BCANCC 01 – Director Alison Duke & Producer Ngardy Conteh George


Join us in a conversation with Producer Alison Duke and Director Ngardy Conteh George from Oya Media Group – oyamediagroup.com

Alison Duke aka “Golde” (@therealgoldelox) is a storyteller, in every sense of the word. As a writer, director, producer, and visual artist, Alison tells dynamic stories that illuminate history, document the present, and push the forward.

Ngardy Conteh George has emerged on the documentary scene at a time where the gaze has shifted to women of colour behind the lens to tell more powerful stories. As a Sierra Leonean-Canadian, Gaddy always wants to tell stories of the African Diaspora. As a director, she has achieved this with Soldiers for the Streets, a short documentary for the , broadcast on Television.

Sherley catches up with the ladies, who were in Atlanta for their documentary Mr. Jane and Finch (mrjaneandfinch.com) at The BronzeLens Film Festival. The doc, follows 81-year-old community activist Winston LaRose as he runs for city council in the 2018 Toronto municipal election.

The film is directed and produced by Ngardy Conteh George, co-produced by Alison Duke and edited by Sonia Godding. What is rare and such a gem is a film made almost entirely by women.

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