I love pettiness.

  • We watched Jack Strips Down to a Speedo For Wet and Wild ‘WAP' Dance. Have you?
  • Okay let's just… mmmm… about 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way specifically Jenny Slatten and Sumit, Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee, OH! And, not cool Yazan and his reaction about Brittany.
  • I Drove Through Canada With U.S. Licence Plates. It Didn't Go Well.
  • Elon Musk Is Being Called A ‘Space Karen'.
  • A Man Brings His Lawyer To Wife's Baby Shower To Prove The Baby Isn't Actually His.
  • Just Nabbed Her First-Ever Film Role.
  • In Bible Scriptures 90210 – The Chapter12, I'm soooo done!
  • Has a piece of media (book, film, play, song, etc.) ever changed the way you thought about the world? (S1-Ep25)

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