S04E25 – Woke Scolding

In this episode of , Gavin and B had a hard time with this one. On one hand, we want to be inclusive as F, but we also hate a down talking for no good reason. Anyway here we are with a new episode, enjoy.

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Speaker – 0:00
Hey everyone, welcome to uncolonized It’s April 6, this is Episode 25. And this week, we we started off talking a lot about . It was very fascinating documentary series on Netflix. And we got into it like most people on the planet, who are locked up right now in their homes trying to avoid everyone else trying to avoid human contact. But what we primarily wanted to talk about was woke scolding. And that concept and how it annoyed us. So that’s what we got into for the most part this is this is going to be an entirely open episode, we have this released for Patreon and for everyone else, so please enjoy. But please, if you if you feel like supporting us and helping us out with this, especially during this difficult time, I understand that a lot of a lot of people are trying to save money and whatever. So don’t worry about it. If you can’t, but $5 a month you get eight episodes, you can visit us@patreon.com forward slash the uncolonized and subscribe there and support the podcast. But without further ado, here you go Episode 20 Five wolf scolding with a little bit of Tiger King thrown in there. Enjoy.

Speaker – 1:17
Welcome to on Uncolonized podcast. I’m Gavin Stephens. Each week I’m joined by my friend B. Black to have a conversation about race politics, pop culture, all from a Canadian perspective. It’s a cathartic no holds barred conversation between

Speaker – 1:33
being in the barbershop. We can’t go.

Speaker – 1:53
So you asked me if we had technical difficulties with on my end something’s wrong with my Huawei P 20. Pro. Anyway, nobody wants to hear that’s boring. We were We were talking you asked me if I if I watch Tiger King and I have I don’t know if I’m about three or four episodes in

Speaker – 2:12

Speaker – 2:14
parts watch.

Speaker – 2:16
It is hard. Yes,

Speaker – 2:17
yes. Oh hard to watch. I feel so bad for the animals.

Speaker – 2:21
Oh balls deaf?

Speaker – 2:23

Speaker – 2:24
yeah, it’s like go ahead. No I was gonna I was

Speaker – 2:29
your first thought that came to mind is when we were kids right? The teachers used to make a sing this song called on a bar a bar a party, and I’ll translate in English is we’re all the same, the same the same. I think it was like the teachers attempt to get white kids to stop calling the new black kid nigger, you know?

Speaker – 2:52
You think your teacher was thinking that deeply with you?

Speaker – 2:55
You know what they come up kids, you know, I mean, like, we’re all the same. And the more I think about it, the more realize how bullshit that concept is. Because I would have never in my life imagined that it was possible to own a tiger. Yeah, me. Yeah. Unless, unless I came across a white person only. I think the only reason I should is possible because a white person planted that idea in my head.

Speaker – 3:21
Well, it’s very American. Like this shots in it were like he’s driving in a truck with a tiger like they show him driving in the truck, and then they pan back in the tiger and the first thing, I’m like, What the fuck like it. It makes me angry because in my head, I’m like, I’m driving down the road on the other side. This guy has a tiger. The Tiger decides it wants to eat so all of a sudden, he’s tagging people. That car is driving into me. Now I get in an accident. I got to deal with a fucking tiger.

Speaker – 3:49
I’m just like, just

Speaker – 3:53
like that in the world.

Speaker – 3:56

Speaker – 3:57

Speaker – 3:58
I just want this motherfucking licensed information, but now

Speaker – 4:07
in that

Speaker – 4:10
there was a part of me that was like, Oh, he knows what he’s doing. And then now I’m like, Oh, no, he, he’s a fucking Narcissus, bro BS. This is all ego. He’s like, have you ever seen the documentary? Grizzly man? Nah, it’s a same kind of deal. So this guy goes out. And he films a documentary. Like he’s trying to save Grizzlies, but he’s like, and so he says, living amongst them. he’s a he’s a failed actor. Okay, he goes out. And during the time when these like nature shows like, like, what was that guy? The Crocodile Hunter and stuff? Oh, no, he’s filming himself living amongst these bears. But the thing is, it’s like in Canada, like northern Canada and the wildlife. It’s not a wildlife preserving. They’re like the bears are fighting. They’re protected. I don’t even know why he’s here. He’s actually doing more harm being here. Oh, yes. named them and they’re like in the bears are warning him like stay the fuck he’s trying to swim with them. And they’re like getting mad at him and then eventually he gets eaten in the end of the documentary. There was like all this poor man. I’m like, no. This Tiger King I don’t like snakes and I feel sorry for snakes in this documentary.

Speaker – 5:21
Wow. Wow.

Speaker – 5:22
Okay. When I see how they’re treating the snakes and these poor fucking snakes, man,

Speaker – 5:27
I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but

Speaker – 5:30
Oh, they show them in the beginning and stuff like they dragging them out and like, he’s just white people like, like a one dude. One dude. Like, he built his he rebuilt his alligator pen. He’s like, he built it for $8,000 like $120,000 like, why’d you build it? Oh, because I get to pet some tigers. I’m like, why is that? Why is that? A commodity? You get to I don’t want to pet tigers.

Speaker – 5:54
I’m saying look, look, I’m gonna make peace with the fact that there are people out there who just think things different Right. And, and I’m gonna apologize to the to the one white person whose feelings got hurt by me say this is not a white people thing. I mean, I’m sure it is a black dude or a black chick out there who’s into owning Tigers or wants to marry a dude or chick who owns Tigers or or animals that shouldn’t be domesticated. I’m sure I’m sure they’re out there. He votes for Trump. No disrespect.

Speaker – 6:21
And it was Michael Jackson own tiger.

Speaker – 6:25
He owned them. Oh, yeah. He had a zoo.

Speaker – 6:29
Yeah, but I mean, if that’s the level of we’re measuring,

Speaker – 6:35
like the millionaire pop star

Speaker – 6:39
who was like slightly crazy. If

Speaker – 6:43
Black people if they were multi millionaire pop stars. I’m saying Well, I’m

Speaker – 6:47
trying to say look, I’ve accepted there are people out there who are different for them. Yo, I want to like us do this podcast. Are you are us going on stage in front of a bunch of human beings a bunch of strings Rangers try to make them laugh. That’s the equivalent of Yeah, I get my adrenaline from this motherfucking tiger. I

Speaker – 7:07
don’t know, man. I watch it. I’m like, I feel like the tiger should be in the wild. I agree. I agree. Yes. I’m like this is horrible if that’s the it’s like it’s just egos. Oh, it’s all these white people like I combined. Everyone in the documentary has like, our like control. Narcissus shit

Speaker – 7:28
yeah called a yeah there’s no one

Speaker – 7:30
to convince dudes to be gay he’s that much of a narcissist cult was like the one guy’s like I didn’t know he was gay but then you know I met

Speaker – 7:40
I might be gay is like holy shit.

Speaker – 7:43
That Yeah, that one guy it made me think of that one guy of how he’s like the alpha in the sense that everyone relies on him to eat me cuz there’s one there’s one lady she was talking about how you know how he lost a lot of money. doing one thing which affected them. But you know, we’re worried because that dude always figures out a way to make some money and all in their life. Yeah, yeah, he’s the he’s the the big fish. Yeah, great. I’m trying to put some ice cube here. greed. Give me everything I need. How you gonna deal with something that I feed?

Speaker – 8:22
Yeah, I love when you wrap

Speaker – 8:24
Oh yeah, no Okay, I gotta knock that shut-off man. No, no, it’s perfect one day one day I’m gonna get some courage.

Speaker – 8:31
You know what I love about when you do your it’s like you, you, you give hip hop the respect it deserves. I don’t mean that sarcastically because you relate the lyrics of what this like someone like Tupac is saying, or like in this case. Ice Cube says, and you’re so I’m complimenting. Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah. It’s a very American story. It’s very God yo, it’s like it’s like we’re watching with the corona virus yesterday, like plunked down, I’m American. Look it’s very talk that I don’t Tigers go fuck. This this style saw this, this pseudo ego that they have, like pseudo like, Oh, do you think because you’re American that you’re just like, hey, better? There’s no

Speaker – 9:19
way you own a tiger. And don’t feel superior to people who don’t? Absolutely. You have a sense of

Speaker – 9:26
power like, have you ever want to walk into a big dog? Yeah, man, like a big man. Gotcha.

Speaker – 9:33

Speaker – 9:35
I could imagine owning a gun with that kind of feel.

Speaker – 9:38
Yeah, but I don’t use the same in the same mindset. But you took it. You took it a move from my cold dead hands.

Speaker – 9:49
And it also the nerve of like, of course, a white guy from America as a tiger King like, I’ve been to India. Have you been to Asia? Have you been to Africa? Yeah, yeah, the white guy in America. Is the tiger king he Yeah. Little badass.

