S04E26 – The Free Market is the Frye Festival of disaster relief

After a few weeks of watching Nation by nation abandon the free market and rely on a socialist platform to deal with Covid19 pandemic. We here at Uncolonized decided to look at all the other ways people have worshipped the free market as an end-all solution for all problems.

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  Gavin StephensGAVIN STEPHENS


  B. Black


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Gavin 0:00
This week on the podcast we are talking about . Once again, we’re talking about the effects the free market has had on this pandemic. It’s not good, but we get into it and part one and then Part Two we have on our Patreon page, you can go to that@patreon.com forward slash the uncolonized $5 a month you get eight episodes. Yeah, so without further ado, here’s B black and I back again talking about Coronavirus COVID-19

Gavin 0:45
Welcome to uncolonized podcasts. I’m Devin Stevens. Each week I’m joined by my friend be black to have a conversation about race politics, pop culture, all from a Canadian perspective. It’s a cathartic no holds barred conversation between two friends I mean in the barber shop but we can’t

Gavin 1:02
go here

Unknown Speaker 1:05
What do we like? Three M’s. quarantine?

B Black 1:10
Yeah, what I know is today I decided to wear pants

B Black 1:15
no actually actual pet you know like khaki pants. Yes. jogging pants

Gavin 1:18
not like like actual like oh, I’m I’m doing business today.

Unknown Speaker 1:22
Dried exactly yeah. Yeah felt weird like feels

Gavin 1:26
even though even if he didn’t want to even if you weren’t wearing pants and still justifying you’re not doing anything. Even if you were bragging like today were pants and I wasn’t wearing pants before it’s

Gavin 1:39
there’s a bit of a groundhog day feel to all of this.

B Black 1:42
Oh, what’s that?

Gavin 1:44
Oh, yeah, things are repeating over and over again yourself.

B Black 1:47
Yeah. I’m thinking of going to Walmart. I’m just in my work clothes. Yeah, just so these you know, these ladies can see that I’m still gainfully employed in the apocalypse.

Gavin 1:56
But I started where I started walking my dog and like my clothes out. We’re we’re on stage, like not completely on stage, but just like, like I’m wearing jeans to walk the dog. Just because like there’s no reason to wear jeans right now. Yeah, gotcha. And I just like I gotta wear some something

B Black 2:16
but you can get a description. What’s up with this guy?

B Black 2:20
Why is he wearing jeans?

Unknown Speaker 2:21
What’s going on with this guy? Oh, wait, wait, he’s going somewhere.

Gavin 2:25
Is he trying to stand beside people trust these

Gavin 2:31
I’m my my. I was watching the Raptors game last night because they’re replaying Raptors games and the replay. I was about to say yeah, yeah, the replaying the they’re replaying that playoff so we’re we just beat Milwaukee in the fourth game, I believe third game no fourth game we Yeah. So we’re tied to two with Milwaukee. And, and but they they have contemporary like they have current day commercials happening. And I was like they put on this am w one. There’s a Few of them but they put on this a and some of them are really good at it but like they do it really well but they had this a and W one where the you know the NW spokesman guy?

Unknown Speaker 3:07
Yeah the same dude. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 3:09
yeah, yeah, yeah. So he comes on and he’s like, he’s like,

Gavin 3:13
we like it’s like we just want to say thank you to our, to all the workers and it’s a whole bunch of Thank you. Thank you, thank you and blah, blah, blah. And then the ANW logo pot like just fades in and like just in the corner, and I just fucking curse in the TV. I’m like these motherfuckers

B Black 3:30
I know, right? Yeah.

B Black 3:32
What’s that cell phone company from in the West Coast? They had some stupid shit like that. Yeah, we want to thank the frontline

Gavin 3:39
frontline people and blah, blah, blah. And I’m just like, this is such neoliberalism horseshit that we’re witnessing and it’s just like, it’s such a bad time. I don’t know. Like, for me, it’s a bad I don’t know how other people feel. But like, politically, this is such a Yeah, yeah, this is such a political time. Right. And to be putting that shit out there. Just like oh, God, that’s not a good look at all. But but it’s, you know,

B Black 4:06
some folks out there celebrate Christmas with corporations meaning a Christmas is about how do

Gavin 4:11
we get away from it like I this is this is I had a hard time because I came to you with this topic about talking about the free market. This is what I wanted to talk about is like, and you’re like, oh, what do you mean? And you’re rightfully so and I was like I was a tad annoyed but not like not not, not pretty pretentiously so I was just like yeah, and then you made me think I’m like yeah, that is a good point. It’s a huge fucking broadass topic but I think I’m upset right now in this moment with people accepting the free market as that’s just how it is or for them mentality that the free market will solve all like it’s a DD like it’s a god like it’s like, oh, free market. Yeah, the free market of everything.

B Black 5:00
Yeah, okay, I love it. I’m glad you did that because I did. Okay. I remember you sent me some articles to read. And, and I was feeling like I feel like the black guy saying, Yo, dude, we’ve been sitting in the back since ages. What the fuck yo, what else is possible with these rifles?

Gavin 5:20
Exactly. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 5:21
I can’t see.

Unknown Speaker 5:24
Like, I’m so stuck in the way I can’t see.

B Black 5:28
Yeah, except I can’t see any way out of it like, you know? Yeah, it’s shitty. But I wish I could see it. But when it comes to the solution part, my brain is like turned off and that I realized from that conversation was a problem.

Gavin 5:44
Yeah, there’s a book called capitalist realism by Mark Fisher from zero books. I haven’t read it. I have it but I haven’t read it yet. But basically, capitalist realism is it’s the theory based on what you just said. It’s okay. You can’t see outside of them. market like you cannot see a world outside of capitalism. Like it’s impossible for us like, like this. I was thinking about it. I had an argument with this guy a couple of years, a few years ago about what makes a good movie. And we were arguing, and at the time, I wasn’t as politically literate as I am now. And I’m not saying I’m politically amazingly literate, I just better than I am then. So but right. My argument was, because he was saying, I forget what it was like an artistic movie. And he was saying how that’s a better movie. Because it’s artistic. And I said, Well, how, like, why would translate? And my argument was, How do you know? Like, what’s your idea of what’s better? And he’s like, well, because it’s just a better movie, because it’s artistic. It hits all these artistic markers that you know, make an artistic movie, and I’m like, well, Transformers makes a lot of money. And the object of this and I didn’t understand what I was saying. But the like, I was saying basically like, that also means good movie in that industry. And when I was sandwiches. We live in a system of capitalism. So the bottom line for both types of is selling. And like his argument is that Oh, it’s artistic, but it’s artistic based on who they’re selling to right like so. So even his artistic movie is selling to market. It might not be the same market as transformers, but it’s selling to a market of people who recognize those markers. And capitalism’s like, yes, that’s a valuable movie, I could put that up because I can make money. Based on the money I put in, I can make money back based on this audience because it hits all these artistic markers and the artistic people love it. It’s basically the same thing as transformers. It’s just a different market. And that’s what I understand now. It’s like, Oh, we can’t even get out. It’s like what you’re determining when art is, is based on what sells to who it’s based on aesthetics.

