Ep154: Drew is a Bawler

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In this episode, Leslie and Very White Guy discuss:
The Netflix series #LoveIsBlind and their obsession with the clear stars of the show and fellow interracial couple Lauren & Cameron. Warning we talk about men who cry in this episode.

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01:21 Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race. She was true partner. Somebody who would be able to be held accountable both in the election cycle and once in office.
06:48 ,  a show where singles try to find a match and fall in love without ever seeing each other face-to-face. Well, this show reveals love is motherf*****g blind. So first of all, I have to give a shout out to my friend Tracy for introducing me to this show.
18:30  Cameron and Lauren who are the interracial couple, it was surreal watching them have their conversations.
25:32  Barnett, one of those people that really almost doesn’t know what he wants himself.
39:52  So at the end of the episode is with Carlton. Diamond confronts him and is like, what’s happening?
49:17  Jessica had taken her ring off that morning because she wasn’t sure about mark and she decides to literally flirt with Barnett.
55:53  This is the episode where they had the fight about sex and she says, you know how you tell me I’m the best sex you’ve ever had?
1:01:07  Kelly and Kenny still have not slept together. Nope
1:03:55 Damien and Gigi. His fights were so weird.
1:23:04  He was so relieved. And he wanted to return it to her and be like, I got you.
1:32:12  You say the C-word to a white woman, it’s all bets are off.
1:41:10  Just because a black person touches your junk doesn’t mean you absolve you of racism.

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just because we’ve played

Welcome to the interracial jawn podcast, I’m your host, Leslie Mac, and I’m joined as always, by Very White Guy and you are very white indeed. How are you good today? It’s good. How you doing? Not great. I’ll be honest. It’s been a rough couple days. You know,

suspended her campaign. It was not passed forward and I’m taking it pretty hard. I gotta say Say not because, you know, I’m in my about myself, but um, you know, she was really inspiring and, and it’s sad to see you know her not be able to continue on. And yeah, that’s right.

Yes You’re very I think I said you just like

a little broken with our system you know, just money Bloomberg that a woman with I think I mean at least in my lifetime one of the most

I’m trying to do all the adjectives and superlatives but just really capable people and all that was not an asset for her but actually a detriment. Yeah, definitely. And that’s just like, heartbreaking. I can’t imagine how that feels for you and the black woman for our group. And so I just

think, you know, here’s the thing I think that like, I’m under no like, you know, didn’t we did not endorse Senator Warren with a like, oh, we’re sure she’s gonna win we’re sure that nothing will get in our path. That’s not the heart of our endorsement. You know, we really went with someone that we believed would be a true partner with us and somebody who you know would be able to be held accountable both in the election cycle and once in office and that was, you know, US experimenting with as organizers, you know, being part of a political process and yeah, I don’t regret it at all. I’m really proud of the work that we did. It’s been wild watching MAD PEOPLE LIKE simultaneously erase us and and mimic us at the same time, like the so

they have you know, black woman way too much where y’all are the leading edge of change and you get brutalized for it and then everyone just replicates that Yeah, like how many hundred blanks for Oh, yeah, came out

after oh my god summit. Nobody had no fucking list before. Whatever. That’s not what the show was about it was about something much more important, quite frankly.

Well, I’ll say this last thing about okay. And

again, it just feels like something’s broken when it you know, I’m Bloomberg spent half a billion dollars to make sure that Liz didn’t win that to make sure that that was not the progressive candidate and it’s better for him financially he’s gonna come out ahead by not having her wealth tax on his Well, let’s

be clear, I think beyond the wealth tax piece like I like this is just me talking my personal opinion. I don’t see Bearnie beating Trump. I don’t see Biden beating Trump.


the reality is Liz could be Trump and um, these again, these are my opinions my

I mean, the you couldn’t name a better debate performance than the other debate

performance when we see that they’re, you know, when you talk about people’s second choices when you talk about the way people feel about her, you No, it’s like oh, she’s not electable, but if if she is a candidate, people will vote right that that that’s that question right. So for me it was much more about you know, ensuring that a progressive period didn’t win. And you know taking Liz out first was definitely you know of the highest order because yeah you know kneecapping Bernard, um, leaves way too wide a lane for Liz to be in and so, you know, this was a very strategic place for the conservative slash moderate democrats you know who we’ve seen it but you know, fall completely in line with this fucking wackadoo Joe Biden You know, I’m a borderline conspiracy theorist yeah and but the the ghosting of her by the mainstream media. Yeah, it was ghosting once she was popular. Right. So they allowed her to seem viable to progressives first, right? Yeah, because she has to be viable to progress first for the for the erasure of herself. To be useful, so anyways, we can talk about this I really don’t want to Oh, let’s try to stop and you keep coming back to it.

person I want to spend the rest of my life. Ah, I’ve never seen her before.

Here you will choose someone to marry Hello Nice to hear from you

without ever seeing

if you’re ready to find the love of your life

the pods

are now open.

What kind of work do you do? What are

some of the biggest turnoff so

what are you looking for in a woman? See race,

physical parents, none of that matters are really starting to emotionally connect with you

could be a remarkable .

Beautiful person I don’t have to see to say that.

I’m scared of making the wrong decision and see my life without you. Will you be my wife.

I am engaged to somebody I’ve never seen before. I hope these just find me very attractive.

physical attraction is on par with the emotional connection

has become the most important thing in my life.

I want you to be 1,000% open with me. There’s my student debt. Your white guy. She’s a black woman. Let’s talk about that this marriage did tear me and my family apart.

This was fate. This is what was meant to be. You’re bringing me now Don’t insult me like that.

We’re getting married. It’s scary.

Do I want to marry him? I don’t know.

Do you take her to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Love is blind. Love his motherfucking blind. So first of all, I have to give a shout out to my friend Tracy quarter. Shout out to Tracy Who is the one who like literally put me on to love is blind. While I was on the road, I watched the entire season while I was in South Carolina in the lead up to Super Tuesday. Maybe another day when I’m not quite as you know, sad I’ll talk about the going to the DNC debate which was a wild experience but anyways, I was in South Korea for like a whole week leading up to Super Tuesday and leading up to their their primary. And you know, it’s just me hotel room once once I’m done doing my surrogacy work and the she was like, Oh, you gotta watch this show. And I was like, okay, cool, I’ll watch whatever. So for those who haven’t been able to and I just want to preface that this is a full like, spoiler alert spoiler alert if you have not watched Love is blind and you plan on watching you don’t want to be spoiled just stop this episode of the john because we we are talking in depth about it. I feel like they just aired the reunion so I feel like it’s a fair time to breach the you know,

the the line you could have benched it. It came out all at once.

It did not come out. Oh, no, it was weekly. I binge it because That’s what I said. That’s why I’m crediting Tracy because she was the one that was like, Oh, you should watch us, you know, you’re just hanging out, you should do it. So it goes well, we probably know that a week by week. So this series follows 30 men and women hoping to find love for 10 days and a speed dating format. The men and women date each other in different pods, where they can talk to each other, but they can’t see each other at all. When they decided the men were able to propose to the women they want to get married to. And then after the proposal, they meet face to face for the first time, they go to a couple’s retreat. They spend time getting to know their partners, then they move into the same apartment, then they meet their families. Then they get married. That’s that’s the cord that does the core. That’s the show. So I watched it. I literally was like drew you have to watch this show. And then when I came home, we watched I did my second watch you do your first watch together. So I guess like the first thing I want to have just a little discussion about is like the format of it. Like what were your thoughts about this idea. They presented As an experiment and you know this is by the same people that produced married at first sight, which is a show where a group a group of experts pair people up and they get married I think Elsa did 90 day fiance you know, those are two different on they do I think produce the bachelor as well. But anyways, so I I found it interesting from the first episode just this idea of of dating in without seeing each other like what were your thoughts around just this, this idea of it being a true experiment.

So we’d like to circle right. Oh yeah, I love Chewbacca and Joey. So I thought that had like, Oh, it’s kind of like the circle, or was even looked like set wise a little bit similar. Yeah. And my when I saw the that even trailer and then the first episode, the number of contestants that shouldn’t be contestants participants, and clarification there’s only 12 I think you said 30. No,

it started 30 Let’s be that no, yes it did you you they just didn’t show all the people that never ended up dating anybody. So So it started with 30 people. Oh, really? Yeah. So so it’s hosted. I’ll put quotes around like it was very loosely hosted by Vanessa and Nicholas Shea Nicholas Shea who should never hurts anything. He’s terrible.

He’s just how is this long for a person in Hollywood and still this awkward?

Because his wife is so affable and like, very comfortable and it just like, even when they first when they first walk up, she’s like, I’m Vanessa. Shane. He goes, I’m

obviously Nicholas. Shit. Yeah, he bungled the unit. He’s weird. What are you

stupid? Anyways? Okay, so they start with 3030 and that’s it. They go through this thing. Now I’ve subsequently done you know, my deep dive research. I’ll get into why later, but, um, so they did dating 16 hours a day during that first.

Like, I didn’t know they went through a bunch of them.

Yesterday, the dates were four hours each. Okay. So that was the amount of time they spent on these dates, they’re very intensive amounts of bandwidth. So you asked

about the format. I remember thinking that the preview in the first episode, a lot of people specifically mentioned race. Yeah, this removes race from the equation. And for me a little bit like, but is that a good thing like that? Like, I don’t know about how you’re, you’re leveraging that or using that. But anyway, and then I did think Yeah,

because Oh, you know what this I forgot about we started to watch it. Yeah.

