S04E23 – Two Canadas

In this episode, Gavin and B. react to an interview with Peter Mansbridge (), where he discusses the Raptors win and how it signifies two distinct Canadas.

Gavin Stephens

B. Black

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04:42  If I don't work. I don't eat!
09:57  So you feel that everyone should get this vaccine for free for Corona?
18:13  Can you get past yourself for a moment and just see what's happening?
23:39  Peter Mansbridge on the disparity between leafs Raptors, fans and life after the national.
30:16  The people that are represented on television are ethnic people who are ethnic enough.
35:35  Pearson in media who was a champion for black people.
40:07  I kept telling my white friends you should check out Caribana!
46:10  But did he do everything right?
52:04  Indigenous culture that small-town of the east coast culture, and immigration and the first generation Canadian, nothing is more unique that is not shared more on the world stage.
1:01:04  Where's ethnic Canadian TV?

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 Speaker  0:00  
Welcome, everybody to another episode of the uncolonized podcast. In this episode, Gavin and I have a discussion about Peter mansbridge. If you're like us, you probably just told yourself who? That or motherfuck him and john wayne, that or Oh, yeah, that white guy. Instead of going into details, I'll let you check out the episode. Let's go.

 Speaker  0:36  
Welcome to uncolonized podcasts. I'm Gavin Stevens. Each week, I'm joined by my friend be black to have a conversation about race, politics, pop culture, all from a Canadian perspective. It's a cathartic no holds barred conversation between two friends. Being in the barber shop, we can't go here.

 Speaker  1:11  
So you're we're all quarantined. I can't go to the gym. I have an excuse not to go to

 Speaker  1:19  
sorry good life.

 Speaker  1:21  
Yeah, last time we did an episode last episode that we there was no Corona virus now it's like everything is shut down. Hey, man.

 Speaker  1:28  
It hit Ottawa man.

 Speaker  1:30  
Yeah, it hit here. Yeah, Toronto Hamilton like, Are there comedy shows happening?

 Speaker  1:37  
Oh, shit. I was at one on Thursday. We all perform like this was our last day. Even we perform and laugh It didn't matter. We just had a great time, right? Yeah, yeah. Like you could try it your new bit.

 Speaker  1:51  
Hilarious like that. Yeah,

 Speaker  1:53  
yeah, yeah, but it's Yeah, now it's like, I think it's gonna be affecting comedy clubs. It's gonna be affecting comedy. Oh,

 Speaker  1:59  
hey. Went to the barber shop yesterday. How was that? Yeah, and I went in Firstly, I said, I said, Hey, any unique rules been in touch with a European or in Europe? If you say yes, I'm leaving Fuck that. Because that dude from Ottawa who gave me from Ottawa came from Austria. He brought a monster. Yeah, man.

 Speaker  2:19  
I mean, it's gonna get in here. There's no there's no way it's not so Oh, what's that? What's that? Yeah, it's like the the the very idea that we get to shut down our borders and that's the end of it. Yes, that's ridiculous it's going to get here we have it here. Someone that was working in like I guess like I think it was like a cancer ward in Hamilton or something that a doctor she didn't know she had it which is like, wow, that's dangerous because you have people with who are sick and being exposed to it. So now it's like yeah, it's gonna happen here.

 Speaker  2:51  
Right? Okay. I don't want you to panic. Okay. Yeah.

 Speaker  2:55  
All right. Okay, I'm back.

 Speaker  2:57  
That's how I caught my painting from your car.

 Speaker  3:01  
That's your pseudo Corona virus. It's either

 Speaker  3:04  
the corona virus the NBA has shut down the NHL has shut down Broadway has shut down yo currently has shut down now curling you know, you know

 Speaker  3:15  
when curling shut down is

 Speaker  3:21  

 Speaker  3:24  

 Speaker  3:26  
Jesus yeah man I thought that Friday man yeah they shut all that shit though they should

 Speaker  3:31  
I kind of liked it I liked it I like I like you know mine an apocalypse. I'll be honest with you break it down

 Speaker  3:37  
yeah, yeah, but I kind of want to go to a strip club.

 Speaker  3:41  
Oh, that's the worst place to go. I know

 Speaker  3:43  
I just want to say all of a sudden I have this certain surge oh look at all this free time I got and for the first time I want to go to I'm not saying I'm gonna go but I'm just saying it's kind of willing to go the fact that all of a sudden I want to go to a titty bar.

 Speaker  3:58  
Yeah, well that's what happens. When you think like, hey, everything can happen. Like, that's the thing is like some people are not even making money. Like, right like, well,

 Speaker  4:08  
that's word man. What do we do? Well, I thought, oh, okay, apparently it was a misleading title but the word was going around that Tim Hortons was forcing their employees to bring a doctor's note if they want paid leave

 Speaker  4:24  
it but that's not true.

 Speaker  4:25  
Uh, apparently the program confused you know if you're sick we'll let you stay home we're just not gonna pay you for it.

 Speaker  4:32  
That's it then then like what? If you're sick we'll let you we'll let you stay. You're handling food Of course. You have a choice exactly

 Speaker  4:42  
what they gotta pay they think about the poor person who can't who's got no option? I mean, yeah, I don't work. I don't eat Yeah, I have to tough this thing out man. Give me some

 Speaker  4:52  
Well, that's that's you know that's the that's the glaring problem with like, American system right like because they don't have health care, right? He can't afford to get the test and you can't afford they don't have sick days. You can't afford to stay home

 Speaker  5:04  
correct? Yeah,

 Speaker  5:06  
right and i love how everyone that's like laughing at the disease gets it everyone Alam says the virus has gotten it Rudy go bear like the center in for the Utah Jazz is making fun of it like touching reporters microphones yeah yes it

 Speaker  5:22  
Yeah, yeah, I think I think

 Speaker  5:25  
if it's a North American thing like shit that happens in the world doesn't happen here.

 Speaker  5:29  
Yeah, there's a bit of a privilege in that right like, we don't get that shit. We were protected. Yeah, yeah, the like even like some some senator was like making a joke wearing a gas mask. He ended up with it. Wow. Yeah, everyone is like kind of making fun of it ends up with it.

 Speaker  5:49  
I was I've been pushing this theory that the reason why Trump is going around, it's a theory. I'm not willing to die for it, but your Trump is going around saying it's no big deal. Because he knows most of his his poor voters need to believe that it's not a big deal because look, I don't have any health care. He's

 Speaker  6:07  
he's kind of changing his tune. But he Yeah, he's also worried about that like, because a lot of his a lot of his reelection is based on the economy. And also like, he doesn't want numbers like they were just saying how it just came out like he was when that when that cruise ship, yeah, they didn't want to dock it. They didn't want to bring it in because he didn't want the numbers to go up. He doesn't want the numbers to go up because it'll look bad for him and he beat it to death. Yeah, they're trying to juke the staff. They, they they don't have enough of the testing supplies. They've decided not to take the World Health Organization, whatever it's called. And they're, they have a testing system set up and they're like doing like, a mill 1000 tests a day and Trump is they've only done 5000 because they don't want the numbers to go up. So like they're just like, well, we will we'll do our own testing.

 Speaker  7:02  
This is like Oh your ego man.

 Speaker  7:04  
Reality being a pain in the ass. Exactly. Yeah, we don't need those numbers. Yeah, you don't need you got a reelection and you don't need this shit. Hey, I think my second theory is I think the dude caught that virus because homeboy shook hands.