Unknown Speaker 7:52

B Black 7:54
I’m still confused on the concept of art.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Mainly because of

Unknown Speaker 8:03
the times we live in the business aspect. It’s like the art is basically Hey, if business says it’s art, then it’s art. You know, man, if I’m able to make a buck out of it, you know, put a buck into it and get $2 back. The next shift is art.

Gavin 8:18
It’s everything like, like we talked about woke school didn’t last last week, and even you and I have gotten to that point where like, woke is everyone not just you and me, but everyone has become gotten to that point where woke was a thing and now it’s like a woke. It’s becoming like such a tainted word because neoliberalism has taken all of it like even even the like even killed Colin Kaepernick, and I’m not shitting on Colin Kaepernick in this I’m just saying there’s no escaping because even protesting the system becomes part of the system. During you’re not alone, even like even complete like there’s no this is such a depressing episode. I’m sorry people listening to this It’s because this is the this is the thing with the NW commercial that was watching. It’s just I’m watching this commercial and I’m like, oh, they’re taking this, the the system that has us in this situation, and we’re not as bad as the states. I just want to keep that in mind. We’re more democratic socialists. So we had somewhat democratic socialists, although, you know, there’s a lot of shitty things that happen. But we’re relying on a lot of socialist ideas and policies to help us through this because capitalism isn’t working. But what capitalism is doing when neoliberalism is doing is taking this the problem that they can’t, the problem they caused, and, and using it as a like, Hey, we’re on your team, as like to sell because Don’t be Don’t be fooled. Capitalism. It is a virus that we have that is spread but capitalism helped it spread. There was definitely right. Everyone was water. You look at the states, they’re laid on closing places and shit and isolating people because the free market, right people they needed people needed to work right and people needed health care how you gonna afford health care like, like, like the states when it comes to health care. It’s a feudal system. They got people who can’t leave their job because their health care is tied to their job.

B Black 10:32
Yeah. Yeah. Drive. You see that recent posts? No. Doctor is a patient gets to Coronavirus and they want to do a procedure on the person. Yeah. And that is this patient’s last dying word is how am I going to pay for this? Yeah. Something like that. Yeah.

Gavin 10:55
And again, I want to say I want to repeat that. We’re not as bad as the states but These all these corporations don’t have countries they, they say they’re Canadian or whatever, but they’re not. They’re not. And they caused the problem or at least exacerbated the problem. And now, they’re advertising as sympathetic to our needs.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Yeah. Well,

Gavin 11:18
and then that’s any might be, but at the same times, it’s like, it’s so cynical.

B Black 11:24
Oh, very much. Yeah. I I remember noticing that when I’ve been in a young age, and noticing how MTV muchmusic all these channels. They acted like the grown up who’s down with the kids, you know, means like, Hey, we know you want to smoke this reefer. Hey, we want to have unprotected sex. Like, you know, we’re down. By the way, this is brought to you by Pepsi. Yeah, by the way.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
You know, like, Man,

Unknown Speaker 11:50

Unknown Speaker 11:54
kids don’t like me, they don’t care about me. That is the

Gavin 11:57
like it. That’s the best analogy for neoliberalism. They’re like the parent that wants to be down. Hey, dude. Hey, do

Unknown Speaker 12:10
you like the gay pride parade? Hey, we like it to

Unknown Speaker 12:13
rainbow flag.

Gavin 12:16
That’s the best analogy of, of neoliberalism I’ve ever heard it is. It is like,

Unknown Speaker 12:21
it’s like your parents.

Unknown Speaker 12:22
Hey, what are you guys doing down in the basement? You mind if I rap with you guys?

Unknown Speaker 12:30
Back in the days with black people. Hey, we’re gonna get funky fresh.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Some bar didn’t say bars back there. Yeah, please some fresh Ron. Get

Unknown Speaker 12:47
like your dad’s doing spinning on the ground. Why your mom pulls his legs around white people.

Gavin 12:55
Yeah, that’s that’s that’s neoliberalism. That’s what it is. It’s your parents trying to be cool.

B Black 13:01
Got it but yeah but but with the intention of selling you shouldn’t

Unknown Speaker 13:05
yeah they’re trying to sneak their poison in

Gavin 13:08
yeah yeah that’s a yeah I don’t want to be a downer on this episode so I’m glad you threw that in there I was great I Am I but I’m I’ve been in this I’ve been in this like kind of mode where I’m like I’m off the internet and stuff and I’m I think I’m getting I’m turning into jack nicholson from the shining like slowly all work no play makes jack a bellboy on my computer over and over again.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
Like going crazy, but enjoying it loving every minute of it.

B Black 13:40
Amen. someone out there is Yeah, okay. There’s people having I think I brought this up like, how,

Unknown Speaker 13:50
oh my god, you fucking gravity guide you can go.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
Oh yeah,

B Black 13:56
I like Jesus Christ when He was quarantine. I forget what the virus was. It wasn’t the Spanish flu, but whatever virus was, yeah, well, he was corty he took that time to develop calculus and any theory on on relativity what I’m trying to say is I bet you right now, someone is figuring out the cure for you know, I’m stronger erections. Yeah,

Gavin 14:20
it’s like that now it’s gonna be about a dick. It’s always this is this is also the problem neoliberalism when you you when you focus on mainly white people in STEM white males in STEM research, as we seen with like, facial recognition, like facial recognition is a problem with black faces. Like that’s Asians. Yeah, in Asian eBay cuz. And because white people are developing it. We’re gonna get like dig problems. Mainly, we’re gonna have we’re gonna get curious for Dick’s as white dudes like, or I used to have a joke about how there’s a dude right now making a sex robot that’s going to take over the world. This was years before they had a sex robot. I was like, yeah, there’s some dude right now inventing a robot and it’s gonna destroy the planet and that’s what’s gonna happen. Someone fucking something too long and then oh, I don’t need this shit,

B Black 15:03
bro I bet you there’s a whole bunch of CEOs right now going you know what? I’m, I wouldn’t have to go to our lockdown if all my employees were robots. They’ve been thinking that for a while

Gavin 15:17
like an Elan musk and all those people trying to get this space because they know this plan is doomed. They tried to get to Mars to get away from all this shit. They’ve been trying to get robot people for I remember telling someone at my when I used to work at a factory I told her she was a forklift lady and she said she’s gone. I’m so happy. I’m not riding the forklift. I’m like, yeah, either way, all our jobs are pretty much done in like 1520 years. She’s like, What? Oh, robots are gonna take over. So she’s and she’s almost done.