And they kept saying, like, race. And I was like, Fuck this. Literally, we were like, Oh, this is gross. Like, whatever. So yeah, I think that they tried to lean into that because I think they felt like that was something like I feel like that was the experiment they were trying to prove which is that like, if you remove everything that like love can conquer age and

yeah, race and even our we’ll get to it without the spoiling for that they may have thought they had that but there was some not quite what they think it is. Yes,

she so


So I thought immune, I don’t talk on the show about like, our relationship and stuff, but our courtship involved a lot of really intense communication. Like, you know, hours long conversations. And so I thought and I remember when you and I had our I guess that was our courtship our pod dates, if you will. For me, it was something that I didn’t think a lot of my social peers does, like, we’re talking about 19 9099 1990. Man, so, uh, I felt like all of my, my chronological peers would do this thing where it’s like, I’m dating someone. And because we’ve been on a few dates, we’re ostensively monogamous, and now we’ve gone on enough enough monogamous time we’re gonna get engaged now that we’re engaged, we’re gonna get married and other maybe we’re gonna have kids, and it was like, a predetermine path without actually Having kind of like, I don’t know, talked about it, and I don’t think that’s true of everybody. And I’m not gonna name like friends names, but we did have some, some, some of my social peers that were like going down that path. So I thought, I didn’t want to do that. I was like, I’m gonna talk about stuff. We’re gonna talk about kids and like, we’re gonna have the big conversations went away. Yeah. And I thought that was at that time, novel ish, or new, at least to my my group. And I feel like this experiment thing, it not that it forced into that. But if you can’t physically see the person, you have nothing else other than the voice and what you’re talking about. And you have four hours that you’ve got to be in this room specifically with this person, you might as well have those. And if the goal is at the end to maybe decide if you can marry the person, you absolutely like, I only have six days times four hours to get all the information about this person. You know, so you would go there.

Yeah, I think you would definitely go there. I do. You know, and it’s funny, I think, yeah, just one of the things that I really appreciated about the shower. Why When I watched it, I benched it. I was like, Oh, we have to watch it and we also need to podcast about it is because I did feel like it felt very familiar. Not that we dated in pods, but there was this very intensive like I’ll say from my side of the the relationship because I hadn’t dated a white man before that I was very like, Huh, how’s this gonna go? And so for me, it was a little bit of testing you I think, as I think back to my younger self, a little bit of like, let me really go there now, rather than having something surprise me later. Yeah. So a lot of our conversations when we first started dating and even before we were dating, when we were just friends and knew each other, were very intensive in the context of like, we never shied away from talking about race, we never shied away from talking about our different upbringings or additional backgrounds our you know, in a you I think, are curious by nature, but also Very just you have a very like, curious mind. And so our conversations were always very generative. So you wouldn’t just sit there, like the question is you even would ask me, I’ll be like, wow, that’s like a really good question or the the way that the conversation would move, I would be like, Oh, I didn’t expect us to get to here. But that’s really interesting. So when I was watching the show, seeing the couples trying to have those same deep conversations in a short period of time was very, it felt very familiar. Yeah. I like that. Thank you

for saying she I hadn’t heard you talk about it from your perspective in that way. And if I’m looking back on it, like why you were feeling me out, rightfully so as a white dude, right? Like, I get that like that, you know, dang, that makes sense. I think it was that you were my boss and we work together and we we had a friendship, and it didn’t start physical. And I remember The one specific conversation, wanting it to be physical but because we were friends Yeah, knowing that fucking up so often when do you get physical pre to for that I really wanted to do it differently. And and I think it was you’re just that like you said we had really really good conversations as as friends and co workers, I guess subordinate to you coworkers was a terrible play but you know, we had these really deep deep conversations and I’m with you that it did feel very very familiar. And you know as we move into the the more of the show, one of the couples was a black woman and a white guy. Yeah, so it’s definitely failure.

So the whole experiment was 38 days long I we are completely obsessed with set interracial couple. We’ll get to them in a minute. But I thought, now that we’ve kind of discussed why the format itself was really interesting to us, and how they kind of layered on things. We can go episode by episode. I know you have notes. I saw you taking them copiously. As we were watching, which is great. And we were talking like, we’d pause it and just start talking. While we were watching it. I wish we had maybe recorded a couple of the observations there. Which is really interesting. So this is not a competition show. No, right, just a dating show. I just say that. I’m gonna come back to that a little bit later, because when I looked at the show on Wikipedia, I thought it was really funny the way that they listed things

well, because there is the love Island, you get 50 grand if you’re the winning cup, right. So that you know, there are other similar type shows where there is the an alternate incentive, whereas I feel like they strip that away deliberately so that you would try to and I think everyone went in trying to find love. I think that the people that were participating, with a few exceptions, were pretty genuine.

Yeah. So um, the first episode is about obviously like introducing the you know, the premise is love blind. And so it kind of walks them through walks you through this intensive dating period that they went through, you know, they started with 30 people. And so there’s some people they show in this first episode you never see again, because they didn’t end up pairing up. They didn’t end up finding somebody that they wanted to continue on with, and so on and so forth. So what were your What are your thoughts on this first episode? Like, what what did you think? What were any moments that you were like, Oh,

nothing, really. And I’m surprised to recall. I really thought it was just the 12 people that I know because

they had like that girl LC that ended up not being with somebody. They had that one guy Taylor, who was a virgin that didn’t end up pairing up with anybody. There was quite an

hour in that first episode. That

was the was the end of the second episode, where the the end of the first episode involves at least one proposal, right?

I don’t know. wasn’t the first

Yeah, it was. So I

think the second one was when they did a proposal. Maybe I’m wrong. No, I think you’re right. I think Cameron Yeah, I thought I thought yeah, so So, so so Cameron and Lauren who are the interracial couple, they were, it was surreal watching them have their conversations because it really was like, it felt like they were doing what we did in three years in 35 weeks, right and six weeks or whatever. So the we’re watching them have these conversations now, number one, I could tell that camera knew Lauren was black.

And yeah, that was a bad thing. Um, well, it was funny that so in that first episode, somebody did code somebody is black and say I can tell you’re black like, you know, almost insultingly, and then somebody referred to diamond as having a stripper name and she walked out of the pod you ever met with that person again? Oh, good for her. Um, you know, I think

I don’t know because to me, Lauren, Lauren is like, she she to me. When I hear her if I close my eyes, and I didn’t know who it was. That’s a black girl. Talking

I agree not not you know, there’s various ways that society codes dividuals

a black girl from Detroit and she sounds like one yeah that’s not even like Shane just is

yeah and the choice of words mannerism inflection everything. But so Maggie Cameron

there’s definitely a like, like a white dudes that get with black girls like one on one kit. Like it goes to the nail or something. And it starts with like,

what’s in the kit? What’s in the kit?

You know, like a pretty good shape up, you know, like, your hair.

Yeah, like, Okay, I have I’ve said this on the show before but a couple of times I went to a barber shop that was in your mom’s neighborhood. And it was definitely a like a black and Latino barber shop. And I’m white. I think it was the minigun I am. I’m white is the driven snow. But like I’d come out of that and look like pretty white. Like, is that drink

that’s happening here.

Maybe the razor blade

Oh, yeah, the whole thing?

Yeah, the shape of the beard

beard is a must. You definitely

the little bit of And I’m not I’m dragging us down. I’m pulling those white husbands and black women down but there’s a little bit more style you know, a little bit a little sharper dress.

Well, I think you the shower. Like that’s just us like getting older. But I do think that like when we first started dating, it was definitely like, you know, he was trying to look you know, he was trying to you know, be

whatever eyes and shit. Yeah,

I mean he was out here. So anyway, so Cameron is although he’s a scientist,

and they say I love you for the first as well. And he says at first

the there’s a few things about them, but he is absolutely smitten with her. And I Oh, yeah, my tickles me to no end to see her loved that well and appropriately, and we’ll talk about some of the other couples in contrast, but really just in interestingly, you said there was 30 people that started this experiment. I don’t know how many people go on The Bachelor Bachelorette every season but There’s been all of those dating shows like one maybe successful marriage. And I think Carmen and Lauren look like they’re gonna go the test time. There really

was five days in that he was like, Ah, she’s the one you know, you need to promote, you know, you know, I’m gonna do it and he did he did it. She said I love you to him first. And he said, I love you right back. He was crying. Yeah,

literally, I just feel like it was interesting watching to me, of all the couples on the show, all the people on the show, I felt like the two of them were the ones who really threw their full self into the process. And we’re like, I’m really gonna give this my I’m gonna, I’m going to take a leap. I’m going to follow my heart. I’m going to follow how I’m feeling. I’m going to not let my head get in the way and see what happens. Yeah,

that’s how it felt. And it really felt like you know, there’s a so you go into this and you don’t see the other person, but you’re you you hope that you’re, the person on the other side of the glass has the same view. ability and willingness to go there and really dive deep. But you don’t know. So you may be a little bit even in this experiment guarded for a moment, there’s a rep art a back and forth, and theirs was the most comfortable, the most natural. And so of course, it led to the most in depth communication and then the quickest I love you and proposal.

Yeah, so, um, they go to see each other

because that’s how you get engaged. And then you finally get this person.

Yeah, um, he ran

like, like, skipped down the little like, you know, path that they had and whisper to her, I’m gonna take care of you. I was like, wait a minute, Oh, my God.

And there was even I forget what they each said before they met. But he said something like, I hope I don’t. I hope that I don’t disappoint her. I hope the way I look doesn’t disappoint you. Yeah, he’s like, I want to look good for her. Yeah, not even like I hope she’s this. I hope she’s that she’s good. He said, I hope I don’t disappoint her like oh Cameron. He’s the he’s the G though he’s pretty. He’s pretty dope. Yeah, he’s also

very calm. Yeah, he he definitely

unflappable. Like there was never a moment like he would get emotional. I mean, you’d never heard him raise his voice. Everything was very even keeled. It was very like calm.

If we’re going to Episode Episode. There’s later when he meets her father and that

he was so calm, so calm, calm, calm. So the other couples start getting engaged. Carlton proposes to diamond.

The only interracial couple on the show is Lauren and cameras all these years. The diamond and Carlton propose. It’s been six days. Then. I think, Dan Kelly, and Kenny, okay, get engaged, I think. And then Damien and Gigi do then Damien and Gigi and then the There’s the Barnett.

Jessica, Mark. Okay. Gotta go Rachel.

See? So you What are your notes saying about this stuff? Like what do you got in here?

