28-Errbody’s gettin’ Raped up in here. Part 2/2

  • The first show we're we recorded during the day.
  • A re-tell of the horrible murder that occurred in the greyhound.
  • If someone offer you a million dollars for a night of sex, would you do it?
  • Kim Kardashian talent is having a big a**…
  • If you can beat Da Zhu snore send to us feedback@.com you need a spit pool…
  • The best of Tourette Guy “OH BOB SAGET”, Where my f*****g classes?
  • Clove and Julian childhood story and their cult adventure to fly with the aliens in Trois-Riviere, QC, Canada
  • The end of the world is coming,
  • Clove and Julian and his mom are invited to preserve the planet.
  • I didn't know an alien is a strobe light.
  • Aliens are on their own ME Time = Martian Earth Time.
  • Hey you have low self-esteem and bad luck in your life Join our cult!
  • Sherley is getting edumacated on Beastie Boy.
  • Sherley's mean girl story created for her to cutoff Beastie Boys out of her pre-teen and teen life.
  • My dad is Dr. Hibbert from The Simpsons.
  • Which TV Show has the longest running seasons?
  • Who the f*** is supporting Two and a Half Men.


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