B Black 15:44
Right? Yo, even just today, one of my co workers put me on to that he’s because I work in it. Yeah. And, and right now we’re actually trying to move to a situation where everything we do is automated and it works. We get to that point. Yo, we’re replaceable by AI at this point

Gavin 16:03
like even coding and all like like art like the job I want to get into and what you’re doing is like that’s gonna be gone they’re gonna figure out a computer that’s gonna write code easy that computer that talks to a computer Yep, and then and then and then leave it like I love people who think their jobs are safe like professors and shit like that. It’s like no everyone’s job like once AI figures this shit out. You don’t need someone teaching kids

B Black 16:27
Yeah, yeah, I used to think that a Skynet from Terminator yeah takes over because some nerd fucked up you know forgot to round some numbers Oh shit. Put bad code out there. I fucking know. Some CEO say hey, look, man. Replace All my employees with robots now. Wait, it’s not saying sir. Here I hit Enter.

Gavin 16:49
Skynet. Skynet. Skynet is basically like your Intel, 4chan. Read red red pill motherfucker who’s like oh, who doesn’t care about humanity doesn’t have Have any of that? It’s just like, what is the best algorithm to make? And if it’s based on capitalism, we’re all fucked. If AI is running capitalism, and it’s based on capitalism, we’re all fucked because humans are expendable. Now. If computers are in charge, who forget about it? If computers are making a decision, Oh, forget about it. Did you? Did you not see iRobot?

Unknown Speaker 17:23

Unknown Speaker 17:26
The computer figured out that hey, wait a minute.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Humans have a problem.

Gavin 17:32
If we if we just eliminate most of this problem number, like birth rates if we just get rid of birth rates, and I remember I

B Black 17:40
said, Go ahead. No, I heard somebody have some story about how the same lady who, fuck who helps one of the people help Trump get elected. I get this right. or advanced some kind of some kind of racist policy, whatever, right? When she first started out, fuck, I get my story. Correct but when she first started out she was just one of those people who were worried about overpopulation yeah and populating I don’t know what

Unknown Speaker 18:08
that means, right? She don’t mean her. Oh, and her clean Yeah,

B Black 18:12
exactly. overpopulation. So we need to trim sins out let’s start with black people

Gavin 18:16
eco eco fascist right eco fascism like yeah, it’s uh, yeah, we’re Yeah, that’s the you know, that’s the the shooter in Christchurch shooter was eco fascist fascist, worried about over but yeah, over worried about overpack population because of the earth. That’s, that’s, that’s that’s the other thing is like that, that that, again, is a framework of capitalism is like, because if you look at socialism, if you look at that, it’s it’s the community that owns the resources like owns the means of production. And so when the community like if you live in a community with a whole bunch of people, and they’re making decisions on a business, the business works for the community, when it’s capitalism, and it’s one person at the top, who’s who’s in charge of all the profits in the means that the production owns the means of production what you’re going to get is is profit profits is the number one motivation so like what you’re saying about that woman was getting rid of it’s always gonna be the poorest people that they’re gonna get rid of first and and and because of capitalism Of course people happen to be brown and black people right like that’s yeah they don’t see the value in us in a system that value has to put value on everything if you watch the wire it’s perfect sample of that. If a system puts a value on anything they don’t see the value in us because black skin doesn’t sell

Unknown Speaker 19:35
oh wow wow. Wow. Unless it’s sold a certain way. That’s it sold a certain way.

Gavin 19:41
Yeah. In what what disturbs me is like, because I’ve I working we’ve all worked in it. But working in working in . It’s one of the things that I’ve accepted for a long time the understandable Oh, I have to get him to get I have to be this or I have to be there’s here’s the mentality Especially in comedy, I don’t know how it is like with your business, like, outside of comedy, but, but it’s like we’re always thinking that there’s only room for one. There’s only room for one person. There’s only room for one black person. Yeah, and I got to get in. Right? So we can’t be ourselves we have to code switching we have to be a thing that they understand that capitalism understands that we can’t we can’t like we’re everyone’s talking about like bias and you know, racial profiling and all this stuff, but all that stuff, isn’t. Isn’t. This is my thinking, by the way, but it isn’t like a glitch. It is the system. We do not have a valid value unless we’re doing we are supposed to be the underclass based on our skin color, we do not have value in a capitalist system unless we are doing the thing that they want us to do. So get this meandering with this point sorry but the when you have like that idea of like tokenism where it’s like I’m the one person in and I can’t let other people in or you’re fighting for that you’re you’re you change who you are you become something different to fit in that mold to fit inside of what they want and if you only have one person and and we know this right as black people that we like there are a lot of situations we’ve been in it’s like they can only have one right we know that and it’s kind of like fighting for resources correct? If that’s tokenism? That’s that’s tokenism because if you only have one you can only have one and we feel like we own we’re only there because it fits some sort of profitability some sort of like value it has but too many like like, okay, so like, like, I got my resin doesn’t like me because I brought up his talking, but I know Well, I mean, he said in an article that when I, when I put like more than one black person or one more than One woman on a show. I can’t do that, because my audiences thinks it’s it’s a novelty show. So do you see how you are, you’re putting value on a human being and their art, and you’re putting a value on it, they become the human and the value means the human and the art means nothing. It’s what is your value in your aesthetic? To my audience, how can I sell you? And so I can only sell a little bit of you. I can’t sell. I can’t sell you like, I could sell most white people, but I could sell a little bit of black people. Yeah, and that’s where the resources become less for us. Yeah, and that’s where we begin and othering and so yeah, I there’s my point makes sense.