 Speaker  7:16  
No, no, he's he was tested negative,

 Speaker  7:19  
okay later this week if he was if he was like, would it be in his interest to tell people that the Teflon Don is weak? Your King is your leader is weak. I was okay. You're right. You're okay. I'm

 Speaker  7:33  
about that. Like I think he plays into whatever you want him to be. But I don't think he gives a shit about anyone like i don't think i think he cares what people think. But he also i here's what I think. I think he doesn't care what like his. His voter base thinks of him. But he cares what the press and everybody the elites think of him. Like he does not Yeah, he cares about they think

 Speaker  7:57  
that's what bothers him. But what his his voting Basically,

 Speaker  8:01  
the people could afford to play at Mar a Lago. Yeah,

 Speaker  8:04  
yeah, he cares about that. Like they said, like he been, he banned flights from Europe, but not to countries where his his resorts are apparently initially initially it wasn't too. Yeah, he's uh, they tried it out Ben Carson because he's a doctor bro. Lying on camera. It's like, they're like, Oh, yeah, there. Yeah, we've they're working on the plan. It should be ready in 72 hours. You're like, Yeah, but the people are talking tomorrow. Hmm. And he's like, oh, what's the plan? Oh, we can't say what the plan is why why can't you say with the

 Speaker  8:45  
corona virus might hear it and

 Speaker  8:48  
yeah, I saw I saw him, you know, talking about leaving leave the country at the prayer. Yeah. And he says, Yeah, we've gotten away from our roots, Christian roots. which allowed us to this country to skyrocket to where it is?

 Speaker  9:03  
Well, they said the same thing like when 911 they said it was the gays remember what

 Speaker  9:09  
Jerry Falwell said it was gays, I remember those days of Oh, he blamed 911

 Speaker  9:15  
Yeah, he said he was saying because we allowed game gay gay gay Miss scales Yeah, yeah, gay lifestyle to,

 Speaker  9:24  
but it was I had I thought it was the whole hurricane. You know, the hurricane and shit like that.

 Speaker  9:29  
Oh, no, it was okay.

 Speaker  9:30  
Yeah. 911 Oh. Oh, yeah.

 Speaker  9:33  
Yeah, I'm sure hurricanes gay too. Yeah, I heard about the hurricane gay to 911 was gay. Just a whole bunch of gay. Yeah. Not Not that not the fact there's no health care, not the fact that like, environmental protections have been fucking shit on forever. It's gay. Yeah.

 Speaker  9:54  
mystify anything that pisses off God, or this mythical God

 Speaker  9:57  
that, that nothing Trump has like cut You know, the CDC, like 80%, like just gutting things gut gut gut. I just watched a video where it's like some like it was a Bernie Sanders and porters like, oh, he she's like, Oh, so you you feel that everyone should get this vaccine vaccine for free for Corona? Excuse me and then he's like yeah, and she's like, Well how do you expect people to pay for it and the nurses like to fight like basically I'm paraphrasing but it's like what the fuck? Like when polio came out they gave the cure for free because no one questioned the money like exactly you gotta be sick to get like whoa pay for it like and Bieber like it will cost more if you get people sick it's gonna cost us more if people are six is cheaper than fucking people where they get this goddamn mentality they don't question going into war but the question like giving out health care.

 Speaker  10:51  
I've been noticing like there's been people been going around hoarding, um, what do you call that? So pure Raul. Hands up. Hey, sanitizers she's like that and everyone on the internet is getting Oh, these guys are assholes. These guys bla bla bla the the economic crisis I'm not saying this is right I'm just trying to point out the hypocrisy of our work the bullshit nisour how we contribute to our own bullshit the economic crisis a bunch of greedy bankers wanted to make money and everything they did was all legal we permitted it you know what I mean? Like Like that's the fucking game the capitalism basically is be an asshole just don't get caught.

 Speaker  11:33  
Well in the book capitalism it's not even like it's just it's not even considered as being an asshole. It's just like the the endgame is to have the most profit right and hoarding things having a job. That's why people profit off disaster. That's exactly it. That is how it works. That's how the system works. It doesn't work to benefit people because people don't have value like like the woman said, How come? How do you plan on paying for vaccines or had an issue. in her mind in her brain. She has a capitalist realism. She doesn't understand that human life shouldn't be valued like that it shouldn't be put on. Like, this is a bottom line and how like it shouldn't be part of an equation of money, but she can't see beyond that.

 Speaker  12:18  
Yeah, well, yeah, yeah. I'm just mad at everyone who was like, Oh, these guys are bad people, while at the same time not realizing that you contribute to that behavior. Yeah, yeah. Oh, you know, it'd be like this, that this is the capitalist. This is the system we live in. I saw one person who said, You're not a capitalist, you're an asshole. Fuck. It goes hand in hand. It goes hand in hand.

 Speaker  12:44  
Yeah, it's the same thing. It's like it's the same thing. It's just that it's affecting us now. It's just that weird like, like this shit has been going on like all over the place like I mean we have black people and we have Africans and diamond mines and you know a Chinese people working in sweatshops and it's just like, Well, yeah, it's capitalism. And it's been going on. It's just that now we're in a situation where it affects that

 Speaker  13:07  
affects us. Oh, sure.

 Speaker  13:08  
Yeah, we're, I mean, it has affected us. It's not like it but it's it's affecting. The virus is affecting everyone equally. Yeah. So like, no, it's like, it's not discriminatory. It's like everyone's fucked. And so now it's like, people are being assholes already. But this has been going it's all over the world. We've been doing this shit like, like, you've been getting your nights and you've been like, you know, that's just how things are. These people have to live in these conditions. It's like, okay, ah,

 Speaker  13:40  
yeah, no, yeah. I just like the idea that you're finally understanding capitalism, the way we understand it. Yeah, yeah.

 Speaker  13:46  
Well, yeah, it's, I mean, and also in their defense. It's also like, that's the system that we're in so you can avoid exploiting somebody.

 Speaker  13:55  
Yeah, we go. Yeah,

 Speaker  13:57  
yeah, it's like you can't even help back but Fuck, fuck you were saying something about trumper. What were you saying off podcast?

 Speaker  14:05  
Oh, yeah. Okay. It was white supremacy at its finest. Yeah. So there's a I think the Guardian put out this piece or one of these articles about how Trump fucked the United States by, by repealing all the improvements Obama made since the bola virus, like all the precautions and I don't know what to basically there's there was an office that was a department that would have been responsible for for preparing the readiness of this virus outbreak.

 Speaker  14:39  
Yeah, the CDC. CDC.

 Speaker  14:42  
Yeah, like they weren't being proactive about it. But when Trump stepped in he he cuts spendings

 Speaker  14:48  
we're not gonna need this shit. They're always getting right. They're always getting these things and these social programs in these welfare programs. Yeah, this is what makes me laugh about libertarians especially like people without money. Like 99% libertarians is like they they don't want government spending they don't want government oversight. They don't want to be controlled by the government. And they think that that's gonna be utopian world where like, everything's gonna be perfect and then like something like this hits and they're like, what the fuck? Or, or I always wondered how libertarian explains like, how do you how do you figure if you live in a perfect libertarian society where government oversight is doesn't exist you Everyone does for themselves blah blah right? And I mean like when I talk to a libertarian I mean like the dude who lives in fucking sarnia or whatever, right? You know, not a rich dude. Okay, how do you explain when the bank goes, Hey, I want to take your fucking house, huh? What do you do? Like what do you do when the bank says hey, I want to take your house and you're like, Oh, no. And then banks like well, we have a police force

 Speaker  15:51  
we say cuz I was the second amendment. But yeah,

 Speaker  15:56  
I'm going to use force to take your house because I can afford to. I have a I have a military. Exactly. private military that can do this. What are you gonna do? Yeah, sure. grocery stores is all the more stores get together and say hey, you know what? Cheese is gonna cost you $10,000

 Speaker  16:15  
because your neighbor could afford it right

 Speaker  16:16  
it's the flaw in right wing logic. It's the flying like, Oh, yeah, we should get this stuff. It's like I know my I hate pay taxes because I want poor people to get welfare. It's like okay, well

 Speaker  16:31  
poor people aren't fucking you over on welfare. It's rich people fucking you up for on welfare.

 Speaker  16:35  
Ah, yo, for the for the Trump thing. You're pointing out the economical aspect. I'm annoyed at the white guy who came in and and and because that's what his base wanted him to do say whatever that finger touched, cleaned up. Versus

 Speaker  16:52  
that goddamn death cult those white people. Yo

 Speaker  16:57  
Trump going in there and says yo people That improvement get rid of it get rid of it you know like it's

 Speaker  17:05  
suicide by 1000 cuts that's

 Speaker  17:06  
exactly yeah

 Speaker  17:09  
but they don't realize based on statistics that white people use welfare more than black people but the image is black people on welfare yeah your fucking bills like cut that shit got it? Yeah they did that they did that years ago right under reagan I believe and then you know now they're dealing with the repercussions of like, I don't have jobs and I need Yeah, it's so fucking stupid.

