20-Woman on PMS x3

  • After two years of insomnia, going to bed on time has changed my life.
  • Depression prevention commercial is lying to you, you’re just TIRED, get some sleep.
  • Why do you need to Ninja out of a room?
  • Pronunciation with my “T H’s”.
  • It’s been over 3 years Clove has quick his buddy cigarettes.
  • You blame me for s*** I don’t do. Going for breaks with my smoking buddies…
  • Cultural acceptance and race differences in Montreal vs.Toronto.
  • Places I’ve lived at. Homes Sweet Homes
  • White actors snagging minority roles causes a whole lot of people getting pissed off.
  • You and your crazy stories Jeremy London.
  • Celebrities and Their Physical Freakishness.
  • Oh, no there’s not a whole lot of you.

MOVIE REVIEW Rating: The human centipede

  • CHO = ☻☺☺☺☺
  • =☻☻☺☺☺

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