That’s real real, that’s super real!

  • I Gotta sing by Lisa Jaynes. But who is Lisa, what is the backstory?
  • The word of the day.
  • Toronto is on lockdown.
  • Watching The Six Million Dollar Man movie for the first time and oh my gosh cool vault for Clove.
  • Getting lost in a George Michael YouTube funnel and what Sherley learned.  Quelle surprise, RCMP tolerates ‘misogynistic, racist, and homophobic attitudes, really, you don't say!
  • Will Smith finally opens up about the feud with the real Aunt Viv, of Bel-Air costar Janet Hubert and brings it to the Red Table.
  • Hey movie heads and cinephiles, there is a new Google Chrome browser extension that allows Netflix users to read a film screenplay while watching.
  • Bible Scriptures 90210: Book of Samuel – Chapter 14, But that honey was so good though…
  • Clove's Sharktopus.
  • 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way and Kenneth says: “Do all restaurants in Mexico only serve Mexican?”
  • If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, which would it be? (S1-Ep27)

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Sherley aka Cho and Clove aka Nilla


Clove aka Nilla 00:05

Before we get started, there's something you should know about the show nilla . We like to cuz if you don't want your kids to hear it, then listen to us when they're not around. But if you don't mind your kids listening to grown folks talk to tarnish. Shut up and let the show begin.

NILLA 00:30

I don't think you're gonna last long.

CHO 00:31

No. Whoa. Whoa. What is the name of this?

NILLA 00:51

name is Lisa James. song is I gotta

CHO 01:01

wait, what's her name?

NILLA 01:03

Lisa Jane's.

CHO 01:04

Lisa. Jake. Lisa. Yeah. And then how do you spell

NILLA 01:08


CHO 01:11

and e? Ne? Yes. Okay. Wow.

NILLA 01:33

What did she say? chops?

CHO 01:35

Oh, she was scary. She's on Amazon. You can hear it on amazon music.

Clove aka Nilla 01:44


CHO 01:44

Oh, my goodness. This is what happens when people have way too much money. What do you think she says to the to the audio guy?

NILLA 01:58

I think she is the audio guy.

CHO 02:01

He was like, No, no, you're fine. She's like, I feel it means a little bit more reverb a little more echo.

NILLA 02:06

Can you put a little bit more reverb on my vocals? and turn them up a little bit?

CHO 02:11

Yeah. I think the studio that she went didn't have auto tune. So that's like their way to handle that.

NILLA 02:19

No, she said no to attitude. They did have auto tune. But she was like, What? For what?

CHO 02:23

Yeah, just put reverb and audience from Echo, please. I don't need auto tune because I'm a great singer. Hello. Oh my gosh. I thought she said oh my gosh, I gotta get away. Now I love you. Okay. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, I gotta get away. I'm in space now. But I love you. Sorry. I'm in space to good. Wow. Todd audio engineers of record. Recording Studios. nuff respect. I'm always gonna give respect to the y'all. bears repeating.

NILLA 03:26

Hey, everyone, you are listening to the podcast. My name is Chloe. And I am surely a black

CHO 03:32

Canadian of hair. Haitian heritage. Sak Pasé, Bonjour. You're good.

Sherley aka Cho 03:40

You're listening to the , the personal comedy Journal of an couple who explores the world from different perspective and experiences. And you are joining us on the 20th of November at 6:04pm. In the motherfucking Eastern time. Oh shit. Yeah.

NILLA 04:03

Good song.

CHO 04:04

Oh my gosh, again. I know that's not what she says.

Sherley aka Cho 04:13

I love you.

CHO 04:24

The beat was horrible. Music. Yeah, there's some songs like you know, like, I like him love marriage. It's cute. Yeah, but this was like this. What happens when somebody tries to was it even like sad, cute. No, not even I don't know what she's trying to saying. And on top of that, okay. She's not listening to the audio person who says like, why don't we try this? This is all her idea. This is what happens when somebody thinks that they want to sound a certain way. Yeah. And they have such a clear vision in their head. This is what I want. And you're like, Well, how about this? And they're like, no, this is what I want. You're like, Okay, and then just what happens? You sound like that.

NILLA 05:08

Yeah, I think it's the opposite. I think it's a blurry vision. I think she didn't know what she wanted, but she just knows she's got something in there.

CHO 05:14

Right. And that's the lyrics. Yeah.

NILLA 05:16

To dream about it. That's right. All the echoes and you know, yeah, she got a you know, a dream telling her not to use the auto tune.

CHO 05:24

But what's wild is this she's on amazon music she's on Shazam. She when she has the money to market herself go for it like to actually submit to those places.

NILLA 05:41

If there's like a following for like, indie, like, really? Oh, yeah. Like, Oh, yeah.

CHO 05:48

Yeah, like music. Yeah. But she's on Apple Music. This dish, this woman has money. Okay. Here's the reason why I'm shocked because usually when you have anybody on Apple, we know here's the thing. Okay, cuz a lot of the songs that you say you found? Yeah. When I when I asked you like, Who are they? And I google them? I don't see that many links. This is the first time maybe I didn't pay attention, right. But now I pay attention.

Sherley aka Cho 06:15

No, no, no, let

CHO 06:15

me take that back. I'm gonna fool me. No, this is the first time ever that like this reeks of this person has a lot of money. Right? And they think they can be a music artist. And and they're putting it blasting it out there on all the web. Like it's on Spotify. It's on a rate your music awesome. Like it sir. We're okay. It's urge find that

NILLA 06:41

it's everywhere. Yeah.

CHO 06:44

So yeah. How's your day, babe?

NILLA 06:47

I was it was good. I got like, I guess the news on my final day on the project, and it's gonna be the end of next week. You know, it's kind of like sweet and sour at the same time. mean sweet that you know, it gets move on to something else and sour that you know.

CHO 07:04

Oh, okay. can be done. Okay. Before you say this. Let me go back. Sorry. Okay. Okay. This Lisa Jade song. Okay. Okay. rate by your music. No, I have a rating. So on rate my music.

Sherley aka Cho 07:28

I got another bag. Sorry.

CHO 07:31

It's rated 2.70 is 2.755 is the highest score is 2.7. And somebody wrote Viper did the production. I don't know who that is. And said but you don't know Viper knows Viper from Nebraska, down the street, and said, um, and wrote most of the lyrics of this album, he later admitted he made it just cuz he wanted to bang this girl because her singing is absolutely terrible. Some of these beats are genuinely great and worth suffering through the shag. The shag is singing to listen to. I don't know what that means. But okay, I guess whoever made this wanted to sleep with this girl and

NILLA 08:22

and they put their business out on the street like their

CHO 08:24

guests. Oh, I guess? Yeah.

NILLA 08:28

It's not good. Yeah. Are you?

CHO 08:30

My I'm exhausted. I'm sorry. I'm like, so tired. I knew this week. I'm not surprised that I'm exhausted. I knew I would get there to this to this tiredness. Um, but but other than that, I'm good. Like, I'm

NILLA 08:48

good, dude.

CHO 08:49

Yeah, like, I mean, I'm tired.

NILLA 08:53

I'm so tired.

CHO 08:54

I'm so so tired. Oh, yeah. Like, oh, I don't have the energy. And

Sherley aka Cho 09:03


CHO 09:04

I don't know why. It's just been a lot, right. Like I've been on, I think because for two months, I've been like, multitasking hard core on so many different areas of my life. I like wearing literally like almost three hats every single day. Yeah. So I think I'm just reaching at that point where it's like, oh, man, I'm feeling it. The most important thing is done. Like, do you know? I mean, so. Yeah, so I think I'm feeling it today.

NILLA 09:37

Are you ready for the weekend?

CHO 09:

I am so ready for the weekend. Yeah. And it was beautiful today this weather? No, we're almost like end of November. Right? And the weather was like amazing. And going for walks. Honestly, I have been feeling like I'm sleeping a lot better. Good. I'm not tossing and turning so much. I'm so fresh here. really helps. Thank you oxygen. And you know, my favorite place in the city going for a walk around there and seeing all the different animals and the water and the ducks, you know, made me feel like I'm Snow White because of all animals. I mean, I'm son black

Clove aka Nilla 10:27

Took me a second, but I got you

CHO 10:31

black, oh boy. So and it was nice to share that with with the leader. That's good today. So that was really nice, you know? Yeah. She's so cute. She's had that 13 year old age, you know, where she just like, ask questions and everything. Just showing interest. She thinks that's it's odd. And she answers you like, you're odd.

NILLA 10:59

Yeah. Like, why would you even ask that?

Sherley aka Cho 11:01

Yeah. Why do you want to know about my life?

NILLA 11:04

Why do you want to know what's in my brain?

CHO 11:05

Yeah, exactly. So it's a cute little age, but at least it's awkward. And it's not like, it's not like she's just like, Mother, please. Or Yeah, like, want to get away.

NILLA 11:18

Yeah, she's not like, contentious. She's just, she's just, you could see that there's a level of like, eye rolling that has been like it's increased. Yeah, yeah. I've seen more eye rolls like, Oh,

CHO 11:29

yeah. I mean, when we just went for walking. There's an area where the more Park side than anything? Yeah. And it's like, open field, right. Nothing but grass. And I was like, Oh, you know, if you're a little younger, you'd be like flying. You'd be running all around this field right now. Because there's absolutely no one around. It's quiet. Yeah. She's and then so when I said that she's like, Yeah, I would.

NILLA 11:58

That's good. Yeah, she feels satisfied, I guess.

CHO 12:02

Yeah, I think she liked the walk. And it was just nice to have a little just growing up. I know. So and, and I'm glad I got to share. I got to do that with Ronan. I shared the park with Ronan. So next up is sharing it would be me screw with tbbt It's awesome. I see if I can get her up.