Literally? Is it the second? I think it was the second episode when so now Cameron and Lauren have gotten engaged. they’ve met each other. And I think they go back. So now all the women are still no,

it seems like they leave. Oh, maybe you’re right. Maybe No, because it seemed like they left and got to go to Mexico. Okay, I’m wrong, though. I don’t know.

Well, but the women do talk amongst each other.

Oh, yeah, they’re definitely talking with each other.

So Barnett was and you can you can again, obviously, they edit a certain way and they knew that this was going to play out somebody they edited specifically, but Barnett was, I would say not disingenuous, but he’s one of those people that really almost doesn’t know what he wants himself, right. Like I would have been like yo Barnett, get to like, know what you want and be real honest with what you want and then be honest with these women. On these dates about what it is that you’re looking for in a relationship partner, and I don’t think he knew that and so by not knowing that he was almost like, aloof, and he was kind of like, like cute and kind of whatever. So there was multiple women that kind of were into him, and they’d go back and be like, Oh, I like Barnett. And like, Oh, I like Karina, too. And so one of them was Amber. They ultimately did not end up with but he and I remember we watched it, it he didn’t say like, oh, I’ll definitely marry you. But he was talking in a way but he did say the words like yeah, you know, I could see myself proposing you to tomorrow. And he was saying it I think in a way to mean like, you’re on my list like I could be kind of into you like you’re one of my possible days. But I understand how amber could take it as Oh, he’s he’s down to ride for me. I’m the one right if I miss judge that

no, I think that that’s fair to say I I’ll say this, I felt like Barnett seemed to be a guy that I got. To me, he went into it with a very like, I’m gonna just see how I like everybody. Yeah, versus it seemed like everybody else was like, whoever I feel the best connection with I’m gonna stick with them.

Well in a short period of time, it’s a little strange that he tried to play the field. You’ve got like six days in four hours I wouldn’t say play the field but he was a little bit non committal to everybody. But so the the Best Worst part ever goes right afterwards even having these conversations with Matt, who she met Matt was at Mark, Mark, and Amber and Mark ultimately get engaged and leave and meet each other. But she had been talking about Jessica

Emmer. I’m sorry, why am I saying amber? Amber the one that’s

okay, I got it wrong. So Jessica Barnett tells Jessica, I could marry you tomorrow. Bla bla bla, bla, bla, and Jessica things like Oh, he’s down to ride. So she immediately goes on her next date with Mark and kinda but up till this point Mark has been All in on Jessica all as

he did the other the thing everybody I think everybody else did. He did the I felt a connection with her. It’s been the first time I talked to her, I was into it, and I kept pushing for it.

Yeah. And so but Jessica had this hang up about their age difference that, you know, and again, maybe they edit it a certain way. She certainly gave them a lot of opportunities to edit her commenting about their age difference, because she said it a lot a lot. But so he walks into their date. And she basically tells him that she thinks she’s gonna be with Barnett, right? Like, they’re not gonna be together. He literally says, Well, what the fuck? The way like that sound bite should be just like a gift. He’s like, well, what the fuck? He was literally just stunned and somehow over the next I don’t know if it was that date. Again. The editing got a little confusing. I think he was like, What the fuck that date ended. She goes back to the pod with the women and learns more ends up talking back with Barnett and Barnett’s like Nah, that’s not how I meant it and she runs back to mark like okay, You know you’re my all Saran but like really you know, let’s do this and but in the the what the fuck episode he literally says her sake but we’re on the same page. And her response was huh? He repeats it. We’re on the same page. Sure. Huh? Sure. So there was like for me that relationship had a ton of red flags. But yeah, that Jessica mark and Barnett and Amber love triangle, and it really was Jessica, who had you know, Barnett, I think made the like, aloof, like, Oh, I could propose to you tomorrow. But Jessica Really? Wouldn’t I go with that and it ended up being really ugly all the way to the reunion literally agree.

Okay, we’ll keep going. So the second episode is everybody besides Lauren and Cameron, who have already proposed to getting their proposals down? Um, yeah, so as soon as

as soon as Barnett’s like yeah, I don’t feel that way about you. I I’m not I’m not I’m not down she goes back to mark and it’s like baby baby baby oh

my god she said the word babe like nine times baby but they never said babe up until she said babe like 3011 times

literally but babe we’re on the same page but Mark falls for it. Oh yeah you know whatever.

And I don’t know if this was it at this point but I made on my note that I listened to the john Please forgive me. I’m going to be trash right now all people to trash and I won’t be trashed right now. I felt like amber was a whole scam her little underneath her name was x tank mechanic. I’m not trying to like throw shade. I know it was military. But like x, x like

that’s what it should have said unemploy It’s fine. No tea, no shade. You can be unemployed. I don’t have a job. But uh, yeah, so it should have just said unemployed like, I think

I think it was maybe a few episodes later, but like, She’s like, I’ve got really bad credit. I’ve got $20,000 and so for credit card debt, it was

20,000. But it really was my God. I spent it with 700

Oh, it was 20,000 college debt. Yeah, this you didn’t graduate and again, I’m not trying to be shady.

But she was our whole store.

Anyway, it was me being trashed. But that was I felt like amber was like, like, you know,

what am I gonna man what was weird too Is it was that one guy Rory, who was there? They never showed up on a date. All they showed him doing was like, date whispering all the guys. Like she showed him like, hey, follow your heart. Do give us a play. Oh, I don’t know what he was. But it’s just weird. He seemed like a therapist. That’s how he talked them all into doing whatever they get.

Nick and Jessica needed marriages to happen so they put in a psychotherapist like

yeah, so that was Episode Two. Episode Three is titled first night together. It’s been nine days. And they have 29 days so their weddings at this point so they’re under 30 days for the wedding. Janina accepts Damien’s proposal by proposing to him.

Yeah, I kind of I was I was here for that. Oh my god, I guess whatever. I liked Gianni is it Gian Nina? Giannino a genie nakara Gigi? I liked her and I thought that she got a bad rap with Damien but gone.

Ah, then mark proposes to Jessica.

Oh mark,

literally he has to say hello.

And she like burst into tears and runs into the corner and hides your face and is silent for the longest time he’s like Hello, not the not how you wanted to go sir.

Then we have Barnett picking between amber and LC. Poor LC he breaks her heart. Yeah, she was that part. I felt like that was the most devastating like Don’t know moment for me was watching her really be like why am I so lovable because she knew he wasn’t just picking not picking her like he was picking somebody else right so it was I felt bad for her and then this gamma amber amber this scammer

is this is the episode when he asked her how many days a week do you typically work and she got like indignant. I you know, she said, I don’t work to live I lived you know,

I don’t work to live, however that I don’t live to work. No, I don’t work to live I live to work, how

many whatever how many days of work do you typically as many as I want to?

Okay amber Haile larious. So

so then daytime, so final day in the pods.

They have their whole thing. Everybody’s there. And they get to be told they’re going to Cancun to spend some time together and get to know each other better or the engaged couple. So we’ve got Cameron and Lauren diamond and Carlton Carlton has revealed at this point to the audience that he’s bisexual, but he does not want to tell diamond this he is afraid that she’s going to judge him and reject Him. And so he’s going to keep it close to the vest and apparently reveal it at some later date to be determined.

Now, I immediately thought this was a problem.

Me, I mean, you and I have

a problem, just for the simple fact that the whole point of the experiment is to be your vulnerable full self in the beginning. Yeah, like that’s the core kind of tenant of it was that you’re supposed to be this idea of these pods was supposed to strip away everything and it was supposed to be the bare like real Yeah, yeah. So I felt like you know, to me it was like if you know, you’re holding back a piece of yourself and all in every interaction you have, how

how truthful is your connection?

And how truth was your connection but like you said, the Nick and Jessica, are on jet. What’s next was Wife, Vanessa, Vanessa, Nick and Vanessa came out and said, Well, now you’ve had this experiment and the pods where you’ve made an emotional connection. Now you’re going to go away and have some time to make a physical and then you’re going to live together and see if you can make a life together, we’re gonna put you in like apartment. So there’s this whole like process to it. And, again, if the process is laid out in this way, with the intent of having you be really clear and know who you’re getting into relationship with, something of that magnitude, I think was very unfair to diamond to not have shared that and then proposed, I just think, and then it played out really not well, when he did try to breach it with her, because he’d set her up poorly for it, I think.

I’m sorry. I’m coughing and sorry to everybody about my voice. I’ve been sick this week.

And hoping that virus, so all right, so um, yeah, so thanks. Go to this island and it’s their first night together physically there get to I mean not that they’re expected to have sex or anything like that but just that there’s a first night they’re able to actually like be together

there were some GG jump Damien God knows

like it’s been 135 days my dude go okay let’s go. or dry spells and in Carlton and diamonds first night is terrible.

And then really she the next day she kind of like when the whole thing comes to head. She asks

she can go to the next day because we’ll start the first because she keeps being like, wow, your your why is our energy. Yeah, I feel the same as I did in the past, like what’s going on? I really care about you. What’s wrong? That’s basically how she puts it. I can tell something’s wrong. I know you well enough to know something’s wrong, what’s wrong?

And he will I mean, I can imagine that being something weighing heavy on you and impacting your ability to engage, interact, and it being Easily perceived by the audience and the person with you right there. Yeah.

Lauren and Cameron are so freakin cute. She, well, we didn’t even talk about she was like afraid about kissing him because she has full lips. Yeah, she was like what am i lips while his lips like how’s it gonna work she’s like, but it worked out fine. He’s a good kisser and we fit together fine. I thought those moments were so cute. Just her being so like, I’ve never dated a white dude before and these are the things that I would worry about or be concerned about. She was like, curious about his chest hair. She was she was

weird. She was worried about waking up with her bonnet The next morning, he’s

worried about what he would think about her bond and like all of the things

and so so cute. will talk about the couples in their physicality. I don’t know for certain, but I get the impression that they did not have sex that first night.

Oh, no, they had sex the first night.

I well. No, you’re right, Lauren said, right. But Cameron was like, Listen, it’s whatever you need to your.