 Speaker  17:30  
They're still fucking stuck. Yeah, but yeah, like this that made me

 Speaker  17:35  
makes me wonder what exactly was my responsibility towards the ignorance?

 Speaker  17:39  
I don't know like cuz again it's it's it's the ignorance comes from like, Oh, well I'm better than these people.

 Speaker  17:45  

 Speaker  17:47  
This is why I believe we should get these things better.

 Speaker  17:50  
Exactly. Yeah, I need food stamps, but I want to get over it in a few months Exactly.

 Speaker  17:55  
militarize the police because the ghettos are so deep dangerous and slaying

 Speaker  18:03  
exactly bad somebody. Okay now I'm enraged. Yeah. These folks would benefit from the ability to see the big picture. Or Yeah,

 Speaker  18:13  
yeah. dokey yeah if that's that's the thing is like we're at the mercy of these fucking idiots Do you know i mean cuz like all these things all these social programs are gutted or all these like militarizing the place and though and it's happening here too in Canada, but like all their shits happening, and we got to sit here and rely on white people to go Hey, can you get past yourself for a moment and just see what's happening?

 Speaker  18:37  
preach, preach, tell him

 Speaker  18:38  
tell him that's never gonna happen. But like,

 Speaker  18:43  
we can't even agree on like, and if you should be able to say the N word or not like There we go. We're still there. We're still there. We're still at like Shay wear blackface for Halloween. Looks like we went

 Speaker  19:00  
I think we're getting a little I'm getting depressed right now bad

 Speaker  19:03  
and we'll have an apocalypse

 Speaker  19:06  
as well but as well you know I went to a Canadian Tire by myself so toilet paper and a bat

 Speaker  19:20  
is a bad bad toilet paper and a bad

 Speaker  19:24  
walk it up I wish you motherfucker would you be I wish you would come on yeah

 Speaker  19:30  
and also like what's going on in Saudi Arabia is like flooding the market with oil because they're trying to fuck over Russia's economy right now so like oil prices are down drive like a motherfucker just don't people

 Speaker  19:43  
yeah that's exactly it I wouldn't I wouldn't put in some gas I'm like yeah that should not cost me much

 Speaker  19:50  
it's like solo right now it's like yeah

 Speaker  19:52  
what but I didn't know Saudi Arabia is in the middle of

 Speaker  19:55  
oh yeah man the Saudi Prince his father was murdered or killed or died And he's has like all this out like all the Saudi princes under arrest. Wow. Because they they are all suspects and they believe Russia has been trying to tamper with their economy. And so they were like alright fuck you Russia. We're gonna fuck with

 Speaker  20:15  
ya. Oh,

 Speaker  20:18  
we live in great times she was happening before but yeah

 Speaker  20:22  
almost that yeah no I read this thing about how Sir Isaac Newton. Yeah I don't like giving props to a dead white man but fuck sorry so when he was going through I'm not sure what epidemic pandemic he was going through his time yeah he was part of the people were quarantine and it was he used that period to like develop calculus and some of his theory on on

 Speaker  20:47  
grammar while he's locked up in his house

 Speaker  20:49  
when he was locked up in his house I'm saying Yeah, now's a good time you know to write your book or

 Speaker  20:53  
or check off

 Speaker  20:56  
think thank god there was no fucking like x hamster.

 Speaker  21:03  
When when Newton was alive because we get

 Speaker  21:06  
Oh, I got an email from my ISP

 Speaker  21:11  
or whatever tech savvy and they tell me yo we're making sure the network's up and I feel like sending donations

 Speaker  21:18  
you come to work man What do you need me to do to keep this

 Speaker  21:25  
cuz you'll use that bad on yourself you

 Speaker  21:34  
know you have so many DVDs

 Speaker  21:38  
I might your imagination has been wrong like I can't think of a scene I can't put something together No no I need yeah there's gonna be like a windup generator interrupt I can. Just in case this happens

 Speaker  21:56  
that I got. I got on Facebook Jail. Right now,

 Speaker  22:00  
yeah, I saw something What happened? 24

 Speaker  22:02  
hours. I someone Someone was coming. He was joking about how he's been getting Dibs from men. He's been sorry men have been sending him DMS. I'm not sure if it's true. Whatever, right? Yeah, but so I joined in on the joke and I said, Yeah, man oh horse. And then boom. that triggered someone at Facebook algorithm. Men are whores Got me? banned for 24 hours. You'll do that shit pissed me off.

 Speaker  22:29  

 Speaker  22:30  
that'd be really cool. Oh, fuck. Feelings got hurt by that state. Yeah,

 Speaker  22:34  
I know. That's crazy.

 Speaker  22:36  
Yeah, I'm thinking some What do you call those guys? So and So guy so if I can't call women bitches, then these bitches can't call you or

 Speaker  22:43  
it's always like that. Like, like, I posted the book, white trash and they blocked it. I'm like, it's a book. Wow. Isn't it? Yeah, it's a book. It's not a racist term. Yeah. And then he unblocked it cuz I argued it. I'm like, fuck you word the book. Wow, wow. Yeah, no, I mean being a book doesn't mean it can't be anything horrible but I mean it was it's it's it's a historical research book about the term white trash

 Speaker  23:12  
by a white person I'm just if I could post a link to my camp, see what happens.

 Speaker  23:17  
So I I know we talked about Corona for a bit but i what i what i want to do this I watched this video online it's on sports net and it's a sport it's put up by open invitation it's with Peter mansbridge. It's called Peter man's man's bridge. We're man's bridge.

 Speaker  23:37  
Been a dick

 Speaker  23:39  
mansbridge Peter mansbridge on disparity between leafs Raptors, fans and life after the national and there's some interesting things to white guys get up to in this interview? I did. I think could you edit that that point in like just the way they're like, talking about the difference between leaf gains and Raptors games? Okay, sure. Yeah, just edited and like we can put it here. And I got to be careful how I phrased this because

 Speaker  24:07  
I don't want it to sound wrong here but when I go to a leafs game and I love going to loose game, as painful as it can be at times, and I go to a leaf leafs game these days, I feel in some ways that I'm in sort of the old Canada. Okay. Canada, we used to know

 Speaker  24:32  
it's very white.

 Speaker  24:37  

 Speaker  24:39  
you know, there's a there's a lot of people there who have strong views on various things that are happening in our country. I go to a Raptors game. It's a totally different look.

 Speaker  24:51  
But it looks like we're in downtown Toronto. Yes, if you step outside That's

 Speaker  24:55  
right. And that's the new Canada. That is the new Canada You look in, in that arena, the Raptors game and it's it's crazy because in Toronto, right, same arena within 24 hours it goes from hockey to basketball. Right? And yeah, and the crowds, very different. And it's all good, you know, but it's different. And this crowd that Raptors crowd is becoming

 Speaker  25:25  
more loyal.

 Speaker  25:27  
And in a true sense, not just hand me down from, you know, one generation to another sizing. And, and,

 Speaker  25:37  
you know, they reflected totally,

 Speaker  25:42  
I shouldn't say totally different, but a different kind of view of our world than this crowd over here. And as I said, they're you know, they're both have lots going for them in some ways, but this is, this has kind of crept up on us and to go back to your point, I don't think we realized what was happening. Yeah, I was it when no one was happening.

 Speaker  26:02  
Alright, so yeah, so he's just talking about how I guess like he didn't realize that there was this despaired disparity and how there's like, Oh my god, there's all these basically there's all these ethnic people that we had no idea about until the Raptors won. He was saying how was good going to the Leafs how it's like all white people and then going Raptors I think people it's like,

 Speaker  26:26  
he didn't use those words, you know, but

 Speaker  26:31  
but it was kind of motherfucking

 Speaker  26:32  
implied. I mean, you're gonna put the words in there so like Yeah, right.

