Why does Elmo sound muffled?


S1 - Episode 42

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Sherley and Clove discuss:

• The word: persiflage [ pur-suh-flahzh, pair-] 

• Hamilton to ban the display of , on city-owned lands.

Andrew Cuomo resigns over sexual harassment

• Man Asks Judge To Toss Confessions.

• Home inspector charged after allegedly seen on camera pleasuring himself using Elmo doll.

• Quentin Tarantino fulfills the childhood promise of never giving mom a ‘penny’ from fortune.

• Sharing is caring! The Players: David and his army, Abiathar, God, and an Egyptian slave in the – Chapter 30. 


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"The seeds of a fruitful society are sown in the minds of its youth."

― The Honourable Jean Augustine ...first Black woman MP and Cabinet minister for Etobicoke lakeshore who championed for Black History Month in Canada, and her motion was passed unanimously. Tweet

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