69-Tap the Bottle & twist the cap! Part 3/3

  • Cho’s school RANT about Ask an 11 year school & their F**k up system.
  • Panhandlers asking by the corner store.
  • Money Mart.New Chester French Song, “ Girls”.
  • Is that a woman or man singing.
  • 2012 is the Year of CHONILLA love baby. This song proves it!
  • Double Dutch Bus Follow Up It’s actually a slang!
  • When i was really young… maybe 5 or 6, I remember peeing in the park with my dad and he said:”It sometimes feels better than making love to a woman.” I had no idea what he was talking about but it somehow stuck with me.
  • Bonjour Monsieur, J’accuse réception de votre demande et  je peux vous assurer qu’elle sera traitée par un officier en charge dans un court délai. Merci de faire confiance au Service de police de la ville de Montréal.
  • Translation Apr 13 (6 days ago) Hello Sir, I acknowledge receipt of your request and I can assure you it will be handled by an officer in charge at short notice. Thank you for trusting the Police Service of Montreal.

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