 Speaker  26:37  
Oh no, no, cuz I know cuz I remember him saying Okay, first I gotta watch my words because I don't wanna get myself in trouble but what's gonna say Oh, and then

 Speaker  26:44  
yes, it was very white. Very off. Oh my god, the great white. It's been fascinating to me to hear it from their voice like to hear from a white guy's voice and like just like oh, you I was fully aware of your world you had no idea about my world.

 Speaker  27:03  
There we go. Yeah,

 Speaker  27:04  
yeah, that's in 2020

 Speaker  27:09  
man's bridge reminded me of why I have I grew up having to make a distinction between my black side and my Canadian side. Yeah, because my Canadian side knew nothing and I mean nothing about my black side. And it was so much to a point that even I felt crazy every time that am I crazy you know? What you don't see it you don't you know what I'm talking about? You know, I'm like, I keep comparing it to like being the kid that six cents. I see dead people. I see black people. Yeah.

 Speaker  27:42  
Well, that's what I'm saying. I'm like, I'm like what he's talking about. It's like, do you do realize that this culture has been around here forever Schiff. Break it though. Yeah, like it's been around. It's just that you are catching on to it now because the Raptors are champions.

 Speaker  27:58  
Is that weird?

 Speaker  27:59  
The first thing I wrote while Rashida is why are Canadians because Peter mansbridge represents if I believe one of the greatest creative or a great creative mind, Canadian mind, sorry. Yeah. Okay. And he even him as bright and intelligent, wise educated he is. He knows nothing about race. He likes it. Yeah, it Oh, those people who are in here who dares to jinx

 Speaker  28:31  
it. He's a CBC guy, right, CBC, CBC and it's, um, it's very interesting because I'm like, I've read articles about CBC and hiring, casting and how we're always talking about diversity, but like, we don't represent diversity on television at all. And then when we do represent diversity, it's a token kind of diversity. Yeah, like I see it in comedy. There's a token ism, kind of like you have to be like, when you Like as a speaker as a comic, when you're the comic here, you have to be that diversity to get put on like you can you're there because of the, that diversity.

 Speaker  29:11  
Yeah, we need to be able to say, Hey, we have black friends,

 Speaker  29:14  
right? And it also has to be like, a diversity in though in the white gaze. Uh huh. Like you have to appeal to the white gays like you have to like, I call it food court diversity, right? Like,

 Speaker  29:27  
break it down. Like,

 Speaker  29:31  
exactly. It's like, like, we you and I talked about it being you getting your name be black. And how people have told you you should change your name and comedy and it's like, it's like, that's part of it. You know what I mean? Like, it's, it's too black. Like it's and and this is the thing that I when I'm watching Peter Mansbridge talk about it. I'm like, Oh, I see what you're saying. Like, I you Yeah, they can't see They can't see that we're not there because the people that they have around them, like the is the effing people they have around them, I think for the most part appeals to them to their sensibility,

 Speaker  30:13  
the power that they have around them,

 Speaker  30:16  
yeah, the ethnic people that they have around them, like the people that are represented on television stuff, or are ethnic people who are ethnic enough. That's so

 Speaker  30:24  
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, he's not gonna call themselves be black or whatever. They're Exactly,

 Speaker  30:29  
exactly. And I don't and I'm not saying I'm not so don't want to disparage these people. But I also think that I think it's part of like, that's the way you get in right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I think for him to say that the old this new culture is like that's kind of ridiculous.

 Speaker  30:47  
Okay, I had to watch that that video. Okay, I watched the ones but I had to switch from I'm gonna pretend to be a white person or white kidney and watching this. Yeah, and and that'd be like, Oh wow. Like, this is I don't know what I can compare it to. This is like Kobe Bryant retiring you know me recipe I can, but I could see like all the shit he was saying about what's the word? He's from the country, right? Is that what he said? He's from like, Yeah, whatever.

 Speaker  31:17  
Yeah, I believe so.

 Speaker  31:18  
That's who he represents those Canadians. It's like

 Speaker  31:24  
I'm white, but I never acknowledged that I'm white.

 Speaker  31:27  
The world outside of my whiteness does not exist. A Raptors winning the Raptors, like that's a new phenomenon. So all these colored folks come from

 Speaker  31:37  
Yeah, well, I mean, he wasn't being a dick but he wasn't being a

 Speaker  31:40  
dick. No, no, though. Yeah, we get that but I'm sorry. We're gonna jump in. But he was just, it was a reflection. Like I said, the first thought that comes that came to my mind is why are so why are Canadians so uniquely ignorant about race and and who Are Canadian Tim Wise?

 Speaker  32:01  
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's a great point. I Americans for all their bullshit. At least understand that there's that's a thing like it's at least it's up front.

 Speaker  32:14  
Yeah it's at least it's up front. Yeah, we don't

 Speaker  32:16  
hear we hide it and it's the subtleness it's the like you said the gas light like it was poker rouges here. It's like it's the big fitness of the whole racism in Canada. That's like, That's fucking crazy. Like, yeah, I don't to be like, Oh, this culture, and I kinda understand what he's saying is like, Oh, I go to hockey games. It's all white people. And then I go to basketball games. It's like, deep, deep, and they were saying how like, Canada has been based the identity of Canada's been based on a small town. And then they were saying that like, based on the demographics based on the numbers, it's that's not true. Like the odds. The small town playing hockey On a ponder like, that's not true in the interview. The interviewer is like, that's not true like we've been, we've been promoting this idea of Canada. Yeah, and it's not that

 Speaker  33:10  
Yeah, yeah, yeah the care i'm not really familiar with

 Speaker  33:14  
right we are big it's a big city country. Yes word die and that's the other thing is that they use diversity all the time. But like, again what we see in the media with with like, it's not just what we see in the media because it's because I don't want I don't want people to think like this is is like a, like a white supremacy in terms of like, Oh, it's a conscious decision that's just done out of malice. But it's I think it's worse because it's done out of like, bias of like oh, I don't I don't know any people have cut like like Peter mansbridge I don't know that this was a culture I don't know these people. I don't know any of these people. I don't know what this voice is. And I've been like like using your be black. Your name as as as as as as anecdotal but proof It's like they look at that kind of thing as beneath their thing. I'm like, don't use the word. Don't use your name be black. It's come on. It's beneath their idea of what you're supposed to be.

 Speaker  34:12  
Yeah, yeah, that'll make me feel uncomfortable.

 Speaker  34:16  
I'm sorry. I did the same thing. I mean, when I was coming up as a comic, I've had club owners pull me in the other black guy and say aside and tell us how we happen to be black, but we're comics first and it's like fuck you were Yeah, man. That should used to happen all the time. I was like, cuz you're uncomfortable with my blackness?

 Speaker  34:36  
Yeah, I don't mean to laugh, but I thank you for taking trailblazing man. What a fuck yeah, I mean, you have to go through that. So we went well, then again, then. I think it's just done more subtly. I've never been put aside with the other I've been told something similar like that. But

 Speaker  34:52  
don't fool yourself. You're still a novelty in the eyes of this industry,

 Speaker  34:57  
bro. My best businesses during Black History Month man

 Speaker  34:59  
Yeah. We're still novelties, like, novelty. Yeah. We're not more than who we are. I mean, we're, we're not more than the color of our skin. I mean, as much as like, Oh, it's but like, honestly, that's what we are. We are the we are represented. We're good, but we're good black comics. Yeah. We don't compete with them. We're not on the same level as them.

 Speaker  35:23  
I'm gonna

 Speaker  35:25  
along the same line, you know, that interview made me appreciate who it made me appreciate it think about

 Speaker  35:30  
cuz I was thinking about who is our

 Speaker  35:35  
Pearson in media who was a champion for black people. The best I could come up with? Was Meastro Fresh Wes

 Speaker  35:43  
What about Desmond Cole?

 Speaker  35:45  
I'm sorry. Yeah, yeah Desmond Cole. Okay, there's a lot of that.

