Bible Scriptures 9021-Noooooo…

On season 01 – episode 13, CHO & discuss:

  • WOTD: aplomb / uh-plom, uh-pluhm
  • AKA Rocky Jones | Burnley Allan (“Rocky”) Jones, ONS (Order of Nova Scotia), lawyer and Canadian activist (born 26 August 1941 in Truro, NS; died 29 July 2013, in Halifax, NS). Jones spent much of his life fighting for for Black and Indigenous people in Canada; he was a strong voice in the areas of human rights, race and poverty.
  • Cho on being sick over the holidays and moving out of the studio. Nilla, Got a call from a telemarketer this week! She introduced herself, started telling Nilla she was following up with his interest in financial planning or management.

In The News:

Bible Scriptures 90210:

  • [NIV – 7] – Chapter 11 ‘Bloodlines'. Chapter 12. ‘Don't come for me'. Chapter 13 ‘A warrior is born'.


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