Speaker – 10:03
Yeah. Okay, you know, I

Speaker – 10:05
know I’ve seen pictures of Russia which part of Africa it was, but this dude he was like played with a bigger I wasn’t a tiger was a hyena but it was a big asahina with a thing around his mouth like what do you call those things? muzzle? Yeah,

Speaker – 10:22
yeah, I know like when I when I was in South Africa as the hip hop videos, hyenas were like the Pitbull of the day wow

Speaker – 10:32
I still wasn’t impressed

Speaker – 10:35
with the running chain dude though. I’m not going in any room or any whatever the fuck. They want to see my pet.

Speaker – 10:45
My things are dangerous shit too, right could just

Speaker – 10:49
imagine bad. Yeah,

Speaker – 10:51
I think what else was stressing me out is this documentary is like I don’t want to see anyone get bitten or eaten. I just can’t do it man. I can’t

Speaker – 11:00
Yo got one lady like i said i was episode one that one lady Fuck,

Speaker – 11:04
arm, but we shouldn’t spoil shit. Oh, well, it just came out. Yeah, okay, someone loses lost there. That’s Yeah,

Speaker – 11:12
let me ask you a question to roll into our subject. Let me ask you a question. If you knew one of these people online like even casually say you knew them casually, would you like tell them how wrong they were like

Speaker – 11:26
wow, how wrong

Speaker – 11:28
would you be like Hey, they’re like bragging about like, say they’re bragging about breeding another tiger and they’re showing the tiger cubs. Would you like would you have to say something to them? That’s a very good,

Speaker – 11:38
you know, I just realized man I feel like, right, okay, I’ll be honest. I was wanting to say now I was gonna be one of those. Okay, I guess people just think differently. And yeah, and never call him back.

Speaker – 11:50
Never hate me just unfriend them.

Speaker – 11:54
So we had a great time last night. Wrong.

Speaker – 12:00
But I wouldn’t I would have had I must have been like, a during slavery being from a country that was against owning slaves and meeting people who own slaves. You know what, hey, what you’re doing is wrong. Well, I’d be like, Oh, I guess people do shit differently. Yeah, people do.

Speaker – 12:19

Speaker – 12:22
What I’m trying to lead into awkwardly, like it was an awkward segue on my part. But what I’m trying to lean into is the idea of woke scolding. I didn’t really know the term before but then I saw online, someone they were talking about, was on Facebook and someone was talking about, they had a they were it was an article about white women using blackface for comedy or something like that. And it was about Sarah Silverman when she used it in the early 2000s in her TV show, excuse me, to make fun of white women who, who, who think they’re not a part Part of or whatever, I don’t know what it was exactly what the Sarah Silverman sketch was, but it was Sarah Silverman was in blackface. And then someone posted it and then people were like, oh, someone explained what the sketch was fun and then another person came in and was like, No, you don’t understand about blackface and start telling them and then like, and the person’s like, Oh, no, I know it’s wrong. I’m just explaining and then the the other person came in it was just no black face is never right. But and it was just like as watching it and they had to swallow vomit.

Speaker – 13:30
Oh, so you were swallowing vomit at the person

Speaker – 13:35
talking down was like, no black faces never right? And I’m like, I while while I while I agree with her. It was it was a black woman’s walk scolding a white dude. And I felt it’s very confusing for me because I do agree like black faces. There’s really no excuse for it. Right. I do think that I do think there’s satire and stuff. But it wasn’t even that it wasn’t even like analyzing that it was just the way it was like, like, do you think white people don’t know this isn’t bad,

Speaker – 14:08
the crime didn’t fit the punishment.

Speaker – 14:11
Right. And it’s also it’s it’s also like the it’s, it’s the moral superiority, right.

Speaker – 14:17
Yeah. Let

Speaker – 14:18
me rub your nose in this.

Speaker – 14:21
Right, right. Let me

Speaker – 14:22
show you my righteousness, right. It’s it felt like a grab for power. Hmm. I mean like, I’m going to be now the person. You know what I mean? Yeah,

Speaker – 14:32
no, okay. No, it was definitely I, uh, the closest thing I came to relate to that was, uh, like, you know, like, I grew up in a church, excuse me, grew up in a church. And, and it’s very common to find someone who, who felt like they had like a certain moral superiority to you and they could talk to you anyway, I’ll pray for you. But you can tell him Look, look, I’m having problems with my walk with Christ like that, you know? I’ve been having doubts or whatever, and they start cussing you out for having doubts or whatever, to the Bible. Like Yeah,

Speaker – 15:07
your your humanity is like, how dare you?

Speaker – 15:10
Yeah. Actually, actually, I had that.

Speaker – 15:16
The uncle those pocket, I don’t know how to explain the story without you know, okay, I explained the so I’m not gonna mention any names, but it was an encounter on Twitter. Right. Okay. And what happened is that a fellow comic folk comedian, or I felt were with a fellow comedian. made a joke about remember the joke, right, made a joke about something. And the punch line was, was silly. I mean, it was, you know, it was funny, but it was it had to do with a lot of silliness. And my thought in my mind was, I’m going to say some, to me matches that. silliness.

Speaker – 16:00
Yeah. Okay. Like,

Speaker – 16:02
like like bush Edwards I, I remember saying it and not giving any thought I’m like, you know, this is not your best work be you know, I mean I don’t I don’t expect like out of all the billions of tweets that I’ve written this is not going to be the one that’s gonna be oh shit

Speaker – 16:19

Speaker – 16:21
it was on a level and just ignore it. Let’s move on.

Speaker – 16:23
You know what I mean? I’m like yeah, you know I could do better Well

Speaker – 16:27

Speaker – 16:28
I remember not giving it any thought until a few days later I get a you know you get notified on Twitter you know, oh wow this particular individual never tweets me.

Speaker – 16:42
I wonder what it’s all about it’s the worst when they know you’ve never talked to them worse when you never talk to them.

Speaker – 16:50
The worst is what happened is I was I remember walking in the barber shop and the quote was just the response but it will the initial response was Don’t like that. I wasn’t sure. You know, I was like, I don’t, I didn’t like that. I wasn’t sure. If this person, you know, was catching on to the joke, it was adding on to it. So, just as silly as me, like I was, the response was out of the infinite possible response that could have came my way. This one caught me off guard. I was like, I’m not sure what that’s me. So I asked the person for clarification. Yo, this lady ends up chewing me out and I’m gonna, you know, I’m using words chew me up, but basically, to me, like I’m some, like, some medical coming off a banana bow. No, like some child like, like, like, like, like, I remember. Like, I remember a teacher talking to like, you know, use your brains. It was gross. It’s gross. Use your brain. You know, use your brain like my mind is establishing that. Oh, wow. I piss this person off.

Speaker – 17:56
Can you say like is I can you? What was it like? It specifically because there’s a point that I want to make to to this to the actual code. Yeah, yeah, well what happened to the

Speaker – 18:11
m? d key? I forget what it was okay. I forgot what the initial punch line was, but it involves making fun of it was kids behaving a certain way and it caused the person to feel you know, like they were being attacked or these kids were bad I’m not I forget but I thought we were saying hey, you know, you know fuck these kids I’m that’s my first response was so I replied when exactly fuck these kids know our Kelly.

Speaker – 18:41
Yeah, fuck these kids. No

Speaker – 18:43
doubt. In my mind. I tell you the The only reason I took her response seriously is because

Speaker – 18:50
this thing personally, just to be clear with anyone listening basically what you said, fuck the kid but these kids not in our Kelly way. That’s what you’re

Speaker – 18:59
gonna Mr. Kelly Yeah, yeah, but yeah,

Speaker – 19:01
no. Okay.

Speaker – 19:02
I also the fact that I, I associated art Kelly would be in a pedophile so I could have written you know, no, pedophilia. Hey,

Speaker – 19:12
delicious. Yeah, yeah, just use the pop culture reference that’s related to someone who Yeah, no, I completely understand.

Speaker – 19:18
Yeah, boom, whatever, right? I know. All right. So the person you know, ends up basically letting me know that she hated the punch line out loud. So you know, and I responded with Cade understood duly noted, whatever, and went on about my day, but y’all couldn’t scratch that shit off. So I ended up talking to this person and letting them know hey, um,

Speaker – 19:43
you know, it’s funny is is the reason I took it as a walk school is because for some reason, I felt like

Speaker – 19:51
it remind me of every time I called on a white dude for trying to use the N word in a joke, or in a bad way. That’s the first thing I thought about How defensive that person was to any kind explanation. Those way

Speaker – 20:05
all of this is hard. It’s because of that.