I mean, I think all the guys were like that by Cameron would not tell them The other guy that they had sex, yeah, even to the camera. He’s like that was between me and Lauren don’t say anything. And Lauren was like, we got down like she She’s so funny. She was very forthcoming about the info and Cameron was like, I’m a gentleman. Like, I’m not gonna talk about my wife like that. Like he was very like, you know, whatever. So that’s that’s that that I thought was really interesting. So who the other couple is Mark and Jessica? Jessica is like not feeling physically nothing. She doesn’t like him at all. She keeps

talking about how he’s not her type. Yeah, like everyone met like, Oh, you’re so beautiful. She’s like, I’m normally attracted to like a bigger guy. Like a different kind of guy. But I think I can make this work. Oh,

that sounds great. Yay. Gary. Very positive. So then barn and Amber are like bunnies.

Oh, yeah. She literally

all over each other. And then Kenny and Kelly they just like makeup. And I think

he wasn’t the virgin Rory was right.

There were no vergence I got engaged, okay. But they did not. They did not have sex Kelly was very, like, I want to take it slow. I don’t want to bring this physical stuff in here until we’re ready.

Which, in hindsight, in hindsight, should have been a red flag. Yeah. Kelly, not to Kenny but to you and I, as we were watching the show, like, oh, is she even attractive? I’m not sure not to be clear. I think I need a cue, dude. I look. I thought

she was actually she was kind of marrying up a little bit in that department. But that’s just me.

I thought her when we get to it,

her explanation at the end, I thought it kind of made sense. You know, it fit with what you were seeing. And and obviously, in hindsight, made even more sense. But so back to, I guess, what was the end of that episode?

So at the end of the episode is when Carlton, finally diamond confronts him and is like, what’s happening? Why What’s going on? Why is that? Why are things feeling He’s like, why haven’t been fully truthful with you and share what’s going on like, tell me, like rubbing his back. And he says, I have been with men in the past and says that he purposely hid this while dating the pause because he was afraid that she was going to reject Him. In my opinion, she’s very like, Okay, this is a lot to take in. Why wouldn’t you have been honest with me up front? I just need some time to process. I’m quoting her here. Yeah, literally quoting her. And it was that flat. She wasn’t even like crying or upset or anything. She literally just like, wow, this is a lot to take in. I feel like this was a big thing to not tell me. I need some time to process he literally freaks out. takes his hat throws it says fuck it, like all this shit. When she doesn’t like immediately, like I guess accept whatever he was telling her like,

yeah. And so I want to be really clear. I’m you know, I don’t identify as LGBT. I’m not I hope anything I say is not in any way framed by like, by phobia and hate that but i

I just don’t think he

did a really good job of presenting that information in a way that would allow her to process it and even in the in not doing a very good job by by proposing and then wading into doing it and then being kind of like solid and Moody, and then why are you and then sort of like, you know, doing that, and then in almost a little bit like, became like a little bit like the victim in some way. But so the, the way that he presented it to her didn’t give her a really good opportunity, but I still think she did, as best as she could. And she like you said, she was like, Hey, I just need to process you wrote this back. But I made it my note, like all the couples generally and I and that might be a new relationship versus you and I’ve been together for many, many years. But not a lot of the couples gave each other much room to have a response to many things, you know, is like this happened or I have this thing. I said this thing or whatever you’re hearing, and there was a reaction right away rather than allowing that person to have the space to process that. Yeah.

And I think also like, this is a person that you’re potentially going to be marrying in forms, right? So I think from diamonds perspective was like, Well, can I trust him in the context of not that it was a problem with, he said to her, but that he, he admitted he purposely hid it from her. He didn’t tell her because he was afraid. And so she, from my perspective, and folks can watch the show and have their own but from my perspective, she went into the conversation very open. She’s like, I just want to express why I was having trouble or what was upsetting to me, because I feel like you didn’t share your full self with me. And that’s upsetting because I thought we had a closer relationship and that I thought we were building from a more stable foundation. Yeah. Cloughton. Like literally, gaslights, her right in front of us.

Yeah. And that was the other thing I said. I said, quasi playing the victim, but that is kind of What he kind of did he kind of gasped later a little bit. And then the next episode it got infinitely worse.

Yeah, well, the next episode


they go to bed, they sleep separately separately, they sleep on it. And again, I think the next day they’re at the pool. And she didn’t come down and say, No, I’m not going to be with you. I reject you. None of those words came out he literally

even before she went out dinner, she was like, I think we go work through this. I just think it’s like something we need to discuss. We should talk about it, like walk through it.

So I think she didn’t she asked for like space to like, like, Hey, listen, I need to process this. Literally. It’s what she was.

That’s what she said the night before. And then the next morning, she’s like, we need to have a conversation. I really care about him. I think we can get past this. It’s just I just need to tell him why I was feeling the way that I was feeling like that I was not that somebody that I loved was not being honest with me.

That’s how he framed it and I very light and correct me if I’m wrong. Didn’t he still position herself Having the right response to him the night before?

Yeah, because he was like, oh, first you were rubbing my back and then you were, you know, whatever. I don’t know, he was just very judgy about like just her asking for some space to like, process everything he was telling her in the moment. And I don’t. Here’s the thing. I will say that probably yes, there was some hesitancy on her part because of what information he was sharing with her. But again, from my from what she said and how she was reacting, it was very much like, Oh, damn, I’m disappointed this person I feel wasn’t honest with me and that’s hurtful. That’s how she was expressing herself. And that’s how she was talking to him. He like literally lost his shit.

Yeah, so I mean, we’re literally

to the point of he literally said to her, this is why I don’t fuck with bitches like you, like skirt. I mean later you can like the record scratched on the on the show. And she was like, oh, now I’m a bitch now to my face. Oh, you won’t call me bishan my face. All right. And she left.

Yeah, you know, and then even, there’s not a whole

lot of muscles, her hair. I mean, it was really Oh, that was

it was real man. He starts talking about her hair and just like, yeah, it’s trying to read her in an inappropriate way. And like I said he, in my opinion, and again, I apologize. I don’t think this is framed by any inappropriate ness or phobia on my part, we just didn’t do a really good job of, you know, he knew this was information that was important to him. And he there was an IT.

It was clear to him holding the information back was affecting how he was reacting, how he was behaving with her.

Yeah, you could,

he was like, Oh, I’m uncomfortable because I know I have this huge thing looming and I’m worried about it. So he wasn’t even able to really be present. That’s what she noticed. She was like, talk to me like what’s going on? I can tell something’s bothering me what’s going on. Like that was the how the conversation initially start with her. Her actually pushing him like know you well enough to know something? Something’s happening? What’s happening talk to me. Yeah, anyways, um, but yeah, call on

a black woman a bitch and then installs in your hair. Yeah, he’s done,

then they all find out that they’re all staying at the same resort together. Which was really interesting because as we had mentioned, Jessica really liked Barnett. He chose Amber. And then we have mark and then all

having dinner together. Yeah,

they’re all just out there having some drinks and their cozy little time.

Yeah. Mm hmm. And so around, they were giving us other doses of couples. And I think I said to you, and again, forgive me if this is I’ll be honest, this is like one of the trashiest episodes I’ve ever had about my behavior. But I kind of don’t like that Damien looked like an abusive person and some of the behavior he was doing felt like he could be abusive. And I really felt that they did not fight well together. Gigi and Damien and this again, he would I want to say like, fight unfairly but he would throw things at her that was just like what? And a little bit gaslighting or and at one point they not only was the third episode be the fourth, they they put some roses he put roses on the floor and had them have a date with a wall between them. I’m like, Oh, you guys actually get along better with a frickin wall between

you several of them did that which is interesting kind of going back to their start, but even it was like two weeks before this so whenever good Yeah, get back to your roots whenever. And

then all the little tidbits we got with Damien and Gigi fighting. Like, I don’t know if it was this episode or later, but she’s like, yeah, that good bed? No, yeah,

right after that. That was when Um, no, you’re going to forehead and that’s when they’re in the apartments. We’re still in Mexico. Jessica throws at mark that she is physically attracted

to by that. You know, you want to talk about red flags. She’s you know, hello, Ron. Ron, do you want to marry me Hello, and then all the the stuff she did but when she weaponized that I’m a attracted to this other man in Mexico as like an insult to her fiance and then blamed it on the alcohol. I was just like,

yeah, ugly, ugly then but then Gina and Damien do have a fight because he’s like, What are you thinking about? It turns out that he didn’t he quit his job basically going to show and he’s upset about that or worried about, like not being able to take care of her. Interestingly enough, her titles just said business owner, which I don’t know what that means, but oh, you girl. I see you do I mean, business? Hmm. As soon as Jessica and Mark Joyner weird through a group date at the hotel bar. Now, I want to mention at this point, so now, Diamond and Carlton have left this date thing that they have. Lauren and Cameron are not even there. They literally don’t even they don’t even show up there. What

is that? in the room getting to know each other.

It’s very interesting. They don’t even show them and even in any scenes where all of them are together. They’re just kind of like Huh,

this getting to know each other over there like, huh? Listen is in love as they clearly are. And you had that pod experience and then they sent you to Cancun you’d be all loved up in your room all together Do you wouldn’t be on no group as days. I guess it’s very interesting.

Jessica had taken her ring off that morning because she wasn’t sure about mark and she decides to literally flirt with Barnett right in front of not in front of everybody but like in the space like, pose them to the side. How are things going? You know, if anything doesn’t work out, like you can always get in touch with me literally. I was horrible. So and I’m gonna be Nick and Nick and Vanessa Shea here. So they have formed an emotional bond in the pod and now they formed a physical bond in Mexico. Now it’s time for them to cohabitate and see what it’s like in the real world. So they leave Mexico and they Had back to Atlanta where they all live and are moving into the same apartment complex all together, but different apartments to see if they can cohabitate. Funnily enough Kelly is actually going to San Diego for work for two days, which, I guess nobody told Damien that was an option but whatever.

