199-I love you but, I’m in control.

  • The audience not taking what you're giving.
  • Ever date someone younger than you or were you the youngin' in the relationship?
  • Poor side or the rich side.
  • Oh Snap! George Takei calls Clarence Thomas a ‘clown in blackface'.
  • When was the first time your parents heard you curse?
  • Darren's Dirty Mack story triangle with odd .
  • First time being heckled?
  • Suburban moms winner of corporate gigs.
  • So many variables for a bad evening or set.
  • My First Time July 9th till July 18, 2015. A show that offers you a chance to see some of Canada's rising comic stars before they become famous. Back for a second consecutive year at Zoofest, this is not just any pro-am show. The acts have been carefully selected to showcase the comics who are working through the ranks to become tomorrow's superstars. Other artists in this amazing show  Tommy Marshall / Sophie Buddle  / Ryan Williams / John St-Godard / Jacob Greco / Walter J. Lyng  / Shawn Stenhouse  / James Kennedy.

Purchase your tickets at Zoofest.com

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