NILLA 12:21

Good luck, right.

CHO 12:24

Hey, so we're going on lockdown as of Monday. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So they're saying things like, no indoor gatherings with anyone outside your household? Yeah,

NILLA 12:37

it's real. Like they really like are locking it down.

CHO 12:40

Yeah. Could be cautious about outdoor gathering, but they still have the schools open.

NILLA 12:45

I know. Anyways, before we get into that, do you wanna get your word first? Yeah, okay.

CHO 12:51


NILLA 12:56

Okay, so the word Okay, well, let me read the sentence first. Okay,

CHO 12:59

let me pay attention Second. Okay.

NILLA 13:01

Let me know when you're ready.

CHO 13:03

I'm ready. Okay, third.

NILLA 13:06

Germany has enjoyed a long summer living well and gladly under Miss Merkel's ironic inaction. The word I'm looking for is ironic.

Sherley aka Cho 13:17

My time

NILLA 13:19

Germany has enjoyed a long summer living well and gladly under Miss Merkel's ironic inaction. Germany.

CHO 13:24

Yeah, and then the country

NILLA 13:26

Yeah. name but the sentence I got from it.

CHO 13:31

I remic Yeah,

Sherley aka Cho 13:32

I read it because the word ironic is the word.

CHO 13:35

So I read it.

NILLA 13:36

Yes. Do you know what it means? Sweetie?

CHO 13:39

Come on, Irene. Don't look at Oh, I swear. I'm thinking it's spelled like I renamed like Irene. I'll come on. What Why did I say come on Irene. It's come on Eileen. Eileen. Yeah, I said come on Irene. Irene Nick. I Renae

NILLA 14:06

okay. I'm Germany has enjoyed a long summer living well and gladly under Miss Merkel's ironic inaction. I think that's Mrs. Merkel. Yeah, this is

Sherley aka Cho 14:18

ironic. Yeah. inaction Yeah.

CHO 14:23

Then living well.

NILLA 14:26

Under Mrs. Merkel's Mrs. Merkel's ironic inaction.

CHO 14:31

Like not micromanaging not like super self involved like I'm way off.

NILLA 14:38

Maybe this isn't the best sentence for the clue. Okay, I'm gonna spell it. I'm gonna get two clues next time.

CHO 14:43

Okay. Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna spell Go for it. I remix. I'm thinking like the name Irene. Okay. Which would be

Clove aka Nilla 14:52

I can't I be for clues.

CHO 14:58

I are Oh, hold on. Irie, Nick. I i r e Nic Yes. So it is but we say what it means I'm

Sherley aka Cho 15:16

in action.

NILLA 15:17

This will be a first ever. Surely either gift like finishing.

CHO 15:21

Okay, I'm thinking I renamed both. And I think I are like iron iron. What does iron do iron is it flattens it's straighten things right out of reach. So I'm thinking it's like doing nothing like it's flat. It's boring. It's flat. It's nothing this Okay, I'm gonna read it again. It's

NILLA 15:43

boring your way off. Okay, again. Germany has enjoyed a long summer living well and gladly under Mrs. Merkel's ironic inaction ironic AI r e n IC

Sherley aka Cho 16:01


CHO 16:04

been living well, um, like, I think I think giving money. I don't know. That's I don't know. This is a tough one. I

NILLA 16:13

don't know. It's a bad clue. Okay, I feel terrible because you could have had like both of these. So anyways, anyways, okay. So it means tending to promote peace or reconciliation. Okay. Yes. So let me read this sentence back again. Germany has enjoyed a long summer living well, and gladly under Mrs. Merkel's ironic inaction.

Sherley aka Cho 16:32

Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah.

NILLA 16:36

And what's the meaning of what's the Sorry? tending to promote peace or reconciliation?

CHO 16:41

Peace. Okay, cool. Yeah. Cool. Thank you.

NILLA 16:44

You're welcome.

CHO 16:45

I don't know if I'm gonna use that word. I can't think of any reason to use that word. You know. I mean, so I was mentioned mentioning earlier that we're on lockdown. So yeah, so things like outdoor gatherings limited to 10 people curbside pickup only for non essential retail. Oh, okay. That's awesome. I better tomorrow, get a whole bunch of bottles of hand sanitizers.

NILLA 17:16


CHO 17:16

cuz I say I like the spray one for the car. Because I start spraying around inside the car. Yeah, and can I view a movie?

NILLA 17:26

And I'd be gross isn't

CHO 17:31

gross. The reason I like the spray I still like use the jelly kind of hand sanitizer with my hands right. But the reason I like the spray version is that I feel like when I sprayed around inside the car, that the aerosol some of that stuff gets in my nose.

NILLA 17:52

And it's

Clove aka Nilla 18:01


NILLA 18:22

just shoot it right here. Two shots bam bam COVID proof can't be good. Be good. Oh my oh my

CHO 18:46

Hey, it's for Simon reading that

Sherley aka Cho 18:55


NILLA 18:57

you ready for this news?

CHO 18:58

And when you're in the car it bugs me cuz like I have to be subtle about it.

NILLA 19:04

That explains so much. Smell always sneaks up on me. I don't know where it's coming from. I love you. Oh my goodness. Voodoo is real shit.

Clove aka Nilla 19:45

Every day.

CHO 19:50

But Voodoo science. What has it failed? Oh man. Wait before we continue Last night we started watching the Million Dollar Man movie like both of us had a realization. Like there's no movie. Yeah,

NILLA 20:12

I never seen it.



CHO 20:17

Which explains like the whole intro of the TV show.

NILLA 20:21

That's what was driving me nuts. That it was this was such closer for me. A nice bow on the $6 million. Man there's always that open ended thing with no idea where all this footage came from. Right and the the the opening of every episode. Yeah, watch on TV. Me too.

Clove aka Nilla 20:37

And I in the movie? Yeah, it's all in the movie.

CHO 20:40

And I thought oh, when's that episode gonna play? Right? When's that episode?

NILLA 20:44

Are we gonna get a flashback soon? Or what?

CHO 20:46

Yeah, come on with Yeah, no idea. What goes to show you where kid was like, where

NILLA 20:51

do you crash? How did he crash? Like, what was he doing when he crashed? Like I like?

CHO 20:55

Yeah. Well, how come? We're not getting that part?

NILLA 20:58

I'd like to see that. Yeah. I want to be in the operating room when they're doing this. Yeah,

CHO 21:02

there's so many. Yeah. And there's so many little things.

NILLA 21:07

That it's only an hour and 14 minutes,

CHO 21:09

but it's like so boring.

NILLA 21:11

It's so

CHO 21:13

there's hardly How many? I hardly heard any dialogue.

NILLA 21:16

I heard. There was more passing folders and papers than anything else. It's like, yeah, okay, first. Okay, so now we're in a board room. Okay, so we're gonna pass pass these folders around. But we're gonna do two way that we're gonna stretch tie. Yeah,

CHO 21:28

that movie is an ASMR. A really is if you have a hard time going to bed watching Million Dollar Man movie. No. No, we didn't. We fell asleep. Because there's hardly any dialogue. There's hardly any sound effects. Not that many action.

NILLA 21:46

Remember? Like, I don't know if I'm gonna age myself right now, but I'm sure I am. But like there's a scene in the opening of every show where he's like running on treadmills and stuff like that. We haven't got to that part yet. At all. But it's there. I don't think waiting for us.

CHO 21:59

We hit okay. I think we hit the halfway mark. I think I could be wrong. Probably.

NILLA 22:05

But the hit okay. You were like falling like you would you were only watching the parts when I was saying like, Oh my God. What I would like wake you up. Yeah. Oh, what happened? To me? Wow, you're terrible.

CHO 22:22

Oh, man, I was like, Oh, yeah,

NILLA 22:24

the best is when you act like you were watching. But you worried because you'll say something that says you weren't watching it? No. You're like that doesn't relate. That's not it. Stop the hawk. Surely No. Okay. Yeah. Like, like, say, like two people are arguing. And one person says something and I'm like, Oh, my God, I can't believe they said that. Or it's like if I say, Oh my god, I can't believe he said that. But they've already switched to a different topic. You'll wake up when I say that and think that it's about that topic. And I'm just like that girl like it was Candace and Mooney

Sherley aka Cho 23:04

did not get me No.

NILLA 23:08

Sleep learning.

CHO 23:09

Oh, man. Yeah, I think like I said, I think we're at the halfway mark. And it's still in the operations. Still in the up in the hospital? Yeah,

NILLA 23:19

I'm totally excited.

CHO 23:20

Yeah, no, no, it's him just coming out of the operation. Oh, it's this is what I remember when I said coming out of the operation. That arm Oh, yeah. Oh, man, if you could find a movie on YouTube or somewhere, you know, like metal

NILLA 23:41

tongs. They used to look like that. It's a little like, like electronic parts where the elbow is? Yes. Yes. Yeah. And a rubber hand but like trash.

CHO 23:51

Okay. Metal tongs with the lit what they think is all electronics.

NILLA 23:56

What they think looks like future shit.

CHO 23:58

And then and then if you imagine you do that, right. And then at the tip of the yellow tongue. Yeah. You put a frickin um, pantyhose

NILLA 24:06

pantyhose, like light brown pantyhose. Yes.

CHO 24:08

And then you put that a fake hand. A rubber hand. Now little down the rubber hand looked disgusting. Yeah. Like nobody took the time. It got dropped on the ground somewhere and nobody thought of getting some wipes or little soap and water and wash down here because you could see like the little dirt or whatever. That guy was fired. That prop was

NILLA 24:31

fours was the Oh, did you see the I know. Oh,

CHO 24:41

the eye? Oh my gosh. The eye is on this clear. So

NILLA 24:47

here's you have to describe this as a problem. Okay, because when I was a kid, and they show the eyeball in the preview of each episode, like the intro to each episode, they show that eyeball. Okay, and from the movie Yeah. Okay, but the thing is, when they show it, they show it just enough where your brain fills in the details. That's an eye and that's an eyeball. And not only is it an eyeball, but it's like futuristic, and it's like Cyborg. And it's all this stuff. They ruined it in the movie. In the movie. It's this like, just this clear, like mushroom looking screw.