Speaker – 20:07
Exactly. So I’m like, Am I in the wrong? Are they in the wrong? I mean, you know, the first part was k look. regardless what happens. Don’t let a person talk to you like that. Right? Like, like, let them know that Yo, if you’re really that upset, let’s not be friends just go our separate ways because it’s gonna get worse. Like, if you’re just upset at this part about me expect to be even more, you know, the show up on my door with guns because, yeah, I you know, I’ve just as bad Oh, so holy shit. This feels like a therapy session. First time I let it out. Anyway, so, uh, ended up talking to the person you don’t have an interaction. And we established that. Like, she didn’t feel like she did anything wrong or I didn’t get the impression didn’t say wrong. But I just said look, if you really that upset you, instead of pretending that we’re friend, let’s just go our separate way. You know, let’s just, I’m gonna let’s just pretend like we’re just polite strangers to each other kind of Like that there Yeah, no yeah window.

Speaker – 21:04
Well, this is my this is this is my point to what to what you’re saying is like when if you said something is like, okay, I’ll take the blackface thing a joke thing that if the person was like oh yeah, it made some sort of comment where it’s like I don’t see what’s wrong with blackface or made or like posted a photo of them in blackface Yeah, I guess sees you coming in and going Hey, blackface is wrong blah blah blah. But at the person agreed like a your joke was uh the fuck these kids not in our Kelly way it’s like at most would be like wow, fucking it’s a bit tone deaf but you move on right? You know, I mean, at the worst, I would say that

Speaker – 21:46
our Kelly reference Really? Was was

Speaker – 21:48
lame was the winning reference. Oh, how dare it’s not bad. It was that level of that bad. You’re not saying our Kelly was right. Nor are you making a normal making light of the situation. All you’re saying is fuck these kids not in our Kellaway. I like to me it’s like like it’s that no Let me tell you it’s like you’re looking for something wrong in this

Speaker – 22:12
row. Look, this is what I grew up in a church and went through a whole period of having to adjust my personality my interpretation just so people wouldn’t have that kind of response with me around them around me anytime I said that Oh shit, really? I just Jesus Oh, my bed was supposed to disrespect that verse, whatever right? So this is why I you know, I stopped associated with Christians. So you this is a bit of a dogma like this is this feels like dogma, religious dogma, it feels like

Speaker – 22:44
yeah, people are, like, holding tight to something.

Speaker – 22:48
Yeah, yeah. And also too, and then also what I learned is a lot of the people who who true you out, feel righteously? Yeah, really just going out of their way of letting you know how Look, I want you to believe that I’m more righteous than you were, or I’m that I’m this great person. It has nothing to do with actually That being said,

Speaker – 23:09
That being said, because the left is painted by these type of people that being said, I would like that doesn’t happen to me that often and it didn’t. That didn’t happen to me I watched it happen to someone else. And I know that happened to you but I find it doesn’t I don’t see it. It does happen. But I’d rather those people than what the right offers like I’d rather than dealing with woke schools, which are annoying. Yeah. Then dealing with people are like, I don’t see the problem with blackface, right? Right. Right. Right. Right. It’s just when I saw her do that. I know let me tell you, it’s like, it’s the whole like, I have this thing with Netflix all of a sudden and I think it’s because Netflix pedals in it so much with the misery porn like they love like it’s so neoliberal to to put like, you know, do documentaries about slavery or the third And all that stuff, which is great. But there’s never a solution to the problem. There’s no solutions to these problems. Right? Right. This putting that shit out there to say the environments shitty, look how shitty it is. And then you know, it’s the same people that Netflix or in bandwidth who are making money to make the environment what it is. So like it, to me, that’s kind of what woke scolding is on that level, like, like Hillary Clinton or like, Elizabeth Warren when she was running and all of a sudden she became like, oh, Bernie doesn’t want to look for Kamala Harris perfect example. Kamala Harris. They went after Joe Biden. And they were like talking about how joe biden’s are, you know, involved with racist practices, and he does this and he does that and he voted for the crime bill. Who does Kamala Harris come out and back? Joe Biden. And yeah, okay. Right. Who do they endorse Joe Biden, like this is what I’m talking about is like, it’s this. It’s, I think I have a problem with people who, who aren’t willing to do real work, right. Like you said, want to look like they’re morally superior and that’s all it’s about. It’s like I know the right words,

Speaker – 25:03
right? I know the right word.

Speaker – 25:04
Yeah. Hey, look, I know the right terminology.

Speaker – 25:07
I would accept that you know what conflict can actually be a good thing you know what the right people conflict could be? I guess yeah. For me what would have been a happy ending to that story if it would have ended with I learned something new and that person learn something new? I like it. Yeah, I felt like it was just look my bad, you know? And it ended with me saying my bad I didn’t feel like okay, I get this what you were trying to do? And I realized that or, you know, what one of my greatest moments in a comedy has been, and I mean, beautiful. between human beings is when I try to make an a joke, it fails in front of an audience, and a comic will show up will will come up to me and says, try it again. Or, or you have something going with that joke. Like they see the logic they see like the it they see it for They saw it fail, but they also saw understand what you were trying to accomplish. That moment right there between between the comment is like, it’s like a human connection, or rare human Connect, because they’re saying that Yeah, no, I know what you were trying to do the execution suck. Just

Speaker – 26:18
try the different try that I mean, but whatever. But I mean, like, would you have that same? Were you looking for that same kind of connection with someone who says, Hey, I don’t see the problem of blackface?

Speaker – 26:31
Oh, no, Hell no, no, no, no, no, no, there’s nowhere to go with that.

Speaker – 26:33
There’s like what you’re saying is like, Look, I’m on your side. I put out a stupid joke. I mean, it’s not harm. It’s not. It’s not a harmful joke. Mm hmm. It’s just a joke that you are putting into your display. You’re giving it too much energy to be Yeah,

Speaker – 26:50
yeah. There’s too much energy and there’s a reason why you’re giving this too much. Yeah, I really think it’s it’s part of the marketing. It’s part of like, yeah, like I know, marketing is a strong word, but I mean, Like just that that whole hey look at me I’m morally it’s just a morally you tell you what’s wrong with you and yeah you’re canceled

Speaker – 27:08
yeah you’re canceled yeah you know what and I found myself doing that at the subconscious level like yeah walking on thin ice sometimes around the like okay let’s just let’s establish there’s a conversation I’m only having with like minded people not the the right wingers out there the folks that you know who who are not walking the same direction as I am you know Shut the fuck up I’m not trying to hear your opinion because they’re like See I told you these motherfuckers are too sensitive or for drama talking to them I’m talking to folks that were while walking the same direction we’re just in different cars or you know we have different cliques or whatever right same direction now I’m a I would have accepted a yo that joke was lame and period stop. I learned something today. But the whole Yo, you’re stoning me, like you’re gonna act like I’m like, I’m the bad I’m part of the bad you know? It’s like, trust me. I know what makes you hurt if I want to know I have a deeper understanding of your of your reality than the people you hate. Or

Speaker – 28:20
was it a white woman to

Speaker – 28:22
man? That’s what makes it dude.

Speaker – 28:24
Yes yes he has that that’s that’s the other thing is that it’s like this it’s the oppression Olympics and for some reason white women think they are like more oppressed than black men. And they’ll jump on that anytime but like they get to be they get to be it cuz because in that that morally oppression is like there’s a tinge of racism. Yeah, you don’t know better like you’re dumb. And then I also get to be afraid of you in that moral superiority. Uh huh.

Speaker – 28:54
Yeah, you know what I think is I would love to have this conversation with Black woman. Yeah. Like in her response, like I just,

Speaker – 29:05
I just the woke school that I saw was a black woman doing this to a white dude. And it was kind of For me it was like, like, like, everyone knows blackface is wrong. Anyone that’s arguing against it, you’re wasting your time. Yeah. Which I’ve done. I’ve wasted my time and someone that’s like, hey, Black is like, like, like, I don’t know, as a black person. I’m like, I’m done teaching white people like, this is what like, just the very idea that uh, you think that white people are so? Oh, I don’t I don’t know what’s going on. Is this like, That’s lame, because they have all the power. This is their history is not just ours. It’s theirs. And so like, I’m gonna teach you what you did wrong today is just like

Speaker – 29:50
that feeling. There’s so many levels of like, shut up, bro.

Speaker – 29:54
That was it. Yeah, no, there was a level up. You know what you’re starting to sound a little bit like some of my racist teachers right now. Yeah, that’s the whole I’m gonna talk to you like a little boy.

Speaker – 30:03
Yeah. I mean, like, blackface is never a good thing.

