45-Sprinkle crazy on it! Part 1/2

  • Clove when for the first time this year during hunting season… No Bambi for dinner.
  • The owner of the property Mr. Johnny Wood and his amazing hunting land.
  • Quit banging the table… should I talk about it… more on ’s hunting day.
  • The evolution of Man hunting for animals, way way way WAY back in the days. It’s all about Technique!
  • Did Dave Grohl was always a cool guy but had to tame it for Nirvana.
  • If they were still alive, what would B.I.G. and Tupac be doing right now?
  • Cop gone wild- Lying and making threats just part of his job
  • Cho experience with the cops when she was 17. “You think I’m a prostitute.”
  • Why do you do that! Why do you have your dog on your lap while driving?
  • You do not love your pet like a child if you claim you love it that much… I CALL BULLSHIT Pet lap rider!
  • Nilla shares when the shower hit’s my head I go pee 100% of the time… Aim with your hand Cho.
  • Joining a swinging party would be way to overwhelming to participate… Too much stimulus.
  • Nilla faked it thus bringing forth our third child. Before the operation it was a privilege.
  • How does a women fake it? Men how come you can’t tell?!?
  • The Jersey Shore in the hip hop game… You be the judge -> Angelina’s Rap Song – 4:22 of Awesome.
  • The Situation’s Rap Song – Listen at Your Own Risk
  • NEWS: Back in Sept.’10 – Superior Court judge strikes down prostitution law
  • First Canadian Winner of Poker’s Biggest Prize / Man Tries To Run Over
  • Girlfriend When She Says No To Proposal / Ch-Check Granny DJ Out (VIDEO)
  • Death Metal cover songs like Justin Timberlake- Cry me a river

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