CHO 25:21

A screw. Yeah, a clear screw. Like,

NILLA 25:25

I was just like, what is happening

CHO 25:26

painted with like miniature paintbrush, and I yeah,

NILLA 25:32

that's like blue. It was gross.

CHO 25:34

Yeah. Like,

NILLA 25:35

I was like, why would you show this look like?

CHO 25:38

It looked like a knob that belongs for a dresser but it's clear. Right? And it's a plastic knob look like when the screws

NILLA 25:46

screw if you have kids, if you have kids, you've got those little play toys. There's a hammer, and a screwdriver and stuff like that. Really fat and colorful and stuff like that. Yeah. And that's what I know

CHO 25:58

exactly what you mean. Yeah, those construction toys for kids. Yeah,


yeah. Yeah, it was the worst.

CHO 26:05

But that Yeah, that was

NILLA 26:06

so mad. So this is one of those moments that is terrible. It's just, it's traumatic. It's like, damn it, but we have to finish the movie. I'll watch it.

CHO 26:17

Carefully make it close. It was funny, because, um, the night before, I got stuck in a funnel, a YouTube funnel, specifically a George Michael YouTube funnel. Does that ever happen to where it's like, I don't know why I have no idea. I think when you played that, Wham song, here's what happened. You played that Wham song. And you asked me, you know, guess who that is? And you said your favorite band. Right. And that song got played on the radio. And I was like, I know that song. You know, because you. I was like, Oh my god, I would have never known and less. Okay.

NILLA 26:57

Oh, so you heard it after I played it?

CHO 26:59

Yes. Oh, crazy. Like a day or two after? I swear on the radio. Wow. Never that song in my life until you introduced it to me. Wow. And then all of a sudden, it's on the radio again. Like it's I'm hearing it again, but on the radio. So I think that George Michael in today's in my brain. I was like, Oh, I know why I remember now I was on a George Michael YouTube funnel is because I was like killing. I don't think I've ever, ever really seen or watched an interview with George Michael. Like ever. Okay. Yeah. Because he's, he's like, he's always not a he's never liked interviews. Right. Okay. First of all, I didn't know Jared. Michael had bunk teeth. Okay, his teeth are kind of like, you know, I'm just saying like, have all this money. Oh, me recipe. So I'm just, I'm just like, I'll just say, I never noticed. Um, okay, shoes. Yeah, but

Clove aka Nilla 28:05


NILLA 28:07

is comfortable with the body? Okay, I

CHO 28:08

guess so. And you know what, here's the thing. I'm thinking this, you know what, let me think like, hold on, let me think like a singer here. Like an artist. Let me back it up. I think maybe he didn't want to mess with his voice. Maybe the teeth would have changed something that's real. That's really real. That's real. That's super real. Okay. So I'm like, okay, but I'm letting it go. It's like go slack up.

NILLA 28:30

So with, with the shape of your mouth, make it more difficult sometimes to hit certain notes.

CHO 28:36

I maybe not. I don't know about notes. But it would definitely sound different. It would definitely make a slight altering of your voice. You know, like, did the mechanics of the way you're moving your voice to saying I hear you, you know, so I can see that. I can understand why he's like, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna mess with that. Sure. Right. So, but yeah, but I just realized I'd never really, like watched an interview with him. And I just got stuck in this funnel of watching like different interviews of Judge right,

NILLA 29:08

Michael, Was it good?

CHO 29:09

It was good. Like he was just saying how, when he when Wham started, it was like, they were total goofballs. And it was just a total joke. Like, it wasn't. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Whoops. I'm famous. Yeah, like, Well, yeah.

NILLA 29:26

Exactly. Exactly. And I totally did not want to be famous, but let me know.

CHO 29:31

Yeah. And then after that, he was like, you know, they were asking him well, you know, about his sexuality, obviously. And back then did you know and he goes, he was like, I'm young. And I, I didn't think about it, but he said, but he slept with a lot of girls when he was in Wham and stuff like that. And he was like, really like the interview. The interviewer was like, but you're gay. And he go and buy for him. He's like, but I think I understood where he was going. He was kind of like saying, I'm 20. And I've access to anyone. And most of the people that's given me as access or girls. Yeah, so I just Hey, sure. I didn't think you know, I mean, so. So yeah, so us So, and then he was saying how, you know, he got out of Wham because it was just just had enough, right? He wanted to basically obviously do his own thing, right. And I didn't know he wrote most of the stuff with Wham. Like, he was like, the highly creative person. And so, and the interviewer was asking him, Well, what about the other guy then? What did he do? Right? And the other guy was just he's like, to be there. And he's so he's not doing this alone. He's like, why?

NILLA 30:51

No, seriously, a guy that's

CHO 30:53

going for the ride, man.


Yeah, no, yeah, no.

NILLA 31:00

Yeah, no talent. Like they brought nothing to the creative table.

CHO 31:03

I'm sure he brought some things in the creative table. But the majority of the creative table was George Michael. Okay. Yes. Which I didn't know. I saw it. Yeah. All right. And they met like when they were nine years old. They were like in the same kind of like school or something. Yeah. And they just like, we're like, hey, wouldn't it be funny kind of thing? And Wham kind of create was created. Do it as a joke. Yeah. But the joke got taken seriously. Yeah. He was saying like, I'm the man like, how, if you look at just the name, or the name of the album's the way that they're posing, it was all like a big joke for them. Wow. Like, it was just like, come on. Nobody's gonna take this seriously. Like, one of their albums. These call. We called it fantastic. And he was like, come on. Fantastic. You got me. Like, why would you take that? Seriously? So so it was a Yeah, it was very interesting in it. And then they asked him about the whole bathroom thing. And he was like, he see, everyone was freaked remember the bathroom that he got caught in the bathroom? Oh, like, in the park kind of stuff. And the next day he was caught out for dinner, right? Like he was just kind of like, doing his nonchalant going out dinner type thing. And everyone made it a big deal. And he had not, he was like, okay, whatever. Like, yeah, sure. He's like, I was more. I wasn't embarrassed about being outed. I was just more

NILLA 32:37

out of him.

CHO 32:38

It out of him. Okay, more that, like people kind of had a feeling or an idea. Maybe. Right. But he said media is the one that made it more of a big deal. And the way they're presenting it, like, he's out, he's out. And he was like, uh, yeah, I don't. Yeah, it's like, what's the big deal? Right? That's why he was like, next day. He was, I think he was like, went to the supermarket the next day or something like that. Right. And so for him, he was just like, he wasn't as though the media was trying to present it. Like, Oh, my God, he's outed. How do you feel about being out? And he's like, I don't care.

NILLA 33:15

Yeah, I'm just more can I get back to the studio now?

CHO 33:19

Yeah, it was more like it sucked that I was caught. Like in an in an embarrassing situation. Right? Not about his his use, like, my sexuality is not embarrassing is the situation. Okay? You know what I mean? So I was like, Oh, my God. So anyway, that was the funnel Iser, deeper into the funnel of George Michael Daniels really talented dude. really grateful. I

NILLA 33:42

totally agree.

CHO 33:43

You know, like a really good, yep. Good voice. So that's it. All right. Maybe I'll I'll have another new funnel.

NILLA 33:52

Do you wanna do some news? Yes. All right.


News, news. News is news. News. What news? Good news is not bad.

Clove aka Nilla 34:06

What do you got for us tonight honey?

CHO 34:07

So in Canada, the RCMP is trash. We've been hearing that for a while. But now what they're saying is, they're saying that they're finding that RCMP, pardon me tolerate bisogni. Their racism, your homophobic attitudes shook. And they said that their culture is toxic the federal government. This is by a Supreme Court justice. So he said that the federal government needs to conduct an external, independent review of the RCMP his future as a federal policing organization, says a former Supreme Court of Canada justice tasked with dealing with the fallout from the forces historic sexual assault. settlement. What I learned led me to conclude that their their culture that's toxic prevails, that their culture encourages or at least tolerates those. What I mentioned among many members of the RCMP, so a lot of members of the RCMP tolerates misogyny, racism and homophobia. And this was written by Michel basta basta Ranchi in his final report that's called broken, broken, broken dreams, broken lives, which was released today. Over the past four years. He said him and his team conducted 644 interviews of current or former female employees of the RCMP, and they said the level of violence and sexual assault that was reported was shocking.

NILLA 35:57

I don't doubt it one bit.

CHO 35:59

Yeah. What the women told the assessors shocked them to their core. This process has forever tarnished the image of the RCMP as a Canadian icon. More than 200 no 2300 women receive compensation in 2016. The Liberal government set aside $100 million to cover the claims. Back then the RCMP was expecting about 1000 women to submit claims, but they got more than a little bit more than double. These women reported having suicidal thoughts, and severe PTSD. Oh my god, no financial compensation can repair the damage that the assessors witnessed? If no concrete measures are taken, the RCMP will be in the same place again in a few years. It's time to discuss the need to make fundamental change to the RCMP and federal policing. Ah, yeah. So that's, that's Yeah, and there's more of that, but I was I tweeted like, jagmeet try to do some he tried to tell y'all like, let's, let's look, look into it, but y'all didn't listen to jagmeet. Right. cabac Huh, right. cabac because y'all don't believe in . All that bad. I know those problems. Yeah. Remember, last night was horrible. No. Remember last night? I was talking. You're welcome. Last night, I was talking to you about, um, you know, the more and more I'm learning stuff about Will Smith the more and more I realized. Like he's he's, maybe he's not trash now. But he was trash.