B Black 22:47
It reminds me of the fact that it reminds me of we Okay, I’m not going to use the word reality but okay. The reality that resources abundant? Yes. And because it’s limited. Yeah, we got you fighting for

Gavin 23:06
the resources aren’t even aren’t even a factor in reality, like if we lived in a system that didn’t put value on everything, the resources wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is it’s not even resources. It’s the free market saying I can only sell so much of this person to that because it’s putting profit on things that shouldn’t have profit.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
That shouldn’t have right but our art shouldn’t have profit. Definitely. But But

Gavin 23:37
I don’t want to jump into that. But I’m just my point is is that we accept that reality. We accept that idea that like that, it’s like that is the way things are because that is the way things are and kind of right but at the same time, it’s fucked up to go, dammit, that doesn’t make sense. Because it’s not about what’s good. It’s not about what’s good for your products. It’s not about what’s good and bad. It’s about how can I sell you? And then when you throw in biases and stuff like that, you’re like, Oh, well nobody wants to leave you’re already thinking nobody wants to be black people. Nobody wants to see as many people so and then the market tells me it doesn’t you know, many times I’ve heard that where the late nobody really wants to buy black stuff. In this scenario, oh, yeah, all the time. Not all the time. And the evidence is there that that shows that they think that too.

B Black 24:33
But they Yeah, I think it’s like, it reminds me of that one. Like I told you this when a club owner who told me you know, hey, just because you’re black enough to you know, talk that black shit yeah, I’m paraphrasing, right. We all got

Unknown Speaker 24:48
that. Yeah, that shit that Yeah,

B Black 24:50
we are. But the way I interpreted that first it stuck. It did sting me. But then I consider the fact that hey, this dude owns this place. And it’s a interest to like his bottom line is to make money his risk factor is I’m trying to make money out of this shit. And he knows his audience to people walk into this club better than I do. And the way I took it is the people that come to this club get uncomfortable when you talk that black shit,

Gavin 25:17
but they don’t like they they don’t because at the bottom the end of the day it’s it’s a comedians job is to make is to do the thing that the club owner can’t write. Like, you’re hiring me to make things funny. That’s, I get it. Yeah, so you might be uncomfortable with my black shit. But if I get people to laugh, what does that matter? Well,

Unknown Speaker 25:37
I look at it as

B Black 25:40
Okay, no, I was about to say I’m not trying to justify it but maybe I am doing it. I look at it as it’s his money being sucked into that business.

Gavin 25:50
Absolutely. And and and you’re absolutely right. And this is the problem with art.

B Black 25:55
There’s the problem or and he’s the one choosing the kind of risk He wants to take with that money

Gavin 26:01
and then when you put risk into it when you put risk and you put all that factors in it Transformers becomes the better movie okay so so like when you’re when you’re like oh the art movies the art movie and I’m not saying the art movies the art movie but when the the our movie supposed to be the better movie but Transformers is opening up into more theaters. Okay, right like it is the better movie who you’re going to if you owned a club who you’re going to hire the hack that people are not going to be offended by or the the artist.

Unknown Speaker 26:38
Yeah, the thought provoking art is right.

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Like a kid.

Gavin 26:44
And that’s why it capitalism isn’t the free market isn’t for what’s good. It’s for what is

Unknown Speaker 26:53

B Black 26:55
I agree. No, that’s for sure. That’s That’s a given. Yeah. How Wow. But we make that switch we did like investors that are willing to take risks. I

Gavin 27:05
don’t know. I like I think the system has to completely obliterate the idea of value and profit. He gives like, like, like, think about that with with in terms of like putting that on a medical system. Are we getting the best pills?

Unknown Speaker 27:22

Gavin 27:24
yeah, I but think about that in the school system. Are we getting the best education are we like it? Because we’re using the free market in all these aspects,

B Black 27:34
bro. I recently heard the story of CBC. There’s a hospital I think in Pittsburgh right now. Yeah, that’s empty. Right during a pandemic, like it’s being run by a business and the city is trying to get the owner of this hospital to like, Hey, we need to use it. Can we work something out? Yeah. Apparently the owner of the hospital initially like ready to the ground and now he’s like okay you can use my hospital but he’s he’s asking like a ridiculous amount and to make it half remarket baby free my guess what I’m saying and the thing is like you know people are shaming him for him but you know what am I a sucker give him for $1

Gavin 28:19
he’s operating within what the system has a what’s the word I’m looking for but basically encouraged him to operate in right like that’s that’s why they love it like prison system in the states a prison system is basically encourages over policing black people you have privatized prisons their their their product is putting people in jail that’s how they make money

Unknown Speaker 28:44
yeah no more jails higher

Gavin 28:46
market it’s even even on a smaller level like you ever been in conversations when people like defend Nazis and like oh the the market of free we should we should be like these ideas should be in the marketplace of what is it the marketplace of have ideas and it’s like, but that’s that doesn’t reward good and bad. It rewards attention. That’s how you get Trump it. Here’s a perfect game. This was I was thinking about today this is the thing the other day is the Kardashians annoy the fuck out of me like that TV show annoys the hell out of me.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
I think they annoy most of our subscribers.

Gavin 29:20
And I know my wife likes it right but she’s not an idiot. She likes the show, but I think she kind of like it’s just like, and I don’t I I don’t want to be one of these like edge Lords or like fucking Kardashians or pieces of shit. It’s just Yeah, yeah. These the show, essentially because I watch it and I can’t watch it because I get so angry and they start complaining. They essentially complain about their fame. That’s basically the show

Unknown Speaker 29:44
about their work.

Gavin 29:45
Yeah, the whole show is just them like complaining about how they have fame. It’s just their lives and their lives are like fucking famous and they’re famous because one of them did a sex tape. Yeah. Now if if if the only reason The only reason that sex tape got them fame is because oj simpson murdered two people. They’re

Unknown Speaker 30:09
What the fuck?

Unknown Speaker 30:12
Dammit, we just lost. We just lost some advertiser

Unknown Speaker 30:14
often. Okay, but here’s why they’re famous

Unknown Speaker 30:17
or evergreen real estate.

Gavin 30:20
Their father is the his Kardashian. Right? He’s a lawyer that defended oj simpson in that trial. Right? If if their father was another lawyer who didn’t have like a who defended OJ Simpson, in a trial, do you think they would be famous because of a porn? Mm hmm. The whole movie? Yeah. Do you think do you think they would be famous if their father was like some rich lawyer but didn’t defend anyone famous? There’s just like some another rich lawyer. And they had they had they we wouldn’t know about them.