 Speaker  35:48  
I mean, I know you're saying like, You mean like an entertainer type

 Speaker  35:50  
when I was growing up. Yeah, cuz cuz, you know, yeah, there's been cool books.

 Speaker  35:55  
You know, like this. This is the thing that breaks my heart. I'm sure there was people There are people who like word champions who are like like, you know what I mean? Yeah 100% sure is that like our artists are musicians other than like you know Drake and you know the weekend and she like then Maestro, our artists our voices are usually pushed aside in this like they said the Canadian small town, blah blah blah. Yeah,

 Speaker  36:25  
but but Maestro used to rap about shit that made white people uncomfortable. Yeah, yeah. Like you act you know. Trevor would have those right. But I remember this one track he came out with and almost black folks were convinced Yeah. Okay, that's his last album and or white man's not gonna be producing. He was on that conscious tip. Right. But yeah, realism like you're talking about the problems that happened in Canada. But calling them by names. Are you crazy? What the fuck

 Speaker  36:59  
I mean, in To my point, I'm sure there was like a ton of other rappers singers. Politicians a ton in the art like I can't even say. We just don't know like when I when I remember starting comedy thinking there was no black comics in Canada. I thought it was the first interest they were. Because their story, isn't it like they said it isn't pushed out. They even said it. They push out the small town on the pond hockey narrative.

 Speaker  37:25  
Yep. I remember when they when Viola desperate was being announced on the $10 bill. Yeah, and my first thought was way, those black people here before the 70s which

 Speaker  37:37  
I thought we were the first

 Speaker  37:42  
bullshit I thought I was making a name for myself and for these right that's why I was doing you know, into orders got respectability politics. Yes. I represent for all black people because he's white, but I've never met a black person in their life. Yeah, no. I

 Speaker  37:59  
believe that There's really

 Speaker  38:05  
no way Well, yeah, if you have to go on stage and do calculus, and she's

 Speaker  38:11  
like, look how smart we are.

 Speaker  38:16  
Oh my God, he's reading a book on stage. I had no idea his intelligence was the same as

 Speaker  38:23  
that because that's what it is. You could be the smartest motherfucker in the room. You're as smart as they are.

 Speaker  38:29  
Okay, so the, the peer bands bridge interview for me was just a great reflection of how white this country is.

 Speaker  38:39  
What it is. Yeah, it is. It is. Yes.

 Speaker  38:41  
And you know, and I'm saying this as a guy who grew up who grew up in our like, basically, everything he said is, you just affirmed everything I was thinking about while growing up. I don't notice

 Speaker  38:55  
any. Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off.

 Speaker  38:58  
Yeah, don't exist. I'm But I shouldn't be if I should be here. I should be here as a burnout like me. I'm like, Yes. Like that.

 Speaker  39:10  
I and that's the thing is if you tell them that this reality exists as telling someone not that long ago, I'm like, explaining about how this article about this Hamilton artist, Who, who, who was a photographer, and he was in an article talking about how he felt like he was, you know, left out of the scene, like the scene. And the person's like, Well, did he hang out with the right people? And I'm like, dude, he's actually a very popular artist, not in this city.  There's like, No, he didn't you know what he didn't. Right. So like, even even when Peter like, like, our reality of like, yeah, you know, there's tons of like, we've been saying this for a long time, like, like, they're what they consider the Raptor. What it what the Raptor is exposing this reality of ethnic people. It's like, that's been my life my whole life. Mm hmm. Right like Carabana has been going on in front of your face for how many years,

 Speaker  40:03  
bro bro.

 Speaker  40:07  
Yeah, and it just reminded me I just realized this is why I kept telling my white friends you should check out caribana Yeah, only just so you can see a different side of cat The cat that I'm familiar with.

 Speaker  40:23  
Are you crazy? I'm not going oh, I don't want to get robbed of

 Speaker  40:31  
her I'm

 Speaker  40:36  

 Speaker  40:37  
Oh boy. Yeah I love this one of my homegirls was telling me she was at work.

 Speaker  40:46  
And her boss describing care about it. She goes, Oh, yeah, I seen clips of caravan. I thought it was very colorful.

 Speaker  40:56  
That's the nicest thing she could say. I know

 Speaker  40:58  

 Speaker  41:03  

 Speaker  41:04  
Oh flags and flags and you know

 Speaker  41:12  
these those people must have a wonderful time

 Speaker  41:18  
the colors I've seen it looks very colorful.

 Speaker  41:22  
Exactly man.

 Speaker  41:24  
You just gotta say some shit to say some shit like to be a part of the conversation.

 Speaker  41:28  
Yo, I just realized this Yes, I spent a good chunk of my life trying to get my white country men and women to say hey, yes, we're all part of one big family but I need you to learn about mine. You know, I'm I want you to know that. You know, I don't use words like jive Turkey.

 Speaker  41:51  
I know what a fucking sugar bush

 Speaker  41:57  
Well, that's the thing too is like, it's like if I didn't I don't know how many times I was like, I don't watch hockey and they look at you like you are an alien.

 Speaker  42:05  

 Speaker  42:06  
you don't do a white thing and they look at you like what? But like you like, you know, bring some food that's like you're heating up in the microwave from your mom.

 Speaker  42:17  
Yeah, what the fuck? Like they don't need to know shit about you.

 Speaker  42:23  
But you gotta know like you But see, that's the thing is that their their their life, their their culture, their community that's Canadian. Ours is foreign.

 Speaker  42:34  
Or this dude, I remember I think it was terrible. How old was a great one? The teacher asked us a simple question bring something not that reminds you of home well that's familiar to your house. That's that's it was supposed to be a get to know each other kind of project. Right? Yeah. And you know, and of course great one I'm full of innocence. Don't you know still don't understand the concept of race. I decided to bring a record. Some Haitian artists I forget, right, but I just remembered just bringing them a record song that my parents listened to right. Yeah, I played that shit. Dude, the class burst into laughter Yeah. Including the teacher. Yeah. Because he was used because he was speaking in his own language and shit like that right?

 Speaker  43:21  
It's not so ignorant.

 Speaker  43:23  
Yeah, because he was he was using terms like, I forget but oh my god the teacher burst it to light up, Shannon. Maybe she had no idea or she didn't give a fuck was embarrassed at that moment. And it was the that I think I wrote it was that one but that was okay. There's us and then there's them. Well, that's the

 Speaker  43:44  
that's where I learned where to code switch. Yeah, you know, it's like oh fuck and then you never want to bring your kid you never want to bring that over? Yeah. So that was it makes me laugh is like you gotta live through them making fun of it and then you see them going to fucking get roti and you're like, what the fuck? Good.

 Speaker  44:01  
What do I love buddies homie, right? We were We were, uh, I was on a. We're on some trip recently, right? A bunch of us went to school together, we got together and went on some trip. And one guy pulls out some hummus. And I told him Yo, I'm mad at you guys. Man. You guys could put your homes and they're cool with it that I pull up by whatever the fuck and it's a big problem like that and homeboy went off to Yeah, I remember when we were kids. They used to desist from having homeless

 Speaker  44:30  
like I saw I read somewhere that Ottawa there was like some white person opening a rotary shop and I know our job

 Speaker  44:36  
about surprise.

 Speaker  44:39  
Fucking like

 Speaker  44:41  
that's the thing is like, they would look at this shit like, nah, nah. That's like trash, food and garbage. And I don't want it.

 Speaker  44:49  
Hey, I want to be clear when I shared that that one year old story.

 Speaker  44:53  
I loved your reaction. Could you relate it? Right? Yeah, when I shared that one year old story, I remember telling that to a white person. And they got all into pity mode into like, it's as if he thought I said I gave him that story. So he was like, oh man, those guys are assholes. Like that. No, no, no, no. You could have been that kid in that class. Laughing your ass off exactly what I want you to understand. This is why I always feel like it's us versus debt like I still haven't come over. That is it? I tell that story so you can understand something about me cursing those kids out it's too late at this point right? You

 Speaker  45:33  
will tell the time away person you're dealing with like based on that reaction to a story like that.