NILLA 37:44

He definitely dealt with his own issues and layers of toxic masculinity post show

Sherley aka Cho 37:49

for sure. Yep.

NILLA 37:50

So game recognize game. Anyway, either way.

CHO 37:59

So yeah, so he had a recent like a 30 year reunion for Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And and the way anyway, that brought him to have a conversation with Janet Hubert, and their trouble pass of over have nearly 30 years. And

NILLA 38:22

I remember you telling me this and thinking like then they already have a conversation.

CHO 38:25

No, they never had David. First. He said in 27 years. This year was the first time they're having a conversation.

NILLA 38:33

Why did I think they had a conversation recently, then?

CHO 38:37

Maybe because you've been seeing stuff online?

NILLA 38:38

Maybe? I don't know.

CHO 38:40

But yeah, no, they've never had a conversation. Okay, um, but here's the next little sound clip of their, their talk. This is like, first time like 27 years, what you're about to hear is their first time and that's in the special there.

NILLA 38:57

So they didn't even prep each other, but they didn't even meet and greet each other beforehand.

CHO 39:01

So here's the thing. Here's the thing. No, they didn't. And because of that, therapists, his like this, you know, his therapy. Well, I would say his therapist, but the fact they're his family friend and who happens to be a therapist she's been on the red Table Talk before was on standby in case they got like, heated by both sides. Like in case they didn't know what to say to each other or how to handle it. She was on standby during their discussion just in case of things like a mediator. Yeah, basically just in case if it's needed. Yeah. So the here's the is my thing on your good. Okay, here's the clip. Tell me my eyes glow like a raccoon.

Audio Clip 39:45

face. Sometimes your eyes look spectacular.

CHO 39:51

No better

Sherley aka Cho 40:02

Are you sitting?

Audio Clip 40:06

This has been tough. Yeah.

NILLA 40:09

Wow. For sure. 27 years.

Sherley aka Cho 40:11

Mm hmm.

Audio Clip 40:12

Has it been tough for you?

NILLA 40:14

Yes, it has. Yeah.


Tell us about it. We'll know. And I know what the truth is about all of this. I just want to know one thing. Why? Why so far? You guys went so far. I lost so much.

CHO 40:35

I was like, feeling her man. Like,


it would be helpful for me. Like, I don't know your story.

Audio Clip 40:47

I know. I know. So talk me through because I was having a different experience


as the oldest woman on that set. You know, there's that respect level that I just needed to have of being an older woman and a black woman's issues. Mm hmm. I've been banished. And they said it was you who, who banished me, because I didn't laugh at your jokes. Then they ordered me to stay in my room. I couldn't come out on the stage. And I wasn't unprofessional on the set. I just stopped talking to everybody because I didn't know who to trust. And the whole negotiation thing was messed up. Yeah, guys offered me something I had to turn down. And I was like, why?

Audio Clip 41:37



And did you know that they offered me 10 weeks of work, and says you can't work in the grounds.

Audio Clip 41:43

I didn't know specifically what the offer was 10 weeks, and I knew that two months time down the offer.


How do you survive? With a mortgage and a new business and a new baby and a husband who wasn't working at the time? How do you survive? So much of what you said just destroyed and everywhere I went, but he just beat me up. We lost our house. I lost everything. Wow. Everything took all that away from me. With your words, and words can kill you know those words calling a black woman difficult. In Hollywood is the kiss of death. Tell me It's hard enough being a dark skinned black woman in this business, angry black woman. That's all I got bitter. But what you didn't realize either that I was going through a lot at home. Right? You didn't know? You guys didn't know. very abusive marriage. I had a new baby. He was three months old. I felt like there was no sanctuary anywhere from me. Family disowned me. The black community disowned me, because he didn't want to bring it up. It's like, what about that freshman's thing? What about Will Smith? What about all that? You know? It just never goes away? Like people beat my ass. They beat my sons Is there somebody smashed a cookie in my son's face and said Your mother is a bitch. People send me hateful Instagrams. Aren't you dead yet? I love Well, why don't you just die? It's hard. It was hard. But I promised my dad before he left this earth and you know, you lost your dad. That's, I would clear my name. Because it's his name. My family said you've ruined our name.

NILLA 43:35



But you're the big star. You know? I'm just a little black Mitch.

NILLA 43:44

Oh, snap.

CHO 43:48

Can you imagine being young and famous? I think she's had this.

NILLA 43:56

She's had time to work. All of this.

CHO 43:58

Yeah. All of this fine. tooth comb. Right.

NILLA 44:02

Like to obtain, like, razor sharp edge. Right? And she knows she. She's constructed her words.

CHO 44:11

very meticulously and carefully and thoughtfully and direct and clear. And just like, that's like a lot of time.

NILLA 44:22

Yeah. When he started talking, my brain was like, Just shut up.

CHO 44:26

Yeah, shut

NILLA 44:27

up and let her say what she needs to say. Yeah. And then he started shutting up. Sounds like okay. Maybe somebody signaled him on the side?

CHO 44:38

I think the therapist Yeah, the therapist who was there that he brought himself to the red table to talk about this. Yeah, she may have signal me She's like,

NILLA 44:47

Yeah, but he's got a buzzer in his pocket.

CHO 44:53

Yeah, it was, um, oh man. I felt for her because it's like First of all to hear that black people, I was really surprised by that

NILLA 45:04

because she was in an abusive relationship. Oh my god gave

CHO 45:08

her a contract where she couldn't work. It was like a fucked up. Did you? She said, she

NILLA 45:14

said a 10 week 10 week contract

CHO 45:17

and does she can but she can't do anything else. Okay. Like, she'd have like, it's almost like telling a doctor like you gave a contract. You can only work at this hospital. And but you can't it but while you're on time offer or not even not. You can't. You can't. Oh, yeah.

NILLA 45:37

So it sounds to me like they were telling her to pick between the show and whatever else she had going on. So maybe she had like, you know, she was doing Off Broadway stuff. Or maybe she

CHO 45:46

said something about business? I don't know what that

NILLA 45:49

means. But um, yeah, maybe they told her like, No, you can't do that.

CHO 45:54

Yeah, I don't know. So and I don't know if the can't do that. I'm thinking they tell her can't do that in terms of working in the business. Like you can't go act anyplace else. Because you're an Viv. Right? Right. So that's what I think. Right? So I think they like you could do anything else. But acting I think that's what that is. Yes. You can't do that. Yeah. Yeah.

NILLA 46:16

Which was like, You can't stop somebody from using their craft to make money. Right? Fuck yourself. Yeah. So he goes into Samuel Jackson's in every fucking movie.

CHO 46:28

Or Tiffany adage? Yeah, it's Yeah. But um, man like,

NILLA 46:37

that's like those days of like the industrial like creative ownership of people that's that's going away. That's that's like, like they they used to be where? I think you were explaining this to me that studios, the MGM MGM Studios, they

CHO 46:51

would actors use only actors. Yeah. Okay. Acting. Well, you can't you're with me and I can only do MGM . Correct. Yeah, we trained you. We spent all this money to make sure you're a triple threat. Yeah, yeah, that's true. That's they used to do that. Yeah. Disney. All of them. Yeah. You. So in the interview, he goes into talking about

NILLA 47:12

I'm glad he's doing this. Mm hmm. Horrible that she's been going through this for 27 years.

CHO 47:17

Better motherfucker. Hook her up, though. Talia. You bet. Like what else can you do? Yeah, you have to hook her up.

NILLA 47:26

How about just pair with your her about that?

CHO 47:30

How bad just how about this new Fresh Prince version? Yeah, that a percentage goes to her. Yeah, like for real? For real? For real? Yeah. Yeah. You already signed a two season thing with this new Fresh Prince of Bel Air version drama version that's about to be up

NILLA 47:47

soon. She's been on this. You better

CHO 47:49

give her some percentages. Yeah. Little royalty out of that.

NILLA 47:53

Yeah, you better bring balance to this universe. Definitely.

CHO 47:55

Man, like and so he goes into talking about how how he had this need, especially with women to feel like that Not Not, not impressive in pressing them is the word but being approved of by women. So like, and so when Janet showed me basically he was going into when he was growing up, his dad was very abusive. And the way that he felt that he can bring down the tension was by being entertaining and funny. So the more entertaining and funny that he was, he it would brought the attention on him Sure, which would remove the attention on his dad beating his mom. And that's how he grew up. So because of that, that's always been there with him where he's always like, hey, look at me. You know, that was his way of

NILLA 48:48

seeing the census conflict. It's like everybody looked at me now. Yeah, calm this right is great. Everything right?

CHO 48:54

So when she said the example of like people said would tell me I have to laugh at your joke or something. And I think for him, he felt like, like, she doesn't like me, because she's not laughing at my jokes. And she maybe she's just tired. Like, you don't mean like she, she and also he did say that he was 21 years old. So he'd have like, a crew of his friends of 20 something friends on the set, playing music just being a 21 year old of noxious person as you are when you're 21 right, everyone

NILLA 49:26

remember myself?

CHO 49:30

Now, let alone now you have money. Now you have a TV show. You have access to things right? ego amplified, right. So the way that it was, you know, looking at it, that he his ego was huge. And she felt like, you know, like, here's this. I'm from Juilliard. Like she's a triple threat. She could say she could dance like she's super chic. She came from Broadway, and this TV show like she They asked her to come and try to do this, you know, to however element to do a TV show, right? Yeah. So her first experience of getting out of Broadway is Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And here's this kid who was acting like a brat was an ego like a buffoon. Yeah. And not feeling Leno in a way as the respected actor that she is,

NILLA 50:25

you know, a lot of this blame goes to the studio as well because they him to that behavior. Yeah. I mean, they they curl down and said, like, Hey, man, yeah, to straighten that shadow with a beard because it's not good.