B Black 30:53
Like, I’m not confused on how that that like I never knew Kim Kardashian. I know

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Okay, but the Kardashian name I knew him too. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:03
Yeah, he was a lawyer on the oj trial. He was defending oj. She

Gavin 31:08
is the mother Chris Kardashian. She was friends with what’s the woman that got murdered?

Unknown Speaker 31:16
Nicole Nicole, she was friends. They broke up because he was defending oj.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Wow. Right. They broke up because he’s Wow. Wow. Okay, so yeah.

Gavin 31:27
And then he got famous from that trial. So when she had a six tapes and became famous, their whole career is based on two fucking people being murdered. That’s your free market.

B Black 31:38
That’s your free market. I mean, dude, we’re living on stolen land. And exactly, I mean, there’s nothing there’s no way we we are. We are Hey, just real quick cuz as soon as you said you know your wife watches the Kardashian I want to be clear that you know, I’m also not dissing people watch the curtain. I hate the shows that we love. Cuz I listen to hip hop. Yeah, you know

Gavin 32:00
Look, man, nobody’s like, even me talking about this stuff. I’m not trying to blow minds or anything. I’m just like, I want to make a point about how we like we just, we seem to like I’ve had conversations with friends where I’m like, it’s kind of like them waking up, like, where you’re like, like, I’m in comedy. I think. I think a lot of people that know me and coming, that’s how I feel. I could be wrong, but I feel like I’m respected but I’m also like, naive.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
Oh, well, like, like, like,

Gavin 32:27
I’m seen as naive, like, oh, you’re an artist. He like the art of it. Okay, which shouldn’t be the case. Like, I know, like, this sounds like I’m whining and bitching, but I’m, it’s like, we should be respecting the art of the thing. Shouldn’t we? Am I wrong?

Unknown Speaker 32:46
Yeah, but you know, I

Gavin 32:48
got rents do a bid. I know I understand that complicated. Look, I am I am not. I’m not faulting people for not doing. I’m just frustrated that we do it

Unknown Speaker 32:59
that way. Yes,

Gavin 33:01
I am not faulting anyone that lives in that system because we live in that system. And that’s just how it is. I’m just, I’m just, I think I think what frustrates me is like listening to people like, look down on like, like, when when, like, there’s a there’s a common a common thing where like, people who are like, like liberal or Neo libs where they would like look at people who are like far left like socialism stuff and act like their children. Like

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Yeah, yes. Yeah.

B Black 33:31
So I was just about to compare you. Yeah, you’re the black guy complaining about the fact that you’re in the back of the bus. Yeah. While the rest of us is like, Yo, what else is it

Gavin 33:39
I don’t think I’m better I like I don’t actually I don’t think I’m better or like I just I just sit there sometimes. And I’m like, why are we what’s wrong right? This like, why are we accepting this is like, oh, that person’s a good artists in I’m not trying to be like, Oh, I’m greater. This is a hard conversation habit. Like okay. For example, the journalism, the article I sent to about journalism. And how

Unknown Speaker 34:05
when I started back then

Gavin 34:06
yeah, with the guy who was talking about quitting it because he couldn’t get his stuff in. And then if you follow links on that article, it says other journalists of color who were like, yeah, I started taking graphic design because like, they don’t want my voice. And then like someone who moved to the States, or like I didn’t, I didn’t think I was good as a journalist. And we’re talking about journalists, which is more important than comedy. I think, in my my opinion. Fourth Estate, I think that’s what we need. And if you think about like something like, like, I look up articles on Venezuela, for example, as an example, because I want to see the other side other than just like, oh, socialism is destroying Venezuela. It’s horrible. I’m also want to see, I want I want to see people from Venezuela. I also want to hear people who are American or Canadian who are Venezuelan or whatever, somebody with another perspective with a deeper understanding or even went to win some with a deeper perspective. And then when you when you read these articles about like, Have journalists of color who are dropping out of it. It’s like you’re not getting those perspectives on the situation’s, you’re mainly getting a white perspective. You’re really getting a white perspective, which perpetuates white supremacy continues the cycle of like, we’re just going to see everything through the lens of white people.

B Black 35:20
Both Okay, bang, okay, now Yeah, I knew there was a reason for all the while we woke up today. All right. So, one thing you will establish is look, we need to get to here. Yeah. And I was thinking of, I can’t see it. Right. I I don’t see like, you know, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of rock to trim here. And we got no dynamite stuff like that. Yeah. But I think it’s started with the small things little by little. Did you see that video with Linda Delroy and he’s on on some TV station with it looks like some Fox you shit whatever, right but he’s on some TV station with these white guys and the white guys starts out with a look at African American can go around the usual using the N word. But what I said, I get in trouble, you know boys face he’s losing patience, right? Yeah. And he snapped and he goes, bro, say, Yeah, go ahead say no, no, I’m not saying I want to say it. I’m saying that. I can’t. No, no, no, no, he just fucking say because you I can’t, bro This is America go ahead and say I would help you while ne Yo, bro. The last part is so awkward because all these white all these white folks on it Okay, cut to commercial. Yeah. And they go all quiet. And and and Delroy is by himself still going up. These two guys want to say it and they’re not saying it. Yeah. But I could relate to that moment in there because he brought he’s doing this at work. Yeah. on camera.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
They might never ask

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Exactly. After that shit and that’s

B Black 36:58
a risk. I wish In spite of the bottom line is I was inspired and it’s doing shit like this at work, you know, having these awkward conversations. Like I avoid making things uncomfortable when it comes to really

Gavin 37:12
in here’s a here’s a joke about that, like, is he doing something that’s fucking irrational? Like he’s like, exactly the way you’d want to say the N word and he’s saying go ahead and say it. Yeah, yeah. And then like, but in our in this system I hate I keep saying this the system but like in in the free market. Delroy isn’t worth shit in that conversation. The conversation for him isn’t worth shit. I can get rid of him because he’s not doing what we need him to do. Even even to the point where it’s like, why is he on TV to talk about that? Because he was on TV to talk about race, right? Something to do with racism? Must be

Unknown Speaker 37:53
Yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 37:54
I don’t even know what the whole phrase that says value.