We’ll leave that to the side or whatever.

And I Damien I think it said manager and it was probably like a retail or restaurant where like leaving for weeks on end is probably you know,

yeah. The biggest, I would say argument that Cameron and Lauren had was over this toothbrush thing. Yeah. Where he was like, why would use the same toothbrush as you and she was like, that’s nasty. You’re gross. Why would No, that’s not good. Yeah. Jessica have put her ring back on at this point, even though she’s completely in denial. And she really wants to be with Barnett. But whatever. And Lauren makes a comment about how if they get married, how wonderful was there gonna have together? I remember that being just kind of like ooh, she said, If ladies And also it’s very clear that Lauren is I felt when they moved in together, that was where I felt her be the most hesitant. She seems very independent.

She then she said that she had her own

party also, which I did not know older than Cameron. So Lauren is 32 Cameron’s 28, which isn’t a huge age difference in numbers, but I feel like a 32 year old single woman, like that’s a lot of time, from 18 to 32 year, single living and the fact that she’s a content creator matters because she does that from her home, right.

So she’s used to having her space.

I think she’s actually had like two series boyfriends before that are both long distance relationship. So even in the relationship she’s had, they were two years each or whatever, somebody wasn’t in her business. She just had her own space. And so I think like it was clear like that was where things got a little touchy for them. But you know, Cameron made it all good. He made sure he took care of her. Whatever. All right, so now they’re back in their own places. Jessica, scamp can’t stop talking about how young mark is and she’s so young, because they get to go see their individual homes at this point. Now this is another thing I thought of like they had to pick people only from Atlanta. Yeah. And the pods were in Atlanta. So they were in Atlanta again, coming back to Atlanta. So now they get to go see each other’s dwellings and what they live like, you know, Mark basically lives with his best friend. He has a roommate and roommates girlfriend, who did his laundry while he was gone. There was a beanbag in his in his house like brown sheets. It wasn’t a good look. Jessica, you know, she mentioned she has this really nice house and a dog and Peach Tree Hill or whatever the fuck. Amber and Barnett are very interesting, because this is when they have the conversation about the money and she’s like, I’m broke bitch.

I don’t know what tell you in finance

Do you normally work?

Like oh, also Jessica fees wind to her own dog out of her glass and drenched disgusting.

Um, and you know there’s a red flag with Damien and Gigi when his parents refused to meet her.

That doesn’t happen yet.

Why keep jumping ahead. rather live in apartment or my parents.

They don’t talk about parents yet. That’s like the next episode. So you jumping.

Geez, I’m getting to that I’m getting to it. They throw this little cute like, Amorth, those little birthday bash for Barnett with all of the different people there. It’s cute. Jessica wants to revisit how he was confused. I get his birthday party that his fiance’s throwing him and with her fiance in the room. She goes back again. This whole Hmm, it’s really terrible. Um, damia says something So Lauren, and there’s an awkward pause. I don’t remember what it was he said to her, but it was something like really weird and Lauren was like, okay, you’re weird. super awkward. And Jen Nina’s like, oh, why be so weird? Why do you say that to her? She kind of like walked off and then Damien got all upset.

He is weird though. I felt he was weird. Yeah, generally just generally. Very, like, refusing to show emotion and be emotional. Very just I don’t know. Anyway,

yeah. So we move on to the next episode meet up. Oh, we forgot to mention that. Cameron. Lauren’s house is super cute. She got her little spa her little apartment where her little her little studio where she does her content creation everything said although company it’s just so cute. Very her very black girl magic. I love it. This do Cameron.

Walk out a two bedroom, a two bedroom,

two bedroom, three bedroom house big ass house with just his assets. owns it he’s like yeah she’s like so you only move in here he’s like yeah

I think he was only dude at this stage that owned a home

look come up no right now oh no and he was worried This is funny cuz it comes up in the next episode Meet the Parents he was like worried that his house was gonna be nice enough and then he goes to me Jessica trash white trash as parents and he’s like oh I don’t know what I was worried about she trashy

as hell yes yeah, that was a come up for her a little bit.

Yeah, she’s a scam artist listen them to were made for each other but she’s a scammer. Okay.

x check mechanic x take

on employed so everything is moving forward and they’re like going to go to meet the parents. Damien’s parents refused refused to meet Gina because they don’t want to meet some horror from a reality show. Bitch


Huh? And you’re gonna accuse me jumping ahead, but I swear this is the episode where they had the fight about sex and she says, you know how you tell me I’m the best sex you’ve ever had? You know, I don’t say that back right. You know, I don’t have I don’t say that back to you. And he’s just like awkwardly pauses and then they do the little. What do you call it? The director camera interviews, the confessional style stuff. Yeah. And Gina says, I gotta get my notes because it was a quote. She wants to know how much work Am I willing to do for love? His parents don’t want to meet me. I’m gonna have to teach him how to touch me. Like touch me here. No, it’s like he so that’s

a lot for love camera didn’t have them problems just saying. I’m so Lauren’s mom,

Lauren even say she was pleasantly surprised by that. She’s like she was.

She was surprised by the size of whatever. The package but yeah, so they go to me Cameron’s Mom, I mean to meet Lauren’s mom and Cameron raps in front of his mom because they’re start talking and she’s like, I heard you were in a rap group and college. He’s like, Yeah, like I didn’t want to talk about it but you know, we used to do a little thongs back in the day, or whatever. And so he’s spitting no rap.

They’re like rap like now

rap right now. Do it for my

mom. He like freestyle

at bars. I was like, it was very cute. I was cute, super endearing, and super white boy rappy. And if somebody finds his mixtape or CD or whatever your SoundCloud is gotta be out here somewhere. I heard he rapped on sway the morning this morning. I’m gonna try and find

that later. But so now they’re they’re meeting Lauren’s mother and technically her stepfather

know our mothers know, just the mother every single

sheet. Okay? So they’re talking about her father, Papa speed, and giving Cameron that like, Hey, he’s gonna, you know, he’s gonna question you. He’s gonna come correct about his daughter. And purposely did I actually thought it was really kind of sweet. And he said, what kind of life would you give my daughter and he actually was concerned like, Hey, you know, she’s been Black you’re white. You know if you have kids they’re gonna be black like, you know are you prepared for that? And how are you what kind of life you’re going to get my daughter and I thought cameras answer was was really endearing. He said I want to see equals, and I want to make her as happy as possible. I was like, Wow, that’s pretty sweet. He definitely want over Papa speed.

I’m sorry. I’m coughing something he pausing or muting my mic? Yeah, Papa. He was very like, just hard to please one. He did not want his daughter his only daughter his baby girl. Daddy’s a white dude. Yeah, number one. Number two. Obviously, this is like you just met him like you’re getting married in three weeks. Like what the hell’s happening? It was a lot. But I thought Cameron handled it really well. He was very like, I just want to make your daughter happy. I know we need to work on our relationship with you and I but I’m here to do that.

Yeah, he really started by when he met him goes, I know you don’t know me. I want to I want to spend time with you and put your mind at ease.

Yeah, whatever I can do to put your mind at ease. Like really like plated good. It was very cute. And then Papa speed asks,

you know, why didn’t you ask my blessing and obviously the situation didn’t permit it. And I love that Lauren is as soon as he asked that Lauren’s like,

I’m gonna step outside. I’m gonna start my day. I’m gonna let y’all handle this. I’ll be right back.

And he’s like, Listen, I would have loved to ask your blessing. But that wasn’t possible. We didn’t have phones or communication with the outside world. But so Papa ends it with I’ll judge you by nothing other than how you treat her and I thought that was really that was good really respectful and the best that Cameron could have hoped for from Papa speed for his only daughter. And then camera started with I want to put your mind at ease and ended with I hope to work so that you’ll love me someday. Like literally come on Cameron. Love me someday and love me. And then when they did the reunion, I’m gonna skip ahead Papa speed was at home watching the house and the dog.

We’ll get to that too. So, yeah, so um, they don’t show Cameras family meeting Lauren. But that did happen because we see them at the wedding later. And I also know because I’ve been stalking their Instagram timelines, and every interview that they’ve done since end of the show, between me and Tracy, shout out to you again, Tracy.

You know, and go back to this anyway, so this episode, the little interviews Jessica’s interview, she’s mad that everyone is accusing her of still liking Barnett and in her interview, she said like something verbatim too. How can you all think that I like Barnett? I’m done with Barnett. Mark is the right relationship for me. It’s just hard for me to accept that. Yeah, it’s hard for me. Yeah. You shouldn’t have to accept that. That’s not how love works. I’m sorry. If that’s what you think love is I? My My heart feels for you. That you think you have to accept love? Yeah,

it’s really ridiculous. So Damien and Jamie and I have another fight. They’re like yelling at each other. It’s pretty much a mess. They have a lot of fights. I realized that and

their fights are just like I said, they’re not. They’re just not good. Like he He will get angry and then stop talking. He just Yeah, I just I didn’t like it.

Yeah, uh, we didn’t talk about it but Kelly and Kenny still have not slept together. Nope. And she says because she has struggled struggle having orgasms in her past relationships and she didn’t want him to be uncomfortable a Kenny’s like what the fuck is happening? Now? His face was like, I don’t want to have this conversation. I don’t doesn’t make me feel confident that he’s gonna be able to do it. Okay, here we go. Fast forward. episode nine bachelor and bachelorette parties wedding planning. Twist. None of Jessica’s friends give a shit about the age difference because it absolutely doesn’t matter even though she’s been harping on it since the day of everything. If

someone went back and was a tabulate in the nine hours of content, I’m not exaggerating, she must have mentioned their age difference 20 times.

So they also were Reveal Jessica says that she had Mark had been having sex for the first time not that they had sex for the first time but this is the first time the audience knows it. Yeah, it’s very good apparently so about I guess whatever her physical issues with him have disappeared and so not only Kelly and Kenny are not getting it on. Now we’re heading to like one day before this wedding. They went got the dresses, try the dresses on Jessica literally has a freak out in the store. Yeah, get the thing off me. Ah, like, Carrie fuckin was her name from cyclicity like, I can’t wear it. I’m breaking out like that. Very dramatic.

there’s a there’s a confessional where amber says, You know, I haven’t been to a day of work since the experiment. I’m just 100% focused on the wedding cut to an interview or a director camera with a bar that I don’t know what she does. I don’t know what she does all day.