CHO 50:39

Yeah. Well, I'm just I, if I feel I I'm happy for her. I just, I just hope he freakin hooks her up. Yeah. You know, at first I thought like, Well, you know, maybe she might think like, I don't need, you know, hook up, but it's just glad this is like, done and hope. I just hope to things that she gets a lot more offers from this. Yep. And at the same time, you hooked her up?

NILLA 51:01

Yeah. She's getting some pretty sweet royalties off of the show. I mean, I hope that's that's, I don't know, money for her. I don't know. Hope so. That's it's been syndicated, like globally.

CHO 51:16

Yeah. I don't know. Unless they were vindictive. Like maybe you know, but anyway, he was saying how all this stuff that she's telling him like he had no idea and and it just kind of goes from there, but I'm really glad

NILLA 51:31

you know, well, what are you gonna do with it?

CHO 51:34

You better hooker out? What are you gonna do? That's all I can say. It and last news. A new Google browser extension allows Netflix users to read a film screenplay while you're watching. It's called screenplay subs Look at you. I knew you're real. So it's it's it's self. It's a self funded app. Purely driven by driven by the goal to make it easier to appreciate the hard work and passion of filmmakers. But to manifest manifest each line from screenplay into reality. It's basically what you can do the experiences when a dialogue is an improviser. rewarded when a scene is omitted or included in production post you could see all that what action is trying is trying to emphasize on when the order between the two seen is store switch. So you can see all these kind of details. There's not on every film. It's in certain amount of films that have it on Netflix.

NILLA 52:41

You'll probably see it on like movies like Blade Runner. Yeah, like classic movies. Maybe. Oh, I

CHO 52:47

see what you mean. Yeah. about aliens. Yeah, right. Something Right. Yeah. So yeah, so it's a it's a free browser rather,

NILLA 52:55


CHO 52:57

Yes. Yes. Oh, actually, you

NILLA 53:00

know what's weird though? Spielberg it's funny you said that they do. Howard. Yeah. Very reserved about like, talking about their films and stuff out there as much as like other directors. Yeah.

CHO 53:11

So right now actually, we were way off on the film's it's only 13 films. And some of them is the social for know the social really see the script for that? The Social Network, it's on a handkerchief. Lady Bird. The dark night. Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz? Definitely fun to pay. Yes. See how Yeah. inception. inception. Okay, that's the with the DiCaprio marriage story. Scott Pilgrim vs the world that would be a good one. bytom Yeah, spider man into the spider verse.

NILLA 53:54

Great script to

CHO 53:57

Steve Jobs jobs in glorious bastard. That'd be a good one to the Irishman. Zodiac guy be a good one. Oh, my God and silver lining playbooks. Those are some of the batches of films

NILLA 54:14

Fincher on there they've got What's his face? Got a blank anyways,

CHO 54:19

so they're planning is to have more films batched in every week, right more films to add every week. So right on Mm hmm. Sounds like fun. That's it for them for the news. That's

NILLA 54:30

it. Yeah. Okay, then. Bible scriptures. And it's time surely for them scripture. So for anyone new to the podcast, this is the part where I share what I read in the Bible and parodied by regurgitating it as an Aaron Spelling like melodrama. Alright, so last time we heard about Saul blowing his big giant horn Remember that? Yes. We also heard about Saul losing his kingdom for a bunch of sacrifices that he wasn't supposed to do that night did anyways,

CHO 55:07

Samuel taking so damn long to get

NILLA 55:09

to that. So the players tonight are Jonathan and his armor bearer. And I think Saul and I think much other people. I didn't take note of any of that. So moving on. I call this one. It's the first book of Samuel chapter 14. With that, with that honey was so good, though. Jonathan. Jonathan looks like

CHO 55:51

Samuelson right.

NILLA 55:55

So I want you to come at that outpost on the other side of the camp. Okay, so they both picked up and headed over. And Jonathan made sure not to tell his father Saul about it. So Meanwhile, Saul was hanging out under a pomegranate tree. And he still had like, 600 soldiers left, since most of them ran away and hid from the last chapter. Mm hmm. So Oh, right. Yeah. So here we get introduced to somebody who's named. Let's see here. Sorry about that. We, we get introduced to somebody I lost my place. Okay, so so I was hanging a pomegranate tree. And he had 600 soldiers left, and most of because most of them had ran away and hid. And here we get introduced to someone named a Higa. Who is wearing an E five. Mm hmm. And no one in the camp knew what Jonathan and his armor carrying buddy were up to.

Sherley aka Cho 56:54

Mm hmm.

NILLA 56:55

So we cut back to Jonathan who was sneaking up to the Philistines outposts and he whispers to his buddy. Here's the plan. When we get closer to those uncircumcised Posers,

Sherley aka Cho 57:05


NILLA 57:06

I got to go there. If they tell us to stop, we'll wait for them to come to us. But if they tell us to come up, we'll attack as soon as we get close. Who knows? Maybe God will help us out. Sound good.

CHO 57:19

I he just saying this to him,

NILLA 57:21

to his buddy that carries his arm around his armor, bear. Okay, yeah. Okay, so it was all like, Yeah, sure. Whatever you want. Sure. I'm down for whatever. So Jonathan was like, cool. Okay. If they invite us up, we know God is here for it. So when they got close to the outpost, they stopped being all stealthy about it. And they started walking up to the outpost all kinda like nonchalantly or whatever. So the Philistines, they they spotted them, like right away. And they started mocking them. And they were like, we'll we'll we'll Luke who's come crawling out of their hiding spots. Why don't you guys come on up here and hide these nuts.

CHO 57:58

Wow. So Jonathan,

NILLA 58:01

buddy, like, let's go. God's God's got our back on this one. So this was Jonathan's first slaughter. And they ended up killing 20 Philistines.

CHO 58:10

Still not enough, guys. Yeah, it's still a lot more.

NILLA 58:16

So at this moment, God makes the entire Philistine people fall into a deadly panic and starts to shake the ground to scare them even more. Ah, so saw had some lookouts to see what the Philistines were up to. And they came back to Saul to let him know there was a huge rumble going on. Mm hmm. So Saul cause his entire army out to attention to count them. And that's when he saw that the only people missing were Jonathan and his buddy.

CHO 58:41

Oh, no.

NILLA 58:43

Excuse me. So it turns out Saul still had his hands on the Ark of the Covenant, and tells a hija, who turns out to be a priest. Mm hmm.

CHO 58:53

Yeah, because he has the

NILLA 58:54

right side, right. Yeah, to bring it out for the fight. So while Sol and IJA were messing with the ark, the the fighting between the Philistines was like jumping off like it was getting worse. Like it was like, crazy. So Saul was all like, Alright, fuck the ark. We need to go kick some ass right now. And when Saul got to the Philistines with his armors, with his army, he could see that all of all the Philistines were killing each other. Oh, yeah. So they went in like super hard. And every Israelite ended up jumping into the fight. And this includes the ones who are living with the Philistines at the time. And the ones who were hiding from running away from last.

CHO 59:32

Oh, wow, they

NILLA 59:33

all came out. They're like, Oh, shit, it's time to fight back. And of course, God gets all the credit for the slaughter once again.

Sherley aka Cho 59:39

Mm hmm.

NILLA 59:40

So now we find out. The Israelites are starving, but still looking for Philistines to kill? Hmm. And before the fight saw had put a curse on anyone who would eat food, before they finished killing all the Philistines.

CHO 59:56

We were

NILLA 59:57

Yeah, and he was all like, I better not hear about anyone eating it. Before I'm done getting revenge on these motherfuckers so

CHO 1:00:02

we need to fight for fight. So

NILLA 1:00:09

as the army was moving into the forest, they saw the ground was covered in honey. But nobody dared to eat any of it because of salt curse.

CHO 1:00:17


NILLA 1:00:19

but Jonathan didn't get the memo.

CHO 1:00:23


NILLA 1:00:24

always getting Yeah. So he uses both staff to scoop up a heaping piece of honey. Oh, no. And he puts it in his mouth. Oh, no. And as soon as he did this, his eyes got big. And he felt super energized. He was like, Yeah, it's great. It's awesome. And a soldier nearby, saw this and went quickly over to Jonathan, and was like, Don't you see everyone starving out here? Oh, I saw put a curse on anyone. software to curse out on anyone who ate before he got his revenge, you dumb shit. Mm hmm. So Jonathan, clap back. Mike. Dad keeps getting us into horrible shit. And I think of how many more Philistines we could have killed if we all ate this honey.

CHO 1:01:05

look how much energy it's giving us

NILLA 1:01:11

I should spend more time with my kids. So on that day, the Israelites killed a whole lot of Philistines. And the army started to plunder everything from the people they killed including all the livestock, but the meat that they were like butchering and eating. They were doing it on the ground, and it still had blood in it. Oh, so somebody snitches to saw about the army eating. Eating meat with blood in it and saw runs over to the army and his like, his big mad, and he's all like, yeah, has everyone lost their fucking minds? large stone over there. So Saul builds his first altar and does a whole bunch of sacrificing on it. And as he's sacrificing these these burnt offerings and whatever, yeah, he's reminding people to never eat meat with blood in it. Oh, remember guys? Deuteronomy long time ago,

CHO 1:02:12

right? All right.