Gavin 38:00
They are evaluating our value in comedy in this country in this goes from CBC the top down is not to be an individual not to be an artist not to be who we are. It is to represent our race or our color or who we are our identity.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Through the white lens for white people, yeah,

B Black 38:22
yeah. Oh, he said, What’s the name of the actor who plays who played Urkel?

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know you’re talking about Yes.

B Black 38:30
He recently put out a tweet said hey, look, white writers, or white people stop stop writing slang for black actors assumption like some stuff. Stop writing our roles. And that should just reminded me of a scene in Hollywood shuffle. If you haven’t seen Hollywood shuffle. Users break to go see it. It’s grand. And they do the commercial, the black acting school.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Many many, many

B Black 39:02
The black turkey motherfucker in the white guy threw up. No no no, you gotta sit like

Unknown Speaker 39:06
this. Hello, I’m I forget his name but Hello I’m an I’m a trained thespian

Unknown Speaker 39:14
I love that movie I love yeah yeah

Gavin 39:19
that’s right up there with I’m gonna get you stuck with that movie those two movies

Unknown Speaker 39:23
yeah man love

Unknown Speaker 39:26
why we will haven’t been used to taking

Unknown Speaker 39:31

Gavin 39:33
thing is like we’re so used to like it like this podcast I could not get a I don’t know why maybe I wrote a bad press release but I can’t get advertisement or okay so here’s a perfect example. And this is a white person tell told me this after so she’s probably listening, shout out to money but we we were I made I would take in a coding class like basic coding like it was HTML, CSS and JavaScript, jQuery, that kind of stuff. I made a website

Unknown Speaker 40:04
I got triggered, you tried to put me in a locker with your voice

Unknown Speaker 40:11
in the book. So

Gavin 40:18
So I was like, so I was like, um, so I made a I made a website and at the end of the course, they we they were going to present in from this, like, you know, some just some portion who has the best website, and the class overwhelmingly voted me the best website. Oh, yeah, she picked someone else. And then she’s okay, the second person and then they voted me right. So that the next day, I’m going to go present the website and then she’s like, she completely ignores me and goes to somebody else who wasn’t even who didn’t even place and like you’re going to present and I was like, What the fuck is going on? I wasn’t upset, but I could go home early. So I went up to her. I’m like, Am I supposed to show my website? She’s like, Oh, I don’t know. And I’m like, that’s fine. I don’t need to and I went home. Okay. And like it was to the point where someone came up to me and they were like I found your website was the best and whatever right but whatever I’m like I’m not gonna fight the show care enough right? So I go home and I talked to my to my friend about I told a few people because it was kind of annoying because it’s like come on and I told my and my friend was like, Oh is it because it was because I did the the website based on our podcast. She was ocher Do you think you they didn’t put you out because of that?

Unknown Speaker 41:29
Gavin Gavin Yeah, just because you’re black. Right? You don’t have to talk that black for the white people.

Gavin 41:34
There’s no commodity in that and this is because this is this is this is the Gaslight of it all because like it misses the Gaslight of of being a person of color in this kind of system is like am I good or not? Like is it one is what I’m doing a good product. Is it good or is it just not sellable? Because it doesn’t fit wait? What makes you come trouble because yeah, cuz at least if I know it’s not good enough I can work on it and make it better but if right right if I’m working on something that never is gonna be sold because this is my sensibility that’s like well do I fit in

Unknown Speaker 42:15

B Black 42:16
your holy shit? I know I did a bit reminds me of I think it was 11th grade history class. And this was part of me going for my black Renaissance days. And Oh, right. I was reading a book. They came before Columbus and the teacher had us gave us a few options of things you can you know, things you can do. You can study for me guy. Oh my god projects you could do top of project topics. One of them was compare the Egyptian pyramids to the Aztec pyramid. Okay. That’s all the assignment was. I heard was explaining why the Egyptian people And the Aztec pyramids are the same, or have similarities and shit like that. Yeah, so it’s trying to prove that black people came to America and shit like that, then you know the exchanger. Yeah, she was trying to hear that shit. Like what the? You were way off topic. I just wanted to know why that what makes them the same I didn’t want to know your theories about how nervous Yeah, but but it bothered me like you don’t think that’s the more fascinating topic yeah you know and and I’m inspired here I wanted I put it in a lot of work into that ship but

Gavin 43:30
she was trying to hear that she she just wanted to say look, apples and oranges are theory and the story in a way he’s teaching you how to like cuz I mean this is just fucking you know great. This is like high school shit I’m gonna say but in a way he’s teaching you how to operate in the system. Like he’s putting he’s telling you Hey, like it’s a dickhead move for sure when you look at it at the time, but when you look back on it you like, Oh, this dude’s telling you like, Hey, I’m giving you orders. Don’t bring your fucking individuality into this shit. Yeah, no, I get that. Yeah, yeah. But also your blackness is not wanted.

B Black 44:08
asked what happens when the gatekeepers are narrow minded folks. Who who look? Oh, wow. Okay, well, we just lost a lot of all our advertisers after that statement, but yeah, narrow minded fucks

Unknown Speaker 44:19
you see how he How is he even that it’s like we lost advertisers? Yeah.

B Black 44:26
Who ain’t tried it? Look, man, I love my world. I love the world the way it is. I don’t care if some of you guys some of you folks are starving in the system, but

Gavin 44:36
I’m doing well. So fuck yeah. Or even even to the point. I’ve talked to people where it’s the mentality of well, like there’s a weakness to your poor poverty like you. You’re You’re deficient in character. Right. So it’s like, you kind of deserve where you’re at. Yeah, you deserve Are you gotten to?

B Black 44:56
Yeah, I’m trying to find out Nelson Mandela quote about poverty. But I remember it

Gavin 45:04
because because there’s also this mentality of like raise all ships like the raise all boats mentality where it’s like, if we teach everyone to code eventually everyone’s gonna be fucking it’s like no you’re always gonna have in this system you Oh, it’s the system of capitalism is based on hierarchies. White supremacy is based on hierarchies you always need an underclass

B Black 45:26
Yeah, so far the code goes a poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid is man made and can be removed by the actions of human being. I remember reading that call and thinking and it blew my mind cuz what I mean it’s not an accident. No, if if you’re in poverty is because you fucked up somewhere in your life. Something like that. Yeah. And I had to take No, okay. Yeah, poverty is not natural. It’s man made.