Speaker – 30:06
You don’t want to do that. Yeah. Holy shit. You’re gonna set me up

Speaker – 30:08
in the guys like, Yeah, I know, I know blackface isn’t good. I just trying to point out that this was this is what the joke like, oh, you’re lame. That’s what you are. You’re You’re lame as the lame person. Yo, like, you don’t have to agree with a joke. You just like let me explain the joke but even that doesn’t mean anything to you. So you’re not good with jokes.

Speaker – 30:30
We’re not yo I almost says there’s a certain amount to be on this side of the room of of the struggle. Yeah, you’d have to be a little bit more patient than then then. than that now. I’m talking a lot of shit for a guy who used to work school back in the days.

Speaker – 30:46
I’m wondering that was gonna ask you

Speaker – 30:49
like cuz i was i was that angry black guy. That Yeah, you did not say shit like, Hey, I don’t like as a company and put the fuck the fuck wrong with Blackberry, Blackberry. If

Speaker – 31:04
I was that guy I was you know I joke about it

Speaker – 31:10
yeah, I was the black guy you couldn’t play pool unless we reversed the rules about the black and the white

Speaker – 31:14
guy to make that white box.

Speaker – 31:19
oppression game man

Speaker – 31:20
so sometimes I’m thinking Yo, is this my karma is I’m being punished for

Speaker – 31:26
I mean when you’re young everything’s absolutes right so that’s the other thing about this stuff again like I want to repeat I will deal with woke scolds over fucking you know, reactionaries any day, huh? Give me a walk scold lefty over a reactionary fucking right winger? Yeah, yeah, fuckin day Just don’t be an asshole. I guess that’s what it is. It’s annoying. I can ignore them just like okay, whatever. I’m cancelled. But like, Yeah, no, it is. I don’t know. I’ve I don’t even mean when I’m younger. Like, I don’t know, for the last like, people have had arguments with where I’ve like. I mean, I’ve kept my Most of my conversations on my thing and I probably have had some wokes cold moments where I’ve been annoying. Yeah. Like, in my mind, I’ve had those where I’m like, I jumped into an a conversation where someone’s like, what’s an example? Like, oh, I don’t understand why this term would be considered racist. Well, it’s considered racist. To me that’s not woke, scolding to me. That’s just like, Oh, this dumb ass doesn’t know. Anyone can be racist. Means white people and black people can be racist, and we need to love each other as all this fucking idiot. I don’t know if that’s woke school. I don’t think of that as well. Scrolling. I think that’s just like me being a bit like fucking nosy at most. Right?

Speaker – 32:42
Right, right. Yeah, we’ll see. Oh, the close. Yo, a funny thing happened to me yesterday, I was at the Walmart. Fucking my doing in a Walmart journal pandemic. That’s a different story. And later, I’ll probably tell you about it in a different time.

Speaker – 32:56
Yeah, I was at Walmart recently.

Speaker – 32:57
Okay. All right. So Wilbert Try to buy in the electronics department. See now I was getting food years

Speaker – 33:07
apart I wanted to do much detail but the important part is right is the cash I

Speaker – 33:12
needed. You need stereos

Speaker – 33:20
for stereo

Speaker – 33:24
headphones and you bought that you bought your ps4 didn’t you? You’re like hey

Speaker – 33:30
Walmart you’re gonna get on Amazon

Speaker – 33:34
again look look okay a homeboy is on the phone talking to some to some customer whatever right and I guess what happened is the customer boss but forgot to get like bought a console but forgot to get the game with it and stuff like that whatever right and and the dude he had a yet an African x I’m not sure which country right my One of the guys sell on the phone the guy on the phone cuz there’s a conference going on on the phone. I’m wanting to try to make a purchase, right but he’s on the phone. And and he said and he goes, Oh yeah, you’re the guy. You were here earlier right? And he goes

Speaker – 34:16
he goes the Chinese boy.

Speaker – 34:19
You go, this is a black dude.

Speaker – 34:23
I’m like, yo, nigga What? Yup. Yeah, they’re on our side. What the fuck, man? No.

Speaker – 34:30
But he said the Chinese dude, right?

Speaker – 34:32
He referred he’s on the phone talking to him say Yeah, I remember you from today. And he was trying to say you’re that asian guy who came in earlier. That’s what he was trying to say. Yes, an Asian guy. The Chinese boy and me call him a boy with a thick African accent too. Right? So well the African accent made me want to say I’m gonna give him a pass and the fact that I was waiting in line fuck it, you know the stores about to close and I want him to hurry up like yeah Don’t give him a pass. Hang up the fucking phone but don’t say that time. Yo, it’s Asians. He’s a human being what the fuck yeah.

Speaker – 35:06
I didn’t say oriental

Speaker – 35:10
and say that I’ve heard that correctly. I’ve corrected people on that. Where is that? Is that woke scolding people like they say oriental I’m like it’s not oriental.

Speaker – 35:19
Hey, I woke scolding that’s a good one. Um, I used to joke about like, Okay every once in a while the barbershop I go to

Speaker – 35:28
brothers will say some ignorant shit, man.

Speaker – 35:30
And I know but like, like, I’m trying to figure out like, what like, like, I don’t if I

Speaker – 35:36
correct them if I correct them in the barber shop. By their perspective, I’m woke school. Well, no, you’re right. No, that’s not what school

Speaker – 35:42
that’s just I don’t think that is I think woke scolding is like, hmm, like, like, the person doesn’t have a different opinion than you. And then you come in and like, they’re like, No, no, this is what like, and but you were still like, no, let me tell you why you’re wrong. It’s just like, it’s like Like, you don’t I mean, like, the person you’re talking to clearly understands the thing, or has the same opinion as you or understands the terminology or whatever. And you’re like, No, you’re not. You’re not. You’re you’re not crystal clear on it. Or you’re it’s not perfect. That’s that’s what I’m thinking woke schooled is

Speaker – 36:23
okay. The Okay, what about this exam? There’s a friend of mine. I posted some. No, she posted some report. Oh my god, her her friend replied right. But apparently he’s like, Courtney, you know, he’s one of the good ones, right? But the question Yes, minute sound like y’all, okay, another white guy and take and try to create a situation and take a nice situation. So I wish I could remember the the conversation. But I remember taking the tone of I’m going to teach this cracker a lesson. No, yeah. And my friend jumped in and said, Oh, well, she didn’t use those words, but it was equivalent to wah wah wah wah. He’s cool. He’s cool. He meant it in this context or some shit like that, whatever. But

Speaker – 37:06
yeah, that’s the thing. It’s case by case because I don’t know what it was. I know that’s the thing is that when you’re on the left, I think when you’re trying to do good, you’re going to slip up and you’re going to do some shitty shit. You’re gonna you’re gonna do some stupid shit. It’s like, you’re just assuming everyone’s out to get you. Yeah. Just like doesn’t Yeah,

Speaker – 37:28
okay, the one thing we do all have in common is we’re used on being attacked, or having to do deal with stupid shit. And you know, yes, and it will test your patience. So I get that. You know what a man looks like? Yeah, you know, guns are blazing. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, put the guns down. Hold on. No, okay, this

Speaker – 37:47
is coming.

Speaker – 37:49
Right? It’s just like, we just come in a blazing like crazy, man. Everyone’s going down. Yeah, it’s like, you know, you ever get beat by your mom and she just closed her eyes. three kids swinging the belt hitting everything my mom would miss this all the time I just say crying and then she said oh you learn your lesson

Speaker – 38:09
Oh, because it’s hurting me more than it’s hurting you

Speaker – 38:15
teach you for closing your eyes

Speaker – 38:18
look at your targets lady

Speaker – 38:21
that’s that’s what it is. That’s what left is but I also like I find myself like now I look at conversations and I I see what’s going on I try to analyze it and then I also have that I don’t need to get into I don’t need to be like pulling up articles and I don’t need any of this shit. I see some horrible shit where I’m just like, I but usually I see somebody else jumping in and saying shit like this coronavirus. I’ve seen some like dumb as shit. People saying that like you were telling me about Can’t I saw your post about Candace Owens and posting something about it’s not that serious. She just got to take the opposite Gotta do. I’m like, I’ll read that and I’ll just read other people calling our ad. It’s and I’m like, okay, I feel better and I’m good.

