32-Religious Experiment – Islam Part 1/2

  • The Religious experiment series has started with the Muslin faith.
  • Who says “As-Salamu Alaykum” first plus it’s really hard for you not to say that “M”.
  • Invited to the big meal after fasting at the mosque.
  • Getting into flame wars on SodaHead, who do you think won the conversation.
  • The 6 basic Islamic belief: starting with #1) Believe in God
  • The 6 basic Islamic belief: #2) Believe in God revealed books the originals that is.
  • Get your information for the sources and keep asking questions.
  • Summing up again the beliefs before moving on to #Believe.
  • asked about the term Fatwa, an Islamic religious ruling.
  • Scholarly opinion on a matters of Islamic law.
  • The fourth pillar is in regards to fasting. What if you have diabetes?
  • The pilgrimage to Mecca – Haji. There are 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet of earth.
  • Perform these 11 practices everyday than makes you a true Muslim.
  • We met some white Muslims y’all.
  • We grew up within our religion (Catholic or Protestant) as kids to NEVER question.
  • Caribbean countries frowns on the gay community.
  • My experience as a woman at a mosque.
  • Muslims are unable to work at a bank, interest is bad for Islam.
  • Thanks to our Muslim hosts and Mr. Y for getting the ball rolling.
  • If someone offered you a million dollars for sex follow-up on Sodahead,
  • One poll user on Sodahead was offered $500,000 for her virginity and a baby.
  • If someone offered use a million dollars for sex. Would it affect Cho & Nilla’s?
  • Don’t we be weird like Demi Moore and You go in it to win it or you don’t.
  • Quit distracting me with your money… Robert Redford Indecent Proposal
  • It’s how you handle your choices…
  • In the news, Dr. Laura quits radio show.
  • Oh shit she’s going to be on Satellite Radio, a podcast or Politics.
  • What is wrong with people in North America to say I’m sorry that I offended you.
  • Ann Coulter is the ultimate sell out

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