No More Protesting For You


S1 - Episode 45

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Sherley and Clove discuss:

• Sol·e·cism [säləˌsizəm,ˈsōləˌsizəm]

Live Updates: Meet Public Protest With Violence.

• Anti-Taliban spread beyond Jalalabad over Afghan flag

• ‘No doubt’ Canada is now in the 4th wave of as cases spike across much of the country. 

• Man who’d paid for extra legroom refuses to move so the can sit together on a flight – but was he in the wrong?

•  That escalated quickly…The Players: The Players: David, God, Joab, Abner, Asahel 2nd Chapter 2.


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"My English teacher told me in high school I would never amount to anything. At least I would never go to university. Just to be spiteful I graduated from University of British Columbia. with a Bachelor of General Studies degree in 1992."

— Robert Kakakaway, in his book Thou Shalt Not Be An Indian: A Residential School Survivor's Story. Tweet

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