Speaker – 39:06
Yeah, right, right. We’re back to reality. Yeah, and

Speaker – 39:10
if someone’s posting some dumb ass racist shit now for me, I just kind of like,

Speaker – 39:14
I can’t. Yo,

Speaker – 39:16
this is I can’t get into walks calling. I am. I’m gonna get a bit corny here, but this is the difference between love and fearing someone. Yeah. When you feel when you fear them, you’re trying to control them you want you want them to behave the exact same way. You don’t trust them to figure it out on their own or you want them to figure to Hey, two plus two is motherfucking four. Oh,

Speaker – 39:42
that’s why oh my god, that makes a lot of sense for my comedy career. Okay, thank you. Because my comedy career has been a lot of white dudes telling me I’m doing shit wrong,

Speaker – 39:51
rabbit No, no, no, no you don’t you aren’t you. You’re the tiger they’re trying to take

Speaker – 39:58
it’s golden handcuffs.

Speaker – 40:00
Go back. Yeah, man. It’s just like, there’s sometimes you just gotta trust someone to okay. There’s a field. Let them figure it out on their own. Yeah. And hey, look, here’s four apples to apples here to apples here. Let them figure out that you know, 123 left at zero, but sometimes you just get impatient. It’s like motherfucker. Just get

Speaker – 40:21
going. Yes. Okay, that argument makes sense. If you’re talking to someone on the left, who’s like, you know, kind of problematic in their speech, but like, has a good heart. It’s when they’re like, if there’s someone that’s like, I’m a reactionary and I’ll give a fuck, I’m gonna say some. I don’t feel like for lack of a better you know, there’s only two genders and I just kind of make fun of I make fun of people that say stuff like, like for me right now, the funniest thing my wife doesn’t get it. And she’s probably right but uh, Trump handling this Corona virus is the funniest thing I’ve watched. You know, and all year it’s, it is so funny to me him falling asleep when the doctor stops.

Speaker – 40:58
Yeah, it’s just you’re good.

Speaker – 41:01
The whole thing of them electing this man to be in charge of this thing is just like this is the funny Of course they’re number one with Corona cases right now of course

Speaker – 41:10
you know daily shows got this got that should repeat. Yeah, he’s like whoa boy straight fucking up but yeah, I didn’t like any worse than but yeah,

Speaker – 41:18
it just I don’t want to get into Corona again.

Speaker – 41:22
But yeah, I think sometimes

Speaker – 41:26
I find myself on the rare occasion jumping in and going okay, you’re a fucking idiot. But for the most part like the other day I posted this thing on Facebook about a guy who pulled up on a dirt bike on the sidewalk so Hamilton and yelled at a woman that she couldn’t play on the playground which was right but he was on a dirt bike telling people they can’t play on the playground because of Corona virus, right? And I posted that and then someone I know that I’ve gotten to this person who doesn’t listen to , and I’ve known him for a long time, but I’ve kind of cut him out. He doesn’t realize I’ve cut him out but I just like oh, I had a car. With you, to give you a backstory. We had a conversation I posted a couple of years ago, two years ago, I posted an article about neo nazis running for office since Trump’s election, like like, like neo nazis, not even like hyperbole neo nazis. You know, we hate Jews get out of our country you want white ethno state, genocide, fucking Nazis. So I post this article, and I’m like, well, these people should not be able to run for office, and he wants to argue with me about freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas. And I’m like, oh, you’re defending Nazis. And so we had a private conversation. And he explained to me that he, he won, he hates hate. He hates the idea of hate speech, because one time he got he was robbed by black people. And he called them a nigger. And what if hate speech? He could have gotten trouble with hate speech. And I’m like, Oh, so you want a whole bunch of groups of people to be harmed, break it down. Because you might say nigger, there we go. Yeah,

Speaker – 42:56

Speaker – 42:57
Okay, so like to me that’s who he Right. So he comes into my feet after I post that thing about the dirt bike guy. And he’s like I said, this is why women hate us. Hmm. Because you know, we because men always gotta be like, hey, let me tell you, right. And so he’s like us, maybe it’s just you and so I typed in not all men right but like in lower and uppercase right, make fun of them then like people liked and then I didn’t hear from him. And I’m sure I will hear from him later on. But see, that’s my new way to make like i don’t i think what happened was after that Chelsea Handler documentary I had an awakening of these white people no better okay. Because and and and these men anyone who has power like especially like you know, white men’s sis men, straight sis men have the most power. If they have power and you know, and they don’t understand these concepts like you know, like Exactly like a man. So you know, not all men or you know, all lives matter and the you know, they’re gonna argue this stuff or Colin Kaepernick shouldn’t take a knee. It’s like, you’re not arguing from a place of any relevance. You’re not arguing from a real, a real political stance or real ideology. You’re just protecting power

Speaker – 44:19
protecting you

Speaker – 44:20
and and the idea that like, this is, this is why I got crossed out with a woman explaining blackface to this white man. It’s like, he has power. Right? He might not understand it. Like they might be ignorant to that idea that old black face is wrong. But it’s like you’re telling you’re you’re telling people who have power over you that this is why you’re wrong with power. It’s like you’re not going to give up their fucking power. Right? They haven’t for hundreds of years and they won’t. Your console for me to sit here exactly. For me to sit here and go Hey, mister, let me tell you something about men and how bubbly we’re all it’s like, it’s ridiculous. Let me know Just make fun of you. Yeah, okay, I’m not gonna change you and you’re not in a fight. I’m not gonna change you. If I do try to try to convince you you’re not going to change the system. Yeah,

Speaker – 45:10
you’re wasting you know you’re wasting energy but

Speaker – 45:14
it’s a waste of energy.

Speaker – 45:17
For example, you know what? Yeah, I just called you it’s like beating the dead horse.

Speaker – 45:23
Exactly. It’s it’s like you’re the Chelsea Handler thing really got me it’s like it’s that it’s like, oh my god, I can’t believe I have privileged you live in this giant house and like, maybe maybe it’s true. She didn’t know. Maybe it’s true. She’s ignorant to it, but it’s like, like, like, like, you need me to teach you a goddamn lesson about what you fucking go fuck yourself. Oh my god. I first thought about drugs this whole time and this black man had to go to jail and I can’t believe my privilege and then I’m gonna make money off of it’s like I’m tired of dealing with their innocence.

Speaker – 46:03
Yeah. Now if if What’s up? Oh my god, Tracy, no. Chelsea Chelsea Handler yeah came up to you and said, Hey, man, your work school do my documentary.

Speaker – 46:16
I think I would be doing the opposite because I just I don’t

Speaker – 46:20
know, I guess it’s your industry. You’re doing an industry

Speaker – 46:23
right? All the time. I was I suppose still Tyra went to jail while I was fucking smoking crack.

Speaker – 46:30
You know how you know, they know because like, if I crack the joke about being in like, I’ve said this before, if we’re in a all white town, and I crack a joke about hey, I’m the only black guy in town. People laugh. Because here’s, here’s here’s a prime example. I got an argument with a dude about political comedy. He says this guy said he hates political comedy. He hates it. And I’m like, Well, a lot of comics do political comedy, and I named a whole bunch. And and Dave Chappelle was one of them. He’s like Dave Chappelle. Do political comedy and I’m like, Yes, he does.

Speaker – 47:02
Yeah, really.

Speaker – 47:03
He’s like, I’m like, I’m like that that Ben he talks about how he’s going to shoot white, white fentanyl addicts with they come on as long as I’m on his property. Yeah, that’s political. He’s like, how’s that political? I’m like, well, because he’s talking about the disparate disparities in in drug use between black and white people. And he’s flipped it. That’s why it’s funny. It’s only funny. If a black man says he’s going to shoot white people on dress because if it was a white guy saying shooting white people on drugs, you’re just shooting drug addicts, which is not funny. Uh huh. Why it’s funny is because of the political system that’s come before it where black people are go to jail, three times the amount and with three times harsher sentences because with the same drug use, that’s why it’s fun. Right. And and I forgot my point, but that’s what it’s that’s what’s what what what what makes me Laugh is that these people sit here and go well, I don’t agree with that there is, you know, white supremacy or Well, I don’t see the problem with blackface I don’t see a problem with it. I don’t. And but you laugh at that. instinctually like Dave Chappelle doesn’t explain what the joke is. You laugh at that idea. instinctually because it’s not because either you’re laughing at it because it’s funny that Dave Chappelle is shooting drug addicts which is not funny. It’s not funny. But or you’re laughing at the idea of a black guy going I’m going to treat you like the way you treat me very

Speaker – 48:30

Speaker – 48:32
right? Yeah, they know this shit instinctually know

Speaker – 48:35
they are indifferent

Speaker – 48:36
in order for you to find this shit funny. We need to understand these in

Speaker – 48:43
these certain realities.

Speaker – 48:44
Exactly. You’re pretending they completely understand the power and difference they completely do because they mass market that power in difference all the time. I’m all the time.

