September 9, 2013

New Brunswick 2013

My trip to New Brunswick was one that I will never forget!

came through and offered to take me to see some old friends, and in the process bought himself a Lexus… Big Pimpin'! While we were out there, we took the opportunity to see Owen, the host of . On the second night, Pete, Guy, his friend and I, went out to see the ocean… I had never been. In all my 40 years, I never had the pleasure of viewing our planet from it's edge, and I can only imagine that a person with an adventurers spirit would feel shackled, looking out at the ocean before any of our nautical technology. I ran out to the beach and quickly reached in the water to pull out a handful of the clearest water I have ever seen… It is disgustingly salty! A testament to the underlying volcanic activity taking place in our oceans.

While our sun was setting, and we could see the shadow of the earth cutting it's way through the atmosphere, we expressed how a little weed would heightened this visual experience. Pete being the individual who usually jumps first into anything, spotted a couple of random teenagers in the middle of nowhere along the beach of the Atlantic Ocean, and he asked them if they happen to know where we could ‘cop' some weed. As luck would have it, and although I shouldn't be surprised by Pete's resourcefulness, these teenagers were able to help us out. Buy the time the exchanges were done, and the joint was rolled, the sun had set. The initial spark and flame from the lighter had eliminated any night vision I had acquired while rolling our joint. When it finally came back to me, my lungs where full of smoke and my head was full of THC. When the heavens re-revealed itself to me, I could see all the stars in the sky, and had a humbling feeling of my position on this earth within relation to the hidden sun, and further more, where we might be placed in our milky way, and so on. I realized, that our consciousness, which has evolved from stardust is in fact the universe gaining it's own form of self awareness. I felt connected. And on our drive back I could feel warm tears on my cheeks as I realized how beautifully random all of our journeys are. Being in love as much as I am with Sherley and how lucky I was that my journey had merged with hers. But suddenly, I realized I was in a carload full of dudes, stopped crying like a little bitch, and got good and faded to talk a bunch of shit for the rest of the night.

I will always cherish the time I had in New Brunswick and will never forget the friends I've had the fortune of knowing along my Journey. It's rare to have anyone in your life you can trust, and in the grand scheme of things, starting all the way back from the big bang, I can easily say, I have been the winning recipient of a countless amount of lotteries. This allows me to see the incredible value in my children smiling when I tell them I love them.

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