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S1 - Episode 38

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• The word: bivouac [ biv·ouac ]

• Annamie Paul hits back after coup attempt and ‘some' of the Green Party executives racist and sexist approach. 

, the highest profile unvaccinated American Olympian, refused to wear a mask in the mixed zone. 

• DaBaby Offers Second Apology for ‘Misinformed, Hurtful and Triggering' Comments About AIDS and LGBTQI+ Community

• Matt Damon Says He Still Used ‘' Up Until Some ‘Months Ago' to a follow-up statement, that he had never used the insult against anyone off screen.

• The Chapter 26 – Stop coming for me already! The Players: A couple of Ziphite messengers, Saul, David, and his buddy Abishai, and Abner (one of Saul's military leaders.


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