Speaker – 48:54
I was gonna jump in. It’s regarding this whole Getting back to the old school. You know the topic that I know, though the other topic. cross my mind is homegirl trans trans woman, home girl of mine conversation first time we met, right? And I remember, pretty much I was having a conversation we were using the term right about what schooling I remember saying how Yes, I remember being an asshole

Speaker – 49:28

Speaker – 49:29
jumped on people if you said the wrong term or the wrong thing or whatever, right? Yeah, and in a way I was indirectly right. apologizing, say, look, in order for you to be friends. I’m gonna need you to be you might have to be a bit patient with me, Max. I might say something stupid. You know, I was just trying to like, I didn’t realize I kept like, I had this bad habit of saying, hey, what up man? Or my boy, you know, it’s like that. And I’m like, Yeah, get your vocabulary. Correct. Right. And she was chill about it right? She was just like, you know, you know, I get it, I get it, but it was. I mean, I was beating myself up for it more than anything else. But because it made me think of all those times. Remember when we went from black people to African Americans even let’s get black means Okay, yeah, but there was a transition and white people were like fuck

Speaker – 50:20
What do I do?

Speaker – 50:22
is an afro is an African American he’s an African Canadian fuck African either What the fuck man too many words

Speaker – 50:29
whatever the A was a stressful

Speaker – 50:31
time for white

Speaker – 50:33
it’s just say Oh god, this is an HR nightmare.

Speaker – 50:38
But the thing is I’m not saying that I’m giving a pass to all those white people couldn’t get it right the first time What I’m saying is I understand the frustration of the trans community or the people who are just saying motherfucker get it right.

Speaker – 50:53
What is he this is this is this is I’m trying to look at this perspective, like understanding the understanding pronouns are whatever, is it the same as like, hey, blackface is like I don’t know, but I don’t think blackface is wrong. And I I don’t know, I think the difference would be like, because I’ve said some horrible transphobic shit. I would honestly say think I was a transphobic back in the day I would. Yeah, I yeah, yeah. And I, I said some horrible shit but it was just ignorance and I’m sure all of this is ignorance. It’s all out of ignorance. But I think if I said something like, I feel that, like you said that stress of like, Oh, you know, I don’t like I don’t say man. I don’t say guys. Are you talking to people? I don’t. I purposely think that I’m conscious of it now. I’m just like, I’m like, if you make a mistake, and someone’s like, Hey, don’t say that shit. Or, or if you’re like, Hey, you know what?

Speaker – 51:52
I don’t know.

Speaker – 51:56
A lot of the jokes that Chappelle was making about Like a lot of those transphobic jokes that he was making. Mm hmm. Some of them felt like this is me over I related to it. This is me saying I was feeling woke school. Right. Here’s the thing that I want to I want to I want to be clear that right? I remember, I used to see homophobic shit, right? Yeah. And, and it was a white dude who didn’t understand shit about racism, but the homosexuality homophobia that he had figured out. And motherfucking used to walk school be like a motherfucker about it. Yeah. And I mean, it was for me, it was difficult for me to process it coming from him cuz I’m like, dude, did you fight him on it? I think we had just met. Like, this was a co worker. We just started working together, but he’s just straight shooter. He’s a white like a white guy, man. Wait, whatever the fuck I want to say. I just say it man. I mean, he’s One of those people, right? So I remember trying to Yeah, no, I remember Yeah, we fought each other on this day, man. I was trying to explain myself and, and everything I kept saying any attempts to to explain myself or make myself understood was that No, you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong. It gets so bad that that I remember my boss, my boss, thank God he was a cool person came up to me and says bro man, I’m not gonna use the word he said it but but he’s a we speak in French right? But he said but he said he use a derogatory term to refer to gay people but it was his way of saying I’m on your side but I’m gonna correct you right? He says, Yeah, I heard you got a problem with blah blah blah blah, blah. And then I’m like, What the fuck? Who told you that homeboy? Apparently homeboy went out of his way to start telling other people that Oh, me and the other Muslim guy. We were being homophobic at work or like that right? But oh shit, but yeah, but to him. It was just I’m gonna sailing ship. I understand if there’s any consequences to what I’m saying whatever, right? But, but yeah, no, no, but luckily for me, he was letting me know that. You know, if you’re gonna be that way you need to correct yourself feelings 40

Speaker – 54:13
also this guy was gay.

Speaker – 54:15
No, no, I wasn’t a gay guy. Oh, that’s the other thing too. I was being called by someone who wasn’t gay. That’s really what the point was. Sometimes it’s not even. It’s it’s not the community. It’s, it’s like the white person who goes out of their way to defend black people.

Speaker – 54:30
And in some and a lot of like, you’ll see this with TV. A lot of white people considered gay as, as diversity, like, meaning like, Oh, I can use a straight white person. I mean, a gay white person. And its diversity. Right? Hmm. Right. It’s like that’s as deep as they’re gonna go to like, yeah, like this. That’s as deep as he’s gonna. Yes. Yeah, I’m like, yeah. Okay, but I can wrap my head around that.

Speaker – 54:56
Yeah. Getting back to the Chappelle Joe.

Speaker – 54:59
Think the stuff that I’m trying, I’m trying to understand. So the guy that came up to you was your, your manager. I don’t know. Okay,

Speaker – 55:07
so I complicated the story, but the man was just the guy who, over here overheard him about us. He wasn’t gay. No, he wasn’t gay. No, no, no, no,

Speaker – 55:18
but he was telling you like, Hey, you need to deal with yours.

Speaker – 55:21
It’s kind of like the way you educate your most ignorant friend about a you know, you can’t be talking that shit. You know, you gotta be homosexuals are human beings. You know, I mean, you’re trying to explain to him but in a way that though it’s the fucking their Bible thumping ass will probably understand. So yeah, I get it. You know, I mean, but he has

Speaker – 55:43
to say and then you were on the other side with that topic

Speaker – 55:47
on the other. This is where I was going with the story right and Lincoln and getting back to the the Chappelle for the reason why I connected with some of those transphobic jokes that Chappelle made and I’m gonna get my guest Oh, Go for it. The reason why I connected to some of those jokes that he made is because it reminded me of all those times. A dude who wasn’t gay. felt the need to intervene on gay people and walk scold me. Yeah, that’s, that’s what I’m saying like a lot of because he was saying how one of his jokes is he used the wrong pronoun. And he said, like an audience of people looked at him. I’m like, What the fuck do you mean? Yeah, you’re incorrect. Okay, uh, you know, motherfuckers dying, you know, I mean, can we work that out after like, he was like he was he wasn’t being attacked by the a person was actually transgender rooms attacked by people who felt they have a better understanding of the feelings and yeah,

Speaker – 56:44
it’s not the person. It’s not the person from the group. It’s Yeah, yeah.

Speaker – 56:47
Yeah. Like, like, like, also, I mean, no one had a problem. And Dave Chappelle was making fun of black people. nobody says anything about that. I know like when he was doing the reparations joke, nobody said shit.

Speaker – 56:58
Oh, right. I know. They’re gonna Ya know, right? And all that, but it’s like that.

Speaker – 57:02
Yeah, my chicken and cigarettes but like

Speaker – 57:06
Yeah, yeah, I like like for me like I used to hang out with a dude. He used to say faggot all the time and I was like, I’m like, dude, you can’t say that. And he used to get mad at me for telling him that like, like, That’s what I’m saying. Like, is it woke scolding like for the person that goes to dinner with the racist uncle and they go Hey, shut the fuck up. Is that woke scolding or Hey, that’s wrong what you’re saying is is that woke scolding or is that like is that your like this is a it’s a fun see my thing is when they’re when the willfully ignorant that when it’s like saying their shit and you go you know what you’re an ignorant ignoramus. Yeah, that’s you know, that’s not right. What you’re saying is wrong to me. That’s not what scolding

Speaker – 57:45
That’s right, right.

Speaker – 57:47
I mean, that person, I’m sure for the person that’s being that’s being told what they’re saying is wrong. I’m sure for them that might come off as woke schooling, but I don’t see that as woke schooling. I see that as more like a man Yeah. You’re an idiot and you’re need to get into 2020.

Speaker – 58:02
I’ll tell you the difference. The the person who’s willing to learn, you know, is willing to learn

Speaker – 58:11

Speaker – 58:13
you don’t want school the person willing to learn who’s able or willing, able and willing to learn. When

Speaker – 58:19
your question let me ask you a question then with that is, yeah, should the approach be different than with people? Because you don’t know if the person is willing to learn if you just come in guns blazing, right? You don’t know if your approach be different. She’d be like, Hey, I think what you’re saying is wrong. Like my friend used to say, faggot. I used to be like, Hey, man, don’t don’t say that because it’s homophobic come off a homophobic, right and I assume because I think this person is a good person, right? They would go oh, I don’t want to be homophobe. Uh huh. But they didn’t go that way. They were like, no, go fuck yourself. Don’t tell me what to do. At that point. You’ve declared your who you are. You’ve declared.