 Speaker  45:37  

 Speaker  45:39  
like the reaction of someone go off fuck it's like no you don't get it like

 Speaker  45:44  
you're compensating now. Fucking

 Speaker  45:55  
just for you be I wouldn't.

 Speaker  45:57  
You just overcompensating some shit. Like just

 Speaker  46:01  
come on no, that's how it is.

 Speaker  46:02  
Exactly but yeah, I'm just trying to describe this was what was normal for me versus what you considered normal.

 Speaker  46:10  
And then the other side would be like the white person that's like, Are you sure? Are you sure he was right? Yes. Like it's stupid me I'm like well actually a lot of black people in this city felt this way and I started naming like just it's just like I mean that's their experience I don't know why you like that's what I said I'm like that's someone's experience I don't know why it's like they gotta justify they did all the right they did they do everything. It's like it's the equivalent of saying well you know the cops might have pulled them over But was he do what did he do everything right?

 Speaker  46:44  

 Speaker  46:47  
Like we have to be perfect to prove that race. Remember that guy that your your I don't know how you had this guy, the strip club DJ guy. He was like, Are you

 Speaker  46:57  
are you talking about your I guess? Yeah. Yeah, okay. Oh, what if we

 Speaker  47:02  
have a guy? Yeah.

 Speaker  47:04  
Well, he was like he was talking about how Colin Kaepernick isn't. He isn't a good player because he isn't the greatest. So that's why he shouldn't take a knee. Because he isn't the greatest player that ever lived. Oh, also, he has to be poor. He's a good player. He's one of the best.

 Speaker  47:18  
Yeah, he didn't get mad. I didn't clue into the I remember telling him a story about how when I go to this is probably an auto thing than anything else, right?

 Speaker  47:29  
No, it's not because I've had these cameras. You continue but I'll be another one. Yeah,

 Speaker  47:32  
I again, back to the strip club incident. Right? Yeah. I walk into a strip club. And and and the strippers avoid me right. Like they avoid the black guy and, and I've had conversation with them. They say yeah, cuz sometimes some of the black dudes who come in they're pimps they're not here to be clients are trying to chase and shit like that. And and I accepted whatever reason, right? I explained the story to him right because he ran a strip club. Yeah. And he it's as if he couldn't accept that he kept rejected that reality. Oh, no, you know, it must have been this It must have been. No girls will do that and she like, I wasn't looking for pity I wasn't looking for what I'm just trying to say. This is a phenomena. I don't I didn't go home crying after the insert I'm just saying, hey, apparently you guys have a pimp problem at your club, whatever the fuck shit like that. But me trying to explain that story and he didn't want to hear it. He kept trying to propose new alternatives to the something that my eyes actually

 Speaker  48:35  
even just your eyes like the women send it in to read up. Also like he's not talking to you. He's talking to himself. Exactly. Yeah, he's tell he's trying to convince him so he knows right? Like it's a cognitive dissonance. He knows what's going on. But he has to believe what he has earned. His whole life isn't like there isn't a slanted playing field. Not saying that he didn't earn what he got but he doesn't to to to accept systemic racism means he has to accept that even even in the in the system and you know pimps coming in there so you got like massage and you got like to accept these systems these things in play means that he has to sit there and go as a white man. What is how did I get the shit in my life? Huh?

 Speaker  49:27  
Yeah exactly that I have to acknowledge this whole concept of race bring

 Speaker  49:30  
real knowledge the shits like oh then I'm not genetically better there we go

 Speaker  49:39  
it's interesting how much okay, just realize this. How much effort a white person will go into rejecting the concept of race dude,

 Speaker  49:48  
when Trayvon Martin died I had one of the comics here debating You bet. Well, I know why people putting Trayvon Martin up. He wasn't a good student and bla bla bla like, that's the point.

 Speaker  49:58  
Why should he have to be a good steward. And not to be murdered by someone not to be bird. Exactly. It's like that's the point. Yep, yep,

 Speaker  50:06  
still remember I don't know if you know me.

 Speaker  50:10  
I'm not gonna defend Trayvon Martin's character because I don't have to

 Speaker  50:13  
there we go he's a human he's a kid he's a kid maybe he's the best is to maybe you did smoke weed so like that's what kids do that's Oh, I like like like like everyone unless I like Obama said no like we've all been said I could have been trained

 Speaker  50:30  
on one of us and in especially like for a white kid to say it's like come on, you know, white kids are bad shit too. Hold

 Speaker  50:40  
canes you just keep

 Speaker  50:42  
Oh, yes. And

 Speaker  50:45  
to realize that it's a good thing. I was not judged by the stupidity I did as a kid as you know, as a as a teenager.

 Speaker  50:53  
But it's also that's dangerous for you to as a black man, like to do stupid shit as a kid because we see how They think,

 Speaker  51:01  

 Speaker  51:02  
in comments like that.

 Speaker  51:05  
Yeah, I yeah, I just,

 Speaker  51:07  
I'm trying to think of the wildest thing that I did. But and but, and God forbid, I had to and had I got caught, or I'd be I mean, I never mugged anyone.

 Speaker  51:17  
Again, the reality that Peter mansbridge is like, I yeah, like, to me, like, maybe I'm looking more into it. Maybe I'm reading more into what he's saying. But what I'm saying seeing is like, Oh, you didn't realize this was a thing in your world. Like you didn't realize how big it is. In my world. It's huge. In my world, everyone's like this. But I also understand the world where it's like, the good old hockey game. I understand that world.

 Speaker  51:44  
I understand exactly. I see it,

 Speaker  51:46  
but I only see it when I go to small towns and shit. I don't see it in cities.

 Speaker  51:54  
Like that. Yo, I remember. I used to tell people, I watch hockey in French Cuz I want to that's my way of saying hey, I grew up in the other part of Canada but you know what I mean?

 Speaker  52:04  
I realize I'm using hockey as a pejorative for like Canadian you know, quote unquote Canadian culture right like, but I what I mean is like that small town, you know that, you know, I don't want to disrespect their culture I mean I was out in pianos talking to some people from small town it's fascinating how they they pass down their like traditions and shit that they've been doing for years and I think that shit is fascinating but to me all of this stuff makes up Canada In fact, yes, there's nothing more unique than all of this like our indigenous culture, our but the indigenous culture that small town white people the East Coast culture, and the these first generation, the immigration and the first generation Canadian, nothing is more unique that is not shared more on the world stage then and it is because if you look at Drake, you look at the weekend. You look at Russell, you look at famous Canadian ethnic people now even even white ones that got comes from first generation Canadians. Uh huh. It first generation Canadian of like we we grew up in, in worlds where all these cultures were mixed. Yeah, like Filipino, West Indian and all different people were just mixed up and it's just a blending of cultures. No, perfect. I'm just saying, that's a thing.

 Speaker  53:21  
Yeah. Like you said, you were Filipinos all these days. For me, it was like Algerians, yes, French Canadians. Haitians, basically all

 Speaker  53:33  
colonized or enslaved by the French. Well, we all blended

 Speaker  53:38  
together to make there's a culture behind it, right? Like that. Fucking culture behind it. It's like, it's it's a culture that's, you know, uniquely Canadian. I. Sometimes I'm like, I think it's Toronto. But it's also, you know, Scarborough. It's a huge Scarborough thing. It's unique culture behind that.

 Speaker  53:55  
Hope you ever been to Cuba? No, I've never been a believer. Memory Okay, so I went to Cuba very narrow right and it's like pure the majority of the tourists there rock were Canadians, right? Yeah, it got to a point cuz I knew I was telling myself there's a bit in here somewhere. Yeah so it got to a point where I was trying to identify people by their accent. I mean and white English not really you need you need white people I could distinguish or like Becker's yeah and maybe Atlantic Canada.

 Speaker  54:25  
Yeah, yeah,

 Speaker  54:26  
but they weren't there because you know they broke Oh, come on. That's not funny.

