Ep155: Stay TF Home

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In this episode, Leslie and Very White Guy discuss
(Recording Date: 03/16/20):

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1:33 Working from home for like 14 years.
5:02 I had a work trip that I was supposed to go to Italy, northern Italy!
9:15 Anything related to hospitality is going to be just like Seville.
21:25 Those first hundred people that had no idea that they were probably carrying convid-19
27:15 Can’t have a conversation at my job without talking about first.
28:06 What are the ways in which we adjust ourselves to it?
37:53 One of the things I’ve noticed is that dinner time has gone earlier since the lockdown.
47:46 Doing another edition of Netflix and stay still this Saturday. Think of innovative ways to connect with people.

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