Unknown Speaker 45:55
Establish establishing that ideal. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 45:57
we’re where are they getting this like $2,000 a month. For everybody for the next six months,

Unknown Speaker 46:03
like I love where

Unknown Speaker 46:05
I live we’re in like America all of a sudden has like $6 trillion to pay corporations. Like they’re like all healthcare. We can’t we can’t afford that. And then all of a sudden when this shit hits that $6 trillion out of their ass

Unknown Speaker 46:18
we got 6 trillion to give. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
My femur check. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
Right and like Trudeau was apparently working with with Amazon to do stuff

Unknown Speaker 46:28
I guess heard that I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 46:30
fuckin amazon for he see like, like, they haven’t learned the lesson that they’re dealing with, like these corporations and stuff. And then Trump decides to take the three m the mass that we ordered in the free market. You see how this free market is like, quickly does it like they’re all free market free market until it doesn’t work for them. They quickly took our mask and like hijack them and come in and took them over and we’re still working with American companies in this aspect. We know America is gonna fuck us over when it needs to. We already said they sit in there go, I thought we’re working in like . I thought we’re working in the spirit of comp Corporation. I’m like, well, you’re in the wrong party. This, you’re in the wrong party retirement Corporation because that’s that’s not what that party’s about.

Unknown Speaker 47:16
Yo, I’m giving Doug four props for handling. loony Trump. He’s handling it like an NDP,

Unknown Speaker 47:23
like a poor guy. Yeah, he’s Fuck, it’s, it’s killing me. I never thought I have to give him credit on that shit. But you’re right, like

Unknown Speaker 47:30
you were taking every every proper response has been like a socialist response to this crisis. And that’s, that’s the thing that’s that has been like kind of irritating me is like, feeling like I’m the naive person to believe that art is more important than commerce. Like

Unknown Speaker 47:52
I keep saying that I’m a dreamer. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:54
well, I mean, like, like the journalism aspect like, which I didn’t really kind of complete but like just the idea like, we’re not going To get a fully rounded perspective of a situation like the wet sweatin situation because journalists of color aren’t don’t have much value because readerships are mainly white it’s a predominantly white country and so they don’t have we don’t have much value in your perspective like like it like is weird it is it’s the same as the the comedy club owner telling you don’t talk that black shit I don’t have value in your black shit

Unknown Speaker 48:31
I can’t sell this I

Unknown Speaker 48:33
didn’t think about that. Think about that with a cure for cancer. I don’t have time for you to fucking come in here with that black shit. Like oh, what are those those doctors in?

Unknown Speaker 48:43
In France they were talking about testing the cure in Africa

Unknown Speaker 48:46
bring that up. I was just about motherfucker up. Yeah, okay. Yeah, testing,

Unknown Speaker 48:51
testing the COVID-19 look for a cure by testing it on African African continent. You just talking like that shit like you just disappear. Meaning that they’re given. We’re all guinea pigs over there.

Unknown Speaker 49:02
Were I heard the the president, what’s the whoever’s in charge of Congo? What are they called our republic? democratic, the Congo rdcs.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Democratic Republic of Congo.

Unknown Speaker 49:21
Jesus Christ. That’s what I meant to say. Yeah. Anyways, that dude is on camera talking about Yeah, man, we’re letting these Americans and Europeans come in and test some of our subjects tested. We’re all open for that shit then yada yada yada yada. All I want to know is what is this guy getting out of this deal? Yeah. Because he’s there’s no way well, you know, I’ll tell you what, we’ll let you sleep with the white woman of your choice. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
It’s only some money it’s always some sort of profit. We’re Raisa re science has been like like like that’s been a thing from the fucking so even these dudes I don’t want to get too deep into re science cuz I’m gonna do an episode on it but like, from like, these dudes like Sam Harris and she like they always want to talk about IQ scores and stuff. It’s like they think it’s like this taboo subject that they can’t talk about. And they’re just bringing it up for the first time. It’s like it’s been around since fucking before slavery. This has been a fuckin talking point that’s been like refuted it’s again the marketplace of ideas like it like me talking to a dude about Nazis and how shouldn’t have a platform. We should listen to their ideas and then let the free market decide the free market has already decided they didn’t want Nazis. They don’t want so why are we talking about it again?

Unknown Speaker 50:30
They’re bad for Big Bang.

Unknown Speaker 50:32
Why are we talking about it in the free market? Well, we decided the IQ tests aren’t aren’t aren’t aren’t aren’t. don’t measure IQ. They’re just measure how good you are at IQ tests.

Unknown Speaker 50:42

Unknown Speaker 50:44
I’ve never heard of Yeah, they’ve been it’s been proven for fucking decades that IQ tests are only good because it doesn’t mean like the test doesn’t measure for like, say you you live in a rural area. Right? You wouldn’t know the same like it doesn’t measure for Yes, IQ tested. In African or black, in the black population is lower but it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean anything except that they’re not good at IQ tests.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Yo, okay, I’m over. I’m sticking to the subject. What I bring this up. I’m glad you brought up IQ test. I remember going through high school. Right now, as you’re speaking black you’re talking to right now is undoing a lot of damages. That’s been done by the school system. Me too. When I was when I was in school. I was convinced I was an idiot. I was Yeah. I didn’t. I didn’t. You know, I did well in math, but I

Unknown Speaker 51:37
felt like I felt I felt for a long time in my life, including in high school that I was broken.

B Black 51:45
Exactly, exactly. I recently read, like, I’ve been reading a lot of books, but this one really hit the core. Damon Young’s book. What doesn’t? What does it? What doesn’t kill you makes you blacker. I have

Unknown Speaker 51:57
that book. I gotta read it.

B Black 52:01
homeboys just speaking His truth. Yeah, there’s a lot of shit. He says, I can relate to Ryan and realizing that I have so much in common with this brother who wrote a book. And he shares some of my insecurity. Like, he felt like, you know, the system had him convinced that, you know, he wasn’t shit. He wasn’t gonna make it. But there was a point where I started to, I wanted to cry because it made me realize that Yo, I’m not that fucked up individual school said, I am. Yeah, I am who I want to be

Unknown Speaker 52:32
in. Who are

Gavin 52:36
the correlation between what how you felt back then and what we’re talking about now like to there is no difference between how you felt and how you you felt based on how in the system because you and I had the same experience. Like we we might have treated school differently and we went to different schools, but we had the same kind of feeling of feeling broken in a system exactly that is the same thing as that as the club owner on a minor level saying, I wanna hear your black shit.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
You do not fit in this in this system.

