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For the first few years, we took no pay when we started back in 2010 ChoNilladotcom. Instead, we paid for everything out of our own pockets and we continue to do so. As we shift now more than ever in 2021 in this venture, we took on extra duties such as some podcast coaching to help run the network. For every hour we spend in the studio recording an episode, there are more than a hundred hours we spend away from content creation between us of other work to do.

At The ChoNilla Network, we are committed to bringing you and introducing you to content from the US & Canada that makes you either laugh, think or learn. And the pleasure is ours when we hit all three marks!

For as little as $10, your donation today is a gift to helps us continue to create amazing podcasts such as ChoNilla, Black Canadian Content Creators. And, continue to support amazing shows such as Uncolonized, Interracial Jawn and Creatives to Creatives and more for the future.

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