We’re Here, Where’ve You Been?

Welcome to the . The comedy of an couple who explores the world from different perspectives and experiences.

On season 01 – episode 01, CHO & discuss:

• WotD: in​os​cu​late
• The struggle of Clove doing the girls' hair.
• Back to school week. W T F is the bus? Where are the kids?!?
• Bible Scripture 90210 #: We regurgitate the Bible like a TV drama! ‘Chapter 10 of the Book of Joshua'.
• In The News: Grand opening of Toronto Chick-fil-A generates both excitement and anger.
• A “Need for Chaos” and the Sharing of Hostile Political Rumors in Advanced Democracies
• Shared in the FB group: Jared Yates Sexton and the book “The Man They Wanted Me to Be” and Henry Rollins on Masculinity. Men are expected to be ‘strong silent types' — and it's breaking them, says Henry Rollins 

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