Unknown Speaker 53:13
Yeah, who you are doesn’t work for us.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Doesn’t work for us. Exactly. Hey, bud. We we have we already have one. Richard Pryor. Okay, we don’t need another rain.

Gavin 53:24
We accepted his reality, but we tried to hear the rings. We don’t your reality is not profitable. Lately, I was trying to write a joke about it too, like when you look at hip hop, but like the hip hop stars that you saw make it for a long time. We’re like the ones that have these like, like these stories of like poverty and overcoming poverty, like coming from this thing. And it’s like, Who is that for? Who what’s Who? Who needs that story? Why do we have that? Why does that have to be a story to be a good hip hop artist? About follow? Why do why do we have to come from tragedy it’s the same thing when I complain about Like, like whenever we see slavery movies and shit like that all it’s like who is this for? Who is making this for?

Unknown Speaker 54:08
Why do they keep showing us? Why are the only stories that we’re allowed to show? are the ones where we’re suffering? Or we’re suffering exactly the ones gonna Yeah, the ones gonna make me you know, angry that white people feel sorry for black people.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Yeah, yeah, why we do why we keep retelling that story. Like that’s what sells.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
A try to hear about the fact that you grew up with French people,

Gavin 54:34
you fuck them. I don’t want to hear. I want to hear. I don’t want to hear that. Like you go on stage and talk about it being an introvert. I don’t hear that shit.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
I want to hear that shit. And we even do it to ourselves too, right? We don’t want to hear that shit either. But like,

Unknown Speaker 54:48

Gavin 54:51
I don’t I’m not saying and I’m also not trying to say that the comics that don’t do that do the other side of it. I’m not saying they’re legitimate. I’m saying that It’s we are we are pigeonholed and they think it’s I think what what I think what I’m I understand more and more as I as I get older is like the separation between racism and and and classism or capitalism is there’s no separation. It’s this it’s it’s connected the like is because what we what I what I used to do or what it would be like, Oh, this is racism but silently like just accept capitalism for what it is it’s like it’s racism because they won’t let me in the club but the club is capitalism. But the club is also white supremacy, right? And so I’m like, Oh, it’s white supremacy. They won’t let me in that club, but they won’t. But the club I want to be in is capitalism. I want them to pay me more money to do what I do. And that’s just like it’s using the Masters tools to dig down the Masters house.

Unknown Speaker 56:00

B Black 56:05
I’m blanking on his name now. Yeah. Yeah, capitalism will, will sell you the rope to

Gavin 56:10
hang it. Yeah, yeah, pretty much. Yeah, we’ll sell you the Yeah, use this rope. But yeah, we’ll suck up the rope. Thank you. You know what I mean? It’s like, at the same time. I’m like, I also agree with what you’re saying is like, What am I supposed to do?

B Black 56:24
rubber rubber only sold us on the idea that I’m assuming. No, actually, we are. We’re soulless at the idea that slavery ended because someone decided that hey, Neverland, that’s bad. That’s evil. We need to stop that she needed to go to war. I remember believing.

Gavin 56:44
I don’t know. I guess I was like, I was with you right there too. I was like, yeah, there’s a good person that said, this is you we shouldn’t be doing this to people.

Unknown Speaker 56:53
No, and then and then the reality is, is your diamond slaves cost more money in the nice machine. Fuck

Unknown Speaker 57:03
Yeah these fucking thing also

Gavin 57:04
also also is like well the fucking South was like hey, while we’re making all the money why isn’t the White House Why are we the capital why aren’t we we don’t need America and the North is like fuck that shit fuck

Unknown Speaker 57:17
you’re not separate

Unknown Speaker 57:18
from us you know Udemy allow us to read Let’s remind you who the big boy is exactly

Unknown Speaker 57:23
shower is also a power shift right it was also a power dynamic

Gavin 57:27
ad But yeah, I recently learned about this as how well the Norfolk way more soldiers than then in the south and naked afford to make mistakes like you know, they just say Yo, fuck it, just throw people at it till we figure out a solution. And while the South they were like all their moves had to be calculated because they didn’t have the same resources that that bottom line is soft loss because they didn’t have the number Yeah. Do you want to ask if they were evil?

Gavin 57:56
Do you want to stop and then like, do like another 1520 minutes just for a bonus for for Patreon.

Unknown Speaker 58:05
Just a little 15 on Yeah,

Gavin 58:06
I mean, we can talk about something else. I’m just like, like yeah, just like a bonus something we can talk about anything else.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
Okay, okay. Yeah, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 58:17
Okay, let’s let’s wrap this up properly though like so it’s like a full Oh, yeah, sure, sure. Did you have did you want to say anything else though?

Unknown Speaker 58:25
Um, no, no.

B Black 58:29
I was thinking of when we’re talking about shit. Different black voices. Mm hmm. I finally got that impression after I did the great black North comedy tour with

Unknown Speaker 58:43
Chris was a Bonaparte

B Black 58:46
Bonaparte when he came to Ottawa, and and it was interesting. All these comedians, we had a we had a webinar we had but we were all if you listen to the show, you heard I think we were six comedians, you’re six different perspective. That’s great. We were all black. Yeah, but six different perspective. six different styles like Chris’s style is completely different from all his Yeah. Now for me, I was like, wow, yeah, like def comedy jam. Right,

Unknown Speaker 59:16
let’s say and that’s important. That’s very important.

B Black 59:19
Exactly. But to the, to the to the naked white. I know just a bunch of black. Talking about black. Yeah. That’s all we were. Yeah, no. For us. The audience were like, Oh, shit. I relate to that, you know, Nigerian guy was like, I relate to what homeboy just said, Hey, should he guy or lady or, you know, connected with one of our messages? Like the

Gavin 59:43
lesson that’s the point of those shows, right is to like, Oh, hey, it’s like a variety pack. Here. Here’s a whole bunch of different types of comics. There was a time when like your identity was your style. Like that’s what it was. It’s like, and I think the I think the main stream is still kind of in that but I think for people coming up in comedy and Canada now it’s changing where it’s like, no, my identity is just a thing but it’s it’s my style that’s important.

B Black 1:00:12
But Did I ever tell you about that interview I did that CTV with Dawn’s Anglin Oh to promote? I remember you saying something but I forgot to promote the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
underground comedy railroad showing on a whim.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
Hey, thanks for listening to the podcast. If you want to catch part two,

Gavin 1:00:37
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