What do you do today? She drank a bottle of wine, quote unquote, literally.

She came all the way up. Um, it must be real good. It is real good.

The women’s bachelorette parties mad while they have like a stripper all this stuff, all the stuff Jessica is a quote Mexico that’s me quoting Lauren, which I love Lauren our comments about all the other girls are so great because her shit was so tight with Cameron that she was just like, hmm, that girl a mess. Oh Jessica is a mess like she was so drunk went over sloppily to Amber. I wouldn’t go after your dude dad that terrible

the dude’s bachelor party was much more subdued.

They had like a crew to 10 shit.

It was like very classy. I feel like Cameron refused to have a stripper. Very possible dead ass. I really he was like, Yeah, well, we’re not gonna have no strippers on me. Because I can’t do that to my girl because I’m not gonna see that she’s not gonna see that on TV. Not not for me. I’m trying to be married. So we can’t have that I’m already working on her and I can’t

remember but again, Damien and Gigi. His fights were so weird. At one point he complained that she said God damn.

Hmm like like for reals he do all the time that like, Oh damn, I can’t say damn no damn is fine. But God damn you can’t say

you say capitalism. Her parents came all the way from Venezuela. She’s Venezuelan came all the way from Venezuela to see you know, she she made up us and they had a whole thing but Jamie’s parents so wouldn’t meet him meet wouldn’t meet her which is really? Yeah and flags red flags all over the place. Then they have kind of like each other couples have a little like, pre wedding. Like a baby mama like a wedding moon I guess. Like a little date. Yeah. Cameras was the best. He took Lauren to a tree house in the woods that he Lorena FIDE made a very like cozy. He’s from Maine. So he likes the outdoors. She is city girl. I said she’s from Detroit, even though they both live in Atlanta. And so it was really cute. I thought but to me this was the most difficult moment with the two of them that they showed. He really wanted some assurance from her that she was gonna say yes,

yeah, he really did.

He was like, have you made a decision? Like, are you gonna marry me or not tomorrow? And she was like,

let’s let the audience know if you’re not gonna watch it, the premise was there, they’re getting married and they’re gonna go to the altar, but they really aren’t going to get married until they both say I do and one of them may or may not so Kevin’s like listen I’m I’m doing

this whole time he’s been like love you I get it you don’t nervous but I’m in it. I’m saying I do like we are

you my person there was there was nothing that was gonna prevent him from saying I did earlier and and I love and respect Lauren not that she was trying to hurt him or make him do anything different. She was like I’m This is the experiment is to go to this time at this altar and have made the decision and I’m going Take every second of time to make sure it’s the right decision. And I really have to respect that.

Yeah, I think it was and she was at her in her confessional. She kept saying like, I really have this whole time and putting my heart first and ignoring this little like, what are you doing Lauren? I’m doing her now. What are you doing Lauren? Why are you doing this? You’re crazy. You hit this very this guy. You just met him. So and that’s why I go back to what I said before about them that that particular couple I felt like they they have all of them really. were like, I want to test this theory.

Yeah. Yeah. That I could find somebody without me without seeing that and find the right Do you remember what you said when they were in the tree house and Lauren didn’t give the assurances? What did I say? Like if she shows up tomorrow and says that she doesn’t I feel like Cameron’s gonna pull out the PowerPoint with like, 23 slides. Oh,

yeah. I said, Cameron is gonna have an entire like presentation.

He’ll be like, cool. You don’t wanna get married today. Press pause everybody. thought everybody

Here’s what we’re gonna do I got a whole we got to get the dog here. We got to move in here me and Papa spirit go go on a vacation here like literally I felt like he had contingency plans to make sure this one was gonna be his I could just tell but I guess he was nervous and vulnerable but also I think his plan from the get go was to be be assuring and reassuring when she was faltering Yeah, he that was his mindset which is like I’m gonna always be clear the rock. I’m here Sherman this even when you’re I’ma still be

almost as if to give her the opportunity today. Yeah,

oh that way. And

like I said, I don’t think everyone did a really I think most of the couples when they did fight, a lot of times it was not allowing the other person to just have a response to just being Hey, they’re human, and they’re allowed to have a response and that’s now you know, let’s not react. Let’s reflect and then you No afterwards, but no he was her rock so that she could have that space. So let’s go through all of the marriages one by one who was first Kelly and Kenny.

No first was Jia Nina and

Damian Dini. Whoo. Fucking a man I about died. Justice. You asked me what I thought was gonna happen. I was like, okay, they’re both. They’re both going to say, yes. But I actually said, Gee, Anita is going to be a 5050. So they I don’t know, if the producers knew. But it did seem like they asked the person that was going to say Yes, for sure. First, every time. And so they asked Janine and she’s like, Yes, I do. I will marry you. And they go to fucking Damien. And he starts crying. Then the water start and I was like, oh my god. This this fucking this. This dude’s gonna fucking do it. He’s gonna say no. And he did. He said, I don’t. And I don’t say a broker. She literally did the like he said the Sex in the City, took her fucking shoes off and ran out into the street barefoot. Like sprinting, stop filming me turning This camera off I want to get out of here. I felt so bad so I’m

gonna see if people can hear this. I’m gonna see if I can.

Yeah, this is this is you watching the video?

Yeah, I really like her. I just don’t like the way to

celebrate and

delight in the marriage between Jimena and Damien.

Stand together in the presence of family and friends and God who decide

not to

face like they mean give it to him as like two minutes left.

You can now share your thoughts, your thoughts, I always dream, my own

voice and how in the world

I thought she’d go through with it I could tell

and that was the weirdest thing his gift was himself like sir

I took the ball off and put it on my finger my gift to you is me. My thing hi yourself.

I heard her voice and he is like a low rent version of that Damien that’s on those TV shows billions and stuff. Oh yeah. Looks like a fake Damien. That

guy. redheads on the show.

redheads name is

Connie Palmer.

I got my first move on Twitter yesterday.

Maybe I don’t know I don’t remember. You fell in love with who Angel you are on the air. aside and you decided to get married before ever seen one another. Now is the time to the side is love is fun.

Good enough, lady.

Do you take Mark painting power? Does it mean Jamie I mean named

Mark together in the holy

estate of matrimony. Will you love him? comfort him and keep him Did you

ever miss?

I promise to give you

when you least want it because it’s funny.

And I’ll plant hisses about trust and confidence within.

Because so

how do you take

Shanina? Lady, Rebel

to be your lawful wedded wife

to live? He says

on this I’ll

shift my pants. I’ll die. I feel horrible for her. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe it’s like a blessing in disguise. But he gets on this one. I’ll be shocked. This shit is true.

A lot of emotion

we got right now. Yeah.

Join me Hard

I’ll really be shocked to see it if he says no.

Damian powers

his name Damian powers. You really do not want to be

weird if he says no But should we dodged a bullet I feel like of matrimony.

Will you love her? How hard her honor and

Gaslight her?

Horrible Why are we watching this train wreck?

Walk away

gonna play your reaction cuz it was so funny. Again I have watched it already so I was like, oh, trying to be like super like I don’t want to give stuff away. I did give away my warning camera but I was like,

You know what though? You should feel me more often I’m fucking hilarious you

I’m kidding of course but that was really

funny I filmed you reacting to every single wedding. Oh, maybe we’ll put that up some other

day. I don’t know. Like I get her vows and guess later again

yeah I was.

Yeah so in a shocking twist. Yeah.

Also yeah that’s what happened they they don’t They don’t get married. So let’s run through all the couples

who is next.

So after that, that we have

excuse me, then we have

amber and Matt. Okay, and that they both

knew that was it up,

you’re fucking nuts and they’re perfectly matching each other literally. Yeah, they’re weirdos and they are just exactly each other’s kind of weird. So when I said that, I was like, I can’t stand either of them, but they are definitely a good couple either were made for each other. Yep. Then they showed Kelly and Kenny. Now I’m going to tell you. This was the most shocking to me because I felt like there was no tension between them. They never fought. They weren’t sleeping together. But I didn’t think that was necessarily as bigger red flag as it is in hindsight. Yeah, it seemed like they really liked each other. They were saying I love you, their parents. Their parents got along like literally it was like a fucking family reunion. And that shit. But so both of their parents got engaged in married within three months of meeting each other. So they were very, like, open very like, wow, we were, we’re there for you, you know? So

he said yes. Kenny was like, Yeah, I do totally for it. He really loved her. And she said no. And I don’t know if it was here or if it was on the reunion one, but her commentary again, it made a lot of sense that she she said about Lauren saying, you know, my heart I was listening my heart but I really wasn’t getting my mind any sort of space to really processed this. And so Kelly was like, Hey, listen, my something’s not connected. This isn’t. I’m not feeling what I’m, I think I should be feeling at this moment. As I’m marrying this person. It doesn’t feel like it should. So I don’t I don’t want to go for it. It’s not fair to him. And it’s not fair to me to move forward, if I don’t really if I’m not 100% there and I I imagine that took quite a bit of courage I know that these reality shows have producers that are whispering in your ears and it’d be great if you have the marriage and you got to do this and so I you know, and I can’t imagine it was easy to do but good for her for at least being honest with herself and for him that she wasn’t in it 100%

Yeah, she definitely was not Yeah, she wasn’t into it. Then we see the train wreck that is Jessica and mark and

they both say I do and I really was like I didn’t say I do Oh, who I thought she

said I do Jessica’s like hell Nah. Now first of all this whole walked in there like she had no people with her side of it her side empty you had like one friend of hers like literally we never saw none of her family even to the um the dress fittings like Janina had her really good friends from high school. Lauren bra, our actual mother Kelly says,

she said I do and they broke up later.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Nobody said I do and broke up later. That didn’t happen. Okay. We had people that said I don’t and then stay together. But there are no people that said I do and broke up later. Okay. There were only two I two full I dues. There was three. No, there was not there were two to I’m

telling you go to the reaction, pull up the reaction of Jessica and he did it. She said no. Why did I say we even remember saying there was a 5050 it was like, I thought 5050 and three of them did get married.