Speaker – 58:57
Yeah, okay. Interesting. It’s just

Speaker – 58:58
like, it’s the is the approach the main thing? And should we be jumping into these conversations dealing with these people? Either way,

Speaker – 59:07
I personally don’t like people trying to control me trying to tell me how to like I said, I grew up in a church and I’ve had it done so many times so I will get defensive. I will turn to um I’m okay. I guess the key is not to be a child about it. So no, it’s a case by case case by case basis.

Speaker – 59:26
Yeah, but I mean like like okay like case by case but if I if I if I don’t know you that if I even if I know you and I haven’t said anything and say we never we never use a problematic shit all the time. And we’ve never talked about it. I should approach you with like, Hey, man, I don’t like when you do this shit. Or say I don’t know you. I’d be like Hey, man, don’t say that shit. I don’t know like if someone strangers yelling some fucking racist shit at someone. You jump in. I don’t know. That’s how I see is like, I don’t know. I think I think Yeah, I think I understand folks scolding a little

Speaker – 1:00:03
about the prop board that yeah, that we have the solution. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, I’m trying to think of someone that I’ve had, has made me proud or not because of their behavior, but it’s like, restored my faith in humanity and their ability to learn from other people’s experience. You know what I used to do with this way, I realized what I did was wrong, you know, I’m, I’m not sure. I guess, when it comes to, I’m realizing to win if you are being scold, whatever. Or for me, I’m learning more to not take that shit personally. Cuz I’m okay. Yeah, it is disgusting. But for some folks, I’m starting to think maybe there’s some people who just who just can’t help it who just look man, I bet All my life I’ve had to fight

Speaker – 1:01:00

Speaker – 1:01:01
Yeah, I, ya know, I honestly think that it’s it’s a form of commodity I also I honestly think it’s like, be looking important in their scene or looking important with people around them. Especially when they do it like online. It is a it is, uh, let me tell you how things and why you’re wrong with Yo, I think blackface is wrong. Yes, but you should never do blackface because Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba and then she’s like, okay, shut up.

Speaker – 1:01:32
Don’t ever tell you by Richard dolla Jo story.

Speaker – 1:01:35
No, I Oh my God, but I

Speaker – 1:01:40
that was a moment of, of feeling. I got woke school. I learned something from it. But I’ve just taped the podcast. I listened to a big fan of the black guy who tips Yeah, and it was a long time ago on one of the message board. He posted an article about how Rachel dojo was wanted to. I think Fuck, I forgot what she said. But someone I think wanted to join the NAACP or want to do like despite Hey, look, we you’ve been we’ve you’ve been discovered you’re not black you’re not you know you quit calling yourself black. You’re just insulting us. Right? Yeah. So the article was I think she wanted to rejoin the NAACP or she wanted to whatever. Like, she wanted to do something for black people. Yeah. And I made a joke about how, hey, clearly, I want to I want to start out but I completely did not read that room. Like, apparently it was some stories that happened before. But I made a joke about how yo Fuck, yo, let the white lady if she’s if this white lady is willing to jump on a grenade fucking letter, you know, I mean, yeah, on behalf of the course. She’s really gonna be like a towel. And that’s how these guys read that they read that joke. They read that joke as another black guy trying to defend Rachel dojo trying to defend this white woman from you know, from doing the bare minimum which black women have been doing for you know for a long time, you know actually Shouldn’t they should rush out to break it down for me. Oh that’s why they were mad at me. Oh wow wow and it was yeah

Speaker – 1:03:22
so I know you’re dealing with a lot of you dealing with baggage right like you’re dealing with historical

Speaker – 1:03:27
historical baggage yeah okay sorry the the my English as a second language kicked in Whoa, whoa,

Speaker – 1:03:34
baggage. Oh yeah, you’re dealing with like like let’s not have that kind of like yeah, we’ve all been on that with the trigger just like fucking motherfucker There

Speaker – 1:03:41
we go. Yeah, yeah, so I was so everything I said came off like you know

Speaker – 1:03:48
this nigga is trying to anyways yo.

Speaker – 1:03:51
Rod responded to be with with I’m not sure in what tone he wrote it. You know, it could have been funny. It could have been just like it just maybe just the way Black Americans are like that, you know, they just talk and they’re just straight shooter. Yeah, I read first I get back I’m seeing like, there’s like more than three paragraphs several words. And, and every word just felt like fuck you nigga fuck you nigga

Speaker – 1:04:24
is your getting piled on

Speaker – 1:04:27
me I thought you know a shit like that bad I know. Yeah and I just fuck Okay, be you just gonna make it worse just say oh my bad exit and exit with grace type of thing like Yeah, but I’ve heard him say in a future episode about how it’s as if he’s you know I think he’s like he’s had his moment of homeschooling I don’t know if that’s the word he wants to use but sometimes he felt like Yo, I’m I talked one way or my tone. Sometimes people misinterpret my tone or the reason I’m trying to, but he he made it sound like Or do we that’s the way I interpreted it like, right like, you know, I may have punished or beat down or God on some people’s cases without actually understanding what they were trying to say or or maybe you know,

Speaker – 1:05:14
everyone has the punishments is normal the

Speaker – 1:05:17
punishment didn’t fit the crime type of situation like

Speaker – 1:05:19
everyone’s done there we leave. I think there’s I think it’s a we have a real there’s a real I think we’re coming to a realization, especially like coronavirus is a perfect example of how impotent we are. Society like we just have no power. Mm hmm. And I think what Trump has shown us is that, that not only like this is this is why we like this is why a lot of people want Joe Biden is Joe Biden is is a throwback to they feel Oh, Barack Obama. They feel like they’re gonna get a Barack Obama and the thing about Barack Obama, whatever, like whatever he did, he was a good politician because he made everything seemed like it was Okay, everything was going to be okay. As you know how to talk. It was a diplomatic remember great with speeches, just and his family was amazing. Like it was just, he was great. Mm hmm. And Trump is bad at the job. And he just he just, he’s just exposed all the gears. Like we could Trump like Trump in Obama, um, in terms of like, their, their policies and their politics aren’t that far off. But in terms of who they are as people and politicians, yes, and how they represent themselves completely different. Yeah. And I think that’s Trump is exposed how impotent like, again, so I’m writing a joke about this about how like, I don’t want people like me in charge of things because people like people like me, don’t give a fuck like I was flying home from South Africa and my on the flights. 18 hour flight and my chair was broken and I turned to the stewardess. I’m like, hey, my chairs like it’s falling over. And I’m like, I’m like my chairs book and she’s like, it’ll be fine. I’m like that that’s my response.

Speaker – 1:07:06
Like this woman mentally quit this job.

Speaker – 1:07:10
And I’m dealing with that.

Speaker – 1:07:12
But I’m strapped into a broken chair.

Speaker – 1:07:16
So Trump is like, that’s, this is the problem. He’s bad at the job and we’re mentally impotent. So if we’re trying to get any control that we can, and these little things like long scrolling online, or like, it’s just weak attempts to gain control in our lives a little

Speaker – 1:07:37
bit. Yes,

Speaker – 1:07:38
yes. Well, we have no we have nothing like, like, like, like the straw thing. Like people are like I say this all the time. Like we said, we gotta stop using straws because the turtles is like, Yeah, but 75% of the Earth’s carbon emissions are from corporations. We don’t control them. We don’t control our own fucking line.

Speaker – 1:07:57
Well said

Speaker – 1:07:59
right? We don’t we look like Corona like we’re now we’re like, Okay, we got to pay people $2,000 a month he

Speaker – 1:08:06
I have a same thing I used to not have to say I was gonna say a

Speaker – 1:08:14
controlling the shit that you can’t control. I hate I used to hate

Speaker – 1:08:18
controlling it’s not even controlling the show you can’t control it’s controlling some of your life controlling some because your life is not yours. I’m

Speaker – 1:08:29
not sure Oh, yeah You don’t

Speaker – 1:08:32
you don’t you don’t own it we just had a gospel I bet

Speaker – 1:08:34
Oh did I oh

Speaker – 1:08:38
you don’t I mean everything is out of control. Everything’s just like oh here we’re just sitting on a roller coaster. You just got to enjoy

Speaker – 1:08:44
it. Yeah, but a world of

Speaker – 1:08:47
trying to be trying to bring order to chaos man.

