Conversations with White People: Talking about race w/ IC Bailey

Listen to “Conversation with White People About Race w/ IC Bailey” on Spreaker.

Mr. IC Bailey. IC just started his path as an Author to share his book Conversations with with the world. It brings me some peace that your work continues through the support of the digital community you created with Rest in Power, Brotha Bailey!

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IC Bailey and BCANCC Host Sherley Joseph

BCANCC 11 – Author and Activist, IC Bailey at conversationswithwhitepeople.com

He created ConversationsWith.Net; IC is an Activist and the author of the book : .

IC Bailey and BCANCC Host Sherley Joseph in the studio


He was inspired by his , “Conversations with White People”. The group is a discussion that explores , and the empowerment of People. Companion discussions can include the marginalization of any group of persons and their hopeful license.

Mr. Bailey plus a diligent team of volunteer moderators, have discussions every day to undo the lies and half-truths about racialized, marginalized, and underrepresented groups that have become the norm — , and lies that always lead to the degradation of the standard of living for these individuals and communities.

The goal here, is to document some of the attitudes and behaviours that have lead to the oppression of Black people, other People of Color and marginalized groups globally. It provides a space to make a complete answer to these systems of oppression. The effects of Racism and White Supremacy on the Black Community are of prime concern.

Connect with the Conversationswith.net community :
Purchase the Book – https://conversationswithwhitepeople.com
Website – https://conversationswith.net/
Convos with White People – https://www.facebook.com/groups/CriticalConvos/
Convos with Black People – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2011528412453892/
Convos with Indigenous People – https://www.facebook.com/groups/164742074234744/

Join the FB community by visiting http://bit.ly/BlackCanadianCC

Peace and keep creating Eh!

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