No. Three of them did not get married. Only two of them got married. That’s it. I’m gonna argue with you. It’s just the fact okay. Jessica and Mark did not get married. We just watch the reunion. They did not get married. She said no. And he was devastated. They even showed him like sitting by himself at the end with his hand in his head. And

I know afterwards I said I thought that they said I do it. The first part.

What do you what first part

the actual like I thought that the To set I do and then broke up later I that’s what I thought no, they definitely didn’t go on.

They definitely did not so they did it the person I want to spend the rest of my life

with what are you playing? I’ve never seen her before. Here he will choose someone to

make up TV. Okay, well, they did not get married Jessica like fully broke that little dude’s heart I felt bad for him. His whole family was there and everything also they Loki she was racist because he’s Mexican. And I feel like

Didn’t she say something like he was not as Mexican looking as she expected

some shit like that. She said I she was terrible, honestly, the true villain of this show massacre, like, like Lauren said. Then we get to who I believe is the star of the show, Lauren and Cameron. And they go to camera first. He says I do. But actually they showed Lauren’s dad seeing her in her dress and everything was very emotional. Super, super cute. I feel like for me, that was the moment of like, Oh, I think she’s gonna say yes, because I don’t know, I just had a feeling that I just had a feeling that her dad showing up and being there was a signal about how serious she had made it seem to him. Hmm, the fact that her mother was at her dress fitting the fact that, you know, her friends she that she asked them to be in her bridal party they had brought, you know, they had bridesmaid dresses on nobody else had any of those things. No. So I felt like Lauren really was like, Nah, I all the elements that I want to my actual wedding, like I’m gonna put them here because if I say I do, this is it. I’m only gonna do this one time. So I when I saw that scene with her dad, I was like, Well, I think she’s gonna say yes, I really think she’s gonna say yes to Him. I knew cameras say yes. I wasn’t worried about that. Cuz he already knew he wanted jackpot. Like, quite frankly, like, let’s be clear.

Yeah, I could tell that Lauren wanted to

have, you know, have it be successful but wanted to make sure that it was like the right thing and do it on her terms and everything in all of their confessionals all like he was holding her hand like there was just way too much that signal they were intimately in love with one another and I had no doubt that she was gonna say yes,

yeah, absolutely. Um, so I think that so that so they go through the I do’s. Cameron says I do and then they get to Lauren and she also says it’s super cute. But my favorite moment I think of the entire season they walk we present to you for the first time Lauren and Cameron Hamilton and they walk down the aisle, all their families, they’re all the people are wiping their eyes and Cameron cried the minute that he saw her his lips started quivering, which I think I have you saying oh my god, those covering Whatever. I’m very reminiscent of our own. Quite frankly, and then, because you’re a crier, and

why you put my shit on blast like that

when I can’t.

Ball but I didn’t need a job.


call this episode crying as drew

we’ll do well, we’ll call it that the Prime Minister. So, um, so they walk off and so this is the first moment of I would say like intimacy after the I do’s and their wish and one

and one that’s not deliberately in front of a camera

not I mean, they’re just like pulling off kind of like come out. They’re like, Oh my God, we did it. And she’s like, we did it. We’re married. We did it. And he’s like we did do and he leaned into her and he said, I’m gonna take such good care of you and I literally melted on the spot. I was like, if there was a perfect thing to say in a moment like that. That was the thing to say yes. say like, I got you and she said, I know. You will. And I was like, Oh, that’s why she said yes. And that’s why she said

I do. Do you think of a normal, not normal, but think of a longer courtship? I shouldn’t say normal, but think of a longer traditional courtship. You would not be questioning if the person is going to take care of me, right? Like at the end of that, like, of course, they’re gonna take care of me. We’re getting married. So for him to really like, give like, he was waiting for her to say I do. He needed that at that tree house didn’t get it. He was so relieved. And he wanted to return it to her and be like, I got you. I’m going to take such good care. It was really beautiful. The two of them are super adorable. They’ve been all the Good Morning America. Today’s show all over the place being just fucking adorable on one of these red carpet stepping repeat things. Some I forget which white woman someone was talking to Lauren went to touch her hair.

Okay, so there was a cast party of the finale. So now it’s like, okay, I’ll go back. Now this they finished from a year and a half ago. 18 months? Yeah, while they’ve been married for 18 months. It’s so cute. Everyone’s like, are you living in Cameron’s house? And they both go, we’re living in our house

bitch. Listen,

listen. Okay, so that’s the first thing that I love. And I’ve heard them say it in multiple interviews. We’re like, stop calling my house is my wife. And even when they were after, so this is my husband, Cameron. He goes, this is my amazing wife, Lauren, and I bet you I would be willing to bet

cameras, the kind of guy that immediately went and sold half of that house and wrote the deed to her for a night.

She’s like, I’m gonna fight it. She’s talking about she got her stuff in there. And when they had visited the house, he was like, he said, he had that, you know, that the one of the extra bedrooms and was thinking it could be her studio, and she said, Oh, that could be for our kids. And he was so touched. He didn’t want to even let her see how much it affected him. And when he was doing his direct to camera, he was like, the fact I just thought it would be good to say it would be her studio. The fact that she’s even thinking that could be a child for our for our kids. Like I’m just I’m blown away like I just love it. So anyway, so this after wrap party, and Lauren is on her Facebook on her Instagram story and she’s like, here’s my here’s Jessica. Here’s Kelly, like just intrigued by this annoying ass little white girl. I don’t even know who she is. Probably works for Netflix, whatever. Lauren had a high bun. She had a big bottle her head, like top bun. And the girl was like, Oh my god, I love this bizarre little cinnamon bun. I wish I could just like eat it. As she’s touching. Lauren’s been Karen’s not even in the shop. He’s not even in the shot. All you see all of a sudden has him come around from wherever the fuck he was. He thought his whole touching his wife’s hair. He swoops in. He was like, Don’t touch her hair. And she’s like, she’s, I hear her start to say, I was just and he goes, I know your intentions. Were good. But don’t do that. Bitch. Let me tell you something about cam Ron Reed motherfucking Hamilton. Don’t touch his black wife’s hair. Okay. Don’t do It he will come for you from across the goddamn room he don’t even care if the cameras rolling yeah they said he looked at the camera and turned in his gun was like don’t don’t do that don’t talk that’s

that’s advanced white husband yes that’s like chapter

seven man

cuz you got to know a little bit about like I’m not going to use like the the kitchen or whatever but you need to know about a black woman’s hair and what you know and specifically ’s very long standing history of inappropriate touching of black women’s hair. And yeah,

yeah I mean we’ve had multiple moments here in midair man you caught this woman had hair I was like don’t Don’t touch her hair like don’t

do Oh my god, I love your hair. No, don’t

don’t do so anyways. Again, there was so much just for me seeing this, you know really beautiful interracial romance on television, or in loved and such as like really beautiful way and I mean she could have been loved and A beautiful way by any by by a black man by any man, I just thought it was beautiful the way that camera loved her and that she received it. And she talked about how it was hard for her to receive it. And it was she was really struggling with like giving up her independence and what does it mean to commit yourself to somebody and I just I really resonated with so much of that and I resonated with their love story and how much he loved her and I yeah, it just really like I said, it just felt like watching us. Yeah, 20 years ago, over a much longer period of time, but just, you know, coming to a beautiful realization that you know that we love each other so very much and that you would take care of me and yeah, it was just beautiful.

I wish everyone in the world would know love and relationship like that.

Yeah, me too.

Anyways, so this was a great show for the injuries

were long you went to the reunion.

and a half we said we’re gonna do this shit

that we can break it into. I get

the CHO network and break it into

four. So they have a reunion you know everybody’s ready to see what it’s like to say to this whole Jessica.

Oh, is that up there? Is that on YouTube? she called her for Phil.

I think that was like a clip you could

probably just call her a shady ass bitch like literally sheisty

sheisty because because amber is white trash. You wouldn’t ever say she was a sys

and she and correctly she’s like, Listen, I watched it and you were coming for my man while he and I were engaged and you were supposed to be engaged with Mark the fuck. And she and so then

Jessica did sort of

admit a little bit of crow like yeah, it was hard watching myself and she can again blame some of the alcohol and and a lot of the people were at least self aware enough to say, yeah, I’ve had to do some some introspection. I did not come off. Well, I didn’t like how it came off of that. And she had that same sort of tune and mantra, but amber was like, I don’t know. I don’t accept your apology. I don’t want to hear from you ever again. Don’t you look at my man ever again. Goodbye. Like she really didn’t want to hear no apology, nothing IE. And Carlton likewise, apologized profusely to diamond and did a little bit of a weird like, on one knee proposal to be friends and gave her the ring that she threw into the pool back. And I guess it was, like I said, it was good that he understood that he didn’t set her up for receiving this information. But I still felt like he didn’t fully accept his responsibility. I don’t know. Am I wrong or mean and thinking that

No, I don’t think Who do you Carlton? Yeah, I know. So hard. I mean, he like gave her the ring back and apologize. Yeah, I think it was for me it was sad because it felt like It was stuff he needed to work on it really it really didn’t have anything to do with diamond had nothing to do and I felt bad

because I you know, she really did like him and she really wanted to you know, I don’t think that him sharing that with her while they were in the positive derails me knew I and you know what really now I remember I almost broke my heart when they asked, you know, like, what would you do over what would you different? He said I would do everything to make sure I could be here at this moment, married to her and have the same feeling. Yeah. And I and I think you I think part of what he’s perhaps realizing is that that he did have an opportunity with diamond and it would have been

even even in the confessional after the fight. He said like he was like this came down to, you know, pride assumption and a bad reaction and, and, and I get it, I mean, everybody’s human, you have that reactions to things. I just think it was, you know, a lot of pressure That was building on his end of the of the partnership the whole time. Yeah. For her was just one day it was just one night one, one couple of hours. Yeah, she had to, like think through this, this was something that was probably a albatross in his mind the whole time that shut out.