NILLA 1:02:14

Well, here's another reason, guys always forgetting. So um, so once all the Israelite soldiers were fed songs all like, okay, let's continue tracking down and killing the Philistines at night, and loot all their shit during the day. So saw soldiers, they're all like, whatever you want. You're the boss. applesauce, the boss applesauce at this point, the priest. They all jumped in. And they're like, Whoa, slow your roll, man. Maybe we should see if God's cool with all this before we make any moves. Hmm. So saw right away was all like, right. What was I thinking? to God? Should I hunt down and slaughter the rest of the Philistines? crickets? crickets. So Saul calls an emergency meeting with all the leaders of his army and it's all like, Listen, this isn't a

CHONILLA 1:03:04

joke. We're Samuel in all this.

NILLA 1:03:06

A he is.

CHO 1:03:10

Anyway, he's doing his own thing. Yeah. He's just watching.

NILLA 1:03:13

So I think it comes in later. So he's like, this isn't a joke. One of you better tell me who sinned against God. Whoever saves Israel will obviously get to live, but the assholes sinned against God needs to die. Even if even if it's my own son, Jonathan,

CHONILLA 1:03:28

Jonathank, Jonathan!

NILLA 1:03:31

But no one was willing to snitch on Jonathan for eating the honey. Ah, so then Saul drew a line in the dirt and told the Israelites to stand on one on the other side of it, but kept Jonathan and himself on the same side of this line. Meanwhile, then, then, Saul took one of the stones from one of his priests he finds and started praying all like, dear God saw here. If me or my son, Jonathan are to blame for your silence. Make it land on him. If it's someone on the Israelite side of the line, make the stone flip through them. Okay, so it's a heads or tails. Oh, wow. It's a it's a stone that just flips heads or tails. Let's leave it up to God.

Clove aka Nilla 1:04:19


NILLA 1:04:22

he does the prayer. And he flips it. So software system, and he turns up, Aaron, so they're both taken away. And Saul does the same stone flip between him and Jonathan. So he draws a line between him and Jonathan does the same stone flip. Oh, yes. And after flipping the stone, Saul looks intensely at Jonathan. And is all like, you know, what in the hell have you done boy. So Jonathan finally breaks down finally right like he's

Clove aka Nilla 1:04:50

waited this long.

NILLA 1:04:52

If it breaks down, he's all like, it was just a little bit of Heidi. So saw was sad now and was like, if for some reason you live after all this, I should be the one to die. So yeah, okay, yeah, but just then a bunch of men jump in and they're all like this guy just delivered us from the Philistines. You think we're just gonna stand by and watch you kill this hero of Israel? We don't think so. So Saul decides to spare Jonathan. Okay? At this point Saul took a break from chopping down Philistines, and they took whatever they could, and left to go back to their own land. So once saw was king again, and things stabilized. He continued to fight off all the enemies of Israel, including the the Philistines. Mm hmm. And he was pretty brutal about his conquering and made sure to plunder all the enemies he killed. Mm hm. And this chapter ends by letting us know that Saul had three sons, Jonathan HP, and melki shuaa. He had two daughters named mihrab and McCallum. And his wife's name was a he know, um, he knew him. Okay, and so

CHO 1:06:10

he knew

NILLA 1:06:12

the army commander was named Abner and was his cousin.

CHO 1:06:16

Ah, okay. Family. War family.

NILLA 1:06:22

That is correct. So fun Bible facts. We hear about a hija the priest, the fortune teller ish priest for the first time here. This is the 64th time that God participates in genocide. Just Did you say 5464 Oh wow. 60 so next time we'll hear about the amalekite genocide God rejecting solace King and Samuel chopping up someone named ag to death

CHO 1:06:49

that's great. FAST Fast. Fast. You got it. way Hey. We learn about the book of Samuel

NILLA 1:07:17

chapter 14.

CHO 1:07:19

Is it 17

Clove aka Nilla 1:07:20

I think it's 14

CHO 1:07:21

Jonathan is a baby cuz he ate the honey. They played the game but he was let go that is super pretty. Networks When you get to the website at the top right corner, click the donate button. And when you donate it helps supports the show and help support what we do helps support but network to keep on bringing you this kind of show and funny and content conversation and podcasts that we hope you love. Yeah.

NILLA 1:08:25

The first book is Samuel chapter 14. It is chapter 14 chapter 14. One four. Okay, I

CHO 1:08:31

guess I was hoping

NILLA 1:08:34

when I was 17 it's gonna be more genocide. Next chapter.

CHO 1:08:38

Oh, man, his book Samuel pretty thick.

NILLA 1:08:42

There's over 30 chapters. I had a feeling we're just about at the halfway mark.

Sherley aka Cho 1:08:46

Ah. Oh, he

NILLA 1:08:50

was just save it as a surprise. But this is a you're gonna hear the story of David. In the first book, Samuel. Yeah. He's like best friends with Jonathan.

CHO 1:09:06

You have a question? by our way, honey question I asked to the group as well go check it out. forward slash groups Ford slash donella. If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, which would it be

NILLA 1:09:23

any exotic animal as a pet? Oh, that raises moral dilemma. Don't

CHO 1:09:33

worry about the more let's say there's no moral that you can like. You are You are like the next clove exotic. Okay. You are clove exotic. You move to . You have a family ancestor that didn't know you existed. who voted for Trump. You had a huge ranch somewhere under the name of Roy. You're like the next person that that person this this has interested in you to have their richness. And now they're like yeah, but the only stipulation is my ranch is in Florida. And in order for you to touch the my riches, you got to come to Florida and handle my ranch. And then so you have all this money and you're like, ah, I want to do an amazing sanctuary for this kind of animal. What would it be?

NILLA 1:10:28

I don't know. Maybe sharks.

CHO 1:10:35

Sharks. Sure. I'm surprised why? I've never heard you. What is your favorite animal? I don't even know. I don't

NILLA 1:10:42

know if I have a favorite animal I never thought ever. I like octopus. Octopus a dope.

CHO 1:10:48

Yeah, they're pretty smart, too.

NILLA 1:10:50

Well, are they? Oh, they're super smart.

CHO 1:10:52

Okay, super smart. Yeah, yeah. So you'd have a oktava sent sanctuary. Yeah. Shark and octopus. Shark to push shocked. You're gonna

Sherley aka Cho 1:11:01

call it you're

CHO 1:11:02

gonna call the red shark deploy octopus.

NILLA 1:11:05

You know, Royals shark tapas aquarium,

CHO 1:11:08

like the the portmanteau of those two. Yeah, Shark Tank. And we make a T shirt out of

NILLA 1:11:16

it or something. Shark like a shark dado? Where they had like, they had an octopus. I don't know. Did they? I don't know.

CHO 1:11:24

I don't know. But I'm feeling a shark to put Yeah, yeah. That's like a meal. It sounds like a like, I'm like a fusion of a meal. Or a

NILLA 1:11:34

90 day fiance.

CHO 1:11:36

Oh my god. Can we talk about that

CHONILLA 1:11:38

for a little bit? Sure.

CHO 1:11:39


NILLA 1:11:40

what did Kenny say? To all restaurants in Mexico?

CHO 1:11:50

So we're watching 90 day fiance, right? I think we're at episode seven. Season Two. This is where after? like this the episode where spoiler alert if you haven't watched the show, don't listen. Okay, so

NILLA 1:12:06

go ahead. Oh,

CHO 1:12:10

yes. Yeah. So um, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Season Two, Episode Seven, I believe or eight. I could be wrong. But don't listen if you haven't watched the episode. This is the episode where it starts where after the big argument with Brittany and your Zhan now. Yes. Mother. What? Okay, yeah, first of all, she did not like be called baby. I totally get it. I get it too. And the way the mom was like, explaining it to the dad, like what was going on? Like, he's trying, he's calling her baby and she's talking back because she doesn't like to be called baby. If he called us the baby just accepted. You say yes, I'm a baby. It's like, her mindset is so like, like, like, just be doing your womanly duties. So if your man calls the baby, then you have to go with that. I

NILLA 1:13:04

just don't get the pressure. I don't get the pressure.

CHO 1:13:06

So I okay. It's funny. You said the pressure. Every time you remember what I said last time. I said clothes.

NILLA 1:13:14

And I remember what you said last night. I

CHO 1:13:15

always cringe when I say this. But I this episode solidified it hard for me. Okay, hard. I will not change my mind in this. These dudes are the losers of their culture. And the mom knows it. Because she's concerned like, why is it at your age by now? You're not like married and everything. So she's freaking out and putting pressure on him to get married quick, cuz she knows. Maybe in her community. They're talking about him. Like why he ain't married yet. Hey, Hey, what are you doing here? We got a kid in here to do. Gotcha. So anywho um, yeah, so they know and and first of all good for Brittany. I felt so bad for her. Like, like I if this whole situation out there. Yeah. would have made me like I'm done. I can't I'm done. I don't like this kind of pressure. Like Okay. Okay. Why is it is on would want to continue to have a like, What? You saw her profile pic right? You see how she is right. Obviously you thought she was attractive and You liked it? Why in the world did you think that you can change like, like what is the point is if that's like your way to measure her love is that she's going to flip everything for you including her belief how she dresses everything.

NILLA 1:15:01

Yeah, he sounds really entitled to it too. Oh, when are parents talking to her about as it's like, right, like, yeah, this is a person, y'all.

CHO 1:15:11

And now the thing is, I understand too. She's flipping she's, she's, she's, she's freaking out because the word by the way the family was coming at her was not cool the way Yes. Like is freaking out gaslighting her and everything like that was not cool. At the same time, too. She's feeling like, you know, she's not being honest about the whole divorce. So that's an added thing. But it doesn't excuse their behavior. Like it was just bullshit

NILLA 1:15:36

by a longshot.

