Leaders of the tribes of Israel


S1 - Episode 47

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Sherley and Clove discuss:

• ēdēəˌlādəd is the word 

• Can’t wait for the release of the  

• Are the Real Housewives of whyte women truly clueless?

• Governments and private businesses have announced plans to implement policies. 

• Zambian priest who was buried alive, promised church members to resurrect like Jesus Christ.

• On #BS90210 The 2nd Book of Samuel – Chapter 4 and 5. “Didn’t you hear what happened to the last guy?” & “Oh them Philistines” The Players: The brothers Baanah and Rekab, David, leaders of the tribes of Israel, some Jebusites, plus more. 


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“I come from people who have gone through horrific things in history. War, death, famine, genocide. How many times did my ancestors want to give up, lay down, and die? But they didn’t. They fought to continue. You have to keep going forward.”

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