 Speaker  54:32  
Hamilton motherfuckers were there by the way. Anyway,

 Speaker  54:38  
how was the first were so bad that the French King Ian's guys kept referring to them as a bunch of rednecks.

 Speaker  54:44  
Yeah. Did they have their sunglasses on backwards?

 Speaker  54:50  

 Speaker  54:53  
anywhere but like act like oh my god. We are pretty better than these brown people.

 Speaker  54:58  
Do you know who I was? was able to distinguish I was very good at right? Yeah. A people of color from Toronto. Yeah, too easy too easy. Yes. They had a certain swag a certain look a certain I could just come up with bro. You from thrown at you, man

 Speaker  55:17  
you can just

 Speaker  55:20  
Yeah, the Raptors jersey the shin everything. There's a certain look I was able to. There's one asian guy he caught me off guard turned out he was from Calgary, fuck

 Speaker  55:29  
Toronto. There's a pride to like being like ethnic person from Toronto, even though like exactly Yes. Watching the Desmond Cole video he's talking about how like downtown Toronto has become mainly white because it's rich people now but like you look at Scarborough and shit like that there's like a there's it's a distinct voice. You do not have a drag without that voice. Break that right like you don't in my show what fresh West was one of the probably the first rapper that I know that like really embraced that voice. It was just like yeah Yeah,

 Speaker  56:02  
that was just totally Yeah, that's absolutely Toronto.

 Speaker  56:05  
Hey, remember? Uh, I gotta go. I still love that one. Card now. Yeah, sure. Yeah. And that Bacardi slang. Yeah.

 Speaker  56:15  
Exactly. It was pride in that right?

 Speaker  56:18  
Yeah, no, seriously, man. I was. I love that track while being jealous of the fact that audible won't have anything like that.

 Speaker  56:24  
Yeah, it's like, it's I don't know, man. It's, I'm it shocks me that someone that worked in journalism is like was things coming up? It's like, no, it's always been here.

 Speaker  56:37  
It's always been here, man. Yeah, yeah. No, I had to rely on the rappers to make me to to point out that distinct culture but yeah, no man's bridge. Oh, babies.

 Speaker  56:50  
And what kills me is like they think it's, I think, I mean, maybe I'm putting words in their mouth, but they think it's like, immigrants and it's like, well, yeah, there are immigrant involved with this, but you don't understand the first generation second generation Canadians that are coming up now, like that. Like a lot of these people are like, no, they're born in this country, from their parents coming and like this is a thing that's coming like it's so Canadian so uniquely Canadian.

 Speaker  57:18  
A D. The other takeaway I got from that interview was part of being a white Kini is ignoring anyone who is not a white Canadian. That's right. And it's only because a non white Canadians became their voice got louder, like they want a championship, but they had to be acknowledged. Okay. Ah, finally. All right.

 Speaker  57:40  
All right. Well, Toronto's world class city now so now and then the Raptors winning in Champions League. Okay, yes, you're right. It's, we don't see him in like, I remember pitching shows about doing something about Toronto and they're like, Nah, nobody wants to run. I'm like, no one's done an ethics show. And they look at me like I'm weird. Like, having picked up the CFM t which is like this. You know or I don't know if you have that channel out there in Ottawa but it's basically our ethnic channel I've had people tell me that oh should

 Speaker  58:08  
pay attention to the ethnic channel

 Speaker  58:12  
you know, you know Yeah, yeah

 Speaker  58:15  
yeah they

 Speaker  58:16  
think like like for the longest time we think Toronto is a is white people when I look at the tick tock girls how they always show those Tick Tock girls dancing and I'm like that's a black kids dances very go yeah that's the This is why black people get upset This is why black people get upset because it's like you deny as denies denies. Then one of you discover some shit and you think oh my god, this is the greatest thing ever.

 Speaker  58:42  
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. twerking. I remember the when turkey came out Yeah. Then all of a sudden a bunch of white girls took videos yo kept coming up. Yeah, like that. I want to confess I did watch those videos.

 Speaker  58:56  
But I'm just saying

 Speaker  58:59  
I just want to say Black women came out with it but when they did it it was like considered ghetto or, or taboo.

 Speaker  59:06  
And that's that's the whole that's the that's all of it. Right. So yeah, so when Peter mansbridge talks about Raptors cultures, it's not Raptors culture. It's its first generation Canadians and immigrant Canadians, but this is first generation Canadians who've been here. Yeah. who've been around for a long time who's just like, but you don't put us in there in your mainstream media. We don't see our faces there.

 Speaker  59:32  
Yeah, I want to be clear that I think we've already said that, but I don't know I keep bringing it up cuz there's a white racist white man in my head that keeps I always have to acknowledge I want to be clear, not if Peter mansbridge was on this podcast. I don't want don't understand. We're not we're not we're not cursing you out. You know, you didn't see the N word. All you did is you affirmed the reality that we grew up with. That's pretty much what that interview just told us is in your own way you just went

 Speaker  1:00:02  
Yes man it's not frustration with the person is frustration with a perspective

 Speaker  1:00:07  
that Thank you. Yeah,

 Speaker  1:00:07  
frustration with the perspective of like a world where you're like, Yeah, man, you ignore us.

 Speaker  1:00:15  
Yeah, that's Wow. That's why I started the show when you said the name I went on purpose it Whoo. Whoo. Yeah. You're like Elvis Presley or like john wayne. A bunch of white people were like

 Speaker  1:00:29  
that'd be but for me,

 Speaker  1:00:30  
who? I'm also glad that you're talking about I mean, like, I know we talked about this. We talked about this before, but are you sure brown doing her comedy specials like, she's the first black person to do a comedy special crave and then like, I have crave and I go they have their Black History Month like shows to watch the only Canadian black part like the only Canadian and all the black things to watch for black Ashima.

 Speaker  1:00:58  
Right And yeah,

 Speaker  1:01:01  
But that our repeat for 28 days

 Speaker  1:01:04  
that's 2020 man that's the only thing you have Canadian letter Kenny you have this white and white Canadian TV is exploding Where's ethnic Canadian TV?

 Speaker  1:01:18  
joke never became famous over. I used to say shit like, you know, I'm all for supporting Kenny and black content, but there's only so much kinky my hair I'm willing to watch. Exactly. No disrespect. It was great show but come on, man.

 Speaker  1:01:35  
You have only one option.

 Speaker  1:01:38  
Even even like the Kim's convenience is like the the the ethnicities in over your head.

 Speaker  1:01:44  
Uh huh. Hey, did you ever watch the line?

 Speaker  1:01:50  
No. The one

 Speaker  1:01:52  
the line. So apparently it was as I only saw one episode of it. my homeboy BK you I remember him he liked the series from the States by the way. So the line was people wanted to call it like the Canadian version of the wire. No, no, no, no, no, no. It was Canadian. I don't like as if it sucked. But no disrespect to my show.

 Speaker  1:02:19  
My show isn't it?

 Speaker  1:02:20  
He wasn't there. Yeah, it's about cops chasing drug dealers. And Maestro plays a kingpin in there. But I remember all right, and the black people in that like there's a lot of famous black Canadian actors in there. Okay, but that should be known and it had a more of a comedy effect to it and she liked that but I don't know and go for it but I potential that Yeah, potential. Where was I going with this example? But in terms of distinct Yeah, no, I forgot why I brought it up. But you know, the line was the alternative to kinky my hair was

 Speaker  1:03:00  
It's also like we don't have a lot of people behind the scenes who like could produce and create the content right like so. So a lot of the content has to go through like a white perspective like it's like a white person doesn't understand what's happening hey, yeah

 Speaker  1:03:14  
well saying yeah

 Speaker  1:03:19  
who this is for I don't get it.