CHO 1:15:36

And then here's another thing, too. We're watching Jenny. And she Oh, gosh. sumeet Yeah, Jenny and sweet. Why is Jenny so like, bent up? Like, I get it. She loves them. She wants to marry him. But we're doing the calculation the other day? And I would say when they were like, well, how when she was went to the lawyer, how long does it take for a divorce to take like two to five years? And I was like, I'm not like, you know, I'm not like, I don't know, many people in my circles have who have been divorced will tell you for for real, to be real. But I figured based on like other people who I've like people I've worked with or things like that, on average, probably like, just like in Canada, it could take like, a year or two.

NILLA 1:16:23

I don't know about that. I mean, the research you did said four to six months. Right?

CHO 1:16:27

Right. Right, like but you have to prove for that you've been separated for a year. Yeah. So that's like, added right there. And then after you for 18 months? Yeah. on that, like that's bare minimum. So for you to live in India, where there's billions of people.

NILLA 1:16:44

Yeah, I think though, like India's marriage culture is there's a lot more targeting it is a lot more hooks and a lot more like

CHO 1:16:51

the parents have a lot most family and the parents have a saying Yeah.

NILLA 1:16:56

I'm good.

CHO 1:16:57

Yeah. And so yeah, the parents and family has a say so I so I get that that that could add, like, extra time to now. You know, get approval from your family or parents that for this divorce. That's another added layer. But

NILLA 1:17:14

yeah, I remember watching the show, and I remember it when he was talking with his two friends. And his two friends said that their their their partners were not about Yeah, they didn't approve of any of it. And I was I kept seeing them like referred to like, aren't you worried about what your family's gonna think? What your family's gonna think? Yeah. And I was like, I don't understand that. I didn't understand that. I was like, so who cares? Who cares what your family thinks. But if your family has like money, and they use that as leverage to like, be able to like say who you can and can't marry, but not

CHO 1:17:45

only that, in a system that's predominantly about cast. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Family. All that is a big deal. It's

NILLA 1:17:53

about securing legacies. Yeah. generations.

CHO 1:17:55

Yeah. Yeah. Crazy. That is such an like, and yeah, that's an Asian like, not just South Asian. Asian culture. It's Yeah. Yeah, that is a thing. Yeah. Ah, Jose.

NILLA 1:18:08

I understand. It's intense, but it's too bad that it's it's abuse more often.

CHO 1:18:12

And here's another thing when we were outside to I was saying I'm so did producers of the show, though. The way they play with my emotion is not cool. Okay, this cookie crumb kind of production is not cool. Okay. Because you're not giving me the full picture. Yeah. And you're doing it on purpose producers of 90 day fiance's. I see what you're doing. It's freaky clever. Like keep tuning tuning in. And it's not fair. Because there's certain things like that. I'm like, wait, but why would you do that? And then, like, for example, let's go to Jihoon. And, and Devin, okay. Here's the cookie crumb, right? He keeps saying he's in debt. He's like, okay, I give money to my mom so she can hold the hold the money he owes $30,000 you find out later right? You're you say you want a part time job. So that way you can take a nap more all of this I was like, What is up with the show? Give me these cookie crumb. Kind of like clues. I'm like, what's going on? What is he doing and I've and then as I was saying this to you? I was like, Oh, he's a gambler. He's a gambler. Yeah, and he all along he's just not telling anybody I have a gambling problem.

NILLA 1:19:29

gamblers don't have a gambling so

CHO 1:19:31

now here I am. I have these little clues. context clues it is gambling. Guess what's gonna happen now I have to tune in to wait if he's finally gonna say that he's a gambler. And I'm stuck. stuck with this show.

NILLA 1:19:52

It's like watching a trailer after trailer like it's just like, this is a trailer what's coming up is a trailer what's coming up. Yeah, and but a trailer healers are designed to bring up anxiety or to get your attention. I can't. I can't watch like you try watching like 10 trailers back to back you're gonna be like it's too energy like just too much. Yeah, loaded your enemy. Yeah,

CHO 1:20:13

I can't remember the couple that some she's pregnant and she's first of all her mom is so the nursery. Yeah, she's so patient like her patient level. Yeah,

NILLA 1:20:25

they're in Ethiopia.

CHONILLA 1:20:28

Clove, what, okay. what, okay.

CHO 1:20:32

If my daughter went to Ethiopia was pregnant. Yeah. And he said, Hey, Mom, you know, because he's trying to be cute and wanting to have my acceptance. Right. And he's like, this is the place and he shows me that place. Yeah, with that kitchen. Yeah. And, and then he says, it's okay. There's another place. And it's even worse. Like, it's a mess. Yeah.

NILLA 1:21:00

Two weeks to fix. Yeah.

CHO 1:21:02

First of all, right. What did I say to you remember, losers? He's okay. He thinks he can fix that place in two weeks. Come on, son. Come on. But you know, my Haitian sign. Yeah. would come out. Like I would flip the f out. I don't know if I can, you know, I wouldn't be able to compose myself.

NILLA 1:21:25

I would just leave. I just be like, Okay, I'm working out with the producers. Give me a plane ticket home. I'm getting out of here.

CHO 1:21:34

Would you leave your baby? They're not supposed to have a baby? No, of course not. But they're an adult. What can you do? Right? You can't force that. Oh,

NILLA 1:21:42

like, Are you saying I'm the parent? I'm saying I'm the couple like I'm in that relationship? No, no, I'm

CHO 1:21:46

talking about parent. Yeah. If our kid is pregnant, yeah. In that place. Yeah. And, and says, I'm about to give birth. in the country. The birth in the country is not a big deal. It's the after the baby comes out. You can see they're like, on my watch. I would flip so much. I would make it so miserable that they would have to come like they were super healthy. I just it's just so bad. I know. But I get it to they're an adult in their life. But I just my grandbaby. Yeah, like, would you? I mean, yeah.

Sherley aka Cho 1:22:24


CHO 1:22:25

what does he do for a living? Oh, I remember what it was like that. They introduced that. He's, he's, uh, his dream is to be an MMA fighter like or something. Right, right.

NILLA 1:22:37

So he's in the gym all day. Is that

Sherley aka Cho 1:22:40

why you see where you stay?

NILLA 1:22:43

And then, and then it doesn't look like he's getting paid to fight. Oh,

CHO 1:22:46

no. Like that show is just too stressful. It is. The only thing that gives me hope is Oh, gosh, our our dog duardo said their name in Mexico. Armando. Armando, and

NILLA 1:23:02

I call them it. That's funny because I called

CHO 1:23:05

a Martin. What's his name? Armando. Armando and Kenny Right. Yeah. Kevin. KENNETH. I thought so. I was like, so hopeful on the show column Kenny, though so Oh, is it Yeah. So I was like, Ah, this great. At least there's that that that's beautiful love. They seem to be together what I was teaching there and there. And they got it together. together and they got it together. He

NILLA 1:23:29

is driving for days. He is living his best four days.

CHO 1:23:34

cataract my dog with the tongue hanging out. He has

NILLA 1:23:38

got his music plan. Yes. Live in it. He's living it up. Yes. On his way down there. Yes. Once he gets down there.

CHO 1:23:45

His privilege.

NILLA 1:23:46

Yes. starts on full.

CHO 1:23:50

Like alarm bells of privilege went up. He's

NILLA 1:23:54

looking at everything with like a face like he just smelt a fart. He's just like, what is that? Right? Is this what is that?

CHO 1:24:01

What is what kind of drink is that?

NILLA 1:24:03

Is there any other food other than Mexican food? Do all restaurants in Mexico only served Mexican?

CHONILLA 1:24:12

Mexico that.

NILLA 1:24:15

Like, I hope that he hears themselves?

CHO 1:24:18

I hope so to

NILLA 1:24:19

sum. That is the dumbest shit I've ever heard anybody say?

CHO 1:24:22

Yeah, it's like going to Japan and you're like,

NILLA 1:24:26

Japanese restaurants in Japan only serve Japanese.

CHO 1:24:33

Exactly. So um, yeah, his privilege was way up there. So we'll see how it goes. Yeah, but I'm still very hopeful

NILLA 1:24:43

for them for them to but Kenny needs to like Oh, he needs to read the room. Yeah. And really take our minds word for it that like they need to ease into the neighborhood. Yes. didn't mean that they need to ease into things and maybe like Kenny's out there. He's all like, you know, he's ready to like, bust out the flag and just like,

CHO 1:25:05

hold hands. He reminded me of that girl from the from 90 day fiance in Morocco. Yeah,

Sherley aka Cho 1:25:11


CHO 1:25:12

he's like, Let's hold hands like no, it's like gay. Yeah. Like you said, read the room know, the environment here and the country and all that.

NILLA 1:25:21

Yeah. Even if you don't agree with it. Yeah, take take a minute to process it

CHO 1:25:24

exactly. Like, but here's this is where I would get mad at the producers of the show again, because when he was like, oh, like being all like, oh, Mexico. Oh, this is my neighborhood. Yeah. You know, I mean, I was like, Wait, where's the bank? The first time you went to see him in Mexico? I don't understand. Yeah. Like, did you not see this? Like, yeah, have you not been in his area? Like, I don't understand what

NILLA 1:25:48

and that's when I told you that it's because his Mexico is a resort Mexico. Yeah,

CHO 1:25:53

his Mexico is pooled. And that's why they would meet up. Yes, he like Armando would go to the resorts to meet up with him. And that's what he knows. So, Mexico is that

NILLA 1:26:05

and Kenny knows that he's moving into a gated community for their security. Right. Which is, which is really bad and really scary. Yeah. But yeah, it's like, yeah, you know, I just wish he would listen to Armando a little bit more.

CHONILLA 1:26:20

Yeah, like, he just needed like kudos.

CHO 1:26:22

to Armando. He handles it super well. Yeah. Like he's like, Yeah, he's a germaphobe. Yeah.

NILLA 1:26:28

Drama queen.

