107-Whoops, that’s my Va-Jay-Jay!

  • On this part 1 of 3 episode we jibber about Don’t come close to me kid | bullshit quality again | Electric Circus is to Soul Train or Solid Gold | Laquel & Wes ā€“ San Francisco, California | Anthropology lectures from UC Berkeley and more …

  • On this part 2 of 3 episode we jibber about Sex tape ruined my career, Chris Field Hadfield in Houston, Weird Canadian Laws, An Open Letter to Facebook, all I can do is stare at this ass, I will definitely be a dirty old man, what’s your resistance scale fellows and ladies?…
  • Father S.T.I.F. @Islam_Tesla | Dope interview – The stunt business sounds crazy. Great stories though.
  • hyacinthe718 | Clove you are 100% right it happens mostly due to self-esteem, and under valuing yourself. It happens to women too those chicks are usually being used for sex by a guy who is not interested in anything else.


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