 Speaker  1:03:21  
I use it was what I loved about the wires so the production Just give me the creator of the wire. He like he was obsessed with things being realistic sounded real. So he made sure that hey, say, hey, black folks, talk to you, you know, whatever the street, the street level folks talk the way you actually talk. We're not gonna put some time, but I used to love having a white person say yeah, I couldn't understand what those black kids were saying. Maybe I could put subtitles on. Cuz makes sense. Because when I watch Game of Thrones, I have to put on the subtitles to

 Speaker  1:03:55  
I don't even know which white person's rich white

 Speaker  1:04:00  
I had a conversation the other day he's telling me a joke about how he's like, is this racist? And I'm like, Oh, here we go. Oh, here we go. I think it's funny that Asian people created facial recognition. I'm like, I know what he's getting that because he thinks all Asian people look the same. I'm like, Oh, come on. Yeah, it is racist. He's like, You think I'm like, Yeah, he's like, maybe I should give it to another Asian bird. I'm like, no, maybe

 Speaker  1:04:27  
I'm doing what you want, but it is racist.

 Speaker  1:04:30  
Yeah, it kills me when a white person who has no black friends wants to try a race joke, you know, a black joke. And and and gets upset when it doesn't work. Like you're gonna blame like I mean, Ah, shit. I don't have an analogy for it. But you know how to compare it to, but man get up get a hit, man. Get a look. I mean, figure it out.

 Speaker  1:04:58  
Yeah, I remember there was a comedy used to do a joke about how dogs would come up and lick lick him. He didn't like it if a document were like he and he compared it to having a naked black man on a leash come up and lick him. Wha, we're and I'm like, That's racist. And all his white friends argued with me and I'm like, no, it's racist. You're comparing a black man to an animal. You know what a family Why does he have to be a black man?

 Speaker  1:05:23  
What did you have to get? Yo?

 Speaker  1:05:25  
why people love to talk about what's not racist and what

 Speaker  1:05:29  
it could have been like, because being a black man, that's just your discomfort with black men. Is it gonna be that the joke could have been a man it's like having a dude come up to you on a leash naked. Like if I had a he was walking the black man to

 Speaker  1:05:46  
it's like if I had a black eye on the leash, and I'm like, Why does it have to be black? Oh, no, it's not racist. I'm like, Yeah, it is.

 Speaker  1:05:54  
I want to fuck you up for that joke.

 Speaker  1:05:57  
How do I explain it to you? Well, he would do it in Toronto. They wouldn't laugh at you and understand why and someone called him a racist and he's like no I can't be racist because the black man stronger than me it's like that. Oh

 Speaker  1:06:09  
yeah apparently I actually you know what my I've been meaning to track this comedian. Well, I don't know why but whatever friend of mine told me she was a very long time ago she was at a club and she had her white community make this joke he said, Yeah, for Black History Month. I gave my black friend a bouquet of cotton

 Speaker  1:06:33  
like it just reinforced the damn kidney is no shame she

 Speaker  1:06:38  
said about race what's even like in in in

 Speaker  1:06:43  
for that person's like, well you can make jokes about white people it's fine. Yeah, make jokes about white people. But you got to look at like the power differential and and also what the joke is like, putting raisin and potatoes out which is hacky, but it's still like, how harmful is that to you?

 Speaker  1:06:59  
ever talk to them and

 Speaker  1:07:02  
or make a joke about how black people like you know, like I saw dude doing a joke about how black guys gotta get their hair cut all the time. That's not offensive.

 Speaker  1:07:12  
Okay, well guess what

 Speaker  1:07:14  
he might do is making a joke. Oh, yeah, yeah black guys always have their hair done right boys get always getting their lines fixed

 Speaker  1:07:21  
Oh line up Yeah, yeah,

 Speaker  1:07:24  
it didn't work but

 Speaker  1:07:27  
but like it okay make fun of something like that and not here's here's a historical oppression

 Speaker  1:07:36  
financed by the historical oppression

 Speaker  1:07:39  
bill Bill Burr has a joke about a long time he has a joke about how his black friends used to make fun of him because he didn't match up his clothes like that. Yeah, you know I love that joke because I'm like I can relate. Yeah, it was proof that Casey that dude's got black friends. Yeah, he's not making shit up. It's not taking it out of his ass. Yeah,

 Speaker  1:07:57  
yeah. That's right.

 Speaker  1:08:00  
Yeah, what's funny about your The, the joke? the barbershop joke is that I actually go to the barber shop on a weekly basis. Yeah. And part of it I realize is cuz to have the discussion that we have on these podcasts. You haven't there. I try but you know, this new barber shop he's catching on that walk shit, you know, maybe they're they don't know I'll be ready. By the time I get there. They already talked about politics and when it's like I'd be recycling shit

 Speaker  1:08:33  
whatever party

 Speaker  1:08:36  
you know, I can't disclose that kind of information.

 Speaker  1:08:38  
Yeah, it sounds like a beat tool for the conversation.

 Speaker  1:08:41  
That's what have you Yeah, you know, I mean, it's like if if I could bring it cuz sometimes I want to talk about politics like that. y'all hear me out. And

 Speaker  1:08:50  
but this guy was so.

 Speaker  1:08:53  
So good. Thank God for this podcast. So yes, your homeboys, right? Yes, I do. Go to the barber shop.

 Speaker  1:08:57  
Yeah, yeah, it's it's It's a joke about like, you know what I mean? Like, but to go like here. It's like that's all you know about black people is slavery, isn't it? So you just

 Speaker  1:09:15  
write this down. Okay. The joke is uh uh

 Speaker  1:09:21  
as i was thinking along the lines of how are Kenyans so oblivious about race? And it's like pretending to be a white person. Worse there are no I mean, I know what it's like to be black I did it.

 Speaker  1:09:49  
I saw someone Yeah, we'll talk I'll talk about that another time. I think that's a separate conversation but yeah, yeah, I the the Peter mansbridge thing fucking when I sign up Holy shit. Great White north.

 Speaker  1:10:05  
We really are the great white North

 Speaker  1:10:07  
great way north. You know what man this is the thing is they did deny white supremacy but at the same time, they are just like, yeah, we're in charge.

 Speaker  1:10:15  

 Speaker  1:10:18  
Yeah, absolutely. We're in charge.

 Speaker  1:10:21  
There's no irony in that too. There's no there's no seat like

 Speaker  1:10:26  
no one no systemic racism doesn't exist. But all races hate each other. That's just how things are, who's in charge white people, but I, I've had nice conversations.

 Speaker  1:10:37  
This generation is done for it in a sense that can just freak people out by saying instance that I've given up like this generation fails. If you do a test on race on the concept of race, you'd all get f probably the best of you would probably get a D minus

 Speaker  1:10:51  
the best the best of you.

 Speaker  1:10:56  
When is it appropriate to use the N word

 Speaker  1:11:01  
Never I got the one point

 Speaker  1:11:04  
he's doing the test in blackface

 Speaker  1:11:14  
What do you mean I got an F this bullshit

 Speaker  1:11:16  
I didn't just have like Mr T for nothing

 Speaker  1:11:21  
I do ever tell you that like I went to this I go to like this like comic book toy store kind of place and the guy that runs it is telling me how he dressed up like Mr. T for crit for Halloween. This is years ago. I'm just like, oh fuck and he's like I got a photo. I'm like, oh black face blackface.

 Speaker  1:11:38  

 Speaker  1:11:40  
I need you to see this. Like,

 Speaker  1:11:43  
he might not have thought I was black though. Like he's one of those white guys and

 Speaker  1:11:48  
you're one of the good black

 Speaker  1:11:48  
Yeah, yeah. Or Yeah, he's just like, oh, you must be Italian and then and then I just be laughed. I was just like, my wife and I my wife's like what the fuck is wrong with people? And I'm like, I don't I have no idea. It's so Hamilton though, right? It's so Canada just like, why is this wrong? I don't see the problem with it.

 Speaker  1:12:11  
Because I don't see

 Speaker  1:12:12  
it. You should see. I was I but in my heart I meant a mented. Well,

 Speaker  1:12:19  
I meant. All right. Do you want to do a wrap up on this? We did. That was so beautiful. Yeah.

 Speaker  1:12:24  

 Speaker  1:12:25  
Thank God. Happy retirement and Peter mansbridge. Yeah. Here's hoping we do better. Yeah,

 Speaker  1:12:32  
fingers crossed. All right, I'm gonna stop

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