And I should probably be a little bit, you know, just using some I statements and our relationship. You know, there was things sexually that took us years to be able to work through so I can’t really begrudge it being something that he struggled to work through with her. And in particular, in 10 days, you know, in a in a pod, about the face day, and even really, let’s, as much as the experiment facilitated these deep communications, we know for a fact that so much of communication is nonverbal, right like the reaction, the body language, the inflection, the tone, there’s a lot that That you would in a conversation that he wanted to have with her would have benefited from having it face to face. You know what I mean? Like you can read somebody when you’re going down that path, like I’m telling you a deep, intimate part of me. And based on how you react, I’m going to tell you more or less, and you can’t really do that in the pod. So I, you know, like I said, I hope nothing I’ve said was framed in any sort of inappropriate phobia or anti LGBT, but I do feel really sorry for him that he didn’t have that opportunity to be completely honest with her and have the relationship and he could, you could see in the end that he was really, really sad that he’d wanted that. Yeah, he would have done everything in anything to be at that point on the stage with her, and that’s kind of sad.

Absolutely. I think it definitely was.

Yeah, it was definitely in that in that vein of things and I thought it was sad. I think I think he was sad. I was glad that they were able to have that moment and you know, reconnect with each other on a Friendship level. I think he was hoping that maybe she’d be more open but man you can’t call No. You can’t call no black woman no bitch on national TV and then think they gonna be want to be with you. I just there are some lines. And like honestly, I said this other day I was talking about this is funny. This is a separate conversation, but it’s a segue but it’s relevant. I was talking the other day about and maybe people could like, let us know maybe I’ll post on Twitter on our on our Twitter account. Which by the way, I can follow us on Instagram, and Twitter and Facebook and interracial john JW. When I was saying that there are specific words that based on your age, your race and where you come from, that are like trigger words.

Sure. Sure.

And they’re not universal. So like you white women and the C word.

Yo Yeah.

Fucking lose their shit. Yeah, literally. It’s like you punched a mom in the face.

Like I’ve known you and I have known relationships that have ended when a male partner has called their female partner that I mean, I’m talking to like, they’ve been together for years. And that came out in a fight and like nah,

no, but even in like conversation or just an argument with anybody, like you say the C word to a white woman, it’s all bets are off. Like that’s it. Your gloves are off. I you know, I don’t feel that way. I don’t I don’t have that kind of visceral reaction to it. But you called me a bitch. Listen, when so time to bow up. There’s other words to like somebody called black woman for birds the other day. And it really bothered me and I realized it’s because I’m from Brooklyn, and like, the worst thing you could call a girl from Brooklyn is a bird like you from Flatbush.

Literally, like I was ready to Angela to calm me down. She’s like, honey, you just bro. I’m like, Yeah, but can’t nobody called me like a bird. I’m gonna fucking like I lost my entire shift. She was like, calm down, girl. I was like, Okay, this is just me. Fine. Fine, fine. Nobody else is upset of me being called a bird I can’t fucking stand being called no fucking bird. Let’s

go back to Nick O’Shea being the worst TV host ever. He literally failed to ask the follow up question and Vanessa had to go to diamond like well, but do you accept his apology? Except

she’s like no, he called me a bitch. He called me a bit so we really really like Nick literally like nice seeing you but

what was that reporter you you played me that bit today. I’ll teach you how to be a reporter when you get to the office,

how to be a TV host and

how to be net not awkward and actually do hosting duties. Yeah,

I actually thought that the reunion show was weakest five they really should they did it. They need Andy Cohen they needed somebody up there to like, get get shit poppin like to me there should have been one segment with just Jessica mark. Amber and Barnett. There’s the four of them. That should have been one segment. Then they should have had this while I would have been on the show. Okay. I would have done a The couples that didn’t even get married at all so I’ve had Kelly and whatever that Kenny I would have had them got them out the way real quick had the Carlton and diamond like conversation just the two of them. Get them to suck out the way then bring Damien and Gina on because Damien and Gianni not did not get married but they are still together.

Okay, all together, Gigi. Okay, there’s a candle for you’re

not engaged or married but they are still dating so whatever, whatever that means that I would have got that out the way so that would have taken probably like a quarter of the show. Then you got another quarter of the show. That would have been the shit show. That is Ammar Matt, Jessica and mark and that would have been just the four of them and quite frankly, they should have been a whole half of the show. Just Lauren and cameras. And I don’t love that literally talking about everything that they’re doing. They got a dog now Yeah, that at all. Dustin That’s what the people wanted to see. They couldn’t even they just had them all just sitting there. So awkward. I feel

like Nick and Vanessa didn’t even watch the show in real time. So like, Oh, you might love or hate Andy Cohen, I know that he’s got some problematic this or that or whatever. But he actually watches these shows. And he’s intimately aware of all the nuance so that he can, like do his job on the reunion by asking the questions, and you have to watch the show when you do the watch what happens live, but I don’t know if Nick and Vanessa watched it. week to week as we all did, it almost felt like they Nick didn’t. He was kind of clueless.

I just think he’s dumb.

Well, yeah,

I No offense to dumb people. I don’t

I just don’t think he’s smart. You know, chicken at the seeds make an actual chicken.

You don’t ever really want to I heard Jessica Simpson’s um, biography or autobiography, whatever. I’m sure she had a ghostwriter or whatever. But I heard that she did juicy as hell I’m gonna try and get the audio book. Okay. I heard is like, maybe seven people have been like,


She tells he’s spilling all the tea. I wanna I want to see what it is no. So that was this is the 11th line episode. Excuse me. Drew is a fucking crier. What do you want to call?

It wasn’t Jesus. What was it after wine to listen? Something about me crying Yeah, drew the ball and as babe drew was a baller,

I think that’s what it was.

effect that’s gotta be the name drew is a baller, but bawl not be a Ll Okay, uh, you can follow Lauren and Cameron literally just google Lauren and Cameron. Their massive name is Lauren which I think is very cute. And they are living sounds

like a like a Voltron or like a transformer. It’s great.

It’s so cute. They also just today this is breaking news. I put an alert on all my social media. They have started their own fucking YouTube channel called

home with the Hamiltons Hello

because they didn’t get That show from Netflix.

Well, they may still get a show from Netflix. But look that YouTube money comes straight to them. They’ve even gotten a middleman over there. So they have not posted videos. She has a content creator. She is a content creator. This dude Cameron is out here looking fresh to death. They went to the Celine Dion concert last night. I’ve literally been stalking these people. Me and Tracy just beats sending each other. Yes, you see them here. Did you see them here? Did you see them here? They’re so cute. They’re very love. I love them. I hope that they have a wonderful life and have lots of babies and then I get to stock their timelines till the end of time.

Let’s hope for that.

Ding ding ding. And you know what? those babies aren’t gonna end racism. Oh, that

was the other thing the baby’s not gonna end of racism and Cameron, they had a conversation about this even mentioned this part, which was so great. First of all, Cameron disclosed to Lauren’s father that right his previous relationship, the

previous series, only the long term relation was

four or five years and it also was with a black woman. So when we had said at the very beginning Dad was like, have you ever been in a room where you were the only white person? He’s like, yeah, I’ve been in that position a lot. He’s like, really white guy like you. I’m quoting Papa speed. He’s like, Yeah, actually, my last girlfriend that I had for five years was black. So I found myself in that position quite often, which made me think of you immediately because I remember when we first started dating, and we go to like parties with my friends. You’d be like the only white dude there. And my favorites. We went to the Buddha lounge, and I was like, Oh, God, he is I hear so her ass shout out to Tia. And you’re like, oh my god. Is her ass really out? Should I go say something? I’m like, babe. just just just a turn of phrase. her ass is not out. She’s just really out here.

just the beginning. I had to learn. Talk to our target.

Yes, anyways, it was just so cute. And then they had a conversation about their children. And it was funny because Lauren was Cameron was the first one he’s like, Yeah, of course. You know, if we have kids, our kids are going to be black. And that is something that I know and that’s a reality will Raise them as such and I just felt like he was so like straightforward about it and very there was no colorblind nothing with Cameron. I guess that’s what I was really trying. Yeah,

and I and I’m gonna be a pet peeve of mine is the that are like the color. Oh, I hate that. It was like the white. The white partners really got the dog whistle horrible shit and then it’s like, well, but how can it be racist when I sleep with a black person? like yeah, just because a black person touches your junk doesn’t mean you absolve you of racism. In fact, it’s the opposite it makes you have to be more aware of your fuckup shit.

Yeah, it’s true. It’s true makes you It makes you need to be more aware. You need to be more

I really I really hope it all you know stock our podcast but you remember Adam ostracized? Oh yeah, I remember him and so he actually was like we talked and he was coming around, and then the BuzzFeed made him like one of the 10 most like embarrassing Twitter moments.

Did you I did like I don’t know that I feel that bad but I found

that wasn’t my goal to make somebody the 10 most embarrassing Twitter moments of the decade. But so after that he went full like magga fuckup horrible and called random black all sorts of horrible names. And I at some point, I was looking for that actual tweet. And I said, like, Oh, where’s that to her? And he fucking jumps in His name’s Adam. He’s a cool it’s so pathetic Dude, you stalking me you bla bla bla bla bla. So I blocked him muted him and he followed me again. So I blocked him, mute him a bunch of times, just stop, follow me. But one of his retorts was that he’s with a black woman now and I was like, that is not better. I feel I pray for her.

Pray for her indeed. Yeah. All right. Well, I think that’s it.

Wait, I gotta get my hooven hour and like bajillion minutes. We can

split it though. I’m not ready

to do one

day long. Whatever, whatever. All right, love is mine. Wait, where’s my

gonna turn it up? Then they everybody.

High five

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