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On season 01 – episode 02, CHO & NILLA discuss:

• Word of the day: pro·​sce·​ni·​um | \ prō-ˈsē-nē-əm \
• Push up at work and the launch of Canadian and podcast pet peeve or technique.
• A complete white womenning mode while ordering a smoothie.
• ‘90210' Reboot: Everything You Need to Know. The Beverly Hills crew is back on FOX.
• From executive producer and writer Chuck Lorre, Bob ♥ hearts Abishola. Let's see how much we can watch.
• The book: The Man They Wanted Me to Be: Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making
Book by Jared Sexton aka @JYSexton . One thing that stood out in the prologue.
• In The News: apologizes after backlash over jerk chicken with ‘rice and peas' dish.
• Man who Trump called ‘my African-American‘ leaves GOP. Gregory Cheadle, told that Republicans use Black men like him as “political pawns” in a “pro-white” agenda.
Ontario's deficit was $7.4B last year — far lower than the Ford government claimed it was.
• Bible Scripture 90210 #: We regurgitate pure Bible drama Title: The wrong side of genocide. ‘Chapter 11 of the Book of Joshua'.
• Relationship Q&A: I Found Gross Asian Fetish Porn on My Boyfriend's Computer I'm Asian.
• Shared in the Facebook group: Bloggers' drone arrest in Iran ‘not political' 

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