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The Sherley and Clove Podcast
 is the personal comedy journal of anThe-Sherley-and-Clove-Podcast interracial couple who curates the digital world, plus current events from different perspectives and experiences. Hosted by @Sherasaurus ‘Sherley’ & @Clovasaurus ‘Clove’.

Live on Twitch Sundays @ 9 AM (EST) – #TSACP – Twitch

From the latest news, pop culture, society, race, what is up with Céline Dion, even religion with the popular segment ‘Bible Scriptures 90210’, where they read in the bible and regurgitate it as a reality show or an Aaron Spelling melodrama!

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Sherley Joseph is a Technical Support Professional by trade, and co-hosts of the TSAC Podcast. A co-host and producer of The Kakle.
Founder and Host of the digital Facebook community/podcast for Black Canadian Content Creators. Using her ability to research and implement solutions for clients. Provide spaces for people to connect, to collaborate and with her adoration to the art of broadcasting through her Radio training at Humber College, has provided Sherley with an outlet to building different hubs in the digital realm to help expand people’s brands and share their stories.

With 15+ years in the tech industry, digital and social media strategies and creating an award-winning podcast. Creating a collective platform for predominantly women and people of colour, and communicative avenues for creatives is not only needed but necessary with the various online projects in digital media.

As a divom (Diva + Mom) of three and the adoration of her family, along with the love of her ride or die Clove, her homies, music, photography and carnivals, it is all a part of who she is and gives all of what she does give meaning when developing content for the ChoNilla Podcast Network.


Clove Roy is a cinematic animator by trade and co-hosts of the TSAC Podcast.

Taking animated cinematic sequences from script to ship, and producing podcast content for the ChoNilla Network are rewarding and provide creative outlets that are needed in both large and small team dynamics. With 20+ years in game development with award-winning teams and studios, along with Classical Animation training from Sheridan College, producing high-quality creative content is a must.

Celebrating the value of individual content creators and providing a space to be creative is the ultimate end goal.

The love for family, along with the love of video and board games plays a big part in developing content for the ChoNilla podcast network, and it couldn’t be any other way.

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