CHO 1:26:31

Yeah. Like, and the funny thing is, is Armando is like, twice as like, two times younger than him like twice as mature. Yeah,

CHONILLA 1:26:39

right. Yeah.

CHO 1:26:40

Why? Yeah. So yeah,

NILLA 1:26:43

yeah. really showing Kenny Yeah, it's like it's it's what Kenny doesn't realize is that like Armando still has, like, his parents are huge, important factor of his life. Yeah. determined, like the closest proximity of reality. And yeah, we don't accept him. How is our mom going to feel accepted by the world?

CHO 1:27:03

Yeah. That's why his mom loves them and accepts them. And his dad accepts him. As soon as he told his daddy's moving with a man later moving with Kenny Yeah, that was like, Wait, what?

NILLA 1:27:15

Yeah, because when he said enough, I can handle that. Because when he said, I accept this, what we really meant to say was Okay, I get it looks like I can ignore this. Huh, give me it's not something I have to deal with. But it's like, oh, you get to meet my. My partner.

CHONILLA 1:27:29

Yeah. Wait, yeah,

NILLA 1:27:31

it just got real.

CHO 1:27:32

Exactly. It got really real that to the point. He's like, Oh, wait,

Sherley aka Cho 1:27:35

I don't know anymore. Oh,

CHO 1:27:36

let me I need I need time to brew on it. I think he'll come around. I'm hoping is, I really hope is we'll see.

NILLA 1:27:42

Yeah, you know, what I hope candidate doesn't like go over to our mind those parents face and be all like, what's this right back?

CHO 1:27:49


NILLA 1:27:51

Do I gotta sit down on that chair?

Sherley aka Cho 1:27:52


CHO 1:27:54

Yeah. Like, wait,

NILLA 1:27:56

yeah, this is outside. You're just gonna eat candy. With all this dust? I got about that. Yeah. He's like, her mind is like, no, it's delicious. Delicious.

Sherley aka Cho 1:28:06

Chai is part of her coaching.

NILLA 1:28:10

Right? It's like, it's like Armando was telling him. This is part of our culture. Candy guy comes by and we buy candy off him. And you know, it's candy. And he's like, his face the whole time. Like,

CHO 1:28:25

I get it.

NILLA 1:28:26

It's like, and then I was like, try this. And he's like, yeah, this Yeah. And then he puts it in his mouth. And then he's like, like a child. it spits it out. Just like oh my god. I feel it for Yeah,

CHO 1:28:41


Sherley aka Cho 1:28:42

Yeah. How do we get here? I don't know. I it was

CHO 1:28:46

off to the questions.

NILLA 1:28:49


CHO 1:28:50

I don't know how that Oh, because I was saying the ranch. I don't know. I have no idea. So yeah, so you'd be shark tapas should have a shark octopus. ranch. Are you a leopard? leopard?

NILLA 1:29:05

Yeah. Black leopard.

Sherley aka Cho 1:29:07

Um, no,

NILLA 1:29:09

no, no,

CHO 1:29:10

I wonder like this last they're not stripy patchy right pattern. Yeah, I want the patchy liberals Yeah. And have like a really super amazing like choker around that's gonna be all bedazzled. And yeah, yeah. And I'll have like, it'll be super decorated in Florida. The leash will be like bedazzled as well. We'll have like little Schwartz ski

NILLA 1:29:38

crystals are changing into Jan. Why would it be dead because you'd be a cougar in Florida.

CHO 1:29:49

Oh, yeah. Hello, boys. What would I name my commands here for you. I named my Cougar Maybe with an sh because I'd be a nerd like that to have the same, you know, first letters first two letters of my name. You would name your levered sh with an essay a name that starts with that.

NILLA 1:30:12

Okay? You know, I don't know. Shira

CHO 1:30:16

There you go. My leopard. Shira. Yep. You're welcome. Yeah, love it. Some other people in the group said Jackie said he Guana and ah, pretending he quanah

NILLA 1:30:30

Ronan, I have no idea about he wanna husbandry?

CHO 1:30:33

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Same as said a lemur? lemur. Yeah, lemurs are cute. I've

NILLA 1:30:40

a comic book shop by airplane. I

CHO 1:30:42

was just I just said that in the group to her like, hey, this comic be like damn, to lemurs and a crocodile.

NILLA 1:30:48

And he was trying to tell us that it was the lemur from

CHO 1:30:51

from people like that.

NILLA 1:30:54

It was it's a boom with Oh, is that it? Yeah. Like Come on my five. That lemurs dead. Yeah.

CHO 1:31:02

Like two years ago. Come on, man. I read the news.

Sherley aka Cho 1:31:09

Oh, yeah.

NILLA 1:31:13

What a jerk! Like he literraly tried to sell us that!

CHO 1:31:14

I know, while he's dressed up as the Joker. Yeah. Like how do you you go okay. It's cool. I mean, it's just the fact that you wake up every day. Does this. Okay. Does he do this? Just

NILLA 1:31:36

talk just the days that he's manic.

CHO 1:31:43

I mean, I'm not we're not laughing at you. No.

CHONILLA 1:31:47

Yeah, but extra.

CHO 1:31:50

He's extra. We're specifically focusing on the owner here. Yeah. Does he do this every day? Like, does he dress up as the Joker every

NILLA 1:31:57

day? We catch him on his once a month. Joker day.

CHO 1:32:00

Yeah. But here's the thing though. When Friday, you know how on Google, you could take a picture and you could post on Google Maps your picture? Right? Yeah, first store and everything and then it shows you all it shows you all the pictures that people have taken from that location. Shut up. And I have not seen the real owner yet.

NILLA 1:32:19

It's all Joker.

CHO 1:32:19

It's all him just as a joker. So I'm like I've not seen what he looks like.

NILLA 1:32:30

Do you have you? For all you know the Joker owns that comic shop?

CHO 1:32:38

Does he do this everyday? Do you like wake up and put on the makeup every day? Like what's the deal? What's going on? Like? How many Joker suits do you have? Do you have five?

NILLA 1:32:49

Do you have like a rotated? Like do you have like you have like Michael Keaton Joker thing though.

CHO 1:32:56

You have all this money? He's not even doing the effort. Give me different Joker give me that's only because he identifies with a specific Joker surely did jack nicholson version. Yeah, that's right. Why don't you give me a Joaquin Phoenix joker? Or what's his name? From the the guy from Mars there. anyway? The Suicide Squad joker? Sure. You know, I mean, like that kind of thing. Right? anywho or even like, You're not even giving me like I knew. Wait a minute old school like Jim Carrey Joker that's inspired by the old school Joker from the 60s Batman show kind of thing. Okay. Hey, here. Yeah. So I don't know. But yeah, well, I I'm gonna go through the pictures and see if I can see his face. Do you remember you've been we've been to this comic book store more than once. Do you ever remember seeing him? Not in costume?

NILLA 1:33:51

Nope. Me too. That's That's true.

CHO 1:33:54

Yeah. Until I saw those pictures. I was like, wait a minute. I just realized I never really seen this man's face.

NILLA 1:33:59

Yeah, I haven't seen him there in a while. Really? Yeah. It's just the the young employees.

CHO 1:34:04

Yeah. Okay, so maybe he's not. I guess he does have to go in every day. But the day he goes in, he's Joker. There you go. Makes sense. That's what I would do.

NILLA 1:34:17

Going golfing. Nope. Joker.

CHO 1:34:20

It's Joker Friday. Derrick Derrick Jones says he he'd have a ferret. ferret? Yeah, as an exotic animal.

NILLA 1:34:29

I thought smelter good though.

CHO 1:34:31

I heard that too. That you have to care for them all a lot. Shampoo them all a lot. That's it for the show. Is it? Yeah. Okay. Man. Sorry. I went on the major like, Joker rant with the owner.

NILLA 1:34:45

I'm not exhausted. Okay.

CHO 1:34:48

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NILLA 1:35:41

out this week was transgender Awareness Week. Oh, really? from the 13th to the 19th. It's been transgender Awareness Week. And November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Oh. So that's happening today.

CHO 1:35:57

Okay, I also find out when I went to the kids, one of the kids school that it's November 16, to the 21st is the day of like fighting, bullying I think bullying week or or intimidation, weak or something like intimidation, weak or something.

NILLA 1:36:18

That's the French word for bullying.

CHO 1:36:21

Bullying, yeah. Yep. Hey, guess what? I have a joke before we go. Why do penguins carry fish in their feet?

NILLA 1:36:35

Why do penguins carry fish in their beaks?

CHO 1:36:42

Because they don't have any Fox?

NILLA 1:36:45

Of course.

CHO 1:36:48


NILLA 1:36:50

The quote of the show is be passionate and move forward with gusto every single hour of every single day until you reach your goal. And that was it was burning.

CHO 1:37:02

Eva, you better like, Girl, I'm gonna tweet you like I'm gonna have a schedule. And I'm gonna tweet you all the time. When you go. You should make you should direct the Haitian Revolution film. I think you're the only person who can do it. I don't understand. Do you not have a script? Do you not know anyone who knows the Haitian Revolution history. We can make this a TV series girl. There's just so many characters, so many people to say that to Pokemon still. It's still like the Voodoo priestess. There's so many people, the slaves. The French people, Napoleon who totally lost by the way, the Polish people of Canada. There's so many like, it could be an amazing TV series Eva, and you're the girl to direct it. We just got fine writers, which got fine historians. I mean, what we got to do to get this done. So people can find out the truth of Haiti, the beauty of Haiti and the history of Haiti and the wires of Haiti. Okay, I'm

NILLA 1:38:05

gonna stop. I think we need a safe word. Take care, everybody. See you next time.

CHO 1:38:13

See you soon fancy man. That's her name. Nice just came to me.

NILLA 1:38:19

That's right.


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