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On season 01 – episode 07, CHO & discuss:

  • Word of the day: pie·​bald | \ ˈpī-ˌbȯld \
  • Zombicide 2nd Edition is up on Kickstarter! Kids prepping for Halloween. Baby in full creative mode. Funky kind of week.
  • Following up on The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
  • we watched: Eli (2019) spoiler alert, Little Monsters with Lupita Nyong'o and It Chapter Two.


  • CANADA – Five key election issues in Canada (skip to mark: 27:30 if bored)
  • CANADA – Air Canada staff are going to be replacing gender terms, like ‘Ladies and Gentlemen' when greeting their customers and passengers.
  • USA – Arizona Politician Charged in Human Trafficking Adoption Scheme.
  • CANADA – Vickery Bowles says letting Meghan Murphy speak is a matter of ‘standing up for free speech'.
  • CANADA – Stephen Harper Heads a Global Org That Helps Get Right-Wing Parties Elected.
  • EUROPE – Hungary bans same-sex Coca-Cola adverts as they are “detrimental” to the growth of children.
  • HAITI – Daily protests are paralyzing Haiti. Here's why.


  • Book Review On the Origin of Species
  • Bible Scriptures 90210 # – The ‘Chapter 1' Damn Canaanites and their stupid Iron Chariots!
  • 26 Facts That Will Completely Alter Your Perspective Of NYC.

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