • Canada Is America's Sweetheart, U.S. Online Survey Suggests. [via Vancouver Sun]
  • Doctor admits he intentionally misdiagnosed cancer, ordered unneeded chemo [via Raw Story]
  • Do You agree or Disagree? Outcry at Busch Gardens Over Headless Figures. [via WIRC]
  • 10 weird things you can only do in Canada [via Macleans]
  • Ottawa Jail Hostel in Ottawa, Canada Video Tour [via Uniq Hotels]
  • The Sour Toe Cocktail in Dawson City – Yukon Territory, Canada [their Facebook]
  • Bible Scripture 90210 – Genesis 10 “Pimpin ain't easy but somebody gotta do it.”
  • Charles “The Spy” ask: “Have you ever had a big poop in the toilet snake itself down the toilet drain without flushing?” | Join the forum for more fun questions.

“I work hard i'm Noah. Don't follow any advice, no matter how good, until you feel as deeply in your spirit as you think in your mind that the counsel is wise.”
~ Joan Rivers

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