Speaker – 1:08:49
Yeah, pure chaos and so on. So these micro aggressions in these micro levels things a microaggression. But yeah, microaggressions I guess micro levels. is what we deal with is our day to day

Speaker – 1:09:02
I’m trying to think of two problems. What do you say Matt is now I gotta think of every time I’ve made attempts to control you know how, like no you’ve got me thinking here now it’s easier for me to see when someone else is trying to grab control. Oh, now I’m trying to think when do I do it? Fuck

Speaker – 1:09:23
we all do it we all y’all do it?

Speaker – 1:09:25
Is that why I got my game console?

Speaker – 1:09:30
facebook, facebook, for example. You get to curate your own wall. Put up what your thoughts put an identity online. You create an identity put up your thoughts and bla bla bla and it’s like, yeah, I’m creating something. I’m controlling my life when your life is really

Speaker – 1:09:44
Hey, man, I’m okay. How about this right? And I wouldn’t be surprised if like, so I’m telling you about the experience I had with the on Twitter with the girl the art Kelly, the failed attempt at humor, right? Yeah. And I’m thinking about all possible way I wish like him. The ideal way would have been like homeboy, that joke was you know, that joke was laying and peered stuff, but it didn’t go that way. No, she ended up blah. You know, just yeah, it was, I guess a one way you know, cuz I hated her for it, but I fucking hated her. But the one thing that I’m thinking about is Yo, that was like raw, uncut emotions. She just gave you like,

Speaker – 1:10:29
yeah, you don’t know what she’s dealing with. She’s

Speaker – 1:10:30
Yeah, she didn’t. She’s like, she’s not she didn’t do what Trump would do is Okay, you know what? Okay, you know, that was kind of funny. And next you know, chang chang chang clicked on me behind my back like, I’m maybe I shouldn’t be like, I appreciate the fact that Yo, she just gave me uncut raw response. And I’m the one who’s like, what the fuck man shit.

Speaker – 1:10:51
I just walk away. Just walk away. Yeah, it’s it’s not easy for me to say in this conversation.

Speaker – 1:10:59
Yeah. No,

Speaker – 1:11:00
I’m just thinking about when have I attempted to try to control the uncontrollable See, this is this is this is this is what’s good is that you’re actually you don’t see yourself as infallible that right like, I’ve had so many conversations with a comics where they like talking about the Chappelle special where they’re like some like someone says transphobic and I’m like, Well, I don’t like I enjoyed it but I don’t know. Like, there’s probably stuff in it I wouldn’t be offended by that would offend someone else I have to listen to those people and I had a conversation when the dude was like, Oh, well, Don’t tell me you’ve never said anything on stage and no one would be offended by and I’m like, of course I’ve said tons of things on stage that people are offended by but, but what I do, what I don’t do is sit there and go. I’m absolutely right. And they’re absolutely wrong. I don’t make them an enemy. I think about Okay, well is what I said right and do I know what I’m saying? And if I think I’m wrong, then I go, Okay, I gotta change your position on that. Maybe it takes me time to do it. Right, I’m angry in the moment, right as an adult, I can’t just accept that I’m always right. I make mistakes right in what you’re saying. What you’re talking about is like yeah, you’re self analyzing. That’s the best you can be. That’s the best

Speaker – 1:12:15

Speaker – 1:12:16
Like you’re going to do this shit no matter what it’s just this is this is the problem with like, the absolutes of all of these people on these poor political rights and left it’s like, the right is just it’s all absolute in the leftist sometimes it’s it’s all absolute. It’s all you know.

Speaker – 1:12:36
People make mistakes people are

Speaker – 1:12:38
Yes, exactly. Yeah. Well said exactly. Yeah. You know.

Speaker – 1:12:44
It’d be cool if, if if the other person the other side is doing, who knows, maybe they are doing that they’ve done their own self analysis and what

Speaker – 1:12:53
doesn’t seem like we did

Speaker – 1:13:01
Just like give him a candy. So

Speaker – 1:13:05
I’ve been in conversations with like, you know, they’re pieces of shit where like someone I’m talking about what you do who’s defending blackface it’s always been blackface and I’m like hey Baba blah This is why it’s wrong bubble and then they’re like and then they realize oh they’re not winning the argument and they can see and then a white person comes in and backs them up and then all sudden they got they got power yeah no

Speaker – 1:13:28
I’ve been in those conversations with so many I’m just like

Speaker – 1:13:30
cavalry cable you don’t give a fuck

Speaker – 1:13:33
you don’t care you just want to be right. You just this is all ego for you

Speaker – 1:13:37
all ego for you.

Speaker – 1:13:38
Yes. Yeah. And and you don’t want to be you don’t want to think of yourself as a racist even though I think of you as

Speaker – 1:13:46
you think of yourself as a

Speaker – 1:13:48
racist. Thank you for letting me know which category of human being you’re trying to be. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker – 1:13:53
And that’s the thing, right? It’s, it’s, it’s, you, you You’re so scared of being a racist or Being a bigot or being whatever that you’re fighting tooth and nail against it. And it says, well, who you fighting for? Like for the validation of the person calling you racist? Then if you’re worried about the validation of the person calling you racist, then maybe you should listen to what they’re saying. You don’t want to be racist, then maybe you should check it out and see maybe maybe I’m acting racist.

Speaker – 1:14:21
Yeah. Check yourself. Yeah.

Speaker – 1:14:26
I’ve no checks. Self check. Like nothing is worse than thinking that you’re always right.

Speaker – 1:14:30
Move deaf. Fuck, oh, I left the church to avoid that motherfucking thing and then only to find out that even people out of church do that practice that everyone does it, man. Yeah, no, I can’t look at my faults or all saw hate myself. No. Yep. I need to believe that my shit smells way better than yours.

Speaker – 1:14:50
Exactly. Right. Like that. I it’s a sometimes for me. It’s

Speaker – 1:14:58
what’s Uh, what’s the word where you can’t move.

Speaker – 1:15:01

Speaker – 1:15:02
Yeah, it’s like paralysis. Sometimes I’m like, I’m so self defeating because I’m always like checking it. Like, I asked questions of my friends All the time. And they think I’m low self esteem, but it’s not. Like, it’s always like, Am I funny? And they’re like, no, you’re funny. Why would you think you’re not funny? I’m like, I don’t mean it. Like, am I funny? I’m like, Am I funny for this market? Right?

Speaker – 1:15:23

Speaker – 1:15:24
I think I’m funny, but I need an honest opinion, to check me and I don’t know where that’s from. But that’s just one of those things. I need to see it from other perspectives. I believe in myself, but I also need to not be self indulgent,

Speaker – 1:15:40
bro. Okay, I love you. You just wrote the Segway. No, no, sir. I just purchased the book. The audiobook by David Young. What doesn’t kill you. Makes you blacker. Yeah, and I know I I realized I was going to love the journey more than the ending. When there’s a part of the book where he just your homeboy, just spits it out says, yo, eagles. I’m afraid of this. I’m afraid that this book is going to suck. Yeah, he actually said that. I’m like, What if motherfucking Damon young has no fucks? what? what hope do I have if, like, even him? It’s like, I’m used to like a fan of his work of his writing. And, and, and even him has moments of Yo, I’m bored. I’m just a big I’m just a fraud like that, but

Speaker – 1:16:29
Well, that’s what makes life interesting. He knew everything. And yes, you were right about everything, bro. Yo, I think is more than people that think they’re always right.

Speaker – 1:16:39
I’m only figuring that out. Now. Yeah,

Speaker – 1:16:43
yeah, it’s some of the most in the last few years for me to in the last couple of years, like dealing with certain people online where you’re just like, Oh, your child fighting this thing and saying this is not this not this is not. This is. Yeah. And you think any opposition is it’s like We live in a time where everyone has their strawman like an SJW cook or a right wing, whatever. I don’t even know what the right wing but you especially the SJW cook, and it’s just like, Oh, well, that’s just sad. And it’s just like, well maybe sit down and just analyze it a bit and see if maybe there is a point in this.

Speaker – 1:17:17

Speaker – 1:17:18
Like, everyone’s always talking about bias and freedom of speech. But no one’s ever like really going in depth with this shit. It’s all bias talk. I’m not everybody, but a lot of people. Yeah. And it’s just Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m going off on a weird tear now, and I just, I think I think you’re right.

Speaker – 1:17:40
Another juicy quote that I can’t remember again.

Speaker – 1:17:44
We’re all in our brains. Our brains function hours at a time. We did an hour and 15 on this one. Perfect. Perfect. Yeah, this was a good one. Glad my phone worked

Speaker – 1:17:55
forever, but I have to reboot it.

Speaker – 1:17:58
Oh, this was while bad. Why wait, what? Okay, I’m sorry. No,

Speaker – 1:18:02
no, go ahead. Are you on stop?

Speaker – 1:18:04
Yeah, we’re done. Yeah

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